Switching To The Apple Podcasts Subscription Option

Recently, many current members who use modern Apple devices have asked me how they could switch from the classic Spooky Studio APP-powered version (from Libsyn) to the newer, more modern Apple Podcast Spooky Studio Plus version built right into Apple Podcasts and powered by Apple itself. THIS ONLY APPLICABLE FOR THOSE ON MODERN iOS & MAC DEVICES.

I believe if you listen on Apple Podcasts on a modern Apple device that the built-in Apple functionality is the best and most reliable membership option. For folks not on modern Apple devices, the Libsyn Spooky Studio version is currently our alternative system and we are appreciative of Libsyn’s work over the years on this option.

We can’t directly switch anyone since these are two totally independent companies and credit can’t be transferred for membership in one system to the other. However, the best way to move over without paying for two systems at the same time is outlined below:

In this case, the best thing to do is cancel your membership in the Libsyn version and use that system until the end date of your subscription and then join the Apple Podcasts version at this link HERE or directly in the Apple Podcasts app once the Libsyn membership has completed.

Here’s an example of how I would do it:

For example, let’s say that I am in the Libsyn system and want to switch to the Apple Podcasts version. Today is October 25th but my paid up membership is through October 31st. I would go through Libsyn’s cancelation process (see below) prior to October 31 while continuing to use Libsyn through October 31st as the Libsyn system would continue to be fully functional through that end date.

Then, once Libsyn’s membership concludes I would join the Apple Podcasts version HERE or directly in the Apple Podcasts app on November 1st. That way I am paying for only one membership at any given time and still seamlessly switching.

Here is how to cancel the Libsyn version:

It should be very easy for you to cancel this yourself. Go to https://my.libsyn.com/auth/login and login. Once logged in, there will be a picture of the Spooky Studio logo. Click on that, and then click on the word MANAGE to manage your account. Then, you will see a large RED button that says cancel. You can cancel from there.

This is the fastest route and the one I recommend.

If you are having issues, please email support@libsyn.com directly so they can assist and cancel you out.

However, I recommend canceling directly if you can. That will get it taken care of the most quickly.

Here is a link to Frequently Asked Questions on our Plus Club: https://jimharold.com/frequently-asked-questions-plus-club/

Also, if you have questions you can reach me at https://jimharold.com/contact-jim/

Thanks for your support! You make the Spooky Studio possible.