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Spirits Out Of Time with Annie Wilder – Paranormal Podcast 114

Author Annie Wilder returns to The Paranormal Podcast to share the story of her latest book about her family’s true ghost stories and their very haunted past.  She shares a few of those stories plus some EVP from her haunted home which was the subject of her previous book. Check out this and Annie’s earlier…

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Politics And The Occult with Gary Lachman – Paranormal Podcast 113

Author Gary Lachman talks about the connections between the halls of power and the “other world” which pre-date the typical discussions about the Founding Fathers.  It is a fascinating discussion of how occult thought has permeated politics. Find Gary’s book on the subject at Amazon.com: Politics and the Occult: The Left, the Right, and the…

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Halloween History and War Of The Worlds – Paranormal Podcast 112

Happy Halloween!  Author Lesley Bannatyne teaches us about the history of Halloween, its origins plus myths and fun facts concerning this most unique holiday. Check out Lesley’s books at Amazon.com: Witches’ Night Before Halloween A Halloween Reader: Poems, Stories, And Plays From Halloweens Past Halloween: An American Holiday, an American History A Halloween How-To: Costumes,…

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Haunted Places and Ghost Adventures with Jeff Belanger – Paranormal Podcast 111

One of our favorite guests, author Jeff Belanger, returns to talk about his new book and his work on The Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventure series.  We chat about an upcoming October 30th seven-hour live spectacular where the crew will investigate the supposedly haunted “Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum” in Weston, WV. Also, we discuss Jeff’s unique career,…

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New Version Of Our Site!

I started playing with the look of the site this morning, which turned into a whole new design! So, if things look a little different don’t be alarmed…its Jim getting in touch with his artistic side. It is still a work in progress, so pardon our electronic sawdust & let me know what you think!

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