Haunted Chicago Apartment – Jim Harold’s Campfire 609

A very haunted apartment, a haunted prison and much more supernatural activity on this edition of Jim Harold’s Campfire!


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JIM HAROLD: Our Campfire caller lived in a haunted apartment. Find out what that was like on this edition of the Campfire.

Welcome to our gathering tonight. Here we share stories of ordinary people who have experienced extraordinary things. Sit back, relax, and warm yourself by Jim Harold’s Campfire.

JIM HAROLD: Welcome to the Campfire. I am Jim Harold and so glad to be with you and another week of spooky stories. If you’re new here and you like real stories from real people, you are in the right place indeed.

I know we’ve recently been featured on some other podcasts, so welcome aboard, and we’ll get right to the stories. If you find that you enjoy what we do, make sure you hit “Follow” in your podcast app if you listen that way, and tell a friend. Tell your friends online and off, social media, Reddit, wherever it might be, please tell your friends about the Campfire because they, too, will get to hear great stories like this.

Rosie is on the line from San Diego. She’s been listening to the Paranormal Podcast, my other free podcast, for a while – one of my other free podcasts – and recently discovered the Campfire and though she’d call in and tell her story about living in a haunted apartment. We’re so glad she did. Rosie, welcome to the show. Tell us what happened.

ROSIE: Hey, Jim. Thanks for having me on.

JIM HAROLD: Thank you. So tell us this story.

ROSIE: Alrighty. I grew up in haunted houses. My family always encouraged any time we saw ghosts or experienced anything paranormal, we talked about it a lot. But when I left home, I kind of shut all that down and I almost convinced myself that I didn’t believe in ghosts anymore until I was about 25. It was around 2009, I moved into an old apartment in Chicago. Chicago has a lot of really old buildings. It was probably about 150 years old. I moved in with three roommates, all women. Two of us were believers – I still counted myself as a believer even though I hadn’t experienced anything since I was a teenager – and two of us weren’t. They really didn’t believe in ghosts. But within the first two weeks of living there, all four of us were believers. [laughs]

This was like a poltergeist. This was nothing I’d ever experienced before, but I had heard stories about stuff like this happening to other people. For instance, things would happen like one night, within the first week of living there, I was in the bathtub taking a bath. No one else was home. This apartment was on the second story, and you had to walk in a set of wooden stairs when you first walked in the front door. They were inside the apartment. So I’m in the bath, I hear someone come in the front door, walk up the wooden stairs, and say “Hello?” I say, “Hi!” I don’t know my roommates too well yet; we just moved in together. I get out of the bath, I’m in a towel, and I go out to see who’s home, and no one’s home.

JIM HAROLD: That’s freaky.

ROSIE: Yeah, it was freaky. But then the freakier thing was about five minutes later, my roommate came home, came in the front door, went up the wooden stairs, and said “Hello?” I said, “Hey, did you just come home and do that five minutes ago?” She said, “No. What are you talking about?”

JIM HAROLD: Oh man. So was it a female voice?

ROSIE: Yeah, it sounded exactly like my roommate.

JIM HAROLD: Wow, so it’s like a doppelganger audio kind of thing.

ROSIE: Something like that, and it was happening before the actual event would happen.

JIM HAROLD: That’s weird.

ROSIE: It was a kind of time jump doppelganger. I have no idea. Reverse echo? I don’t know what was happening. And then the following week, I was coming up the back stairs with my bike on my shoulder, because in Chicago everybody bikes everywhere, and I’m carrying my bike up the stairs, making some noise, and I come in through the back door in the kitchen and I go, “Hello? Anybody home?” My roommate comes out of her room and she goes, “Did you just come up the stairs five minutes ago making a bunch of noise with your bike and then come in the back door and say hello?” I said, “No, why would I do that?”


ROSIE: So it happened to all of us at different times, things like this. There were some other things that would happen, like one of us would be home taking a nap; they’d hear boxes crashing, glass shattering from another room. They’d get up and go and look and nothing would be moved, nothing would be touched.

We had a dog for a while, and this is a big old Chicago apartment, so there’s the kitchen and the dining room on one end, a long hallway with the bedrooms, and then another living room on the other end. The dog was the friendliest dog, never barked at anybody, never growled or anything like that, and every once in a while somebody would be home and that dog would just stand at the end of the hallway, look down at the other end, and growl, and all of its fur would stand up.

JIM HAROLD: Oh man. You know he was seeing something.

ROSIE: Exactly. And any time something like that happened, whoever was home with the dog would just walk outside and wait for someone else to come home. [laughs] So that was pretty creepy. Stuff like this would happen all the time. And then at some point we all got drunk and decided to have a séance. [laughs]

JIM HAROLD: Oh, when you look up “Things not that good to do,” “Bad ideas,” that seems like maybe number one on the list.

ROSIE: This is before I knew anything about any of this stuff. I was just kind of obsessed with ghost stories at the time, and I didn’t know. But we went ahead and did it, and it was about two months before we moved out. And all of the activity just ramped up. Things felt a lot darker, a lot scarier.

And strangely – not strangely, but I’ll tell you why it’s strange in a minute – our roommate who lived in the back room that was technically supposed to be a sunroom, she had been a former heroin addict and she had relapsed and started going back on heroin again. I didn’t know that it was weird at the time; I just said, “Oh man, that’s sad. I’m sorry for my friend.” It was very sad to watch that happen.

So I move out, I go on my way, I go travel the world for a while, live in Italy. I move to North Carolina for a while, I become a Shamanic priestess, I get trained in how to clear houses, I get trained in a little bit of mediumship and developing those kinds of skills, developing my psychic skills and things. I come back to Chicago six years later, and I’m staying with a friend wo lived on that same street. My partner and I are walking down the street one day and we pass by my old apartment, and I see a girl, a young woman, come out of the same door that was my apartment. It was very coincidental.

I walk right up to her and I say, “Hey, this is really weird but I used to live here six years ago. I want to ask you a question.” I knew the people who’d lived there before us knew it was haunted as well. They told us when we moved in. I went up to her and said, “Hey, have you ever experienced anything paranormal?” I didn’t want to feed her any of my stories. I just wanted to see what she would say first. And she listed every single thing that we experienced in there, down to the voices saying things before we said them, down to the noises of things crashing, glass shattering from the other room.

And then the weirdest thing is she said that her roommate who lived in the back room, which was supposed to be a sunroom, who used to be a drug addict, had relapsed and gone back on heroin as well.

JIM HAROLD: Oh my. Wow. So it’s like a mirroring effect almost.

ROSIE: Yeah. Before I said anything in response, my partner goes, “Oh, you know what? She does house clearings. She’s a Shamanic priestess. You should pay her to come clear your apartment for you.” [laughs] I go, “Yeah, I do.” I hadn’t really done it yet, but I felt like this was a full circle moment. So I went in and I did my thing and checked in on her three months later, and she said it was all quiet and everything had stopped.


ROSIE: Yeah. So that was my biggest haunting story from my twenties and that whole full circle thing. That was probably the most haunted place I’ve ever lived.

JIM HAROLD: Here’s my question. With your training and so forth, were you able to formulate a theory as to exactly what was going on in that place?

ROSIE: Yeah, I was able to pick up on certain things, certain potential stories about what was going on. When I went in and communicated with it, it didn’t feel like a dark spirit to me. It felt like maybe an abused child. Like something had happened there, there was a family living there where a child or the children were being abused, and there was a story of them being trapped there. The only reason that they were amping up activity with certain people living there is to try and communicate, try and let us know, “Hey, something happened here” or “I need help” or “Can you help me move on?” or anything like that. That was what I picked up on.

JIM HAROLD: It seems like some places, particularly older places, you just walk in and you feel something. You don’t know what it is – or I don’t know what it is, because I don’t have that kind of training, but you just feel it. And it certainly seems like you ran across a place like that. Is that partially the reason you decided to go on for that type of training? Did it set you on the path that “I want to know more about these things”?

ROSIE: Absolutely. I actually felt like the last couple months I was living there, like I told you, everything amped up, and some pretty terrible things happened to me. After living in Chicago for 10 years – you think Chicago is a dangerous place; nothing dangerous or scary ever happened to me living there until that time. Pretty much everything you can imagine. Getting mugged, your apartment getting broken into, your house burning down, a bunch of other things happened, all within a short period of time afterwards. I would say it was probably the worst year of my life, and I felt like maybe something had attached itself to me after that experience. I didn’t really know how things worked.

So yeah, that definitely fed into the experience of “Hey, I have some sort of gift where spirits seek me out and try to communicate with me. I should learn how to use it, how to develop it, and also how to protect myself or clear myself from this feeling like I’m haunted or like I’m cursed or something like that.” And sure enough, the training definitely helped me clear all of that and turn everything around. So yeah, that definitely played a big part in it.

JIM HAROLD: And things are going much better these days, right?

ROSIE: Oh yeah. This is 13 years ago, so life is great and I definitely have been developing those skills more and more over the years to the point where I’m starting to teach them to people now. So yeah, it’s a whole different perspective.

JIM HAROLD: Very good. Rosie, thank you for joining us and sharing your story today on the Campfire.

ROSIE: Thank you so much, Jim.

JIM HAROLD: Brian is on the line from Boston, Massachusetts. We’re so glad to speak with him today. He says he’s always been sensitive to paranormal things, but he has a specific story to tell about specifically his late uncle and a very, very powerful connection. Brian, welcome to the show. Thank you for joining us today, and tell us what happened.

BRIAN: Hi, Jim. I have always been somewhat sensitive to things, empathic if you want to call it that. Mostly sensitive to smells for whatever reason. [laughs] Visits from my grandparents come that way. But this is a story that’s been my whole life. I understand reincarnation and past lives and connections like that, but this is someone that passed away when I was four years old. I’m not sure if it’s a guardian angel or if they walk alongside me. I’m not really sure. But that’s where it starts.

My family is pretty large. My mom is one of 11 kids, so it’s a fairly large Irish Catholic family. John actually passed away from AIDS in 1993. He’s my uncle. He was 26 years old. I was four years old at the time. As a kid, you have those cardinals coming by and the family’s always like, “Oh look, the cardinals are here,” but in my mind I was always like, “He’s already here. What are you talking about?”

JIM HAROLD: They were taking the cardinals as a sign of him.

BRIAN: Yeah. And cardinals did and still do all but attack our house. [laughs] They’re always around. But my connections with John – at the time, as a kid, I didn’t really know what it meant, but looking back now, having hindsight being 20/20 and all that, again with sense as I mentioned before – he was a big fan of patchouli and leather jackets and he smoked like a chimney, so as a kid I loved the smell of a cigarette and a leather interior car or patchouli oil walking around Harvard Square. I’m sure if you’ve been to Boston, you’re familiar with that. Similar with the smell of marijuana and things like that too. Smells that a kid at the age of five and six years old shouldn’t be drawn to, I was always very drawn to them. And still to this day I look for candles and stuff that smell like that, and it’s a weird search I’m always on to find that perfect mix of things. And that sense does waft in here and there and visit when it does, again with the empathic stuff.

But the next thing on my list is music, and I think this is the one thing that really drew me to write in. I always have known lyrics to songs before I’ve known the song in full, and looking back at the age that I was when I knew these songs, music that an eight-year-old boy in first, second or third grade wouldn’t necessarily know. Disco music, stuff from the ’80s, music by Queen. I would know lyrics. I would know how long the songs were. I would know parts of music that I don’t think a child would typically be drawn to.

But the weirdest one of all of them – and the reason I wrote in, because the show just closed on Broadway – was Phantom of the Opera. I knew that show front to back. I knew the music to it without even ever having heard it before.

JIM HAROLD: So you knew it before you heard the actual music? It was familiar to you when you did hear it?

BRIAN: Yeah. I heard one of my cousins say that they had seen it, and I was like, “I know that from somewhere. I know these songs. I know this.” I got my hands on a highlights from the show CD and I knew the order of the songs, I knew what the sets in my mind would look like, which they ended up being true when I actually did see it eventually as an adult. I knew fully things – and I would get really sad and depressed during certain songs and I’d get frustrated about dying young and like, “why is that fair?” and all this kind of lamenting stuff that, again – I was probably seven or eight years old at the time – wouldn’t make sense for a kid to be that emotional about, I guess.

To this day, I still find myself reacting to music like this, like older songs, especially disco music and dance stuff and ’80s music, that might not have been a top 10 hit, I’ll know very weirdly inside myself. I’d also have dreams as a kid where I would be out at a nightclub on a dance floor from an adult’s perspective, like higher perspective if that makes sense. And I’d have memories of family parties and stuff that I wouldn’t have been at. I would have connections to things like that.

You know that thing you’ve heard a million times about kids being like “When I was still alive…” I would ask my mom what life was like before I was alive or before I died as opposed to how life was before I was born. I’m sure she was a big fan of that. [laughs] We’ve never really talked about this, actually, but yeah.

But the kicker to this all is that he was really, really close with my aunt. They were best friends. She was the one that was with him when he passed away. She organized the AIDS walk for him for years and years. And I never knew this, but an uncle of mine, one of my mom’s 10 brothers and sisters, he and I were talking at a bonfire one night in the summer and he brought up that right after John passed away, she went to see a medium. She went in cold; the medium wouldn’t have known anything about the family and whatever. But the medium looked at her and said, “The spirit of John is with Brian,” and she got so freaked out that she just grabbed her stuff and left.

JIM HAROLD: Whoa. So do you think your uncle’s spirit is kind of – I don’t know if this is the right word – merged with your spirit?

BRIAN: I don’t really know. Here’s the thing. My grandparents have both passed away. Grandmother in 2016, my grandfather in 2021. Since my grandfather passed away, the connection hasn’t felt as strongly, so I almost wonder if he was kind of bunking in my, I don’t know, spirit hostel or something until they passed away. Because when my grandmother passed away, that scent that he had was in the room. It wafted in super strong when she passed. You could feel it going with her. It was very bizarre.

This has never been scary to me. It’s never felt like an inappropriate connection. It’s never felt bad at all. But I will say my sensitivities and stuff have definitely felt less in tune since my grandfather passed away. Still sometimes here and there, and my grandparents have both visited me with somewhat regularity. Never when you expect them to, which always scares the crap out of you when you smell your grandmother’s perfume walking down a set of stairs in the mall or something. [laughs] But yeah, that’s the story.

JIM HAROLD: It sounds like to me this is something that you’re not particularly afraid of; it’s just curious.

BRIAN: Yeah, and I’ve told some of my cousins about it and it didn’t go over super well. It was like, “Brian, you sound like you’re out of your mind.” So I don’t tell a lot of people this. That’s why I haven’t used full names or whatever else. But yeah, it’s something I think a lot of people look at as kind of froufrou, but it’s one of those things I just can’t explain. Especially the music stuff.

JIM HAROLD: Yeah, how would you know these songs?

BRIAN: Yeah. I point out the Phantom of the Opera just because it’s such a big one, but there have been other showtunes and stuff too. Just very big, popular with gay people songs from the ’80s that I feel like even – I’m a gay guy myself, but as an adult, I feel like it’s not normal to know songs by Erasure that you’ve never heard before. [laughs]

JIM HAROLD: Right, the fact that you would know these songs, but way before your time, you’re not exposed to them, how do you know these things? I think a lot of us have had – I’ve not had an experience like that, but had an experience where you felt like you knew something but you didn’t know how you knew it.

BRIAN: Yeah, an intuition kind of thing, almost like a déjà vu, “I’ve been here before, I’ve heard this before.” I get déjà vu quite a bit, but this is the only real constant.

JIM HAROLD: I had it when I went to a certain part of England. From my research, it seems like some of my family was from there, way back. It was like, “Wow, I feel like I’ve been here before.” Now, in my case it could’ve been the fact that I knew that and maybe I was just projecting, I don’t know. But in your case – again, these are songs that come up that you didn’t even know. It sounds like your uncle is out there, and although you were a very young age when he passed, you must’ve been very special to him to have forged that connection.

BRIAN: I would imagine, yeah. I’m not super religious, but this is one thing that’s definitely gotten me to maintain some level of spirituality in harder times in my life. It’s very special to me.

JIM HAROLD: Well, thank you for sharing it. We appreciate it. Brian, thank you for being a part of the Campfire.

BRIAN: Thanks so much.

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JIM HAROLD: We have a repeat caller. Jordan is on the line from Indiana, and we’re so glad to have her on the program. She’s going to tell us about some very interesting dreams she’s had. Jordan, welcome to the show and thank you for joining us. Tell us what happened.

JORDAN: Hi, Jim. Thank you. This happened – well, it starts last year. In May of 2022, I lost my best friend of 21 years.

JIM HAROLD: I’m sorry to hear that.

JORDAN: Thank you very much. She was a really great person. She suffered mentally, so she did take her own life, and I want to take this moment to fully say that no one is alone and there’s tons of ways to reach out, and that’s definitely a big thing with this.

JIM HAROLD: To that point, any time this comes up, the topic of suicide: 988. That is the new hotline in the United States. 988. We encourage people to reach out to that number or similar numbers in their own countries if they feel like they need to talk to someone or are having those kinds of thoughts. We need you and want you to be around a long time, so call that number, 988, 24/7 if you’re in the United States, if you’re having those thoughts. There’s similar hotlines in other countries, so please reach out to one applicable to your area. We want you around.

Jordan, thank you for mentioning that because I always think that’s important to mention when this topic comes up. But go ahead.

JORDAN: Absolutely. No, you’re fine. So I lost her, and it was a really hard hit. I never expected this. My friend group and I, we all thought this was out of nowhere. I had a dream around August, and usually I’m like, oh, dreams are what you want them to be. They’re our brain while we’re sleeping, who knows.

The first dream that I had, we were hanging out just like old times, and she comes up to me sobbing and she looks lost. We’re on the side of a road. She looks lost. She looks at me and she just starts crying and she says, “I didn’t mean to.” And I woke up instantly. That hit me really hard for weeks.

Fast forward maybe six months later. A few months ago, I had another dream. This time, she and I are hanging out just like in high school, in a garage. She was a notorious smoker. Everyone has their habits, but she was a notorious smoker. She pulls out a cigarette, and we’re talking and we’re gossiping, and I said, “Okay, Jessica” – she wouldn’t have minded for her name to be said; she was very into this stuff. I said, “Okay, Jessica, I enjoy our talks so much, but I need to know this is real. Can you tell me anything that makes me know that this is real? Am I really talking to you?”

She says, “Okay, I figured it out. I need you to tell Janessa,” who is my other friend, who would totally love her name being said – “I want you to tell Janessa just this: Snow White.” I was like, “That’s really odd. Okay.” We talked a little longer. I wake up – and I’ve had lucid dreams before, so I thought, “This is silly, but if I don’t mention it to these girls, I’ll always wonder about it.”

We’re in a group chat, and I messaged Janessa and I said, “Here’s the dream I had last night. She told me to tell you ‘Snow White.’ That doesn’t make any sense to me, and I understand if it’s silly to you, but my cards are on the table.” She said, “Jordan, that is so crazy.” We had a little tiff in high school and we separated ways, but I always stayed with Jessica and they mingled on their own a little while. She said, “I never told you guys this, but my whole entire family, when I was growing up, they called me Snow White. It stopped when I started getting older.” But she’s got the dark hair, she’s very Italian, pale. Everybody called her Snow White, but we didn’t know that because we weren’t her childhood friend, like little kids.

So that’s that. She said, “You want proof? Here it is. I’m real and I’m really talking to you.”

JIM HAROLD: Again, that’s specific enough to say that was confirmation. I mean, if it were a coincidence, it would be something that could apply to many people. But Snow White, that’s so specific, and you didn’t know that.

JORDAN: It gives me chills. I had chills. The girls were like, “She visits us in our dreams, but we always thought it was another dream. But this makes us think she’s really trying hard to talk to us.”

JIM HAROLD: Wow. It sounds like she is. And again, I will say it one more time: if you’re feeling in crisis, you need someone to talk to, 988 in the U.S. Also, there are similar types of places in other countries as well. But 988, that hotline, that’s a great thing that they did establishing that for people who are having thoughts of self-harm. We want you around a long time. 988.

Now, you had another dream, about your grandpa, didn’t you?

JORDAN: Yes. This one isn’t as profound, but it happened after the series of dreams with Jessica, and it really makes me feel that there’s something more to it. In November, my grandpa passed away. Same year. Horrible year. He was the only male figure in my life. Very close to him. I loved my grandpa. So he passed away just a few days shy of his birthday.

I was going through this stuff a couple weeks later, the stuff he had left me. I washed his quilt. He had a quilt that he always kept on his couch. I washed it and I put it on my bed and I finally felt – it was kind of a stage of grief that I had passed through. I put it on the bed – I’m talking, bubba. [laughs] Sorry, my little one.

JIM HAROLD: No problem.

JORDAN: I put it on my bed and I had a dream that very night. I had wondered if he would contact me, but he wasn’t a very spiritual man. I’m a nurse, so in my dream I’m on break from my shift; I walk into my living room, and on my couch I see a younger Grandpa. He’s thinner, his skin has good color. I see him and I go, “What are you doing here? You’re not supposed to be here. You’re gone.” He said, “Jordan, I really don’t know why I’m here, but I am, and I feel amazing, and I feel great. It’s like a second chance.” And he gave me a hug and we cried. We just held each other and we talked. I don’t know what we talked about, but we held each other.

At the end of the dream, I felt that he went to heaven, or to his final resting place, whatever you might think it is. I look up – and all this time, I felt guilty about not visiting him more in his nursing home – I finally felt that he wasn’t upset with me, and I did get to say goodbye. And it happened the night I put the quilt on my bed. It really healed me, in a way.

JIM HAROLD: It brought it full circle. I’ve got to say – we had another caller in this session of calls, and I don’t know if it’ll be on the same show or not, about dreams – I really do believe there’s two kinds of dreams. I mean, there’s probably more than two, but two come to mind. One is the one where you go to the grocery store and you go to the produce section and then later that night you have a dream you’re flying on a banana. You know, the kind of garbage dreams.

But I think other dreams have significance, whether it’s a premonition of something or something trying to tell you something or, in this case, crossing over and having a discussion with a loved one who has passed. Going back to when I was a kid, I remember my mom having a dream of her father shortly after he died. She said it was more real than real. And I hear so many people describe it that way, and I really believe those communications do happen and they are real, and it sounds like that has happened to you on multiple occasions.

JORDAN: Definitely. I’m starting to try to be more perceptive and open to my dreams and more open to other people’s experience. I think that was another thing. It woke me up to stop being so – just pushing it aside. They’re definitely meant to be a little more sometimes rather than just being naked in front of your classroom.

JIM HAROLD: Indeed. Jordan, thank you so much for coming back on the show and sharing your story today.

JORDAN: Thank you.

JIM HAROLD: Next up on the Campfire is Ryan from Utah, and we’re so glad to have him on the show. He’s been listening for a number of years, seven or eight years, and we really appreciate it. He listens with his wife, Becca. They say they never miss a show, so Becca, a big stay spooky to you and a stay spooky to Ryan. Ryan’s going to talk about his mom. His mom has always been sensitive to things of a paranormal nature, and he’s going to tell us one of her most striking stories. Ryan, welcome to the show and tell us what happened.

RYAN: Thanks, Jim. This story, as you mentioned, is about my mom. When the story took place, I was out of the house by then. My younger sister was the last of the three kids to leave the house, and she was in softball. Growing up, she had tournaments everywhere. As you can imagine – I don’t know if you’ve got any kids in sports, but it takes up a lot of your time.

JIM HAROLD: Oh yeah, my kids weren’t even as much in sports as other kids, but especially when they were younger, they did a lot of the stuff, and it’s a lot.

RYAN: Yeah. If you’re really into it, if you want to try and pursue maybe a scholarship, something like that, be able to play in college, then high school’s a busy time for that sport. My sister was no different to that, so my parents really encouraged it. This story takes place on one of those tournament weekends.

My mom was in the car with my dad after the tournament, and my sister had opted to ride home with a friend. So it was just the two of them as they’re driving. My mom mentioned to my dad, “You know, we go all over the place, we see different states, and that’s really awesome, but we never get to go anywhere. We don’t get to see anything.” My dad was pretty understanding to that plight and he said, “Well, next thing you see that you want to stop at, we’ll go check it out.”

So they’re driving around – and this is in Wyoming, by the way, just to set the scene, and they’re on their way home back to Utah – and they see a sign for an old penitentiary. I apologize; I forgot the name of the old prison. It was in the email. I looked it up, but I’m drawing a blank now. Anyway, my mom saw that and she’s like, “How about that? Does that sound cool?” My dad obliged. They pulled off the road and started heading towards this prison, and they pull into the parking lot and there’s a few cars there, but again, it’s a Saturday, it’s maybe midday. It’s not a whole lot of people there.

So they pull in, they go inside the lobby, I guess you would say, and they’re looking around and they see a sign that says they do tours. My mom’s pretty excited; she wants to check this out. They hang out for a minute and wait around, and then they realize that the tours start every so often and they had just missed the one that was closest. My mom and my dad thought, “We’ll start on our own, we’ll see if maybe we can catch up to this tour.” So they look around at some pictures and things on the wall and all the things you would see in this prison/museum.

They move ahead a bit into a couple rooms, and sure enough, there’s the tour. So they catch up with the tour and they’re enjoying that. The tour progresses, again, a few rooms into the prison past that. At this point there’s a couple people who have questions for the tour guide. The tour guide graciously decides to answer them. I don’t know want they asked, but I do know that they were not simple, easy questions to answer. This tour guide ends up getting stuck answering these questions, and after five minutes or so, my parents are like, “Let’s just have a look in the next room. Let’s poke around a little bit.” So they decide to go ahead of the tour at this point.

In this tour – again, I wasn’t there so I don’t have the exact layout, but there’s a hallway and in this hallway there’s an area where there used to be a barber shop for the inmates. There’s also a stairway that leads up to a second floor. As they walk into this room, my mom is looking at pictures and things on the walls and my dad’s checking things out – things touristy people would do – and my mom walks a little further into the room and gets near where the bottom of the staircase is, and she stops. I mean, just full-on freezes in place, doesn’t move. She stands there for a quick second, turns to my dad, and she says, in the most deadpan voice you can, “Something bad happened right here. Somebody died.”

My dad looked at her like, “What?” I mean, my mom is pretty sensitive to things, so this is not the first time that something like this has happened, but it’s never been as direct and specific as this. My mom just had that conviction that something in this exact spot where she was standing had happened. So my dad moves over to her and he’s like, “What do you feel? What do you think happened? What’s going on?” All the questions you might ask somebody who just said that.

It wasn’t too long, but after a little bit of time, they heard the crowd of the tour moving forward and into this room. They rejoined the ranks of the group and started listening to the tour guide again. The tour guide’s talking, and it’s not too long when she starts talking about how the inmates used to try and steal a lot of the alcohol that they’d keep scissors and things in to try to keep them sterile. They’d try and steal those things and drink them because there’s not much to do in prison. So I guess some guys had gotten a hold of some of the fluids, the alcohol, and they ended up getting a little drunk and getting rowdy.

There was a rec room, I guess, for inmates who had good behavior, and these guys had gotten a hold of this stuff and started getting rowdy and – I wouldn’t say a full-on riot, but definitely a group of people started having some problems and getting in fights. A guard went over to try and stop what was going on, and I think he was hit over the head or stabbed. There was glass, so I’m pretty sure he got stabbed. Anyway, he falls down those stairs and his body ends up right where my mom was standing, and that’s where he died.

JIM HAROLD: Wow, so she was picking up on those vibes from all those years ago.

RYAN: It was crazy. Again, my mom is really sensitive to stuff. I’ve never known anybody quite like her. So we’re a little used to that stuff, but this was super specific. She’s never called out anybody as having died right in the spot.

JIM HAROLD: Wow. She seems like she’s tuned in. Has any of that passed on? Have you inherited any of that?

RYAN: There’s times where I would say I feel things, but I wouldn’t say I’m super sensitive. Just what I would assume most normal people might be like, “The vibe of this room isn’t good, I need to leave” or something.

JIM HAROLD: Right. I think it’s a real thing, and I do believe there are people – and I don’t think that I’m one of them, but I think there are people that somehow have that extra sensitivity to the other side. And it certainly seems like your mom was one of those people with that experience, and the others. You’re always welcome to come back on another time and tell us some more stories about your mom, or if you ever encounter anything. But a big thanks to you and Becca for listening to the show for all these years, and stay spooky.

RYAN: Hey, thanks, Jim.

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JIM HAROLD: Andrea is on the line from the UK. I was just telling Andrea, I love the support that we get from our listeners over in England and over in the UK. I’m always honored by that, very much. So thank you, UK, and thank you, Andrea. Andrea’s been listening since lockdown in 2020, like so many people, and she has a few shorter stories she’d like to share with us. Andrea, welcome to the show and tell us what happened.

ANDREA: Hello, Jim. Thank you for having me on the show. These are a few unlikely occurrences that I experience when I was living back home. Just for context, where we live in the UK is cast as the East Midland, so it’s a cluster of different cities like Nottingham and Leicester and Darby.

When I was younger, there were quite a few strange things that happened. I used to have really bad insomnia when I was small. I was probably about two or three years old, and I remember being in the living room with my parents. Now, what I’m about to say happened, happened probably about two or three times. It would be dead late at night and we would sit down and have the lights off and we’d watch the TV. This is the early ’90s. At that time, I would have no sense of ghosts or scary happenings or anything like that.

Where we were sat in the living room faces a hallway, and I saw a really tall, dark figure walk across from one side to the other into the front room. That happened multiple times, and my dad – I would scream and I would cry, and my dad would take me into that front room and we’d turn the lights on, and no one was there. This figure was absolutely pitch-black. You couldn’t necessarily tell whether it was a male or female, but for me it was a male. They had long dreadlocked hair. You couldn’t make out any features as well. I just remember being in absolute terror and screaming and crying, and there was no explanation as to what it was or who it was.

JIM HAROLD: Didn’t you say in your email that your brother had dreadlocks, so you thought it might’ve been your brother?

ANDREA: Yes, that’s correct. Growing up I did think probably it could’ve been my brother, but when we went into the room, there was no one there. So it was impossible for it to be my brother. I don’t know if that was the way that I put things together in my head to try and make it make sense to me, to make that assumption.

JIM HAROLD: Have you ever thought it was a doppelganger? So many people on the show over the years have said that they’ve seen a doppelganger of a loved one. I don’t know, was your brother very tall?

ANDREA: Yeah, he was quite tall. I don’t think it was a doppelganger because my brother would’ve been the type to come into the living room where we were at and say hello to everyone or sit down with us as well. I’m not quite sure if he was actually even living in the house at the time. So we would’ve known if he was in or not. I think it’s probably – is it the shadow man that people…?

JIM HAROLD: Yeah, there’s shadow people and then there’s Hat Man. Wow. That’s spooky. It seems to me that young kids are more attached and they see things. We get reports of so many people who are very young and they see things, but then they don’t see as much when they’re trained that they’re not supposed to. Once the wonder and that curiosity about the world is trained out of us, or we age out of it, it seems to be less so. But you had another story when you were little, right?

ANDREA: Yeah. Probably a couple of years after that, again, we’re sitting in the living room, it’s dead at night, and then all of a sudden we hear this rain sound. It sounded kind of like pitter-patter, pitter-patter. I look out the living room and there were so many bats. Bats flying all around in our garden. And our garden is quite big, but I distinctly remember there were no bats in the next-door neighbor’s garden on either side. It was only in our garden. That was really strange.

JIM HAROLD: Huh. Do you think this house or the area you lived in was more apt to have spooky stuff?

ANDREA: I think so. Historically, our area was only built in the late 1970s, early ’80s, and I did a bit of research and realized that it was Roman ground sort of thing. But it was basically a dumpster up until then. [laughs] Our city used to carry the sewage probably within a five-mile radius of where we actually lived. So it’s not like people lived there before, even though we do have reason to think that it may have been a Roman territory. So I have no idea what was bringing that sort of energy, really.

JIM HAROLD: That’s the thing. When I went to the UK, I think I knew on some level that the Romans had been there, but I didn’t realize what an impact they had made in England, and the fact that people still use Roman roads. That blew me away. Now, you talk about a walk that you took with your mom and her sisters, right?

ANDREA: Yes, it was my mom and my sisters.

JIM HAROLD: Oh, okay.

ANDREA: It was probably autumn/wintertime in the UK. It gets really dark, so this was probably about six or seven o’clock at night. We were on a main road. On one side of the road there was a woodland and a field area; on the other side there were houses. And right at the end of the road there’s schools, shops, doctor’s surgeries, takeaways. So it was a desolate place.

I remember distinctly as we were walking along this road, suddenly we hear chanting. And it wasn’t something that gradually happened; it was like it was just there. It was on the woodland part of this field area, and I remember seeing the embers of flames light up the wood, and people were chanting and playing drums. And then I could hear a baby crying as well.

JIM HAROLD: Ooh. And there wasn’t anybody around? It was like a phantom sound?


JIM HAROLD: See, now that’s interesting. We’ve had that before. We’ve had people walking through the woods hearing music playing, but there was nowhere for the music to come through. We had someone who was walking and there were the sounds of a college American football game. Some of those are almost like a football match at Wembley. There’s crazy fans, there’s a lot of noise, you’re talking 100,000 people, and some of those college stadiums here in America for American football. That’s what it sounded like, and it was in I guess a regular neighborhood. It wasn’t like somebody had their television turned up; it was like they were at the stadium. I’m always really interested in those phantom noises and those phantom sounds.

It sounds like you lived in a very interesting area that had a lot of strange stuff going on. Did you ever talk to your friends or family or other people who lived in the area? Did they experience anything weird?

ANDREA: No, I don’t think I did. My parents are originally from the Caribbean, so they’d speak about that stuff within our household, and then they would share their experiences. I think I was probably a little bit weirded out, and I was a bit dissuaded from speaking to anyone about that, because that was early ’90s going into the 2000s as well. It wasn’t a big thing like it is now, where people are a lot more expressive with supernatural stuff. So I actually haven’t. I probably should.

JIM HAROLD: It would be interesting to see what they say. Andrea, it’s been a delight. Thank you so much for being a part of the Campfire today.

ANDREA: Thank you, Jim.

JIM HAROLD: Denise is on the line from Texas, and she’s been listening for about five years. We’re so glad that she has. She’s going to tell us about what she calls her “God glasses.” Denise, welcome to the show. I love that, “God glasses.” What could that be? You’re going to tell us. Welcome to the show. Tell us what happened.

DENISE: Okay, Jim. Nice to meet you.

JIM HAROLD: Nice to meet you.

DENISE: Thanks. I have many stories that have happened to me over the years and to my family, but I decided to tell a quick positive story about my God glasses, and, if we have time, a headscratcher. I’m a lapsed Catholic, but I’ve been listening to The Bible in a Year podcast by Fr. Mike Schmitz. He’s just awesome. When I’d listen, I’d get my steps in. Nothing was different about this day; I was walking around outside, and we were listening to Judges, which is very depressing to listen to. It’s about a lot of war and death, but I made myself listen to it.

After my walk, I reached in my pocket and I pulled out my favorite pair of drugstore readers. They were purple. A little screw had come out of the temple arm, so I held the two pieces in my hand, my glasses and then the temple arm. I don’t know, anybody that’s ever worn glasses knows that that’s pretty irritating.

JIM HAROLD: Oh yeah.

DENISE: I thought to myself, “Am I going to go to the drugstore and pick up a little tiny screwdriver and a little tiny screw and fix these $20 pair of glasses?” I thought, “No.” So I took the glasses and I threw them in the kitchen trashcan. Then I turned around and I got myself a glass of water. It took less than a minute. Then I turned back around and I looked at the kitchen counter, and there were those purple glasses, and they had manifested on the kitchen counter, and they were completely repaired. I thought, “Maybe I’m going nuts. Maybe I have two pair of purple glasses.” [laughs]

So I dug through the trashcan, and no purple glasses. Those were the glasses. Those were them. I thought to myself, “That is really weird,” because I’ve had experiences with hauntings before, good and bad, and usually my third eye tingles or my ears ring. But I felt nothing. They were just there, and they were repaired. So that’s my God glasses story. I call them my God glasses because I think it was a sign that he walks among us and that miracles happen, even when they involve a little $20 pair of glasses.

JIM HAROLD: I mean, how else would you explain that? Glasses don’t repair themselves.

DENISE: Well, no, they don’t. And when I tell this story to others, they’re like, “Oh, that didn’t happen.” [laughs]

JIM HAROLD: Well, I believe you. Again, some people may say, “I’m calling in for ghost stories and things,” and we do that. We definitely do that. But we also do stories of the inexplicable. Just like I think that there are more sinister forces out there, I think there are forces for good. I personally believe in a higher power, so I think that’s 100% possible, and I do believe you. Now, I know you had a second story. Tell us that one, if you would.

DENISE: Do you have time? This is a real headscratcher. I’m not really sure what’s going on with this one.

JIM HAROLD: Go ahead.

DENISE: This happened to me in the ’90s, and I was a newly single mother of three small children. I’m an artist, so at the time I was working as an artist, but I needed to reeducate myself so that I could pay the bills and take care of my kids. I didn’t know how to work a PC or a Mac or a computer at all at the time. I found out a friend of mine was giving a computer class at her home, so I went to this class and another guy was in it, and some others. He was also an artist trying to learn how to use a computer. I’m just going to call him Chris.

We immediately clicked and we had coffee together a few times, and I learned a little bit about this guy. He was pretty interesting. He grew up in Texas, and in his late teens, which was the late ’60s, he moved to LA and he joined a band. It was pretty successful. The band was the third band that played, so a lot of celebrities, after they finished their gigs, would come listen to him play. But alas, Chris got hooked on some bad drugs. But it has a good ending to the story because he went to rehab and he cleaned up his act and he joined a Catholic monastery and became a monk.

Now, this was in California, and these monks – I can’t remember what order it was – were very interested in their fellow monks from different religions. So some of his really good friends were Tibetan monks who said they astral projected. I’m like, “Okay, that’s interesting.”

One night, my daughter and I were in bed, going to sleep. She was about five years old, and she was asleep. I wasn’t asleep, but I was lying on my side and my eyes were closed when suddenly I felt an energy in the room, and then in my head, this voice said, “Don’t open your eyes and don’t turn around no matter what.” I wasn’t afraid. I don’t know why I wasn’t afraid, but I wasn’t. And then the entity, whatever it was, was flying around in my room and it was over my daughter and I, and from its eyes, I could see us, and in my head it goes, “Oh, how beautiful. Look how sweet that mother and daughter are.” I’m like, “Wow, that’s weird.”

And then my shirt was pulled from the back by this entity once and then twice and then a third time, and I still didn’t open my eyes. Then it went away. I thought, “Who in the world was that? What in the world was that?” Then I go, “That was that rock and roll former monk astral projecting, I bet.”

So I set up coffee with him one more time because I wanted him to admit that it was him, because I wanted to know what was in my room. He never did, but I never did come right out and say, “Hey, did you come visit me in my room?” But I did go, “Hey, remember those Tibetan monks astral projecting?” He didn’t say anything or even mention, “Oh yeah, I remember that.” That was the last time I saw him.

JIM HAROLD: That’s interesting. To me, it’s such a mysterious universe, and who’s to rule something like that out?

DENISE: I don’t know what it was. It could’ve been him, it could’ve been something else, but I’ll never know for sure.

JIM HAROLD: It’s one of those things that is the definition of a headscratcher indeed. Denise, thank you so much for joining us and for sharing your stories today on the Campfire.

DENISE: Thank you.

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JIM HAROLD: Nancy is on the line from the Chicagoland area. We’re so glad that she is. She is a newer listener, and we really appreciate it when anybody calls in, but particularly our newer listeners jumping right in there. So follow Nancy’s lead and please share your story over at jimharold.com/campfire. Nancy has a couple of stories to share with us, as she believes that her family may have been haunted since she was very, very young. We’re so glad to have her with us. Nancy, welcome to the show and tell us what happened.

NANCY: Hi, Jim. Thank you so much for having me. Yes, like I said, I do believe that my family has been haunted for quite a few years. Just a little preface to start, I grew up in an apartment building that was owned by my parents, and my brother, who was about 13 years older than me, has always been into the paranormal. Sometime in his teen years, he started playing with the Ouija board. I grew up in a very Catholic household. My parents are immigrants from Mexico, so they’re very religious. So when my mom found the Ouija board in his room, she literally threw it out a third-story window. I do believe that things started happening from there.

Fast forward to the time – it was about early 2000s. I was I believe either 14 or 15 years old, and I remember being at a grocery store one day and I came across those religious candles that have saints on them. I remember randomly thinking, “Oh, that’s a cool candle. I’m just going to buy it and burn it for no apparent reason.” Even though I grew up Catholic, I was not super religious or anything. I just bought it because I thought it looked pretty, basically. I remember taking it home that night, and it was a school night. I turned it on and I lay in my bed doing my homework, listening to music.

I blew it out, went to sleep, and I remember being awoken by a loud knock. I woke up and I was like, “What is going on?” It was knocking coming from my closet. But it wasn’t just random knocks. It was knocked in threes, so it was like knock-knock-knock and then it would pause. At first I wasn’t sure what was going on, so I sat up in my bed and I pulled the pull chain that was connected to the light/my fan. I sat up in bed and I was still coming in and out of sleep, and I was like, “What is going on?” When I turned on the light, it completely stopped. The knocking stopped.

I was just sitting there confused, like, “Was I dreaming that? I don’t know.” I turned the light back off, lay back down, trying to fall back asleep, and as soon as I turned the light off, I heard the knocking again. He knocking in threes. The knocking was coming from my closet, and on the other side of my closet was my baby sister’s bedroom. She was only about two years old at the time; however, she did not sleep in her bedroom. She would sleep with my mom. So this bedroom was completely empty.

When I started hearing the knocking again, I sat back up and I turned the light on and it stopped. I’m sitting there like, “What is going on?” At this time I started getting a little bit more scared but I wasn’t freaking out yet. I’m like, “Okay, I’m going to try it one more time.” Turned the light back off, lay back down, the knocking started again. Clearly in threes. Knock, knock, knock and it would stop. Knock, knock, knock. This time I turned the light back on, I sat up, and I yelled for my mom. I was like, “Mom!” She came running. Of course, when I turned the light back on, the knocking had stopped. She came in. I told her what happened, and she saw that I was visibly upset, I was shaking, and she said she would lie down with me so that I could fall asleep.

Thankfully I was able to fall back asleep, and the next day she said that although she didn’t hear anything as I was sleeping, she said my room got really, really, really cold. It wasn’t until later on, hearing other paranormal stories or watching scary movies, that I would hear that usually anything demonic or a negative entity will usually show itself in signs of the Holy Trinity, the threes.

JIM HAROLD: So you felt the knocking and the coldness of the room definitely probably were on the paranormal side, that may have been induced by your brother dabbling in the occult and the Ouija board and so forth.

NANCY: I do think so. I think there was something negative in that house. Other people experienced it, not just myself. In that same bedroom, before it became my bedroom, that was my brother’s bedroom, and he actually woke up in the middle of the night with something sitting on him, choking him.


NANCY: Yes. And the next bedroom, the one where the knocking was coming from, before it was my baby sister’s room it was my older sister’s bedroom. Still to this day, she tells me this story about something pulling her feet up in the middle of the night. So there was something definitely negative in that home, and I feel like it might have followed us into the next home, because my next story is in a different home.

I lived in that apartment building where my original story happened up until the time I was 16 years old. From the time I was 16, we moved into another home. When I was 23 years old, I became pregnant with my first son, and after I gave birth to him, I was still living at my mom’s house. She was helping me try to figure out how to be a new mom and everything.

There was this one night, I was home alone with my newborn son; there was nobody at home. I was walking in the kitchen. I went to get something. It was nighttime, it was dark outside. I started walking towards my bedroom. I had my newborn son in one hand and I had his portable rocker in another hand. I was about to pass up my parents’ bedroom when I heard a loud growl that literally froze me in my steps.

I remember thinking, “Is that my dog?” It came from my mom’s bedroom, so I said, “If it’s my dog, then she has to be in there.” So I called her name. I go, “Zoe?” She comes out of my bedroom literally at the other end of the house, and I’m like, “Okay, it wasn’t her.” I literally walked to my bedroom as fast as I could, I closed the door and just started praying. I ended up falling asleep. Now, I never told my mom this story because my mom is the biggest – I don’t know if she’s actually skeptic. I tease her and tell her, “You just don’t want to admit that you believe.” She’ll come up with any excuse of what this could’ve been. So I’m like, “You know what, I’m not even going to bother to tell her. I’m moving out in a few weeks.” I was going to move out with my now husband. I’m like, I’m not even going to bother because she’s not even going to believe me. So I didn’t tell her anything.

Fast forward about a year. I had already moved out of the house, and I get a call from my mom. She says, “Hey Nancy, do you think that you can call our church and ask if a father can come and do a blessing on our house?” I was like, “Wait, what? Why?” She said, “Oh, I don’t know. Something happened.” She didn’t really want to tell me, but I kept pressing it and I’m like, “What happened?” She’s like, “I think it was just my imagination, but the other night I was here alone with your sister and I was in the kitchen grabbing a snack, and I was about to walk to the living room and I heard a growl around the kitchen area. I don’t know.” She was just trying to brush it off like it was nothing.

But then at that time, I told her what had happened to me. It was just a huge, huge validation for me, because like I said, my mom is the biggest skeptic, and I never had told her about what happened to me. So it was just validation that I wasn’t crazy. This was definitely something that had happened.

JIM HAROLD: And you think it’s all traced back to your brother? You think when he was playing with that Ouija board and getting into this stuff, he opened that door?

NANCY: Just from everything that I hear, when you play with a Ouija board, you don’t know. You don’t know what’s going to come out to communicate with her. I’m not sure if it’s a big coincidence or if he did open something up, that a negative entity did follow my family around. But I do think it’s a huge possibility.

JIM HAROLD: Well, it is fascinating, and I must say, you had those experiences, and even though she doesn’t want to believe it, I think your mother did. It sounds like she certainly experienced something too.

NANCY: Yes, I do believe so.

JIM HAROLD: Nancy, thank you for being a part of the Campfire and stay spooky.

NANCY: Thank you, Jim. Thank you for having me.

JIM HAROLD: Megan is on the line from California. She’s been listening for a few months, and we’re so glad to have her on the show. She’s going to talk to us about, well, possibly an angel encounter. Megan, welcome to the show and please tell us what happened.

MEGAN: Hi. Thank you for having me. This was about eight years ago. I was in a program that I was in for about a year. I was sleeping one night on the bunkbed – it’s important that it’s a bunkbed. I had a dream, and this woman came to me and she was in all white, but she had no face. I was thinking, “This is kind of weird.” She goes, “Megan, wake up.” Okay. She said this about three or four times. The last time she said it, she yelled my name, “Megan! Wake up!” Which woke me up.

I woke up to my sheet being pulled from the bunkbed. I could see it and I could feel it being pulled off me. I freaked out. [laughs] I did a little yelp, like, “Ooh!” because it scared me. Like, what the heck? I looked down to see if maybe the girl underneath me was messing with me, and it wasn’t her because her head was at the other end of the bed, where my feet were. And there’s no way for me, waking up to looking down, that she would be back asleep. Like playing a joke on me. I thought, “This is weird.” So I got kind of freaked out. I couldn’t really sleep well that night.

I was like, okay, was this an angel maybe trying to keep me from something bad? Was something going to happen? It was weird, and I think about it all the time. I’m like, what really happened? Was that an angel? It tripped me out. And what pulled my sheets?

JIM HAROLD: I can understand. It sounds like you think maybe something was watching over you, possibly.

MEGAN: I really do, because like I said, she was in white, and I got a real loving vibe from her. She didn’t have a face. She was so pretty. Oh, so pretty, all in white. But then when she yelled at me it kind of freaked me out, which woke me up. I’m wondering, what would’ve happened if I didn’t wake up?

JIM HAROLD: I don’t know. But I do believe that angels watch over us, whether it’s our past loved ones or if they’re actual spirit angels that watch over us. I believe that’s a thing and I believe that it’s probably helped save me more than one time, one way or the other. You mentioned in your note to me that you had another story you could tell us, a quick one.

MEGAN: Oh, it seems like after that, when I was in my apartment, when I was sleeping, for a minute I felt paralyzed and my body felt like it was being electrocuted. It happened all the time. I’m thinking, what’s going on? And then when my grandma passed away last year, we were in her house and we were memorializing my grandma, and I felt the same thing. But this time I could wake up. Before I couldn’t wake up. I woke up and I saw a woman walking away from me. She had Victorian style clothes and hairstyle. And that made me think, was it a ghost these other times? Because I still felt that same electrocuting feeling all down my body. It was painful.

JIM HAROLD: Do you feel this was the same woman?

MEGAN: No, because the other times I couldn’t wake up. I was so scared and so paralyzed, I couldn’t wake up to see anything. I was afraid to look, you know what I’m saying? But I’m wondering if when I feel that, it’s a ghost or something. Because that last time when I did wake up, I saw a woman – a ghost, because she wasn’t there – she was walking away from me, and I thought, “This is weird.”

JIM HAROLD: Interesting. Well, there are spirits out there, and that sounds a little scarier with the electrical shock. That sounds a bit more disconcerting. But I believe there are spirits out there, no doubt, Megan.

MEGAN: Oh yeah, I believe it. And I’ve really never had any encounters where I see things or feel things except when I was sleeping, so it was interesting.

JIM HAROLD: Sounds like it. Megan, thank you so much for being a part of the Campfire.

MEGAN: Thank you. Stay spooky, Jim!

JIM HAROLD: Stay spooky!

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