From Heartbreak To Happiness In A Haunted Home – Paranormal Podcast 722

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Morgan Knudsen is an award-winning parapsychology researcher who has been practicing for 20 years.

She shares what’s she has learned, her advice with those dealing with a haunting and her thoughts on communicating with passed loved ones.

You can find her book on the subject at Amazon: Teaching the Living: From Heartbreak to Happiness in a Haunted Home


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Jim Harold 0:00
She’s investigated the paranormal for 20 years and she’s going to tell us a lot of what she’s learned. Morgan Knudsen, next on the Paranormal Podcast.

Paranormal Podcast Announcer 0:23
This is the Paranormal Podcast with Jim Harold.

Jim Harold 0:26
Welcome to the Paranormal Podcast. I am Jim Harold and so glad to be with you once again and we have a great show in store. Today we’re going to talk about the book Teaching the Living: From Heartbreak to Happiness in a Haunted Home, and actually there’s a new edition out and we’ll talk about that with our guest, Morgan Knudsen. She has 20 years of experience as a paranormal investigator, and her accomplishments include co creating the unique investigative program Teaching the Living. Subsequently she has been featured on and she’s hosted numerous network TV shows around the globe on the Discovery Channel. Shows like A Haunting, Paranormal 911, Haunted Hospitals. She’s been on T + E, Travel Channel, destination American, CBC, CTV among others. She’s also served as a guest Professor instructing the Teaching the Living program in psychology and social work classes at many of Canada’s post secondary institutions. With her incredible success rate, Teaching the Living is becoming the number one tool in dealing with people and hauntings in Canada, the US and the Netherlands, and we’re so glad to have her with us. Morgan, welcome to the program today.

Morgan Knudsen 1:41
Thank you guys for having me. This is wonderful.

Jim Harold 1:44
So um, I mean, how did I this is kind of a cop out question. But I still think it’s important because it’s an origin story, and I always think origin stories are important. Why have you been at all of this for 20 years? And how did it start for you?

Morgan Knudsen 1:59
Oh, gosh, you know, it started for me, I think the way it starts for most people, which is with experiences you just can’t explain and and for me, as a very young person, I guess I kind of took a different approach rather than fear towards what I was experiencing I was I became very, very curious. And it was it felt like a calling for me, this felt like something that was bigger than myself. And it was about, I would say six years after forming Entity Seeker research and teachings with my co founder, Stephanie Wertz, that I found out that my great great grandfather was the president of one of the first parapsychological associations in Canada, and was extremely famous and noted here. So it was, it’s been very interesting, because I think for me, it began as as a calling, and then it was solidified with the legacy. So the legacy for me is is very important, and I think worth carrying forward.

Jim Harold 3:01
Now, some people start investigating this and they just kind of be seem to be in a loop. They just go on investigations. And there’s never really any kind of closure, or there’s no kind of like progression, I guess, in your studies. Why have you been able to you think to be able to take this from just simply someone who’s investigated and looked into these sorts of things, to someone who has kind of developed a concept and a philosophy?

Morgan Knudsen 3:28
You know, I think I definitely don’t take credit for it all. By myself. You know, I really stand on the shoulders of a lot of giants in the parapsychological field who have discovered bits and pieces of this throughout the the years. And you know, people like Dr. William Roll, JB Rhine, Dr. Scott Rogo, people like that, and philosophers as well. So, you know, I definitely don’t don’t think that this was something that Steph and I just came up with, spontaneously by ourselves, but we came at it a very different way. I think we came at it looking for the larger questions about consciousness, about, you know, how is it that people play a role in the phenomenon around them? Because I think that’s one of the big misconceptions with this stuff is that people have nothing to do with it. And that’s simply not true. You know, the the human mind and are how we project thought, what how we, how we behave in the world, the energy we bring to the table, every every little bit piece of that plays a role in in what we’re getting back within these experiences. And so when Steph and I noticed that and began to pay attention, in in the way that we needed to the the patterns became very clear. So it started to progress into something that was less about the external journey and a lot more about the internal journey for the client.

Jim Harold 4:48
Now when someone experiences phenomena in their home, place of business, wherever it is, I think people tend to categorize it in one of two ways, especially people who are believers in the supernatural, they either think it’s a ghost ie a dead person or a demon. And it seems to be two broad categories. And that’s what it is. And it strikes me that that the things that we’re dealing here are much, much more broad. What are your thoughts on that?

Morgan Knudsen 5:17
I couldn’t agree more. And part of where that’s come from has been how its portrayed in the media and the roots of parapsychology, that have really been tossed aside for the, for the most part, you know, it’s become a very entertainment driven shock value industry where the information that is very readily available to the public, say, for example, on, you know, whether it be a television show, or, you know, things like that, you know, it’s it’s not parapsychology, that’s not what it is. And the the separation between those two things has become so muddied. I think that people are driven to these sort of simple explanations, that it’s this, you know, ghost or it’s this, you know, some sort of demon or it’s, you know, and they’re very shock value words, when really the question is, is so much broader, like you were saying, and I think that’s really for me, where, where the, the separation and the the information has become muddled. The, the entertainment world is extremely good at packaging information, whether it’s true or not, they don’t care. But the it’s very, very good at packaging information, where with the the academia, academia is very, very good at collecting said information, and good information, but they’re terrible at packaging it, and because nobody wants to sit and read a pile of white papers, for the most part, you know, except for nerds like me. And I think that’s where a lot of the separation has has happened is that, you know, they figured out how to package something very quick. That’s, that gets a lot of ratings and sells really well. But you know, whether or not it’s right has kind of been lost in the in the process.

Jim Harold 6:55
Now, I think of two things, when you talk about in your previous interview, you talked about, you know, we’re a part of this, in their minds are a part of this, I think about something like the Philip experiment, actually, that’s up in Canada. And if people not familiar with that, that’s in the early 70s. And I think it was in the Toronto area, basically a group.

Morgan Knudsen 7:15
It’s in my book as well.

Jim Harold 7:16
Yeah, well, there you go. And is basically a group that came together and almost created a, like a Tulpa, more or less, right. So what are your thoughts about that? I mean, I love this idea. I’m very interested in this idea of Tulpas, not that it’s all in our heads in the sense that we’re hallucinating it, but maybe we’re creating or at least co creating some of this.

Morgan Knudsen 7:39
Absolutely. And, and the Philip experiment is such a fantastic example of exactly this. And in my opinion, it’s one of the most important experiments done that has been done in parapsychology, because it really went to show the, the power of our focus, the power of our beliefs, the power of the story that we tell ourselves. And the fact that there is so much more to our environment and and what we add to it, than people would honestly like us to believe at the end of the day. So for me, I think it’s It’s spot on, I think a lot of these experiences and these hauntings it’s almost like the thought becomes the thinker you focus enough, you’re, you know, your, your, your intention is there, you get a you know, you get to believe a certain story, whatever story that happens to be, and it begins to manifest in in the physical way. And so it to me, the Philip experiment is so important because it illustrates the fact that we really do have a say, and a choice in how we think what we do, how we how we are in the world, and it is going to play out, whether it be in psychokinetic activity, or you’re just into our daily lives. It was such a fantastic example.

Jim Harold 8:58
Now, when you deal with people who say, Well, I have a haunted home and so forth, do you find that a large percentage of people are kind of, because they’ve been conditioned by TV shows and so forth, or podcasts, as the case maybe? Ah, to believe that there’s a dead person in their house that that sometimes people want to believe in many times they’re taking something that has a mundane experience, explanation, and they’re projecting the idea that it’s a ghost. So in other words, they have you know, electrical interference and they think it’s a ghost or they have a leaky faucet, they think it’s a ghost or they have a creaky old house and they think it’s a ghost. Do you find that happening?

Morgan Knudsen 9:37
It does happen on occasion. You know, I find a lot of witnesses ultimately are pretty level for the most part like we like to think that it’s it’s a bunch of people jumping to irrational conclusions, but in in reality, the majority of people that witnessed this phenomenon are trying to compare it to things they’ve experienced before. They do try to work it out as to Okay, well, you know, could it be this? Could it have been that and when they can’t find an explanation, they move towards something paranormal. I think that’s the majority. But the, the the people, the individuals that you’re talking about, which which absolutely do happen, I think, you know, it goes to show our, our, a want to, I think not only have something special and magical happen to us in the world, because we we’ve been sort of trained out of that, sadly. And also, I think there’s, there’s some level of identity to it, where there’s a, you know, we’re telling ourselves a story about the environment and they’re, they’re not willing to, to entertain any other possible explanation. But we see that on the flip side as well, the people that are so utterly skeptical that no matter what you put in front of them in terms of evidence for psi, or the research or anything like that, and it’s the complete opposite, it’s like nothing is enough, nothing, you know, not nothing you put in front of them is going to make a difference. So it’s interesting, because it’s sort of two sides of the same coin. And you almost have to approach them in a first similar way. You know, the people that are really attached to something, you know, this has to be paranormal, this is can’t be anything else is just can be just as militant, as somebody who’s saying, like, you know, none of this exists, this doesn’t happen, this can’t happen, and then create silly explanations as to what might be.

Jim Harold 11:31
Now, one thing that that that does, well, I guess I need to ask you one question to get into the second part of the question. Now, even though we talked about the idea of Tulpas, and so forth. I mean, I think it seems to me rational that maybe some ghosts are dead people, or at least replays, and so forth. Do you? Do you think when you talk about ghosts, is a proportion of dead people returning to get a message across? And do you believe, also that they’re just like, replays of maybe something somebody did repetitively in life? And somehow they continue to do that and death?

Morgan Knudsen 12:09
Yeah, I Well, I think, I think with the replays, for example, I think the the phenomenon that people also think they get, they get confused with this phenomenon, which is, I sort of dubbed residual energy, which seems to be a a mirror of events going on within the environment, things that had either emotional impact or stuff that was going on in a repetitive fashion, or it or something along those lines that really doesn’t play out in real time, it’s something that is, you know, you might hear a window break, and you go into the room and the window’ss fine. It doesn’t really seem to play out in real time. But it’s it the sounds are there, the smells are there, the sights are there. And, you know, I find that that phenomenon in and of itself is very separate. And it seems to come often with a electromagnetic signature in the environment, which can usually be either traced and whatnot. And it’s also now being linked to things like memory cells and whatnot, based on some of the work by Dr. William Roll. And so there’s, there’s a lot going on there that I think is a separate phenomenon. But when it comes to the conscious entities and whatnot, I am a I’m a firm believer myself that that consciousness is, is fully able to contact us and interact, you know, do I think that we can interact with loved ones who have passed on? Yeah, yeah, absolutely. I mean, having lost both my business partner, Stephanie, and my father, and, you know, I’ve had quite a number of deaths in my own life, you know, some of the phenomenon that’s going on around us has been really, really fascinating. And I think the, you know, when we look into some of the survivalists research that has been done over the years, by, by, you know, many pair psychologists and neuroscientists and things like that, I think there is strong evidence to suggest that there is that connection there. You know, and I think people who’ve had that experience and connected with with somebody who has passed away, you know, they’ll they’ll tell you, like, there’s a, there’s an emotional component to it, that is not necessarily something that’s measurable. But you know, I think intuitively an instinct instinctually we are hardwired to to make that connection again. And so so that I don’t that’s my opinion on it.

Jim Harold 14:25
Now, here is something that bothers me and I think this bothers me more than almost anything we discuss on the shows more than people being frightened by hauntings and those kinds of things. The idea of somebody being “stuck.”

Morgan Knudsen 14:41
Drives me nuts.

Jim Harold 14:42
Well, I because here’s the reason that bothers me. I’m not saying, I’m gonna ask you in a moment, your opinion, but the reason that bothers me is because I come from a faith tradition where, you know, my thought process is if you’re a good person, you know, you tend to, I do believe in afterlife night and many people call it heaven, you go someplace that is pleasant. Although I do hold open the door of reincarnation, I’m interested in that. But I do think I think of and I know some people saying misusing it, but kind of the general thought of karma, you know, if you’re, if you’re Vladimir Putin, you’re probably not going to be at a higher plane of existence. If you’re a good person who tries to be a good person, not perfect, but a good person that that you’ll tend to have a better experience. And to me when I hear these stories of people who died suddenly, or small children and things and they don’t know that they’re dead. And they’re quote, stuck, and we need to make them quote, go to the light. That worries me because that doesn’t fit in my view with a being a just universe. And maybe I’m maybe I’m kind of a Pollyanna and maybe I’m just like, you know, an idealist by like to think we live in a just universe, and somebody’s getting stuck, because they don’t realize they’re dead does not fall in that category. What do you think about this concept of stuck souls?

Morgan Knudsen 16:03
Yeah, I couldn’t agree with you more. And, you know, within the Parapsychology research, there’s absolutely zero evidence to suggest that that is the case at all. And it’s one of those things, you know, that when you trace it back, he traces these belief systems back, many of them came from, you know, historical time periods of fear of, of dead bodies. You know, fear of vampires, fear of these sort of zombie type creature, that kind of thing. And it’s stuck. And it’s a it’s a dramatic story, and it makes for great television. But when you look back in the in the parapsychological research, there’s the evidence of the complete opposite of that, you know, you look at Institutes like the Windbridge Institute, and people that have studied and dedicated their lives to understanding bits and pieces of what happens when you when you make your transition. And the complete opposite is true, you know, people, even people that have been complete jerks in life, they find, have, have lost that ego part of themselves, and are very, very different. When they’re met with again, whether it be during a near death experience or through, you know, through medium shipper or anything like that. So I think I, I’ll tell you a story, because, to me, this was the most impactful story about this subject that I’ve I’ve ever heard on my own podcast, Supernatural Circumstances. Recently, we interviewed a dear friend of mine, Lisette Coly, who’s the president of the Parapsychology Foundation in New York. And she was was, we were talking about the different events and whatnot that have happened over the years. And she said that during the 911 attacks, planes hit the Twin Towers, the Parapsychology Foundation was absolutely flooded with phone calls. And it surprised me because at first I was thinking, okay, you know, they’re making sure she people are making sure she’s okay. And things like that, but no, what what it was, was people who had been been, I guess, almost sucked into this, this mindset in the story, that were terrified that their loved ones who were now you know, jumping from the top of buildings to to escape what was going on, we’re going to be stuck there. And they wanted help, because they were terrified that their loved ones were going to be stuck there. And she was put in the position as you know the head president of the Parapsychology Foundation to try and deliver the right information to these people. And what has been found what has been studied what has been theorized, and I will never, ever forget that story as long as I live, because I think it so illustrates the fact that who we are, as you know, having these platforms that we have, and, you know, saying what we say and putting this information out there in in, in the tangible way that’s accurate, is so utterly important. I will never ever forget that story. So for me, I think I think that that mindset of you know, these people getting stuck. I mean, the universe just doesn’t need our help. It doesn’t need our help before it doesn’t need our help now.

Jim Harold 19:11
We’re having a great conversation with Morgan Knudsen. And we’re talking about her book on her work, Teaching the Living: from Heartbreak to Happiness in a Haunted Home, and we’ll be back right after this. The Paranormal Podcast is brought to you by StartMail. You know, free services like Gmail and Yahoo, they aren’t really free. You pay with your privacy. In fact, Internet giants like big tech bank on exploiting your data by selling it to the highest bidder. Your business plan. Google has it. Your medical records? Well the folks over at StartMail tell me that Yahoo could sell them to drug companies. Now cyber security is more important than ever these days. Your privacy and protection against things like phishing attacks and identity theft. Very, very important. And that’s why I use StartMail. It makes me feel safe again, StartMail makes my email, private period, every email can be encrypted even if the recipient doesn’t use encryption. That’s pretty cool. And when you delete an email in one of those free email services, it may not even be gone. But when you delete an email in StartMail, it’s gone forever. And StartMail uses their own servers, not Amazon, that means they are not going to be put out of business, if Amazon decides they don’t like them, and that does happen to a lot of services out there, but not StartMail. Now switching to StartMail is seamless too, you can easily transfer all your current email data, so there’s no starting from scratch. And StartMail is also backed by the most stringent privacy laws in the world. Now, here’s something that’s really cool. You ever want to sign up for something, a newsletter, an offer, something. And then, you know, they give you what they tell you, but then they give you so much more. Well, you don’t have to worry about that with StartMail because you get unlimited anonymous aliases. Now this feature first of all protects your main email address from spam and phishing attacks. So when you’re giving your email to a company to get that offer, but you want to protect your identity, StartMail can generate a shareable alias email, so people can’t sell your information. And if they get too annoying, they can be deleted at any time. And that alias that you created for that one special offer and now they won’t leave you alone. Well, that alias can be deleted at any time. So you win as the consumer. You know, I enjoy the interface of StartMail. It’s very clean. I know that my data is safe. I know that I have my privacy back for personal email. I think you really need to consider StartMail. Your cybersecurity has never been more at risk. Email snoops and scammers are taking advantage of the pandemic as phishing has skyrocketed in the last year. take back control of your privacy with StartMail before it’s too late, start securing your email privacy with StartMail. Sign up today and you’ll get 50% off your first year. Go to That’s Start Mail with a T, S T A R T For 50% off your first year And we thank Start Mail for their support of the Paranormal Podcast.

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Follow Jim on Twitter and Instagram @THEJimHarold and join our virtual campfire Facebook group at Now back to the Paranormal Podcast.

Jim Harold 23:05
And we are having a great conversation today with Morgan Knudsen: media personality podcaster, and she’s created the program Teaching the Living. So let’s get to them a little bit more than if we could: Teaching the Living. This concept, this program. If you wanted to explain it to somebody in kind of an elevator pitch? How would you do it?

Morgan Knudsen 23:30
The best way to explain it to people in the shortest amount of time is you create your reality. And it’s it because that’s really really what it is, is understanding the mind’s effect on on the environment around us. And not just the paranormal. It’s it’s everything. And so it really it’s about empowerment, and it’s about bringing it back home rather than, you know, basically turning disaster into direction is what I say.

Jim Harold 23:55
And what do you think about people when they say, you know, I want to get in touch with my mom, my dad, my brother, loved, loved one spouse, whatever it might be, who is passed over on the other side? What are your your words for them and your thoughts for them?

Morgan Knudsen 24:12
My first words are absolutely do it. You know, in my experience, the connection that they want to continue with you is real. And but my second word of advice is whatever you do, you have to do it from a state of joy, you have to do it from a state of, of settledness. Like, settledness within yourself. It because where people seem to run into a lot of trouble is that when someone passes over and people are in grief, immediately they want to go and do that they want to reach into the subject matter and be like, you know, I need to talk to this person. And what we found over the years is that, you know our emotions are kind of like a radio dial is the example that I use and when we’re in grief, or depression or upset. And we’re, we’re, we bleed that everywhere you know, when we’re in a certain state of being, we bleed that everywhere. And when we’re tuned into that emotion, what tends to happen is that on the outside, we begin to attract the things that mirror that emotion. And you’re not going to get your your grandma that’s passed away, or your father that’s passed away, or your mother that’s passed away, when they’re in pure positive energy, they’re in a, a really, really good place, and you’re down at the other end of that radio dial and grief, in grief. You know, it’s like, you’re not going to tune into a country station and get a rock station, you got to tune the station. So what I always tell people is make sure that you tune your station, clean up your stuff, do your work, get get yourself into an emotional place, where you can sit in the joy that you know that they are, and then attract it from that perspective, wait, wait and be patient with yourself, clean up your stuff. And but I guarantee that connection will be there. And when it does happen it’s phenomenal. It’s really phenomenal. But people have to really make sure that they’re that they’re within tune to the frequency that they want to that they want to attract.

Jim Harold 26:15
And one thing I worry about for people who want to interact with loved ones who have passed is that they misinterpret how you know you. How do you dial in and not convinced yourself that you’re communicating with someone? You’re not because I believe in it, I believe that it’s possible. Yeah, I believe it happens. But I also believe there’s people and your heart goes out to people who are grieving, and they want to reach out, you know, I think of people who lose a child, which is the worst loss imaginable. And then they want to so badly communicate with someone that they convince themselves they have, but they haven’t. So how do you, you know, with that deep, deep emotional tie? How do you make sure that those communications are real and who you think you’re communicating with is who you really think you’re communicating with?

Morgan Knudsen 27:07
Well, I think part of it is exactly what I was saying before is that when you’re approaching this from a state of joy, from a state of contentment, then you’re a whole lot less likely to be reading into stuff because that underlying desperation just isn’t there. It’s you’re not in a position where you’re going, you know, I have to have this connection, I have to have this communication because as soon as you’re there, you’re in resistance with the that flow that the, you know, that that wellness, that the personal wellness that you want to be in. So that’s one of the reasons why I say to people, you’ve got to really clean up your stuff. Because when we start to read into things, when we start to, you know, clamor for any little inkling, that’s when we really start to run into trouble. I actually did a podcast episode on this recently about people who become addicted to psychics and who keep going back and back and back to psychics and paying them money and, and you know, they’re in debt because they’re, you know, the, they’re the only person that they think is going to, you know, connect them with their loved one. And I mean, all sorts of trouble ends up starting from from that perspective. So, for me, that’s, that’s a big one is, is just be real with yourself, be brave enough, and have the courage enough to ask the hard questions of yourself. Is this it? Am I in a emotional space right now? That I would be connecting and attracting something that is part of consciousness, that is joy, that is everything that you know that person to be? You know, am I in that emotional space right now. And if you’re not, then probably whatever you’re getting is not going to be the person that you want to connect with. So I always direct it back to the person How are you feeling? What is it telling you and be brave enough to be honest with yourself about what that is.

Jim Harold 28:55
Now, you brought up the topic of psychics and I, I believe that people have real psychic powers. And I believe that there can be very responsible psychics, and I’ve dealt with people who I think are the real deal. And I also think there are people out there who are not the real deal and who are taking advantage. So it’s unfortunate, particularly when you hit some, it’s kind of like a crooked funeral director, right? You’ve got some great people in the industry. And then you probably got some less ethical people. I just heard something here locally. We’re this one man was victimizing poor families, and promising them you know, very cheap burials and funeral services. And he had the remains in like urns and things in this building, and he wasn’t licensed all this horrifying, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some great funeral directors, right. But there’s also some bad seeds. What are your thoughts on psychics? Are there good ones? And if so, how can we separate those who you know really Have a passion for what they’re doing in want to help, versus maybe those who don’t?

Morgan Knudsen 30:07
That’s a really great question. And I think a question that needs to be discussed a lot more on a lot more platforms, because you know, even my grandfather, when before he passed away, he was he was suckered out of 40,000 bucks, by one of the yeah, buy one of these people it was, it was unbelievable. And again, looking, you know, desperate looking to contact his, his dead wife, there was a it was, it was unbelievable. And no matter what you said to him, it didn’t matter. You know, the con was so well done. That, you know, he, he was trying to convince me and he was bringing me what he considered, you know, evidence of this and whatnot. And I mean, to me, it was very, very blatant that this was cold reading, and it just just the way it was, but I think one of the things that people really need to get familiar with is the concepts of how they do what they do. Because I’m like you, there’s, there are people out there that are absolutely brilliant at this, and who will teach you to do it, if they’re the real deal, they will empower you to do it for yourself. So you know, a lot of these, these, these con artists that are out there, you know, they’re A looking for money, B, often put themselves in a in a position where they are the only ones that you can go to for these answers. You know, they’re requiring information from you, which is usually completely irrelevant, to at least, or it should be irrelevant to somebody who really knows what they’re doing. And very rarely are they associated with any sort of foundation or anything like that, that is, is reputable. So what I usually do is, if people are looking for that connection, there’s a couple of places that I send them. One is to do the research, and to start taking a hard look at information from places such like such as the Windbridge Institute in Arizona, they have one of the only lists of scientifically verified mediums in the world. They are brilliant people run by Dr. Mark Boccuzzi and Dr. Julie Beischel, who are just absolutely amazing, or the Forever Family Foundation, which is the President is Loyd Auerbach and that

Jim Harold 32:16
Loyd! I was gonna make I was gonna mention him to you on another comment. Yeah, Loyd’s great.

Morgan Knudsen 32:21
He is wonderful. And, you know, it’s so any, any anyplace like that we know you’re looking for something that’s run by by credible people, and, and, you know, they’re they’re not out for your money, they’re not out for a buck. You know, and I think people need to familiar, familiarize themselves, as I said before, with things like hot readings, cold readings, warm readings, you know, how that magic is, is done with the, you know, with people who are, who are con artists, or people who have simply convinced themselves that they have these abilities, because there’s, there’s quite a number of them out there that that just, they’ve convinced themselves even though they might not know they’re cold reading or they or something like that. And, and they go ahead and they’re, you know, claiming that they’ve got abilities.

Jim Harold 33:06
Yeah I think that’s a really important thing to mention that there could be good people who are just deceiving themselves.

Morgan Knudsen 33:14
Yeah, yeah, I think there’s, there’s been a couple that I’ve met over the years who by I mean, if you sat them down to a polygraph test, they would pass, they would tell you straight up that they could do this. But you know, at the end of the day, I think the people who are really tuned in and connected to this have really lost a lot of that egoic prowess. They’re they’re not necessarily advertising themselves. They, you know, the few that I work with here in Canada that are absolutely stellar. You know, none of them are, you know, on billboards with a 1 – 800 Number, you know, so I think, yeah, I think there’s some people out there who they do they, they’ve convinced themselves that they are, you know, for whatever reason, you know, have a super ability that nobody else has caught.

Jim Harold 34:08
There’s a great story. You mentioned, Loyd, and this was something I was going to mention earlier, and I forgot when we were talking about Tulpas, and so forth. But he told the story on in fact, I think back in 2005, he was either my first or second guest. When I started doing this when nobody knew what a podcast was. Now, everybody knows what a podcast is pretty much but nobody knew back then. And he was gracious enough to be back on I was forget if he’s the first or the second guest, I can never remember but he’s one of the two very gracious and he’s been on the show multiple times since and but he told a story on one of his appearances that he covered case I think for the old TV show sightings that were if I remember this correctly, and apologies to Loyd if I’m getting it wrong, but my recollection is, there had been a murder, okay. And this woman died and people reported going back to that place and seeing a ghost, and yeah, that would be kind of cliche, but they were seeing the ghost of the murderer and the murderer was still alive. And I believe either in prison for life or on death row. So they were actually seeing the living the living person. I can’t remember what they were seeing the dead one as well, but maybe because they were seeing a replay. But my point is, that kind of hints at the weirdness of all this phenomena, and that it’s not as cookie cutter, as many people think it is, or as some people want it to be. What are your What are your thoughts on something like that?

Morgan Knudsen 35:36
Oh, absolutely. That’s part of the wonder as to what makes Parapsychology I think so incredible. And, you know, there are so many questions and the the journey is really the joy in this. And so when you get something like this, you know, it does it raises all whole pile of questions, you know, are you looking at something that is the astral projection? Are you looking at something that’s residual energy? Are you looking at, like, what is going on? And, again, it just illustrates to me the wonders in our universe, the wonders and that we still have to uncover about our own minds, how we project our, our own focus, you know, all of these different things. So to me that is this is one of the most the most important times in history in regards to to the paranormal and stuff like that, because I think I think we need to rediscover how to ask questions and be okay with not knowing.

Jim Harold 36:30
Well, we have a great person to ask questions of. I’m talking about our guest today, Morgan Knudsen. And she has her book out Teaching the Living from heartbreak to happiness in a haunted home. We’ll be back for a final segment with her right after this. The Paranormal Podcast is brought to you today by the Ancient Mysteries Cruise number six, and I’m so proud to say I’m going to be a part of it. We will now be sailing on the brand new Norwegian Brina March 28 till April 2 2023. Now if you’re interested in the mysteries of this world, then you’ll be in the right place. My fellow crew speakers will include my good buddy podcaster and writer Micah Hanks, author extraordinare, Nick Redfern, and two of the brightest stars of UFOlogy Nick Pope and Peter Robbins. I’m super excited to talk mysteries with these amazing men who were among my favorite all time guests. In addition, I’m so excited to work with Mike and Wendy from holidaymaker travel on another great cruise. A few years back, we did a campfire cruise with them, and it was an amazing experience. And I expect this one to be even greater. We’ll be traveling from New York City to beautiful Bermuda on that brand new ship the Norwegian Brina as soon as I heard about it, I researched it online and I was blown away a brand new ship. You know, I’ve done a couple of different cruises over the years but I’ve never been on a new ship. So Dar and me well. We’re very excited about it and excited to meet you. Get in on this now because they have an extremely limited offer that they told me can expire in any time two for one airfare and a two for one deposit. Again, this can expire any time and some restrictions apply. So get in contact today. I’d love to cruise with you on the brand new Norwegian Brima. Go to ancient alien cruise calm to get in the deals today. And we’ll sail away. See you there. Thanks holiday maker travel.

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If you love the paranormal podcast, be sure to check out Jim Harold’s Campfire where ordinary people share their extraordinary stories of ghosts UFOs cryptids and terrifying encounters find it for free. Wherever you listen to this podcast. Tune into Jim Harold’s campfire today. Now we return to the paranormal podcast.

Jim Harold 39:06
We are indeed back on the paranormal podcast. Our guest is Morgan Knudsen, she has the second edition of her book out teaching the living from heartbreak to happiness in a haunted home. And I do want to get to the book a little and you could explain the concept of the book and what people can expect. But first, I wanted to ask you about something I firmly believe. And I’ve recently been rereading The Mothman Prophecies by John Keel. I believe that there is a real trickster element to this. Some of it is kind of like hey, you know, you’re kind of figuring out what’s going on. Let me shift it for you. You know, here let’s play the universe can say I’ll play a little joke on you. I think there’s a trickster element somewhere here. What do you think?

Morgan Knudsen 39:48
Yeah, you know, I think the universe has got a fantastic sense of humor, and over the years, I’ve really found that you know, if you can’t laugh at what’s going on or you be prepared for those unexpected notions and moments and occurrences that you’re, you’re gonna lose, you’re gonna lose the battle. There’s, there’s a an element, like you were saying of playfulness of, of interaction with, with people that I think, you know, consciousness or the universe or whatever it is, whatever you call it, you know is really out to call us forward and to keep moving us forward. And I think when we hit these elements of this kind of trickster phenomenon, this, the, you know, these unexpected things that that crop up it, you know, we have a decision to make, we can either look at these things and get, you know, and get frustrated and say, oh, you know, well, I was wrong about this, and, you know, or this is wrong and throw it in the garbage, you know, or we can take it and, and really run with it and start asking the new questions. Because what I found over the years is that those moments are usually even though they can seem right off the rails will usually lead you to something that is either really important or start causing you to ask different questions. And to me, I think that’s so important.

Jim Harold 41:10
Now, this book, teaching the living from heartbreak to happiness in a haunted home, can you give people I know that there’s a new edition out, so talk to us about the new edition, and in general, kind of what people can expect with the book?

Morgan Knudsen 41:22
Absolutely. So the original was, was written sort of on a, on a whim, I was like, you know, put something out there that, you know, it was very, very basic, that people can kind of get their heads around. And if anybody wanted something that was, you know, a short read, that was, that was simple, but explained everything in the program, then they could, they could do that. But the second edition came about when Beyond the Fray publishing came and asked me to do it. And I realized that the information because in Parapsychology everything’s just moving like a incredibly quick pace, had just blossom so drastically, that I really needed to plug all of that in there. And there was elements that, you know, weren’t known before that are known now, and so on, and so forth. So that was really the the motivation behind the second edition. So it’s still like double the length of the the original one. But the idea behind the book was to give people some an insight into parapsychology, that was not a boring read, that was something that was an easy read, but in depth, exciting for them, and put them back in the driver’s seat about this, this phenomenon, whatever it is, it gives some ideas about what this phenomenon might be. But moreover, it causes the reader to ask some big questions about themselves. So that if they’re experiencing something that is unpleasant, that they don’t like, or they just want to get their life moving in another direction. This is really the book to start with. So if you if you want the foundation of some of the pair psychology research, but you want to know how it’s applicable for you, then this is this is really the book to pick up.

Jim Harold 43:07
And certainly, we hope everyone does that, into that, that thought process, somebody thinks, hey, I’ve got a haunting in my house. What would you say your recommendation would be to them?

Morgan Knudsen 43:21
You know, I think, first of all, it depends on what they’re experiencing. You know, I mean, if it’s something that’s super positive, you know, I would say, you, you’re doing something right. You know, if you’ve got access to something that’s, that’s non physical, and you’ve got this interaction going on, keep it going, you know, get into, get into things like meditation, work on yourself, you know, get open that open that door up and experience this because it’s amazing, and it’s wonderful. And that statistically, you know, 95 plus percent of people who report this phenomenon are having a really good time with it. You know, we look at the TV shows, and we think that the majority are these horrible, terrifying experiences. But it’s really like the 3% of the people who report this stuff. So I would say that, you know, first of all, to those people, you’re doing something right and keep the door open and, and bond with that, which is, you know, the greater part of who we are, it’s, it’s wonderful, you know, and for the people who are experiencing, you know, the negative stuff is, is to really, really take a good look in the mirror. And not to say that it’s your fault. This isn’t about blame. It’s not about anything like that. But when we’re experiencing that negativity within the paranormal world, the odds are you’ve got it going on elsewhere in your world, too. And there’s something you’ve got a wound somewhere, there’s something going on, that’s bleeding, and all of these these things like these negative entities, you know, whatever, whatever you want to call them. They’re really great indicators of who, what we’ve got going on within us, and when we can get that and we can acknowledge that for what it is then We get to start to change our world and change what we want to do.

Jim Harold 45:03
Now, on that line, can you give us an example of someone and you don’t have to use names or whatever. But, you know, again, we always seem to accentuate the negative when it comes to hauntings Can you give us an example? Who someone who has a happy haunting, who lives in a happy haunted home?

Morgan Knudsen 45:21
Oh, gosh, you know, like I, myself included, you know, I’ve had some absolutely wonderful, incredible experiences over the years with of, you know, things showing up and things that have been lost that I’ve needed that I’ve asked for that have been brought back and stuff like that. One of the the cases that I dealt with decades ago was probably 15 years ago, was a friend of mine who was having some really interesting things going on in and around his place. And he had lost a document that had to do with his his rental agreement, and couldn’t find this damn thing anywhere. He was really afraid that there was, you know, that had been gone, gone missing and whatever. And he had asked for it back and the one night, he had just gone to bed and said, look like, I don’t know what I’m going to do. And he had almost given up on it. And the next morning, it was three, it was on on the stairs. It was sitting there on the on the but he was like the top step or the third step or something like that. You know, and it’s it’s, it was right there for him. And he had no idea how it got there. Yeah, the he, you know, there was nobody else around there shouldn’t it shouldn’t have been there. But there was, you know, I had another case about 10 years ago with a bar in in Edmonton, Alberta. And they had an amazing experience with a what they perceived as a young girl who would play with them on the upper level and play with the staff. And when I got to experience her it was it was amazing. You hear giggling and she would want to play hide and seek you’d hear giggling you’d go after the giggling and it you’d hear footsteps running to the other side of the bar. Itused to be a train station at the time. And it was it was just phenomenal. And like it was such a joy that the train engineers who used to work there were bringing their daughters and their granddaughters back to the to what was now the bar to introduce them to this this little girl who just made their life so much better. So there’s there’s so much out there. That’s this wonderful.

Jim Harold 47:25
Well, it’s been a wonderful conversation. Indeed. Can you tell people where they can find the book, where they can find your podcast Supernatural Circumstances if I recall correctl, and everything you do?

Morgan Knudsen 47:40
Absolutely. So Supernatural Circumstances is on every other Monday and it can be found on basically any podcast platform, you have access to Apple, Spotify, I heart, radio, you name it. And all of everything, the book, the more information about me, some of the the videos of my live shows, anything like that can be found on And it’s so it’s And you can get the book the book is available on Amazon as well. And, but but everything is nicely contained there. There’s a link to the podcasts and stuff as well.

Jim Harold 48:17
The book is Teaching the Living: from Heartbreak to Happiness in a Haunted Home. Morgan, thank you so much for joining us today.

Morgan Knudsen 48:24
Thank you so much. This is wonderful.

Jim Harold 48:26
Morgan Knudsen and what a great guest she was I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. And if you enjoy the show, please tell a friend. That is very important. We want to get the word out. I know there are a lot of paranormal shows out there and podcast. But we consider ourselves one of the very first and hopefully one of the very best, we tried to do something a little bit different. And if you appreciate what we do with this show, the greatest way that you can show your appreciation is to tell a friend. Also please rate review and make sure that you follow on the podcast platform of your choice for the free shows we would appreciate that very much. We don’t have those huge budgets. But we like to think that we give you huge budget quality on a low cost budget, but that means we don’t have a ton of money for marketing. So we need your help. And please do spread the word. We thank you so much. We will talk to you next time. Have a great week everybody and stay safe out there. Bye bye