Dinner With A Killer – You Won’t Believe What Happened To Me 2

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Stories from the chilling to the heartwarming await on our second episode of YWBWHTM!

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Dar Harold 0:00
Some true stories of incredible things that have happened to people just like you.

Jim Harold 0:07
Some are happy, others sad.

Dar Harold 0:09
Some are funny or just plain weird. I’m Dar Harold.

Jim Harold 0:13
And I’m Jim Harold. And this is You Won’t Believe What Happened To Me. Welcome to You Won’t Believe What Happened To Me. I’m Jim Harold.

Dar Harold 0:22
I’m Dar Harold.

Jim Harold 0:24
Hey, Dar, how you doing?

Dar Harold 0:25
I am well, how are you?

Jim Harold 0:26
I’m doing well. And really, thanks to the audience we got some great download numbers for a first episode. I was telling you I think it did way better than our first show Soulmate Stories. We started out strong on this show so thank you so much.

Dar Harold 0:40
Thanks for listening, guys.

Jim Harold 0:42
And please tell your friends and also submit

Dar Harold 0:44

Jim Harold 0:46
Wontbelieve.com. Wontbelieve.com to submit your stories. And we have some great stories tonight, Dar, but I thought so people can kind of understand the the range of stories, we could share some of our own and you have a medical nightmare story.

Dar Harold 1:01
Yeah, I can’t believe this happened to me! (laughs)

Jim Harold 1:04
Yeah, this is one of those things. You definitely when you go in for a procedure, this is the thing you definitely don’t want to have happen.

Dar Harold 1:11

Jim Harold 1:12
Regale the folks with what happened

Dar Harold 1:14
Okay, so I think it had been a couple years prior, I had my gallbladder out. So I had it removed. But I started having symptoms, again, severe pain. I don’t even know I might have had a little jaundice, but whatever, they determined that I needed a procedure called an ERCP. And what that is, is it kind of they go in to your bile ducts that can go into your gallbladder if you have one, but I didn’t. So it did, it was determined that I had a blockage in the bile duct there was an actual gallstone because my body was still producing them, don’t know how without a gallbladder, but had one stuck in the bile duct. They had to get it out of there. And the stent that was put in prior failed, so they were gonna go in, put a new stent, take out the stone, all would be good. So and it’s an outpatient procedure. So you were waiting in the waiting room.

Jim Harold 2:10
Yeah, I remember that.

Dar Harold 2:10
No clue what was going on?

Jim Harold 2:13
No clue.

Dar Harold 2:13
So they kind of they put you under but a very light under, you’re not awake. At least I wasn’t I know, there are people, there are patients who are awake, I was not awake. I was out. And, you know, they do the thing, well, count backwards and all we’ll see in a little bit, have sweet dreams, blah, blah, blah. I was out. And all of a sudden, I wake up, and I open my eyes. And I look around. And I’m still on the table in the procedure room. And I look down and there’s this ginormous black tube in my mouth. And I hear doctors and nurses saying, oh my god, she’s awake, she’s awake, and somebody pushed down on my body. And that was it. I did not remember after that, and then woke up again. And I was in the recovery room. So apparently, they had not given me enough sedative and I woke up during the procedure.

Jim Harold 3:15
Yeah, that is…

Dar Harold 3:17
Yeah, that was scary. Because I’m like, I can’t tell I’m like thinking to myself, I can’t talk what’s what’s in my mouth. And I started to like, raise my arm to like, try to get whatever was in my mouth, which was the tube they were using. Yeah. And they’re like AHHHHH, you know, they were all like, panicky, and they got me back out immediately. So the anesthesiologist must have took care of that.

Jim Harold 3:40
And it all worked out fine, thank goodness.

Dar Harold 3:41
It did. Actually, they saved me after that and I’ve not had any issues since then. But it was quite freaky to wake up during during that.

Jim Harold 3:52
Well, see folks, that’s

Dar Harold 3:56
See? You can’t believe what happened to me.

Jim Harold 3:58
That’s an example of the kind of story, sign up to tell yours. at wontbelieve.com. And now, Dar, for our first caller tonight.

Dar Harold 4:06
Yes, I love to hear these stories.

Jim Harold 4:09
Russ is on the line from Pennsylvania, Dar, and he has a story that involves I think, mutually one of our favorite artists.

Dar Harold 4:16
Oh, for sure. For sure. I’m a little starstruck, by this story. And I don’t usually get starstruck.

Jim Harold 4:20
And we both saw this person in concert

Dar Harold 4:23
But not together

Jim Harold 4:25
There you go. Well, Russ, you’re gonna have to tell us about this mystery person. Welcome to You Won’t Believe What Happened To Me. .

Russ 4:33
Well, thank you, Jim and Dar. It’s a pleasure to be on, and I’m a big fan of all your shows. So it’s really an honor to be on here. Well, five years ago, our kids, my our kids, you know they’re in their 40s but my daughter and son in law and two grandchildren in New York City, they rented a place, The Beach at uh Long Island and my wife and I went out there and they were doing something with the kids and my wife said, you know, I heard the American Hotel in Sag Harbor has a great lobster BLT. You know, it’s really famous. I said, Let’s go there, you know. So we’re going to, walking up to the hotel for lunch. And I saw this beautiful 1950s motorcycle.

Dar Harold 5:17

Russ 5:18
I mean, it was immaculate in front of the hotel. And I used to ride motorcycles in college, I had several of them, I loved them, and until I met my wife, and then I stopped riding them. So because she didn’t want to ride on them so. But I was telling her all about this motorcycle, I don’t remember what it was. I don’t know if there was a Royal Enfield or a Vincent, I don’t know. But it was really beautiful. And then we looked at the bike for like five minutes. And then we started to go in and I noticed a guy standing there and a black suit with a little thing in his ear, almost like a secret service agent. And I said to my wife, I said, you know, this is the Hamptons. Maybe there’ll be somebody famous in here, you never know, you know? So we’re walking in walking in the front door. And right as have gone into door, there’s a guy to my right, sitting outside, and he’s sitting alone at a two person table and his head is down. He’s eaten his breakfast or lunch, I should say. And I noticed he has a moto goosy motorcycle hat, which is an Italian Motorcycle Company. And I said excuse me, is that your motorcycle out there? And he looked up at me and I recognized him immediately. And it was Billy Joel. (laughter) I said, I looked at him and I said nice. I didn’t say oh, you’re Billy Joel. I said, Hey, that’s a beautiful bike. I mean, we started talking about it, whatever. And, and he couldn’t have been more down to earth or a nicer person. He didn’t call a security guy over anything like that. We just talked about motorcycles. And then it was we went into door and my wife said, Oh my God, you know, that was Billy Joel. I said, yeah, yeah I know, I couldn’t believe it, you know. And so when it was funny, when I went back to our place, I Googled Billy Joel, and motorcycles. And I found out that he has a big place in Oyster Bay, Long Island, where, and he wrote on here and he said, Look, people are welcome to come in to look at all my motorcycle collection. love to have you come on in but I don’t want to talk about my music. That’s business. Come on in and we’ll talk about motorcycles, you know, so which I thought was cool. So I was very happy that I didn’t say anything, like I’m a big fan or anything like that when I was talking to him. But, you know, I think as I said, that we were talking right before, you know, this broadcast. You know, I think that’s a true measure of a quality person that has achieved so much in their life, so much fame and recognition, but doesn’t forget that we’re all just human beings. We’re just you know, and he’s an enthusiast. I was an enthusiastist for many years. And we talked about motorcycles. The only thing that I had it’s a funny thing. I said my first motorcycle was a BSA and which is a British motorcycle. And he goes, you know, mine was too and later on when I saw the listing for the his museum, I thought, oh boy, I hope he didn’t think I was a creeper that I looked it up that his first bike was a BSA. And I you know, but no, of course, you know, was spontaneous, but no, he was. He was great. The only I have one problem though.

Jim Harold 5:18

Dar Harold 5:50
Yeah, ever since I met him, he won’t leave me alone. He texts me day and night. I mean, you know, he’s on the phone. (laughs)

Jim Harold 8:34
I gotta tell you, these stalkers

Russ 8:36
I wish that was true. (overlapping speech)

Dar Harold 8:39
I was gonna say just that. I think he probably appreciated just somebody being down with him and not going on and gushing about how famous he was. He probably just appreciated just a normal conversation.

Jim Harold 8:52
He kind of knows he’s famous. He knows he’s Billy Joel. It’s like you’re Billy Joel! Yeah, I know.

Russ 8:56

Jim Harold 8:57
But the thing is, is I was saying off air. Not too long ago, a few months ago, Sirius XM, which we enjoy had a had a Billy Joel station. And the nice thing about that, first of all, they play a lot of album cuts and maybe songs that you aren’t as familiar with, you know, a they piano man and just the way you are in the hits, but they’d also mix in a lot of album cuts, live cuts, rarities, but they would all these little interstitials with him talking about different songs and things and he came across, you know, and this guy sells out Madison Square Garden and he’s been doing it since the 70s. At a very high level, but right It struck me first of all, he’s very self effacing. And he’s very modest. He’s kinda like other pop songs. It’s not like it’s Mozart. I mean, that was almost radically a direct quote, because he’s such an aficionado of classical music. And as I understand it these days, he’s not really doing much with pop music except doing the concerts and things but he’s not creating new he’s more interested in classical music and he kind of, I think it seems like at least he feels that what he’s doing is a lower form, which I think what he’s does is genius. I think he’s one of the great. I think he’s one of the great popular. I mean, he’s like a Gershwin. I mean,

Russ 10:12
Yes, I agree.

Jim Harold 10:13
I think he’s at that kind of level, which is not a piker by any means. And I think he’s up there with the Beatles. And, but just to hear his humbleness, and just see like, he is a guy that you could just talk to about, about motorcycles.

Russ 10:32
Exactly, just just a great person. And his house is right there in the bridge, as you come into Sag Harbor, it’s right on the left hand side. And it’s got a ton of floats on it from lobster traps. And he’s got young kids now. I think he I don’t know, I know, his third or fourth marriage now. But he has young kids and they have all this play equipment in the backyard, jungle gyms and all this. I mean, it’s not like you’re just notice it as you drive in and out of the city, because you got to cross the bridge, and his house is right over on the left. So everybody knows if they’re in Sag Harbor, and people go there. I mean, you’ve probably seen him in the summer, you know, just very nice. I met I met another actually a couple of other celebrities out there. And they were very, very nice and very low key and it’s really it was it was really a great experience. So fun.

Jim Harold 11:28
Cool. Very cool indeed.

Dar Harold 11:29
Yeah, cool story.

Jim Harold 11:30
Folks, if you have any celebrity encounters, please sign up at wontbelieve.com Russ, thank you so much. It’s been so much fun talking with you

Russ 11:39
Jim and Dar, it’s really my pleasure. Thank you so much. It was it was a lot of fun being on his show.

Jim Harold 11:44
You know, Dar, you know, we’ve had some great stories on the show about people meeting cool people, celebrities and kind of neat things. But this is not that this well, maybe a celebrity for the wrong reason.

Dar Harold 11:59

Jim Harold 12:00
Donna from Massachusetts on the line, and she’s going to talk to us about somebody she met. And I’m guessing that she would have rather not. Donna, welcome to the show. And tell us this story. It’s quite spooky, quite scary.

Donna 12:19
It’s quite remarkable. Thank you, Jim and Dar. So when I lived in San Diego, I met a woman at the casino that I was working at, in the marketing department. And her name was Gidget. And she was a very outgoing, very, very stunning, attractive woman. And it’s really hard. And once you’re in your 40s, and I was relatively relatively new to San Diego, to meet new people, especially if you’re like in your 40s and you’re not married, you don’t have kids, it becomes more and more difficult to make friends. So she wasn’t, so when I met Gidget it it was just like, same situation. no kids, no rings. So we just got on like a house on fire. And we start socializing and I was able to meet other people through her. And unfortunately, a few months before we met, her best friend at the time, Doreen, had just committed suicide. And during had a lot of mental health issues, shall we say? And left behind the man that Gidget introduced me to, Tim McNeil, who was a widower, very handsome man, local attorney, very successful. And I also met his stepdaughter, Bray. And we just hit it off. And they were just fun, personal people. And they eventually felt comfortable enough with me to invite me and Gidget to their home for dinner. And so we went over to their house, which is in a lovely area of San Diego. And Tim made us enchiladas. He had a cottage down in Baja California right on the beach, so he was very familiar with making authentic Mexican cuisine and they were probably the best enchiladas ever had. Bray perfect hostess making, you know margaritas for the entire night. Perfect hostess. Always, you know, very witty, very sparkling. Just a perky cute kid. I mean, even though she just lost her mother a few months ago. In fact, she committed suicide in the basement of their house.

Jim Harold 14:57
Oh, oh my goodness

Donna 14:59
Very, very harrowing story.

Jim Harold 15:01
By the way, I just want to mention something, Donna. Anytime suicide comes up. We do like to mention the suicide prevention hotline. So if anybody out there feels they need help, or you know someone that needs help 1-800-273-8255. That’s 1-800-273-8255. I just, sorry to interrupt, but I always want to make a point of that. 1-800-273-8255. I’m sorry, Donna. Go ahead.

Donna 15:25
Oh, no, no, please. That’s that’s quite just especially because of the devastation that this poor woman left behind, right?

Dar Harold 15:32
Oh, wait, how old was Bray at this?

Donna 15:32

Dar Harold 15:36

Donna 15:37
Oh, yes, teenager?

Dar Harold 15:37
Yeah, yeah. Poor thing. Yeah.

Donna 15:42
That’s when you really need your mother, you know. And so even though that happened two months prior, you would never have guessed it. She was just the sweetest kid. Although, in retrospect, I do remember her not being as warm to Gidget as she was to me. Which I thought was kind of interesting, but I thought because she and Doreen were best friends and they were kinda like one of those people that would go out and party which I’m not. Maybe that’s the reason why Bray wasn’t really warm to Gidget. So the night progressed, we were having dinner on their patio, overlooking the hills of San Diego, having copious margaritas, everything was just absolutely wonderful. And we just retired to the living room, and we’re having our the final drink of the evening. And I remember clear as day, Bray in Tim’s sitting next to each other on, Bray was sitting on the armchair and Tim was sitting on the main part of the chair, and their shoulders are touching very affectionately, and Bray and I are talking about prom dresses and who she’s going to take toward the prom, to the prom, excuse me. Great, warm maternal conversation. I just thought, well, yay, I just met new people in my life and this is fantastic. And then a few weeks after that, I get a call from Gidget, that she’s not speaking with these people anymore, that they had a falling out. And I never got to see them again. But that’s not the last time I heard about them. So a year after that, fast forward to 2007. I’m opening up the San Diego Tribune. And they’re on the front page is the caption: local low. Wow, five times fast, say that local lawyer murdered. And there was a picture of that exact patio where I was having the enchiladas and margaritas that Bray had made me. The article and to say that it was a break in that somebody had tried to break in, tied up Bray and Tim, and it was like a home robbery that went awry. And they shot Tim and Bray was alive to live to tell the tale. Oh, my however, that was not the case. They found out in further investigation that Bray had conspired with her brother to kill Tim so that she would still be left in the will

Jim Harold 18:28
Oh my goodness.

Dar Harold 18:29
Oh my gosh.

Donna 18:32
It turned out that even though they were very, very close, Tim had a new girlfriend. And they were going to get married in Bray was very, very jealous. You know, instead of saying, Oh, well, I have a new mother my life. This is wonderful. She felt that she was being crowded out of Tim’s life and that he didn’t love her anymore. And they were fighting, Tim was going to kick her out of the house and possibly take her off the will. Again, this was a very successful attorney. There was a lot to embellish, you know, to provide for her. And she was basically going to be out of the picture. So she conspired with her brother to make it look like an in home robbery. And he was shot and he bled on the same on the basement floor just a few feet away from where his wife Doreen, just a few, about a year and two months prior to that, had committed suicide.

Dar Harold 19:34
Oh my gosh.

Jim Harold 19:35
You know, that’s the thing is that, you know, most people, most people you can I think take for face value. But honestly, and I’m looking at it right here, San Diego Tribune. Um, but there are some people you just don’t know what they’re capable of, that they put on a good face. But it’s, you know, they always say you know, I would have never suspected, you know, he was such a quiet man, you know those kinds of things. And then it turns out to be that you’re dealing with a cold blooded killer.

Donna 20:09
You don’t know. And it also turned out during further investigation that unfortunately, she was abused; her and her brother were abused by her mom and they were living in a car a few months before she met Tim, and they got married, and she was verbally, physically and mentally abusive to both. So whatever was there? I’m sure it was just completely warped by just growing up with that kind of abuse. But I am pretty perceptive about this kind of things. I mean, I wouldn’t say I have the gift of discernment, but when you look when these kids are this kid’s eyes, you did not see that you just saw a nice kid. But, and that makes me even weirder, because I’ve actually before this met three people who killed other people.

Jim Harold 21:05

Donna 21:06
And you can tell. You could tell those people were asked You mean, just as soon as you met them. You want to get out of the room. It’s like they ain’t right. But I did not get that impression with Bray at all.

Jim Harold 21:18

Yeah, that’s that’s like, just just amazing. So many people.

Dar Harold 21:24
I was thinking too, like had Doreen not had a falling out with them. You know? What could have happened? You know, I mean, like, would you have gotten closer with them?

Jim Harold 21:36
Could you have you gotten in the middle of like a Manson thing? I mean, yeah.

Donna 21:36
Well, I was just my mind was going there.

Jim Harold 21:43
The thing about Manson, supposedly Manson was not necessarily after Sebring and Tate and Folger and those people that people he killed. He supposedly was going there because the house was formerly occupied by Terry Melcher, who was a music producer. And Doris Day was her was he,r his mom. But Melcher was a famous music producer that Hanson, Manson excuse me, felt that had slighted him. Melchor had slighted him, he felt that even though I don’t think that was at all true, and a lot of people think that was they were planning to get Melcher and anybody with him and Melcher wasn’t there, and they got Tate and those other poor folks. So you never know what you could be in the middle of just as collateral damage.

Donna 22:32
Yeah, yeah. I never thought about that mean, I know that there was definitely a connection between Tim and I, and we met before he met his soon to be fiance. Who knows what have happened.

Dar Harold 22:44
Right, right.

Donna 22:46
I don’t know. I really don’t know. I would like to think that. Sometimes love is not enough when you’re that much of a troubled person.

Dar Harold 22:55
No, that’s true

Jim Harold 22:56
.Let me ask you this: ow that you’ve had these repeated exposures, especially this one, when you meet somebody new, do you kind of go in a little wary and with kind of your guard up ,like what’s this person all about? I mean, I think that’d be a natural reaction for me. What do you what do you say?

Donna 23:12
I, you’re right. Unfortunately, I used to be someone, like when I was a little girl, my parents actually thought I was gonna get kidnapped. Because, oh, I don’t go up to people and say, Hi, my name is Donna. What’s yours? And they would say, Donna, don’t do that. You shouldn’t be. You shouldn’t do that. Because you don’t know the kind of people that you meet. And I was gobsmacked. I was like, But why? I love everybody. Well, so much for that.

Dar Harold 23:38

Jim Harold 23:39
You know, it’s unfortunate. You can’t necessarily love everybody.

Donna 23:43
No, everyone should be more cynical.

Jim Harold 23:46
That’s the message from this show: everybody be more cynical.

Donna 23:50
Today’s lesson is…

Dar Harold 23:54
Maybe just be careful.

Jim Harold 23:56
Well, we’re not at all cynical about that. And we appreciate you sharing this story. Donna, thank you for listening. And thank you for sharing your story tonight on the show.

Donna 24:06
Oh, thank you so much, folks. It was my pleasure.

Jim Harold 24:09
Well, next on You Won’t Believe What Happened To Me is John from Virginia.

Dar Harold 24:16
Hi, John!

John 24:18
Hello, hello. It’s great to talk to you, Jim and Dar..

Jim Harold 24:22
Oh, it’s good to talk to you too. And I love this story. Because, you know, on this show, we get a mix, we get good, bad, happy, sad. And this one really kind of restores your faith in humanity. So tell us what happened.

John 24:38
Now, Jim, so this takes place in really kind of the early to mid 90s. And as you probably will remember, there was really no such thing as cell phones, which plays a big factor in this.

Jim Harold 24:56

Dar Harold 24:56

John 24:56
So at the time, we will lived in Iowa. And my mom’s family lived in upstate New York. Pretty much Canada. But so every summer, we would take two weeks. We’d drive up there, spend time, spend time with my grandparents and her family, and then we drive back. So it’s quite a… it’s a good two day drive up there. And so one one summer, we are driving up there and right outside Sandusky, Ohio our transmission went out.

Jim Harold 25:39
Oh, oh, boy. Yeah. In my in our home state Ohio. Yeah, Sandusky up there. Cedar Point

Dar Harold 25:45
Home of Cedar Point. Yeah,

John 25:46
Yep. Yeah. And at this point in time, I had no knowledge about Cedar Point. But in the summer, it’s a little bit crowded. Just a little slice just a bit. Yeah. So. So yeah, we’re broke down on the side of the road. My dad and my brother I keep in mind, I have two other brothers. And my parents packed up in a van with two weeks worth of clothes and supplies. So we’re packed in there pretty tight. My dad and my brother walked back to a state troopers, we get a tow into town. Now, they drop us off at pretty much the first first garage they could find. So this just happened to be kind of in a dingy part of town. And it’s really poorly lit, have kind of what you’d think of as kind of a rundown midwesterny city rypw feel.

We’re familiar with it. It’s where I grew up actually, John. (laughter)

Oh, yeah. Oh, so yeah, I mean, there was a big, you know, long parking lot. And this is what I remember. This is like, quite a few years ago. So big long, long parking lot. All potholes, all that, streetlights were sparse. There was kind of some bars around amd some, some apartments behind us our kind of shady.

Jim Harold 27:33
Again, it sounds like my old neighborhood. I’m not I’m actually not joking, but go ahead.

John 27:39
Oh, yeah. It so yeah, my parents are, well especially my mom’s kind of freaking out.

Dar Harold 27:48

John 27:49
Because, yeah. Three kids

Jim Harold 27:52
Or a bunch of possession. Yeah. All your stuff. And in you don’t know what to do. And no cell phones and yeah.

John 28:00
Oh, yeah. So we are at the end of this parking lot. There was a Bob Evans. So I’m pretty loyal to Bob Evans, just because of this, just because of this. But so we walk we walked down there, we’ve got to get dinner. So and in the meantime by my folks are just plowing through the Yellow Pages. You know, no Google or nothing like that. So they’re plowing through there. And we can find absolutely nothing. Well, there’s actually one, one hotel room, which they wouldn’t rent to us because there were kids and there was a hot tub or Whirlpool or whatever. So we go there we go to the Bob Evans, we sit down, we’re eating, eating dinner and my folks explain what was going on to the waitresses, waiters and waitresses. So they start going above and beyond, calling. They start calling all sorts of different places just trying to find anything for us. That which, yeah, we ended up getting a free dessert out of it.

Dar Harold 29:21
There we go.

Jim Harold 29:22
Now we’re talking.

Dar Harold 29:23

Jim Harold 29:24
Mom and mom and dad never ever got us desserts. And so we got one. So we kind of just settled on the fact that we’re going to have to sl, sleep in the van. And again, it’s kind of a mid summer. Summer. Well, late summer. It’s early August. So it’s again, Ohio. Midsummer, near the lake it gets a little humid.

Dar Harold 29:55
Yeah, just a bit.

Jim Harold 29:57
90s and humid.

John 29:58
Yeah, so yeah, we’re all packed up in, you know, huddled in the car. And, of course mom wouldn’t let let us keep the windows open because security.

Dar Harold 30:11
Right, yikes.

John 30:13
So there must have been at least 10 or 11, we see these two people walking across the parking lot. And of course, mom starts freaking out, just because again, now we don’t know who they are. All that, and we don’t expect anybody to be looking for us. So they walk up to the car and it turns out is one of the waitresses and the manager of the Bob Evans. So he says, You know, I can’t let you stay here. It’s in a bar, bad part of the town, there’s bars that are going to be getting out soon, you’re gonna have a lot of drunk people. There, there’s apartment ccom complexes, which were kind of behind us there had been drug busts, and shootings and all that. So again, it’s really kind of a sketchy area. So, you know, we’re thinking, Well, what, what? What’s gonna happen? And he’s like, you’re gonna come back to my place.

Jim Harold 31:25

Dar Harold 31:25

John 31:27
Yeah. So I mean, these are, this is a family that he has no idea who we are.

Dar Harold 31:32

John 31:32
He just knows that we are packed up just what, what waiter way blah waiters and waitresses told him, so he, we hop in his car, and we drive to his apartment, we have our sleeping bags, we sleep on the floor. And so the next day, we go back to Bob Evans, and we get breakfast for free, which is, you know, again, really grateful for that. And he said, you know, I cannot, you know, I, that repair shop really isn’t a good repair shop. So he brought us he used his, and of course, AAA back then, he used his AAA tow, to bring us to a reputable repair shop.

Dar Harold 32:25

John 32:27
And he also arranged for us, or for rental, right? Get us to a rental place. And so we continue on with the summer. And, again, it’s just I never saw this guy again. Never will. But I will always remember that as somebody just out of the blue, you wouldn’t expect anybody to do anything.

Dar Harold 32:56
That’s right.

Jim Harold 32:57
I think it’s so important to really remember that because we watch the news, we see social media and we see negative, negative, negative, negative and, and I think sometimes we have to remind ourselves that the business model for most media is to accentuate the negative. You know. It’s the old man man bites dog is the story not dog bites, man. It has to be unusual has to be sensational.

Dar Harold 33:22

Jim Harold 33:22
Not that. I mean, we know the bad things exist, and they’re out there, of course, but there’s also just as much or more good and I think stories like yours illustrate that.

Dar Harold 33:34
Absolutely, I mean it’s it’s that’s a feel good that you want to believe that people will do that for you and you don’t know them and they don’t know you. And they’re yet you know, yet he was willing to open up his house, to a whole family to stay there and then use his AAA to get your car to a better place. So I mean, that was just like, really? That’s phenomenal.

John 33:56
Yeah, really inspiring. And the thing too, though, is that you really keep this in mind. And you try to for lack of better words, try to pay it forward.

Dar Harold 34:05

John 34:07
You look for those people. Keep in mind what that man really did for us, just try to keep an eye out for other people who, you know, are in could use help or

Dar Harold 34:22

Jim Harold 34:23
Well, thank you so much for having such a positive spirit and for sharing your You Won’t Believe What Happened To Me story.

Dar Harold 34:31

John 34:32
Well, thank you for letting me tell it.

Jim Harold 34:35
Well, Dar, hearing his story like that, I think it renews my faith in humanity after hearing Donna’s story.

Dar Harold 34:41
Right. Absolutely, because I mean, well, I you want to think that there are still good people out there, at least I do. I mean, yes, you need to be cautious.

Jim Harold 34:51
There’s murderers, too.

Dar Harold 34:52
(laughs) Yes, let’s try to avoid those people. But let’s, you know, I think it’s important that we kind of focus on the good too I mean because I kind of think like, you know paying it forward so if you hear something good maybe you will then pay some good forward to someone else.

Jim Harold 35:10
Yes and that’s what those folks at the Bob Evans did. That manager that was so so nice so we thank all of our storytellers tonight we had a great Billy Joel story I love that

And then we have Donna’s story which was a great story but ew, and finished with John’s and we hope that you will tell your story and Dar if someone out there said how in the world could I go and tell my story on You Won’t Believe What Happened To Me? What pray tell would they do?

Dar Harold 35:38
Well Jim, you won’t believe how easy it is. You just go to wontbelieve.com That’s wontbelieve.com and sign up and then you get to tell your story for the whole world to hear.

Jim Harold 35:50
There you go: wontbelieve.com And we thank you so much for tuning in. We’ll be out two weeks from Monday the Monday that this is released. So every other Monday this is out. So please tell your friends if you’re enjoying what we’re doing and certainly we’d love for you to participate again by going to wontbelieve.com Well, I guess that’s it for this episode Dar, and stay tuned everybody for the next episode of

Jim and Dar 36:18
You Won’t Believe What Happened To Me.