A Visit From The Shadow People – Campfire 550

A caller is visited by MULTIPLE shadow people, a paranormal investigator provokes and gets more than he bargained for, and much more on this edition of Campfire.

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JIM: I can’t even imagine seeing a single shadow person. Chilling. But shadow people? That’s what happened to our caller next on the Campfire.

Welcome to our gathering tonight. Here we share stories of ordinary people who have experienced extraordinary things. Sit back, relax, and warm yourself by Jim Harold’s Campfire.

JIM: Welcome to the Campfire. I am Jim Harold and so glad to be with you once again. If you’re new here, what we do is explore real, true stories of the supernatural and strange – UFOs, ghosts, cryptids, and headscratchers all are a part of the picture, and more. Welcome to the show.

Before we get to the first great Campfire story, chilling indeed, I wanted to clear up something that seems to be a recurring misconception. [laughs] Probably over the last year, I’ve had at least a dozen comments on social media when I post a picture and people will say, “You’re young! You’re not an old man like I thought you were!” For some reason, I guess my voice sounds very old, but for some reason people think I’m an 80-year-old grandfather. Now, not that there’s anything wrong with being an 80-yaer-old grandfather, but I am not. I’m middle-aged. Think like the parent of a high schooler or of a college student. That’s my age, okay? I’m squarely middle-aged. So I’m not young, but I’m not particularly old.

Not that anybody cares, but it must be something about my voice or my demeanor or the fact that I’m an old soul, so I talk about a lot of stuff from the past. So maybe that’s it. And I like to think that I have the best of the old and the best of the new, kind of being I the middle. I kind of like that. But anyway, I’m not an old man, just to clear that up. For some reason that is a thought out there. I’m not an old man. I’m not like 80 years old or anything like that. People think I’m really up there, and again, I respect our senior citizens and think the world of them. No disrespect to them. But I just wanted to paint a better picture of who I actually am.

And who I actually am is a podcaster who is grateful for stories like this one.

Next up on the program is Kathleen, calling from Music City, USA – Nashville, Tennessee. We’re so glad to have her on the show. She has seen and had experiences with not a shadow person, but shadow people. Multiple shadow people. And she’s going to tell us about it. Kathleen, thank you for joining us, and please tell us what happened.

KATHLEEN: Hi. Where I’ll start is my first shadow person that I can remember was an early age – I was probably about three or four. I was living in Highland, California. I got scared a lot as a kid and woke up a lot at night and would go into my parents’ bedroom. This one particular night, I went in there and I lay in between them. The way the room was setup was there was a big window behind the bed, and the way I would lie in bed, it would face a wall and the moonlight would shine onto that wall.

When I went into that room and lay down, I remember looking from right to left, and on the right side of the wall it was really dark, and to the left it was very dark but the moonlight shone on that wall facing me, and I saw a shadow of a person walking from right to left very slowly. It was about the length of ceiling to floor, and the arms were long and went down into the floor. I didn’t see feet. Those were down into the ground, into the shadows there. Everything was a shadow, as if the shadow took the form of a person walking from right to left. They paused in front of me and continued walking and disappeared into the shadows to the left.

It was just something that has been burned into my mind, remembering seeing that happen. There was no form or shape to it. It was just a shadow forming out of another shadow, of a man walking. That’s the first thing I remember blatantly happening. And not knowing what a shadow man was, of course, until I was older and got into listening to podcasts and things like that and had that lightbulb moment of “Oh my gosh, that was a thing.” So that was the first thing I remember seeing.

We moved into another home in San Bernardino. It wasn’t a very good home. There were a lot of things that made me uneasy about it. Come to find out a really bad man had lived there later on. But either way, I remember running through the hallway, as a kid does, and going into my room and holding onto the doorframe and turning into the room, and in the corner of the room there was a shadow, almost a catlike figure, with ears.

JIM: Oh man.

KATHLEEN: Yeah. It’s strange to explain because it didn’t have features. It was just black with pointed ears, and it was coming out of the corner of the room, almost growing from the floor, and hissing. I just ran away and I ran to my mom and I said, “There’s a cat in the room!” I had eight brothers and sisters, so my mom had everybody running around the house, looking for a stray cat that was in the house. I was just like, “No, that’s not what it was. It was… something.”

I told my sister I was coming onto the show to talk to you about it, and I was like, “He always asks people, ‘Did you ask your brothers and sisters? Did they have any experiences?’ Roxy, did you ever see anything?” I don’t know, I just never talked to her about that particular thing. She said, “Shut up.” I said, “What?” She said, “Yeah.” I was like, “Tell me, because I’ll tell him.” She said, “Mine wasn’t small. It was like a whole shadow person, but it had the ears, and it was as tall as the doorframe, and it would come into the room.” I was like, “Oh my God, are you serious?” But she didn’t have any other details about that. It was just as much as I saw. But mine was just a small growing thing, and she had seen it full figure. So that was San Bernardino.

Oh, and going back to the first story, I remember my parents had dug out their own basement in that house, and it was a dirt basement. All I can think about – every time there’s something weird that happens in a house, people say they’re changing their house or doing this or that, and I just think that basement was always super creepy. And that door that the shadow man was on was on that same door that led to the basement that was hand-dug out, like a cellar.

JOE: Do you think these shadow people were stalking your family from location to location? Or do you think you just ended up in two creepy places?

KATHLEEN: I think it’s just individually me. I grew up in a very Catholic home, and my mom always believed me when I would say things to her, even though they didn’t necessarily make it a point to say that they believed in those things. But she always believed me when I would tell her, because I always told her the things that I saw. Not a family or a following situation.

The last one that I can really recollect was as a teenager. I went to a youth camp in Kentucky, and I was sitting at a bonfire and everybody was talking and doing whatever, and I just started getting this overwhelming feeling of dread, and my chest was heavy. Everything started – I don’t know, it was like a zoning out feeling. I focused in – it was about 200 yards away, and I focused in on this tree, where I saw a hooded figure next to the tree with glowing red eyes.

JOE: Oh man.

KATHLEEN: I couldn’t take my gaze off of it. It was like all the sound was gone from my ears, and it was almost like that feeling where you just couldn’t release yourself. Or even that feeling of if you’ve ever had that sleep paralysis and you have to force yourself to wiggle your toe so that you can move. It was like that feeling of trying to wiggle your toe, just to get my gaze off of it. It never moved.

When I did release my gaze, I turned around, got up, and went into my cabin and did something else because I just didn’t know how to explain. I didn’t tell anybody about it because, I don’t know, I wasn’t going to go find out what it was, that’s for sure.

JOE: I think years ago on this show, in the very early days of it, we had a story with someone who saw a tree – and I’m thinking it was red eyes. I couldn’t swear to it, but that’s pretty terrifying. Do you find to this day that maybe you’re more let’s say sensitive than the average person?

KATHLEEN: I’ve been looking into that a little bit. I’ve always been able to kind of feel people’s feelings, if that makes sense, or know the thing that makes them sad. I started researching that and started talking to another girl who would read my chart and things like that and dabble in all those things. She said that based on my chart, I do have a concentrated ability of empathizing or feeling or emotions and things like that. It made a lot of sense.

Harnessing that, I don’t know if I really want to. I think I just learned how to deal with it. But every so often, if I let myself, I just feel like I have the ability to have a deeper understanding of other people’s emotions if I want to open myself up to that. Whatever that may be.

JOE: Interesting. Well, Kathleen, thank you so much for joining us and thank you for sharing these harrowing stories of shadow people.

KATHLEEN: I appreciate your time, Jim.

JIM: Joe is on the line from Utah, and he has a very poignant story about his mother-in-law. Joe, welcome to the show. Thank you for joining us. Please tell us what happened.

JOE: Thank you, Jim. It’s great to be on the show. Just a little bit of big picture thing. You often say that some supernatural stories are not scary but are positive and encouraging, sometimes even faith-affirming, and this is one of those stories.

My mother-in-law passed away on December 31st, 2020. It was a sad passing, but not tragic. She was well into her eighties. Her health had deteriorated a lot, and life was a little bit of a struggle. So although we felt sad at her passing, we all knew it was the best thing for her. My wife, who is very close to her family and especially her mother, had spent the last two years of my mother-in-law’s life as her full-time caregiver. She would be there every day, helping her take care of her. Very close with her.

One other piece of context to know about the story is in my mother-in-law’s home, one of her favorite places to sit was in the great room that was on the main level of the home, where you walk in and immediately to the right there was a gas fireplace on the wall that was operated by a switch. You flipped on the switch like a light switch and the fireplace would turn on and warm up that room. She loved to sit in that room in her favorite chair by the fire in the colder months of the year and just be cozy there.

Well, fall of 2020, that fireplace, when we went to use it as the season changed and the weather got cooler, wasn’t working. We couldn’t get it to work. I looked at it, another one of my brothers-in-law looked at it, and we couldn’t figure out what was wrong with it. So my wife called and made a service appointment to have somebody call out and fix it. If you remember, late 2020 it was hard to get anybody to do anything, particularly in your home, because of the pandemic. So that appointment didn’t get scheduled on the calendar until well into January of 2021.

As I mentioned, my mother-in-law passed away on December 31st of 2020, so that fireplace was not working when she passed away. She passed in her home. We were fortunate to be there with her as that happened.

Late in the day on the 31st, as the funeral home had come and taken away her remains, we locked up the house and the family left, and nobody went back to my mother-in-law’s home for several days. I think we all needed the emotional break from everything that had happened there. It was late in the afternoon on January 3rd when my wife and I decided we needed to go back over to the house, to my mother-in-law’s home, and check on things and be there.

We got there; we unlocked the house, and of course, everything was closed up and dark. As we walked into that great room, we looked to the right, and that fireplace which had not worked for months was on, and a bright cheery fire was burning in it. My wife and I looked at each other and we both said, “That’s your mom. She’s there. She’s sending a message that everything’s okay and she’s in the right place on the other side.”

That fireplace didn’t work again after that day, and we still had to have a technician come out and fix it later that month. But for that one day at that one time, which we firmly believe was to send that message, that fireplace worked.

JIM: That’s amazing. It’s like the fire is still burning. Grandma is still around, just on a different plane. In one way you’d be like, “Oh my gosh, the fireplace is on!”, but since it had so much significance and you identified her with so much of it, it wasn’t like a scary “Ooh, the fireplace is on fire, it’s going to set the place aflame.” It was like, oh, that’s the way she showed she was still around.

JOE: Yeah, for sure. We felt that way.

JIM: That is great. Well, your mother-in-law got the message across. I think that is so, so cool. I really do appreciate you being on the show and sharing it. Again, it’s like you said – not all of the stories are spooky-ooky. Some of them are very heartwarming (literally, in this case) and make you think there is another side and we do go on, and our loved ones go on. That’s such a great message. Joe, thanks for being on the show.

JOE: Thanks, Jim. Love listening to the show. Thanks for all you do.

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You’re listening to Jim Harold’s Campfire.

JIM: Jacqueline is back on the show. She was with us about a year ago. She’s calling in tonight from Washington D.C., our nation’s capital. She has a couple of stories for us, and the first one – well, it’s plainly one of the strangest ones I’ve ever heard. Jacqueline, welcome back to the show, and tell us what happened.

JACQUELINE: Thank you for having me. I was on a very low-travel road. I grew up in a low-populated area. The road I took to drive home, there were hardly any cars ever. I was driving home from work and I came to a stop sign at a ‘T’ in the road. When I stopped at the stop sign, before I went to make a right on the road, I noticed there was a crow in the middle of the road. If you’re not familiar with the size of crows, when you’re up close to them, they’re like the size of a football. They’re actually bigger than you would expect.

JIM: Right.

JACQUELINE: I stopped at the stop sign a little bit longer because I was waiting for it to move. I didn’t want to hit this large bird. But as I was watching the bird, I noticed something was off. On closer inspection, I noticed it was walking not like a crow walks, but like a human walks. The way birds walk, you expect them to have their wings tucked up and have an odd, jaunty gait where they kind of scoop their legs and their knees stick out and there’s that slow scooping motion with their legs. But this was not how this bird was walking. It had its wings completely vertically down like a human’s arms would be down, and they were moving side to side like a human’s arms would be moving. It had a heel-toe swaying motion of the foot and leg.

At this point, I am watching it for a good minute to three minutes, just sitting still watching this bird walking on this road, and I start to creep up slowly behind it in my car. When I had gotten to the point where it was about 10 feet ahead of me, it was coming at an angle and it turned its head. You know how birds’ eyes are on the side of their head as opposed to – yeah. When it turned its head, it saw me since its eye is on the side of its head, and the creepiest part about this was that the bird froze the second it saw me.

It stood there, completely still, staring at me for a solid five seconds, and then immediately, before it made any other move, tucked its arms back up like a bird would tuck its arms and then walked away like a bird would walk.

JIM: Ooh.

JACQUELINE: The jaunty, scooping motion of the legs, tucked its arms back and was acting like a crow.

JIM: That’s weird.

JACQUELINE: It was very weird.

JIM: It’s kind of like he or she was presenting to you what you expected to see, but before it was like you caught it with its guard off and it was walking the way it normally does – if it was in fact a crow and not some kind of shapeshifting, weird multidimensional creature or something.

JACQUELINE: Yes. I hadn’t told this story for years after it happened because it was just one of those things where you absolutely know nobody is going to believe you.

JIM: And you believe when it looked at you – did you get a feeling that it just knew you were human and “I’m not supposed to be presenting myself this way”?

JACQUELINE: Yes, it was very much like a “Oh no.” I hate to say it, because again, it feels so odd to tell this story out loud, but you could see in this creature’s eyes like “I just messed up. What am I about to do? What do I do, what do I do?”, and then it moves like a bird.

JIM: Oh man, that’s strange.

JACQUELINE: It was very, very unsettling at the time, and even more so because it’s still so vivid in my mind.

JIM: You said you had another story for us. Tell us that one, too.

JACQUELINE: This is a dream story, and again, another really odd thing to happen to me. I’ve never had anything else like it occur. In the same area, I used to work at a department store through college. I worked with this woman who had a son that was a year or two older than me. I had only come in contact with him once, maybe twice, and I only remembered his face because he had flaming red hair just like her. Other than that, I knew nothing about this person at all. We didn’t travel in the same circles, didn’t go to school together. Literally never came in contact with this person at all. No affiliation.

But one night, I had a dream that he and I got into my car and were driving around, and he told me to go into this parking lot and to play this game with him where we would crash into as many cars in the parking lot as we could. It was just so odd, and I remember in the dream thinking, “Why are we doing this? This seems silly,” and he’s just telling me to crash into all of these cars.

It seemed extra odd that I would have a dream about somebody that I had no relationship with whatsoever. I went to work the next day and saw his mother, whom I worked with, and I was like, “Hey, I had the weirdest dream and your son was in it.” I proceed to tell her about how he and I were in the car in the dream and how we played this game where we crashed into as many cars as we could in the parking lot. Her eyes got really big and she goes, “Oh my goodness, Jacqueline, did you hear what happened last night?” I said, “No…”

Apparently, the night that I had the dream, a young man in the area had just passed the bar, graduated from law school, out celebrating because of this big moment in his life, got heavily intoxicated, and crashed into her, her son, and her husband’s vehicles, among others, on their street and heavily damaged every single one of those cars down the street that night.

JIM: Wow. So you obviously think you tuned into something there?

JACQUELINE: I had to have. There was no way that I would’ve dreamt about this person. Again, the only reason I remembered his face was because he had this really strong characteristic, and just the fact that in the dream we had crashed into multiple cars, and his and his mother’s and his father’s cars were all heavily damaged – it’s just way too much of a coincidence.

JIM: The thing that’s weird sometimes, I think, that happens, to be honest with you, is that we get these premonitions or precognitions and things, but we don’t get it 100% right. We get bits and pieces. It’s kind of like a radio signal that’s not quite clear. You get most of it, you get the crashing, but he wasn’t the one doing the crashing, right?

JACQUELINE: Yeah. I was driving the car, he was giving the directions.

JIM: But in real life, he wasn’t the one that crashed the cars, was he?

JACQUELINE: Oh, no, no, no.

JIM: That’s what I’m saying. It was his family that got their cars crashed into.

JACQUELINE: Yeah. It was just he, his mother, and his dad in the household, and all three of their cars and a few of their neighbors’ – I guess the driver sideswiped all of them until eventually the car completely crashed.

JIM: I’ve got to tell you, I think it’s a real thing, and I have heard of that where people get bits and pieces. It may not be 100%, but there’s major aspects of a dream that end up happening. Really, really interesting stuff. Well Jacqueline, thank you so much for joining us, sharing both of those stories. That first one, the crow, I’ve never heard one like that. I’d love to hear if somebody else caught an animal doing something it’s not supposed to, like walking funny or something. Just very, very interesting indeed. Jacqueline, thank you so much for being a part of the show again.

JACQUELINE: Thank you kindly.

JIM: Next up on the Campfire is Shane from Idaho, and he’s going to talk to us about his first experience of getting attacked by a spirit. Shane, welcome to the show and tell us what happened.

SHANE: Hey, Jim. Thanks so much for having me on tonight. Where to start? First off, I want to preface that I am a paranormal investigator, so what I’m going to be talking about happened when I was a greenhorn, essentially.

We were investigating a bar out in Hyrum, Utah, which is just south of where I live. It’s called Hawn’s Bar. This location was an old-standing bar for a good 50+ year. The building is over 100 years old. A lot of activity, a lot of weird things happening there. At one point in time during that investigation, myself and another investigator went over into the banquet area where they have the stage and the dance floor and the seating area as well. We were going through a series of questions. We weren’t really getting so much response from any of our questions we were asking, either from our equipment, digital recorders, anything like that.

My bright idea – I want to preface really hard that provoking is not ideal in the paranormal. You should never provoke. You should always keep it civil and keep it respectable. Unfortunately, back then, 10+ years ago, I wasn’t really thinking too well, and I started provoking, and provoking, and I provoked some more, and then stabbed the dagger into the heart, literally, when it comes to the provoking.

Off to the right-hand side – I’m sitting on the stage and I’m looking out onto the dance floor, and back a little ways we have one of our pieces of equipment, which is the infrared camera. Back in the day – I don’t know, Jim, if you remember these, but remember those Sony Handycams that were like the point-and-shoot type that had the night vision?

JIM: Yeah.

SHANE: We had a few of those. That’s what we started my group with. We had two to three of those cameras. If anybody recognizes these types of cameras, compared to the GoPros of today, it’s kind of like tunnel vision. You can only see so much from that particular camera. So while I was sitting on the stage and my investigator was sitting behind the camera, I saw with my own eyes – and we also had a laser grid up as well – I saw a black mass come into the laser grid and then quickly leave. It was off to the right-hand side.

From that point forward, I was not feeling well at all. In fact, by the time we left that area and went to the bar area and I sat down at the bar, I was so hunched over, and I could barely mumble two words. I felt like I was falling asleep, like falling into a black abyss. I was not doing good, Jim, at all. It took a while to get me to recover. In fact, I was outside for a good 15-20 minutes just trying to regain my breath and having a cigarette, back when I used to smoke. I’m just sitting there wondering what happened.

At that point in time, two and two weren’t clicking together. It wasn’t until later on, when I figured out that the person that I was trying to communicate with had a medical emergency and ended up dying on the stage – and I feel horrible about this, because provoking is not something that I typically do now. After that experience, I’ve never provoked that hard again in my life. Just the feeling of self-dread and all the energy just draining out of me – I just did not feel good with myself. I did not feel good in general.

I just wanted to come on this episode with you and talk about why provoking should not happen in the paranormal, and I wanted to explain my personal experience with this because I truly feel that if people were to listen about this, it would give them second thoughts of ever provoking ever again. Because after being attacked like I was, I would hate for anybody else to experience what I had to go through when I did that.

JIM: I’ve got to say, I agree with you. I’m not a paranormal investigator, but it almost comes to me – and everybody makes mistakes, so I don’t think people should cast aspersions because you did that. You learned your lesson.

I’m not a paranormal investigator, but to me it almost comes down to manners. If you think about it, if we believe that at least some ghosts are, for example, dearly departed loved ones or just plain folks – we may not know them – would we walk into somebody’s house and start yelling at them? [laughs] Like “Make yourself known!” I don’t know. And again, I’m not a paranormal investigator, but it’s never seemed like the right path to me, and it seems like something that could actually be dangerous.

SHANE: Very much so. There’s been a time or two where I’ve been attacked – either scratched, bruises, or I’ve been attached to by an unseen malicious entity. The feeling of that versus being attacked because you were provoking so much that it was really disrespectful, there’s no comparison. The way that I felt when I got attacked because I was provoking versus just getting scratched or getting an attachment from a malicious entity – it doesn’t work out well for the individual itself.

JIM: Very interesting indeed. Where can people find out more about your group?

SHANE: We are active on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as Bear River Paranormal, and we also have a podcast, which is BRP Podcast. I definitely recommend taking a listen to that. We talk about experiences, stories, equipment. We give reviews on certain paranormal equipment that’s being offered on the market today.

JIM: All right. Thank you so much for being part of the show. I certainly appreciate it.

SHANE: Yeah, not a problem. Thanks for having me on.

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JIM: Ruthie is on the line from Southern California. She learned of us from our friends, Christine and Em from And That’s Why We Drink. They’re always so kind, and they have a massive hit podcast, let me tell you. So we’re appreciative when they shout out us. Ruthie’s been listening for about four years now, so thank you, Christine and Em. And thank you, Ruthie.

Ruthie, you have what I would describe as a very chilling, chilling story. Thank you for joining us, and please tell us your story.

RUTHIE: Yeah, I think it’s pretty chilling. It started back in the early ’90s. My family and I moved into an old farmhouse in a really small town in Pennsylvania. I did a little research on the house and I found out it was built in 1910, so it’s pretty old. To me, it was like a giant mansion. We had just moved from I believe an apartment. I just loved this house so much. But it definitely had some creepy things going on.

I was between the ages of 6 and 10 when we lived there, and on more than one occasion I remember lying in bed – I had the room to myself, but I hated the dark, like most kids, so I’d have my parents keep the door open just a little bit. I would be lying there and look over, and there was what I can describe as a creature standing in the doorway, just staring at me.

JIM: Oh man.

RUTHIE: Yeah, it was pretty scary. It was probably about four foot tall, and it didn’t have any smooth definition to it like a human silhouette or anything. It was kind of – furry is the only way I can really describe the outline of it. It had orange-yellowish glowing eyes. It would just stand there and stare at me. I just remember being terrified. But we were very religious, and I remember thinking, “If I pray, as long as I’m praying, it can’t come in here and hurt me.” So I would lie in bed and pull the covers over my head and just pray and pray and pray until I fell asleep.

I remember that thing being there so often as a little kid. And I don’t know why I didn’t tell my parents until I got older. Maybe I was scared people wouldn’t believe me. But I just remember thinking, “As long as I pray, it’s fine. It’s not going to hurt me.”

Another thing that happened in that room was I would have – I guess dreams. I would think I was awake, and I would be covered in those – you know those pincher bugs? We call them earwigs on the East Coast. I would be covered in them and I couldn’t move. I would just lie there and be covered in these things, and eventually I would snap out of it and wake up or whatever. But that happened more than once, and that was pretty scary as a six-year-old.

JIM: I want to ask you this. You said something in your email to me about the eyes of this creature that was watching you every night. What were the eyes like?

RUTHIE: The eyes were just evil-looking. Yellow-orange, kind of, and they just stared. They didn’t move from what I remember.

JIM: In your email you said they were glowing.

RUTHIE: Yes, they were definitely glowing a yellow-orange color.

JIM: Ugh.

RUTHIE: Yeah. So that happened and I don’t really remember when it stopped. I don’t know if it was when we moved out of the house or it eventually just went away, but eventually it stopped and that was it. It never happened again after we left that house.

JIM: When you talked to your mom about it, what did she say? Or what did she ask you?

RUTHIE: I actually called my mom and asked if she had had anything happen to her in that house. She did say that one night she was sleeping and she woke up to a figure hovering over her. She wasn’t scared; she just assumed it was an angel and went back to sleep. She also asked me if I remember the tall man in the kitchen, and I don’t. I said, “I don’t know what you mean. Can you elaborate?” She said around – I don’t know, like I said, I was between 6 and 10; it’s hard to pinpoint exactly.

But we were in the kitchen and I looked up and asked her if she saw the tall man walk through the kitchen, and she said, “No. Can you describe him to me?” I said he was tall and had a tall hat like Abraham Lincoln. He looked like Abraham Lincoln, and he just walked through the kitchen. She was like, “Nope, didn’t see him” and went about her day. I don’t remember that, but she definitely does, and she is not one to make things up, that’s for sure.

JIM: Your dad made an interesting discovery, didn’t he?

RUTHIE: He did. I recently talked to him about it to try to get all the facts. The house had a very creepy basement. Just the creepiest basement you could possibly imagine. Some dirt areas on the floor and stuff because the house was so old. He said he was down there doing something with the water, trying to fix something, and was digging up some areas, and he said he came across some really old bones. He said they were definitely not animal bones. He said there was a femur bone that he for sure thought was a femur bone of a human.

I said, “What did you do with them?” He said, “Honestly, I just put them back and I buried them.” He said the landlord was very – not a great person, and he did not want to get involved. Having a family and everything, he did not want to get involved in anything with that man. So that was that.

Years later, the landlord actually ended up chasing down his girlfriend outside of the house in a vehicle and drove her off the road and ended up taking her life and then taking his own life while we lived there in the house. It happened down the street from the home. So the owner of the house definitely was a very evil person, and I don’t know what went on in that house, but it wasn’t good.

JIM: Well, a lot of times on the show we will make a point to spotlight the good, because I believe when you’re looking at ghosts and things like that, there’s more positive energies. But I also believe that there is a dark side, and it sounds like you certainly encountered that. Ruthie, thank you so much for sharing your story tonight on the Campfire.

RUTHIE: Thank you, Jim. I really appreciate it.

JIM: Next up on the Campfire is a long-time listener, Koren. She listens to the Campfire and also my other main show, the Paranormal Podcast. We appreciate that. She’s calling in from Indiana today, and she has two poignant stories about family members. Koren, thank you for joining us, for your long-time support. I know you’re over on the Virtual Campfire Group on Facebook as well. Tell us what happened.

KOREN: The first instance that happened is a story about my brother, Brett. He passed away at a young age in 2005. He was literally a week from his 29th birthday.

JIM: Oh.

KOREN: Yes, very, very tragic. My son, my oldest child, Tucker, was four and a half at the time of my brother’s death. But he made a great impact on my son, so my son, of course, remembered him.

Six months or so after his death, when my son was about five, I was clearing out some glass decorations and I put up this long folding table in my living room to put these breakable items on while I was doing the cleaning. I explained to my son that he should not go near any of these items since they were pretty breakable – in fact, that he shouldn’t even go in the room; there was nothing of interest, or shouldn’t have been anything of interest, in that room. So I would just prefer he stay out of that so he’s not tempted. He did promise me that he wouldn’t go in there or touch anything. I felt like he was true to his word because nothing was ever moved or touched or broken when I started putting stuff away.

Fast forward a few months later. I was really missing my brother. Your sibling, you just can’t imagine life without them. So I’d been thinking about him a lot, and as I think I just said, he was like a week from his 29th birthday when he had a heart attack.

JIM: Oh my.

KOREN: Yeah. He was still obviously on my mind all the time. The thought occurred to me – because I’ve always been interested in the paranormal and things like that – I started to wonder if Tucker had ever seen my brother Brett since he had passed away. I realize that kids can see things sometimes that we can’t because they’re closer to the veil, as they say.

So I sat him down and I said, “Tucker, have you ever seen Uncle Brett since he died?” Immediately, Tucker said he had seen him. Of course, I was in awe because I thought, “Oh, he did?” I wanted to find out as much information as possible. I asked him where he had seen him and when, and he said, “You remember that time you told me not to go into the room and touch the breakable stuff?” I said, “Yeah.” Tucker explained, “Well, I went into the room and Uncle Brett was standing there, and he said, ‘You know you shouldn’t be in here. Your mom told you not to come in here and touch this stuff.’”

Needless to say, I was super shocked and I actually laughed, because that is so something my brother would tell my kid not to do. [laughs] I was like, he’s parenting from beyond, and I totally appreciate it. I mean, I was so shocked because it was so specific and detailed. So that was pretty cool. We’ve had other signs of my brother since then, but nothing as clear as that. So that was pretty interesting.

JIM: That’s very interesting. He’s telling him, “Hey, don’t do that.” He was probably having fun in the sense that maybe he guessed that your son would eventually tell you that and you would get that message too.

KOREN: Yes. And knowing my brother, he probably said it in a slightly serious yet joking manner, like “You know you’re not supposed to be in here…” [laughs]

JIM: It really sounds like it’s a familial thing that your loved ones do tend to communicate. You have a story about your mom, too, right?

KOREN: I do. In September of 2011, my mom passed from a long illness, so it wasn’t really surprising. At the time this event happened, we were living in Florida. I should tell you where we were in our house and how this was. It was a very sunny day in Florida. I would say it was about three or four months or so after her death. The layout – we had a one-story house, and we were in the living room, and off of the living room was the master bedroom, and it had two closed doors. They were closed at that time, to the bedroom. We had two dogs at the time. The weather was phenomenal. No airplanes flying above, nothing like that. I preface this story with that.

It was a Saturday afternoon and Tucker was 11. His sister was over at a friend’s. It was just he and I and the dogs at home, and we were watching Paranormal State. We were ending the show and my son said to me, “Mom, do you think Nanny watches over us?” I said, “Absolutely. I know she watches us. I know we miss her, but I know she’s watching us.” He goes – I think he said it like this – “Can we do a test to see if she’s watching?” I said, “Well, I guess so. Okay, this is what we’ll do. I’ll ask Nanny for a sign.”

Then I said, “Okay, Mom, if you are here, can you give us a sign that you are here?” And maybe less than five seconds passed, and all of a sudden the closed doors started rattling like crazy. The dogs were barking. I probably jumped out of my skin. [laughs] My son was like, “This is awesome! This is so great!” and I am scared to death. There was a lot of commotion.

Tucker says, “Hey, can we do it again?” I said, “No. Your mom almost had a heart attack here.” I go, “Thanks, Mom!” [laughs] My mom was a character as well, so I was like, “Thanks, Mom, you just scared me to death here.” And of course, he wanted to do it all over again, but I was like – and I haven’t done that again. I’ve been tempted, but I also don’t want to scare myself again either. [laughs] So that was very interesting. You think, “Ah, nothing’s going to happen,” but something happened. It was just a very, very interesting event.

JIM: I’ve got to believe both these stories are very comforting to you. I get that sense.

KOREN: Absolutely. My father passed literally eight months after my mother. There’s nothing like family, and once they’re gone, they are gone. So if there is a life beyond this, it’s so nice to know that they are there and watching us, and maybe pulling pranks on us. [laughs] Or whatever the case may be, depending upon what your family members are like. But it gives me hope that when I’m gone, they’ll be there to greet me. Yeah, very comforting.

JIM: Koren, thank you so much for being a part of the Campfire.

KOREN: I appreciate it, Jim. Thanks.

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You’re listening to Jim Harold’s Campfire.

JIM: Heather is on the line from Houston, Texas. She’s a return caller. Glad to speak with her again. She’s going to tell us all about her cousin’s house. By the way, it’s extremely haunted, she says. Heather, welcome back to the show and tell us about your cousin’s house.

HEATHER: Hi, Jim. Thank you so much for having me back on.

JIM: Thank you.

HEATHER: Thanks. So tonight I wanted to tell you guys about my cousin’s house in Tennessee. He lives on a small street in a little suburb, but there’s a lot of history in that area. Not too far from there, there was a really deadly Civil War battle in that area. He’s also only about 200 feet from a historic plantation house, and that home also has some very spooky stories of its own. So that whole area, you really can’t find anyone who hasn’t had a ghost story to tell. My cousin’s house is not an exception to that.

His house was passed down from his parents, and it was at least 100 years old. Growing up there, even as a young kid, he would see apparitions when he would go up the stairwell. There used to be a door on the staircase, so when he opened the door, he would see a man sitting there, and it wasn’t anyone who he knew. Like a ghost of a man. Even to this day, now the door’s no longer on the stairs; you just walk straight up them. But you just get the eeriest feeling in that staircase, and it always feels like somebody’s walking right behind you, even if you’re by yourself. It’s really strange.

His parents had passed away, and they left my cousin the house. After they passed away, people would see my uncle and my aunt both in the house. They see my uncle more than my aunt, but both have been sighted. One time I was visiting and I felt my uncle was around me, but I’m always terrified to actually see something. [laughs] I’m just praying, “Uncle Boyd, please don’t show yourself to me. I know you’re here, I love you, but I don’t want to see you.”

That was right as I was leaving to come back to Texas and I walked out of the house, and my cousin walked out with me, and as he walked back into the house, he looked in the kitchen and my uncle was standing there. [laughs] It was kind of cool because I did feel like he was there, and then to have him see him was pretty cool. As long as I didn’t have to. [laughs] He took one for the team.

So it’s always been known for paranormal activity, from shadow figures – we’ve all seen orbs in there. Hearing conversations. If they were the only person at home, they would hear conversations. Also, his screen door would lock him out all the time, and it was one of those screens that had the little hook and eye, the little latch that you have to push the little metal piece into the circle on the other side. It would lock him out, and there’s no way that that could lock by itself. We would try to recreate it and slam the door over and over, and we could never get it to do it. It was just strange.

A couple years ago, about two years ago, my cousin had ended up buying another piece of property and he decided that he was going to move out. The new land was a little bit further out in the city. He and his younger daughter, my little cousin – she was still living there, but she was about to move away to college. Once he decided he was going to move, it was almost as if the house knew there was a transition happening, and the energy just ramped up to a new extreme level.

Almost every week, they were calling me because they knew I was into all of these spooky things. They would always call me with another story of something that had happened. During this time, my little cousin – she was probably 19 or 20 by that time, and she had never seen an apparition in the house. During this time, she actually even saw an apparition walking in front of the house. She and my cousin were in the car together. She saw it plain as day and thought it was an actual man, and he didn’t see anything.

Finally, there was a particular night that my little cousin called me and she was telling me – I was asking her, “What spooky stuff’s happened recently?” She was telling me about the night before, that she was going to bed, and as she went to lie down, she shut the door in the bedroom. She lay back down and she looked up, and the door was open. So she gets up, shuts the door. She was like “Okay, maybe I just didn’t shut the door.” Shuts the door, lies back down, same thing. Finally, she was over it. She was tired. So she gets up, goes back to the door, she’s looking at the door and she’s like, “Okay, I’m going to shut this door.”

So she shuts the door and she walks backwards from the door – she’s like outsmarting this piece of wood, right? [laughs] She thinks she is. So she’s walking backwards, watching the door. The door is still shut. She looks at the door. It’s still shut. She sits on the bed. Everything’s looking good. She goes to lie down, she lies down, gets all comfortable – the door is wide open again.

JIM: Oh boy.

HEATHER: Yeah, so she was like, “Forget it, I give up.” So she’s telling me this story and I was like, “Oh wow, that’s weird.” But at this point, nothing surprised us in this home. When I hear about stories of the Conjuring House and this kind of stuff, I’m like, “Oh yeah, I believe it,” because our family has seen these things for so many years. It’s like, yeah, these things happen.

Right after she finished telling me this story, all of a sudden on the phone, this noise starts, and it is like the most terrifying, screeching growling noise I’ve ever heard. At first you’re like, “Oh, maybe it’s something coming through the phone line or something’s going on,” but I got the chills and this horrible feeling came over me like “This is not good. This is evil, whatever this is.”

So I’m screaming for my little cousin, she’s screaming for me, she can’t hear me, I can’t hear her. Finally I was like, “I can’t do this anymore,” so I throw my phone. I hang it up and I throw the phone across the couch. My little cousin was home alone, so I was worried about her, but I couldn’t do much because I’m 14 hours away. I went and grabbed my other phone and I called her back, and we were like, “Oh my God, what just happened?” We were both shaken up because we had never heard anything like that before.

We didn’t know what to think, but we talked for a while longer, and everything after that was fine. Later on that week, my little cousin was home and a couple of our other family members came over to visit her. They were sitting in the living room, talking and just having a normal conversation, and all of a sudden they start hearing that growling screeching noise in the living room. Like in person, not on the phone this time.

They don’t have any dogs or cats or animals. They don’t have anything, and even if they did, it couldn’t have come through the phone at the same time that night previous with us. It’s very unexplainable.

Fast forward a few months after that, after my cousin had moved. He moved out, and there was a family that were thinking about moving into town. He had several rent houses, so they were asking him if he had any other houses that he would sell. He really didn’t want to sell this house, but he thought he would entertain the idea just to see what they would offer. So this husband and wife come over to look at the spooky home.

They walk in and everything’s fine. He gives them a tour of the home and nothing abnormal is happening. Right as they’re about to go back out the front door, they’re done with the tour, the husband asks if he can go back and see the bedroom and the master bath again. So they go back to the back part of the house and the wife stays looking around the living room. She’s in the living room, they’re back in the back; a few minutes later, she comes running through to the bathroom and she’s all pale, all frantic, and she’s like, “I just heard something! This house is haunted!”

My cousin didn’t want to tell her that it was haunted. [laughs] Because he thought he might want to sell it – which he hasn’t, and I have given him a little grief about that. [laughs] So the man was like, “Oh, don’t worry, she’s just scared of everything.” I was like, “How could you not tell her? You should at least tell her what she’s getting into.” But needless to say, they did not put in an offer on this house because of whatever she experienced.

So now, there’s actually someone who’s renting the house in there, and this guy actually has been hearing conversations. He’s been hearing footsteps. My cousin never told him that it was haunted because he didn’t want to put that in somebody’s head, just in case, because not everybody believes in that. But it doesn’t matter because it’s happening to him, too. I keep telling my cousin that he needs to open a haunted bed & breakfast. [laughs]

JIM: There you go, that’s the thing to do.

HEATHER: He doesn’t see my vision. But I’m like, “No, you would make a fortune.” [laughs]

JIM: Hey, believe me, there would be people who would say “I want to be there,” for sure.

HEATHER: All of our people. [laughs]

JIM: That’s right, all of our people.

HEATHER: Yeah. Thank you so much, Jim. Thank you.

JIM: Thank you for being a part again of the Campfire, Heather.

HEATHER: You’re so welcome. I’ll talk to you next time I have a story.

JIM: Excellent.

HEATHER: Okay, bye-bye.

JIM: Sam is on the line from California. We’re so glad to have him. I said, “How’d you find out about the show?” and he said, “That’s easy. My girlfriend, Abby, is a super fan of the show.” So Abby, thank you so much, and a big spooky shout-out to you. Sam says these experiences are something that he’s hesitated to tell, but Abby encouraged him to do it because people need to know. We’re so glad to be honored with Sam and him telling his story tonight. Sam, welcome to the show, and please tell us what happened.

SAM: Thanks, Jim. I have been working as a graveyard shift security officer in hotel work and museum work for about six or seven years now. This experience I had is actually, believe it or not, the first graveyard shift security job I ever worked. So I was kind of thrown right into it.

This was a hotel that I’m not going to mention for the sake of the owners, who were always despondent when it came to this stuff. They didn’t like talking about it. They knew it was going on, but they just didn’t want the guests to really know, even though the guests always found out one way or another. This place – there was a lot of unexplained activity going on here.

First things first, the elevators were spastic. No matter what engineers they called to come in and try to fix the elevators, they were – I don’t know how to describe it. They had a mind of their own. I know a lot of skeptics over the years have said, “Okay, that could just be electrical problems.” To that, I don’t really have a good argument. Yeah, you’re right. It’s true. But the elevators were always obsessed with going to the fourth floor. No matter how often you went past the elevators, they were always resetting to the fourth floor.

The fourth floor itself was probably, even though that’s not where the experience I had happened, where the most activity was for the guests. The guests would experience screaming coming from the hallway. They would feel their beds being moved around. Just the usual stuff. Paintings falling off of walls. And any time you went on the fourth floor, as you looked down the hallway, it always twisted, sort of like Alice in Wonderland. As you looked down it, it kind of had this slow rotation that it would do. It was very uncomfortable.

Eventually, at a certain point, I just stopped going to the fourth floor altogether because it was too much. Every night we had complaints from the fourth floor of people just feeling sick, feeling cold. No idea what happened there or what caused it to be that way, but it was unbearable.

But the worst thing that ever happened to me – and I ended up leaving a couple days later – was the kitchen. There was this night manager that always insisted that the lights stay off at the hotel to save energy, especially in places that the guests weren’t going to be using, like the dining room around two or three in the morning. Why would you have the light on there?

Every night, I always got this horrible sinking feeling whenever I went into the dining room. The night of this event, something was just so wrong. I felt this chill, and I felt like I was going to throw up. It was awful just walking through the dining room, and every single bone in my body was telling me, “Don’t go into the kitchen tonight. Don’t do it. You don’t want to go there.” And I don’t know why, I pushed through it. If there’s anything I’ve learned from the couple experiences I’ve had, it’s that your brain will never immediately go to ghosts first.

JIM: Right.

SAM: So that’s what happened. I said, “No, no, I’m just in my head. I get like this all the time. It’s dark, it’s late. Obviously I’m freaked out.” So I went into the kitchen, and the kitchen had those chrome doors that swing back and forth with the portholes in them. As I went in, across the hall, through another set of those swinging doors, there was this little man looking at me through one of the portholes. He was dirty, and he had a little bowler hat, and he was just smiling at me and waving like a little kid who waves at their parent, just frantically waving at me.

I remember just ice in my veins. He gave me this really – I want to say a cheeky look, and then ducked out. My first thought was, “Okay, this is probably a homeless person, right? This is an industrial era in the Bay Area. This is probably just a homeless person who snuck in here.” And where he was, there was no way out of the hotel through the hallway that he was in. There was only the breakroom and the freezer.

So I convinced myself, “This is a homeless person. I need to be kind to him and I need to escort him out of the hotel.” So I walked across the kitchen, and I had my flashlight, my Maglite, over my shoulder, and I just kicked the door open, checked it out real quick, and he wasn’t there. It was like, “Great, awesome, so now not only is there a homeless person, but now he’s going to jump out and scare me. Great.”

I walked down the hallway. I checked the breakroom, looked under the tables, looked everywhere in there. No, of course. He’s in the freezer. Of course he is. So I walked up, and I was – it was like hell walking up to it, because I knew there were only two solutions here. One is he’s there, and he’s insane, and he’s going to hurt me or scream at me or scare me. Or two, he’s not there, and my worst fear is true.

I worked up the nerve and I opened up the freezer, and he wasn’t there. It was like this – I’ll never forget it, the moment when I looked in there and it was – there was nowhere else he could’ve gone. And he didn’t really look like – nobody wears bowler hats. No one dresses like that, really, anymore. It was intense. To put it lightly.

JIM: Yeah, a small man with a bowler cap, that’s pretty memorable. That’s not something you see every day.

SAM: Not really. And in the Bay Area, a lot of us see miners.

JIM: Makes sense.

SAM: There’s quicksilver and silicon here in the Silicon Valley, in the Bay Area. So a lot of the spirits we see are people who died in mines, gold miners, Gold Rush era people. Especially in the East Bay. He looked kind of vaguely from that era.

JIM: Some people, you might talk to them and they have these kind of experiences and they’re like, “This was great and this was so cool!” I don’t necessarily get that vibe from you. You seem to take it very seriously. What are your thoughts on having had this experience?

SAM: I take my hat off to you and those people – whenever I listen to your podcast, I’m like, these are really brave people.

JIM: See, I’m behind a mic. There’s a difference, because I can be as cool, calm, and collected as I want. I’m not the one who’s working security in a dark hotel who saw a man with a bowler cap waving at me. Maybe those other folks, but as far as me, I’m a coward.

SAM: [laughs] I am a little bit, too. Maybe that’s the difference. There are a lot of people who search for these experiences, and I think those might be the people who frequent your radio a lot, the people who really go out and look for these things and are thrilled when they have an experience. I don’t go looking for it. The irony is palpable with the career that I’ve chosen here.

I worked at a museum once – it was really Night at the Museum with Ben Stiller, that movie. God, the stuff that – doors slamming in my face. It was a modern art museum, and statues looking in different – I mean, it was really – I should stop doing this. [laughs] I should stop doing graveyard security because I can’t stand it. If you really want to go see a ghost or something supernatural or something paranormal, work a graveyard shift as a security guard. You can’t escape it.

JIM: Well, I hope you come back and tell us some of those museum stories. Sam, you may not believe it, but in my book you’re very, very brave. And brave to come on the show, so we thank you. We thank you and we thank your girlfriend, Abby, for encouraging you. Thanks for coming on the show and telling your story.

SAM: Thanks. Bye.

JIM: Ericka is on the line from Washington state. I’ve got to applaud her for her perseverance. We tried to do a call a while back and had some tech issues, but man, she signed right back up and persevered. Ericka, thank you so much for that, and thanks for listening. She’s going to tell us about, well, something that she interpreted as a very strong sign. Very interesting indeed. Ericka, welcome to the show, and please tell us your story.

ERICKA: Hi, Jim. Thank you for having me. This actually happened a couple of months ago. I’ve been having a little bit of issues with my 14-year-old. With COVID and everything, it’s been really hard. I’m so nervous right now. Okay. [laughs]

JIM: It’s okay.

ERICKA: I was standing outside my back patio, and it was true dawn, so everything was real gray and purple. I noticed some of the solar lights that we have out there were blinking. They were blinking kind of weird, like three sections, and it was just sporadic. I thought to myself, oh, that kind of reminds me of Stranger Things. I love that show, and that’s how Will talks to his mom on the show.

JIM: Right, when he’s in the – what is it? The In Between, or the Down Under? I get it confused.

ERICKA: The Upside Down.

JIM: The Upside Down, yeah, yeah. Been a while. [laughs]

ERICKA: Definitely, definitely. So I’m looking at these lights and I’m like, oh my gosh, that’s weird because they’re cheap solar lights. They usually don’t last all the way until morning. I immediately thought, well, maybe that’s my dad. He and my son were close before he passed away. He passed away 11 years ago. So I just thought to myself, “Well, Dad, if that’s you, go ahead and throw me a sign, because I sure could use the support,” because I was frustrated with my son.

The lights stopped blinking, and I thought, well, that’s something, right? Maybe? But I go to open up my phone, and the phone was a loading screen for a Stranger Things video game that I had downloaded years ago. That was the first thing that popped up on my phone. I thought that was for sure.

JIM: That’s pretty cool. I believe, because I think it’s happened to me, that sometimes our loved ones can give us affirmation and signs, but sometimes through a non-conventional means, you know what I mean?

ERICKA: Yeah, definitely.

JIM: It seems like a lot of coincidences, kind of like what I often say – too much of a coincidence to be a coincidence.

ERICKA: Oh, for sure. And there’s absolutely no way that my phone would’ve automatically opened up into that app because you have to go to the menu and scroll through, and it’s just impossible. So for it to open up like that first thing was definitely like “Okay.”

JIM: Some people don’t put much stock in technology and things for signs from the beyond, but I’m like, if our loved ones have abilities to communicate with us, why couldn’t they do it through technology? Why could that not be, you know what I’m saying?

ERICKA: For sure.

JIM: I know you had another story or so you wanted to share with us. We’ve got a little more time. Go ahead, tell us the next story.

ERICKA: This one also includes my dad. My youngest son was about 9 or 10 months old. He was old enough to stay a couple of words, but he wasn’t old enough to walk yet, if that makes sense. We were all staying at my grandma’s house, and it was my brother, me, my oldest son, and my youngest son. We were all asleep in the same room. I felt my youngest son moving in his sleep. Then all of a sudden he sits up and he’s laughing, like full-on baby giggle. When a kid that age wakes up in the middle of the night, they’re pretty much up until they’re ready to go back to sleep. So I was like, “Oh no, why are you awake and why are you laughing?”

But I noticed that he kept saying “peekaboo.” So I turn on a light and I’m looking at him, and he doesn’t even register that I’m there. He’s just looking up into the wall, basically, and he’s covering his eyes and he’s saying “peekaboo, peekaboo.” I’m like, “Who are you playing peekaboo with?” He kept pointing and he was like, “Papa! Papa!” Everybody in the room by this point was awake, and we were all looking at each other, like, what is going on?

My dad had this silly voice that he would use with all the babies in the family, and the way that my son was saying it was almost like he was imitating the sound, like his silly voice. Which was kind of like Sylvester the Cat’s son’s voice.

JIM: “Oh Father…”

ERICKA: Yeah, “Oh Father…” Definitely. And he was kind of saying it like that. So I thought, “Okay, it’s like two in the morning, I have to go to work. Dad, please, can we go to bed? I can’t do this.” But my youngest literally rubbed his eyes, lay down, and went right back to sleep. We all just stared at each other and we were like, “Okay, that’s weird,” and we went back to sleep.

JIM: I think a lot of times the little ones – before they’re trained that “you can’t believe in these things, you can’t see these things,” I think they do see them. Before they’re old enough to be told, “That doesn’t exist.” The thing is, it does exist. [laughs]

ERICKA: The crazier thing is that he never even met my dad. My dad passed away three years before my youngest son was born.

JIM: Wow. That is so cool. Ericka, thank you so much for sharing these stories. They’re great ones. And I believe that those on the other side live on, and they communicate with us from time to time, and I think it’s a beautiful thing. Thank you for being a part of the show tonight.

ERICKA: Thank you, Jim.

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