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Are ETs are already here? Filmmaker Joshua Golembeske joins us to talk about his recent documentary, CALLING ALL HYBRIDS, that focuses on a hip hop artist who has had multiple ET encounters. Find it on Amazon Prime here:

Thanks Joshua!


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Announcer (00:13):

This is the Paranormal Podcast with Jim Harold.

Jim Harold (00:17):

Welcome to the Paranormal Podcast. I am Jim Harold, and so glad to be with you once again. And I think it’s so important as we’ve covered in recent episodes, to respect UFO Experiencers and to help share their stories. That’s what we try to do on our Campfire, share with people who experience all kinds of anomalous activity. And we’ve got the like-minded spirit here with us today. Joshua Golembeske, he’s the director of production for Gaia, that great online streaming service, which was a sponsor of this show for many years and we appreciate that. And they have a new program out, it is called Calling All Hybrids: UFO and ET Contact. And we’re so glad to have Josh with us today to talk about it. Josh, welcome to the program and thank you for joining us on the Paranormal Podcast.

Joshua Golembeske (01:07):

Jim, it’s a pleasure. I’m also a long time listener and it’s just fabulous to be here today. Thanks for having me on. I’m super excited to talk about the documentary and experiencers in general and especially the connection to the paranormal, which I know your audience would appreciate.

Jim Harold (01:21):

Yes, yes. Well, I mean that brings up a good point and I guess we could start there. This idea, and I don’t know where you came at it from, whether skeptic, whether believer, I mean I grew up in the era of In Search Of, I mean I was a little kid, but that’s what my teeth were cut on. That was like my teething ring of the paranormal and the supernatural. And if you remember the intro of the show, “we’ll explore UFOs we’ll explore…” Everything was very siloed. Now, in your capacity of Gaia and as an explorer into these kinds of things, what are your thoughts about those connections? Because I used to think everything was totally separate and over the years having done this, I’m starting to think a lot of it is connected. Have you evolved in a similar way?

Joshua Golembeske (02:09):

Yes, absolutely. In my research and also as an experiencer, and coming from an experiencer family as a kid, the paranormal and UFO stuff to me is clearly intermingled. Now, I think going deep into it, there is two different things going on in my opinion. There is classic paranormal not related to ETs and then there’s ETs. But a lot of the ET or the non-human intelligence stuff that’s going on seems like paranormal and gets classified. It like classic. A lot of people see shadow beings in abduction scenarios or contact scenarios, which could be seen very paranormal, but actually it’s probably et. So what I’m trying to figure out is the paranormal aspect of it something completely different from the UFOs or are we just conflating or not describing the UFO experience correctly? And I think it’s both. I think you have a separate paranormal thing going on, which happens at the same,


this is why it gets confusing, because when you get into Skinwalker ranch and these certain hotspots, like the farmhouse I grew up in, which I’ll get to in a second, it seems like two different things are going on and they are, but then the ET stuff sometimes gets put in the paranormal basket, but it’s not. But something to do when the UFOs come through, however it’s happening, it somehow could allow other things that come through the membranes of dimensions or reality and it gets confusing. I don’t think we have the answer yet, but I would definitely say based off my own experiences, my own research, listening to a lot of other researchers out there, they’re definitely connected.

Jim Harold (03:37):

I’m always interested in origin stories and obviously you come from the perspective of an experiencer. Can you tell us a little bit about your experiences and why they’ve led you in some directions? I believe there was a couple different kinds of people. When something happens to them like this, some people run away, say I don’t want anything to do with it, other people run towards it. It sounds like you’ve definitely run towards it. So tell us a little bit about your experiences if you wouldn’t mind.

Joshua Golembeske (04:07):

I would love to. No, I definitely ran towards it. It wasn’t a negative experience for me. It was a little scary, but let me go into it. I grew up in this small, quintessential New England town in Rhode Island called Little Compton. We literally have a giant church with a white steeple in the center of town. It’s rustic, it’s beautiful and it’s just full of mystery. Everything from Bigfoot stories to sea monsters to UFOs. But where my origin story came from, I grew up in a family of experiencers really, and I kind of thought that was normal until I got older. But there was one major event that happened in my town and then there’s a haunted farmhouse that I grew up in that’s kind of the family farmhouse. So I’ll start with the story that kind of really sparked my imagination and then get into the farmhouse.


So in the summer of ‘89, I was in my backyard. I was like 10, 11 years old, and my neighbor who was tinkering in his garage who loved to listen to the police receivers all day, suddenly excitedly ran over to my backyard where my dad and I were and was like, the police are chasing UFOs. The police are chasing UFOs. And explained how the police were asking the towns next to ’em to keep going into the town to chase this object. So they were requesting access, can I come into your town? We’re chasing this object. And the police cars whipped down my road and my dad and I were freaking out. We’re like, oh my God, what is happening? What is happening? And it was all over the papers. The next day we didn’t see the actual UFO, but they ended up chasing it to the edge of the ocean.


I grew up along the ocean and the police ended up in Newport, Rhode Island eventually in this chase and it disappeared. Anyways, that sparked my imagination and kind of got me obsessed with UFOs. But weirdly enough, that same summer was kind of when I awakened to what was going on with my family. At that time, I actually lived elsewhere in town, but the family farmhouse where my grandparents lived was deeper in the woods. And wow, this place, even when I go back today, things still happen there. And my mom grew up there. She’s definitely an experiencer who has multiple memories of three gray aliens looking at her through a window or in her bedroom being paralyzed, laying down to go to sleep, the whole thing. She doesn’t have much memories after that, but she has that same scenario multiple times growing up. And when she was younger, I have an aunt who grew up in the house who’s the real life version of Haley Joel Osment where she sees dead people.


And we thought it was a little silly at first when she started talking about it, but then she had undeniable evidence to back it up. For example, there was a great story where she had a friend at work whose father had passed away. She didn’t know the friend that well, but the father came to her in the window one night and said there’s $30,000 under a tree in this exact location in Massachusetts. And she was like, okay, I’m going to go tell your daughter. Well, he wanted her to go tell his daughter. So she goes to the daughter and tells her, and the daughter’s like, you’re crazy. This is crazy. I can’t believe you. This is outrageous. There’s no way. They go to the tree, they dig it up. It was more like $32,000. So dad was a little wrong. His memory was a little fuzzy, but it was there and that was a shocking moment for everyone in the family.


And now it’s really interesting because my aunt actually has this ability still to this day, but it comes and goes based off her mental health if she’s going through a hard time or depression because something happened in her family, not that she’s a depressed person, but she won’t have the ability, the happier she is and the higher her vibration is, the more she sees stuff, which is fascinating. I never heard that before. So they both grew up in this farmhouse. My other aunts, it was like five brothers and sisters won’t sleep in the house to this day because growing up they’d have multiple ghost encounters, shadow being encounters, people classic at the end of the bed ghost looking at him, the person who built the house in the 1800s, this whaling captain from New Bedford, Massachusetts, they’d see him. So he was hanging out outside of all the ET stuff going on.


So it was multiple things happening. It’s like a hotspot. It was like a mini Skinwalker ranch. Now, whenever I go home, I’ve had several experiences in this house, not as a kid, but I was terrified as a kid to sleep there. I used to make my grandmother sleep upstairs with me because there was so many noises in this farmhouse. But later in life actually, I had my experiences. Every time I go home, this happens. Now sometimes the paranormal is not scary. It almost gives you the chills in a warm way. I kept hearing from our old den, this is old den in this farmhouse where you’d hear light chatter like old timey music and people just having a good time. And at first it drew me crazy. I was like, is it coming from a house? Is it coming from a car? Where’s this coming from?


And then one day it just hit me like a ton of bricks like no, it’s coming from the den and I’ve heard it four or five times. So that was a little fun mystery, but it gets even crazier. My only real legit UFO sighting happened within the farmhouse looking out, which is just kind of bizarre. Why did it happen there? Gets into the whole hotspot idea, but in the distance, this happened in my adult life about eight years ago or 10 years ago where my wife and I witnessed it together and she was definitely a skeptic. She was definitely someone who was like, oh, Josh, you’re so into this stuff, whatever. I don’t really think it’s real, but she still loved me and stayed with me. She didn’t ridicule me too much, but she used to make fun of me a little bit. And then after this incident she was like, okay, I believe you now.


So we’re just upstairs after a night out in the upstairs bathroom looking out the window towards the north northeast, which is roughly towards Massachusetts and the Atlantic Ocean, and we saw this super bright ball just rising in the sky slowly. Now at first it didn’t scream unusual or ET or anything crazy, and we were like, okay. And we were watching it and we were like, it’s a little strange. We know there’s generally military bases and Coast Guard bases in that direction. So at first you’re not thinking anything crazy. And then suddenly it just changed into Christmas tree color lights, which is classic UFO, and started blinking and jumped to the left and right in the sky really far in the horizon, it just suddenly jumped way to the left. And I was like, whoa, that’s really weird. And then kept coming back to the middle and kept ascending up, ascending up, ascending up, and eventually just disappeared straight up, not away.


I could tell it went straight up into space and my wife and I were like, oh my God, what just happened? And the fact that happened from my house is so interesting, it’s so compelling. And the next day we tried to tell a bunch of people, but of course, even though the stigma has massively lifted on UFOs, it was amazing to even see people outside of my direct family just have roll their eyes or not really want to talk about it or just laugh it off quick. But that was a crazy experience. And the second experience I just want to go over quick was actually didn’t happen to me. My aunt can really sense when people are around and her and my wife witnessed just a full 3D shadow person in our house walking around. They both witnessed it together. It was funny, my wife screamed from the other side of the farmhouse.


We were all in the kitchen, about eight of us, so a lot of people were in the house, but my aunt and her were not. They were in the other side of the house and we all ran over and it dissipated, but my aunt sensed it before it happened. Kind of warned my wife that something might happen, said it wasn’t one of our family members had a lot of, it’s a generational farmhouse, so people have passed away inside of it and she’s like, it’s not one of our family members. And after that experience, but we still go back and stay there. I’m not scared at all. It’s my farmhouse, so I don’t care. Show yourself to me. I’m not really worried about it, but my wife to this day, she won’t get up to use the bathroom by herself in the house. I have to get up with her and go do it.


So paranormal, it can be heartwarming, like hearing awesome chatter in a den somewhere, but also it can be scary and it can be both. But that’s kind the overall origin story of why I am so deeply into this and that’s why I know we’re going to pivot to the documentary in a second, but that’s why I made it because, because I’m just fascinated by people who transform their lives or dedicate their lives after having an experience. Now this doc is about an experiencer with really which incredible experiences you’ll get to, but even me, like a simple sighting and being kind of associated with it, put me on a path my whole life. I’m a college educated guy that should have been a biologist or a psychologist, and I just went into TV not because I wanted to do trash reality tv, which was most of my career.


I worked on everything from the Kardashians and The Bad Girls Club, the Real World, and I wanted to make stories about it. I was like, I got to go out to Hollywood and find a company that’s making UFO stuff or making paranormal stuff. And I really didn’t do much honestly until my mid thirties. I couldn’t find anything. I did it on my own on the outside, but then I found my way to Gaia. I was like, I need to work for a company that’s like at least exploring this. Now Gaia is not all about the paranormal and UFOs. It’s a conscious media company, but it’s connected and that’s what brought me there. But anyways, I’m going too far too quick, Jim.

Jim Harold (12:37):

Well actually you basically answered all the questions I was going to ask you because it seems to me working for Gaia as director of production would seem like it was almost a dream job. And you’re right, they’re kind of like a Venn diagram. You’ve got UFOs, paranormal that hold the anomalous side and the consciousness stuff, but there is an overlap. Even in my shows on our plus club, we do a ton of consciousness shows and things. So I think it’s all interconnected with the idea that there’s more to life than just materialism, that we have spirits and there’s so many mysteries to explore. So I’ll bring that graphic back up. The mystery you are here to talk about is contained in this new documentary Calling All Hybrids: UFO and ET Contact. Tell us who we’re seeing there and what the concept is.

Joshua Golembeske (13:27):

In the front, there is a hip hop artist named Skitz, the PLK –  Prophet Lucid King. His name’s Rafael Lugo, that’s his wife to the right, Melissa Lugo, and that’s me with my UAP hat on the left.

Jim Harold (13:39):

You I recognized.

Joshua Golembeske (13:42):

And I came across them in my UFO network. His wife actually worked at Gaia for a little bit and I came across ’em and I was itching to do something, because I’m the director of production at Gaia, and I don’t generally get involved in, I work with all the producers closely in all the programming, but I’m administrator. I have a large background in producing and editing, but this particular role, the manager of the production department, front end and post. So I don’t get as creative as I would like to. A part of my life that makes me happy is always doing something creative. And while working at Gaia is super fulfilling to be a part of all this stuff, I still want to make something that’s my own. So once I came across him, I was like, oh my god, this guy matches my background and what I’m looking for perfectly.


One, he has a transformational story that’s not negative because I’m really against what I call fear porn, UFO stuff where it’s all fear based. I’m not denying that it’s not fearful, but there’s part of it that it’s definitely transformational. So one, he had a transformational story, which I’ll get to in a second. And two, he was a hip hop artist that changed his rapping style from gangster rap to conscious rap because of his contact experiences. And I was particularly interested in that, not because I’m a super hip hop fan, I do like hip hop. It’s more like I have a lot of background in MTV style shows with music, video editing or just a lot of reality shows are basically music videos. That’s what they are. They’re documentary music, video style programming. So that background and his story made me go, okay, I got to explore this guy, and the deeper I got into it, the more and more I wanted to make this documentary.


Now Skitz has some of the stuff that is super rare and also super common, and that’s kind of what I wanted. It was like it felt legitimate but also felt new and fresh. For example, he’s one of the few contactees I’ve heard that’s a male that explained being handed a hybrid baby. Usually that comes from women talk about that all the time, and they have phantom pregnancies and strange body marks and all sorts of other stuff that happens, but you don’t hear from guys. I’ve only heard it a couple times, a guy’s being handed a baby and he even explains a story, which is in the documentary about being handed a baby and really feeling like it was his really tightly being like, this is my baby, this is mine. And feeling the connection to it, he was feeding it and the ETS were watching him trying to learn how to love this baby.


It seemed a little sickly and it was like he was trying to take care of it. His own kids were on the ship at the same time that he was doing this. And his story just gets amazing. He’s had a contact with the mantis beings, the tall grays and the short grays and even other obscure beings you’ve only heard a few other times. It runs the whole gamut of the alien hierarchy aboard like a hybridization type craft. If the audience, and you were familiar with all that, John, I mean of all the Bud Hopkins and Peter Jacob’s work, but really at the core of it and also the paranormal stuff, which I do want to talk about for a second. He has clips of him turning on and off street lamps, moving things like mild telekinesis type stuff. And I just was like, okay, this guy is the real deal.


He was saying things that I only know if you’re a super nerd like me into this and you’ve read every single book, you would even say he definitely was a man who started negative. He struggled in his childhood like hardcore. And I go into this in the documentary, no one believed them. He had a very Christian family that definitely either one dismissed it to mental illness, or two was like, okay, if this is real, this is demons, it’s not UFOs, it’s demons. And he struggled with that. I mean, it might be, I don’t really know. And as he grew up, he really had a hard time. Now, this is where I get into, people get mad at me sometimes. It feels like I’m too love and light about contact. It’s all good, everything’s good, and it’s not. It’s a struggle. What it really is is a shamanic initiation in a sense, like a psychedelic experience or a classic shamonic initiation in the sense that it’s really hard, but it cracks you open and opens up your consciousness and can change you for the better. Not everyone has that experience, but if you go deep into the work of Dr. John Mack, who was the head of Harvard psychiatry, his books I recommend to everybody, he took people from really terrible scared states and unlocked their consciousness in a way where they changed their entire point of view on what happened to ’em. It gets real deep. It gets into life after death, reincarnation aspect of the true nature of the universe. You had a question?

Jim Harold (18:06):

Well, it’s interesting because when you’re talking about – Skitz is his name, right? Skitz? So when you’re talking about him, you know what it reminded me of? There’s this, and it’s a famous case, you’re probably aware of it, near death experience. The guy’s name’s Howard Storm, and he kind of lived this real bohemian life. He was an art professor. I think he was in Europe, wine women and song, that kind of deal. And I think he was in Paris and he had I think a heart attack or some major medical crisis that basically he died for a short time and he went on the other side and he had a whole change of life. He came out of it, he went back home, he divorced his wife, he became a minister and just totally had, totally, he said before he had a very materialist view of life and so forth. And now he has exactly the opposite. And I think he actually comes from a very Christian perspective, but I don’t think it necessarily has to be that just in his case it was. But I’m just saying that people who have near, and I’ve talked to Dr. Raymond Moody, who of course invented the term near death experience. It’s very common that these people come from these experiences and then it’s so life-changing that they change their lives in profound ways. Seems like there’s some parallels to what you’re talking here about Skitz, and I’m sure other experiencers.

Joshua Golembeske (19:38):

Great point. The connection between near death experiences and ET contact is established also in the free experience or research study done by Edgar Mitchell’s old foundation, there’s a direct correlation and similar things happen to people. And Experiencers do the same thing. They don’t just change their rapping style. If they’re a singer, they’ll devote themselves to environmentalism. They’ll change their personal relationships with people. They’ll heal relationships. If they have a mother they don’t talk to or a father or a sibling, they tend to rebuild that. They become more compassionate people, they become less selfish. It goes on and on and on. It’s kind of like instant enlightenment in a way. I mean, it’s not enlightenment, that word I want to use very carefully, but these people get cracked open and their consciousness shifts and they become, for lack of better words, better people. But a lot of times, if they have any type of personal artwork that they enjoy doing, like me, I have a background in TV editing.


I still edit little fun videos just for fun on the side about UFOs, even though I have a full-time job that’s super demanding. These people like their artwork, their singing, their writing, their poetry. It’s amazing how much they’ll switch that to ET. And sometimes their messages will be embedded with downloads they’re getting from these non-human intelligences. And it just goes on and on. It’s underreported too, Jim, that’s the part that bothers me. All these fear-based stories make it to the mass media. Now, I’m not saying they’re not real, and I love them, I love all those stories as well, but it seems like the positive transformational stories don’t get reported as much. And that’s kind of why I wanted to make this documentary was to kind of fight against that. And again, I’m not trying to say it’s not negative. I got to be careful. I had some experiences who had deeply profound traumatic experiences get mad at me once, and I definitely want to make sure I’m respecting those people out there because that’s real, and I do get that, and some people never see anything positive in it, but overwhelming.


If you look at the free experiencer or research study and the work of John Mack and the work of Preston Cennett also who has bunch of great books, it looks like it’s a majority, a positive or a neutral experience. Once you can get over the hump of the, I mean anyone taken from the house in the middle of the night or seeing shadow people is going to be scared at first, but once you process it, realize you’re always taken back. When things start changing your life, is it negative? I would argue it’s not. It’s at least neutral.

Jim Harold (21:54):

So I think of the experiences, for example, of Whitley Strieber, who we’ve talked to and absolutely terrifying some of the things he recounts. So is it a case that there are, and I’ll say non-human intelligences, we don’t know if they’re from where they’re from, but do we have good NHI and bad NHI or is good and bad just too simple of a construct to look at it by?

Joshua Golembeske (22:28):

Yes, the latter. I think it’s too simple to look at it by, but that being said, I think it would be naive to suggest that the cosmos or dimensions are only full of positive ETs. There’s definitely could be something negative going on. If you get into the work of Linda Moulton Howe or the Reptilians or the Nordics and these different races and what they’re trying to do on Earth, you could definitely go down a rabbit hole of this is bad. And there’s a lot of experiences who report reptilian experiences that are not good at all. A lot of hardcore, terrible things you can do to people. And there is some of that in the literature. So even if you get into the work of Dr. Greer now, he’s very love and light. He never says anything positive, but if you do catch a few interviews, he’ll even admit that, okay, you got to be careful what you attract. There is, not everything’s great out there, and you do have to be a little careful.


But the idea of bad aliens doing bad things to humans is just largely untrue in my opinion. It’s just not what’s going on. And I would say it’s being bad or good, or good or evil is too narrow of a focus, like a shamanic initiation. It can be tough on people, but ultimately it opens them up. So that’s a great question. I think we’re going to be debating for the next 20 years. But yes, I think there’s some evil ETs, not evil. Evil is even a word, what does that even mean? I just think there’s ETS that don’t really care about us. How about that? It’s like us taking a monkey or an animal out of the jungle. Oops, yeah, oops, we killed it. No big deal. We don’t care that we did that, but maybe it was for our greater good, even that you could spin into a positive.


Maybe they’re studying us and accidentally hurt us, but overall, they’re updating our DNA and opening up our consciousness. And that’s where I think it actually all leads, Jim, is it really opens up your consciousness and it really makes you ask the big questions in life. And I really feel like whatever’s happening is way deeper than just they’re coming from another planet and watching us. I think there’s something going on with our DNA. There’s a lot of interesting research into that in our past and our DNA and all this stuff in today. But I really, really, my research I guess is focused on why is it changing our consciousness and something bigger and deeper is going on, and the deeper you get into John Mack’s work, into experiencers, it just leads to life after death, reincarnation and the true nature of the universe.

Jim Harold (24:39):

Now, you talk about this. Do you think it’s leading somewhere? Do you think we’re on a progression path? A lot of people, the last year or two years or a few years since those stories came out in the New York Times about the tic-tac video and the footage and all of that, people have say, we’re headed towards disclosure. I would argue that with the recent AAR report, there’s some people trying to slam that door. It’s like, let’s put this genie back in the bottle. That’s my viewpoint though. But my question is, do the ETS or NHIs or whatever you want to call them, do you think they have a plan for us and that we’re actually progressing in that plan?

Joshua Golembeske (25:20):

That’s a great question. I could argue it either way, I think. Yes, I think so. And there’s also a lot of chatter from multiple different data points or experiencers from Chris Bledsoe to John Ramirez to Tim, technical advisor on Gaia. There’s a bunch of people talking about a date in the near future, which they’re supposed to reveal themselves. Now, is that part of an overall plan? I think so. I think there’s a point where we’re ready for them. I do agree that at some point you get back into disclosure. I want it now. I mean I wanted it when I was a kid, but were we ready back then? It feels like society’s ready. Our minds are open for it, and that’s part of this slow drip disclosure or slow drip. They might be in more control of disclosure than we are. There’s always that whole argument as well.


I do think it’s leading towards something for sure. I think they’ve been manipulating, manipulating our DNA and I think they’re cracking up our consciousness slowly as some sort of, you get into the whole zoo lab or prison kind of theories, and I think it’s more of like a zoo or a lab than a prison. And I think this is just the nature of the universe. These things are, if you get into experiences like deep research, they always talk about how these things, they say they’re the gardeners of the multiverse that they help different species evolve. And that’s maybe what they’re doing. It’s just part of the society. These things just are out there and this is what they’re doing everywhere with intelligent life. And yeah, it’s part of a grander plan. And I do, you can get into religion with that in connection to God and Christianity or all the major religions. So I do. I just don’t have a great piece of evidence outside of what I’ve heard some experiences say about the fact that they’re slowly evolving us.

Jim Harold (26:58):

Now. Do you think that maybe some of them are actually taking a more active role? I think back to Dr. Robert Salas when he was in the military in the sixties. I know you’re familiar with the case, the Maelstrom Air Force base where they took those nuclear missiles offline, maybe as if to say, we can do this if need be. Be careful with this stuff. Do you think that they have these ETS or NHIs have somehow injected themselves into situations and maybe safeguarded us in ways that we don’t even understand?

Joshua Golembeske (27:30):

Yes. It’s like the Greek plays, is it the hand of God that’s coming in and helping us, but really we have our free will overall, but they will step in certain situations, I think so. There’s a couple of interesting stories about that. I mean, obviously the nuclear weapon stuff is just fascinating. Why are they so concerned? But have they actually stopped something bad from happening? And one good case that kind of points to this is when Chernobyl melted down, there’s a famous case where a bunch of people witnessed a UFO fly over the base, right as it was getting to the base, the site, right as it was getting critical or passing a point where it was just going to go bad, and then suddenly the radiation dropped back down. So it didn’t come in and completely stop. It still made us deal with it, but it came in and basically was like, okay, we’re going to stop this from being catastrophic.


That’s a great example of the hand of God from UFOs, and then you get into the future. I don’t want to put my power in them to help us through these turbulent times. And I think anyone who’s paying attention to anything is a little nervous about the future right now of humanity. And are they going to step in? I don’t think we should wait for them to step in, but there is some examples where they will, if things get really, really bad, I don’t know if they’d stop a nuclear war. I don’t know what they’ll do, but I am hopeful for that, but I’m not relying on it. We need to get our stuff together and unite and move forward, and that’s kind of what they want, but I think they’ll step in little moments and guide us here and there to make sure we don’t go off a cliff.

Jim Harold (29:02):

Yeah, that Chernobyl case that is fascinating just was watching that drama series from a few years ago, HBO, and just a devastating case, but it could have been as bad as it was and as many people as it killed and as much damage as it did environmentally and so forth, it could have still been even worse, even worse. Getting back to the documentary Calling All Hybrids, you talked about Skitz’s changes, as you talked about his change in music and so forth. What were some of the other changes? We don’t want to go too far down the road, we want people to actually watch the documentary, but you can talk about maybe some of the other ways that he changed.

Joshua Golembeske (29:40):

Yeah, totally. Wow. Every aspect of his life changed honestly, from his relationships with his parents and siblings to his relationship with his wife, to everything. I think some of the parts of the documentary I love to point out besides the transformation is some of the paranormal stuff that happened. He had classic paranormal activity. He saw shadow people materializing in his hallway. He started to make the connection between paranormal and UFOs, which is documented, which is what I talk about in the documentary. His wife started having experiences, which was interesting because you’re like, she’s not directly, oh, what’s fascinating, just like this. It’s always generational. So once he got into this, he realized that his mom probably had experiences, that it was multiple generations, and then his wife started having experiences and you’re like, wait, but she’s not part of the family bloodline. Why would she? But all her experiences in the beginning were always when she was pregnant.


And in the doc, I go into a story where she wakes up with a bunch of beings around her with a wand, and the wand is something seen in a lot of these experiencer cases, like very concerned about her pregnancy and her kids. And so I know you’re asking about change and just every aspect of their lives changed after this. They went through all the stigma of people not believing ’em, but they stuck to it because they realized it was important. He became a more loving person. He came from a hardcore background growing up in New York City. I forget if it was Brooklyn or the Bronx. And from gangster rap to conscious rap and how he treats people in the paths he was going down and not going down it and dedicating his music and his life to talking about these experiences in a very positive way.


It’s all about raising your vibration, and it’s not all about the UFOs. It’s about being a better person. And how does that echo out from him to everyone around him too, the ripple effect. So is it really every single aspect of him changed? He’s such a loving light. He’s a big dude. He’s like a six foot two dude, and he can be intimidating if he wants, watches older videos of hip hop. He’s a pretty intimidating guy, really spitting some rhymes. And now he is a big teddy bear. He’s still whole zone, but he is just such a lovable guy, and it’s just amazing to be around him and the vibration he puts off, and every time I talk to him, I am just filled with joy. So yeah, I mean, I don’t have anything more specific about the transformation other than his music and his relationships and stuff, but it touches everybody.

Jim Harold (32:06):

So I’m going to ask this from the standpoint of the skeptics out there. They’re going to say, Hey, maybe this is the greatest guy ever. He’s the nicest guy and you like him a lot, but he’s obviously delusional. This is some kind of, maybe not intentional, but he’s just imagining all of this or created this story in his mind. Now I’m guessing my feeling is you telling us your background. You probably have off the hook as the kids say, off the hook social skills and you know people when you see ’em. I mean, you talked about all the different shows you did and stuff. You’ve dealt with a lot of people and you know, probably have a great BS meter. Why do you believe him?

Joshua Golembeske (32:48):

Because of the details he shared with me that you can’t find anywhere else. One of ’em was the wand with his wife that’s like, they didn’t even know that was a thing in UFOlogy. And I was like, I’ve heard that a bunch of times, this wand type of device. It was little details like that spread throughout. And also he was holding back at first, which was the part that I look for because a lot of times people come forward, they’ll be like, yeah, I saw grays in my bedroom and it was weird as a kid and it scared me, and I just kept talking to him and talking to him, and I knew where it was going to go. It went into, I remember a lifetime when I was some sort of serpent being living on a distant planet. Oh, I had telekinesis for a second because sometimes they get temporary psychic abilities, not for life.


Sometimes they do for life. They’ll have enhanced intuition and stuff, but they’ll get strong, temporary, real psychic abilities. And this is well documented. And he definitely showed me some clips of that and talked about it, and I started to warm up to him. And then honestly, it was a transformation of his music, what I was looking for. I was like, okay, you can talk all this stuff, but why would you really change your rapping style when he was on a path to be a successful rapper in that field or hip hop artist? And he radically changed it. Now getting into the overall idea that experiencers are mentally unwell, there definitely are some who are lying. There’s definitely charlatans all over the space, but if you get into the work of John Mack, again, he documents this, that the percentage of people with mental health issues coming forward is the same, if not smaller percentage wise than the general population.


So if anything, you should believe first and question second, and I know most people do the opposite. I’m wide open to it and I let him go on and he got more comfortable and he started saying more and more and more. Eventually I was like, okay, he’s the real deal. I also once talked to him for a long time. He was heavily studied by MUFON and Denise Stoner and a few other people in the space who really worked with him and verified his claims. I’m also a MUFON field investigator as well, so I know what to look for. Once I knew MUFON was involved, and he had been in some support groups for experiencers and he was talking about this stuff before YouTube, he was out there dealing with this, I just was like, okay, I never know anyone can pull the wool over your eyes, but I don’t think he is at all.


The only thing I look out for and not with him is sometimes people who have real experiences tend to chase that experience. Like the famous case of Billy Meier, I think really he in the beginning really was seeing stuff and then by the end, he may have been faking it. I don’t know. I don’t want to offend anyone, but there’s a lot of that in this space as well. I had a real experience and then somehow I get notoriety or I get famous from it and then I’ll chase it or fake it in order to keep it going. And you got to watch out for that as well. But Skitz wasn’t going anywhere. No one knew who he was until this documentary, he just trying to get his word out. He just had all the signs of somebody who was just honestly dealing with a heavy burden and needed someone to come in and help tell his story.


And I caught him. I caught him at the right time five years ago. He wouldn’t want to tell anyone what was really going on. And now he’s blossomed the doc’s out, he’s working with different people in the space with music, and he’s getting his music out there and he’s starting to gain popularity, and I’m just so happy to be involved with him. So to round that up, I just was convinced after just long conversations in many details, especially the MUFON thing and especially the weird little details he kept bringing up that I was like, Nope, unless you’re really into this, you don’t know that. And I’ve read everything, Jim

Jim Harold (36:22):

And I can tell that. Well, I’m sure that after watching his people with your energy and all the information you’ve given us about the documentary, people are going to want to check out Calling All Hybrids. So the big question is how can they do such a thing?

Joshua Golembeske (36:37):

Yes, sir. It’s right now, it’s on Amazon Prime, so if you have Amazon Prime, you can rent it on that platform. For now. It’s going to be widely available on other platforms in the future, but for now, I’m funneling everyone to Amazon Prime Calling All Hybrids. Please give it a watch. Please give it a review. Please support experiencers. There’s enough people supporting nuts and bolts UFOlogy, which is great. I love it. But we need to keep lifting the stigma on experiencers to make them comfortable to come forward. And I hope this doc does that because in the end, it’s a message in the end of this thing. It’s all about a message to other experiencers to please come forward.

Jim Harold (37:15):

Check it out. Amazon Prime, Calling All Hybrids: UFO and ET Contact. Josh, it’s been a lot of fun. I love your energy. I love your enthusiasm. I love the knowledge, and thank you for taking time to share this documentary with us today.

Joshua Golembeske (37:31):

You’re welcome, and thank you, Jim. It was a pleasure being here today,

Jim Harold (37:34):

And thank you for tuning into the Paranormal Podcast. We appreciate it. We’re trying to get the video thing going. We have a lot more audio listeners than we do video, so we need your help. Share the channel with people. Make sure you tell ’em about the Paranormal Podcast. We think we do what we do a little bit differently than most out there, and we hope you enjoy it. We thank you for tuning in. Stay safe and stay spooky. Bye-Bye everybody.

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