Haunted Childhood Homes – Campfire 538

Haunted childhood homes and some mind blowing coincidences headline this edition of Campfire!


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Jim Harold 0:00
A really weird synchronicity on today’s edition of, The Campfire.

Campfire Announcer 0:20
Welcome to our gathering tonight. Here we share stories of ordinary people who have experienced extraordinary things. Sit back, relax, and warm yourself by Jim Harold’s Campfire.

Jim Harold 0:31
Welcome to The Campfire. I am Jim Harold and so glad to be with you today. And we’re gonna get to the spooky stories in just a moment. But I have a couple of exciting announcements. Number one, our show, Unpleasant Dreams, where we cover unusual cases of the strange with our host, Cassandra Harald, and our writer, Maddy Hilker will continue for season two starting in the spring. So be sure to check that out if you haven’t. There’s some great stories over there, some great episodes, Unpleasant Dreams, wherever you listen to this show. So we’re looking forward to that in the spring. Secondly, I want to announce a brand new podcast it’s called, You Won’t Believe What Happened to Me. And I’ll be hosting that with my wife Dar Harold, who many of you know, and so excited to do that. Now, keep in mind with all these other projects, nothing else changes with The Campfire, nothing changes with The Paranormal Podcast or our plus shows. This is on top of everything that we do. You Won’t Believe What Happened to Me, will be a free show. And essentially the idea is this: it’s kind of Campfire without the supernatural, without the paranormal. Incredible stories that have happened to people: good, bad, happy, sad, that really qualify for that statement, “You Won’t Believe What Happened to Me.” Perfect example, my house, when I was a young man, and had my first apartment was shot up with an AK-47. That is a perfect example. Or maybe somebody won the lottery, became an instant millionaire. That would be a perfect, You Won’t Believe What Happened to Me case. Or maybe someone survived an airplane crash without a scratch. That would be a perfect story for You Won’t Believe What Happened to Me. So if you have a non-paranormal story. This is a non-paranormal story that is absolutely incredible! Again, could be happy, could be sad, could be good, could be bad. But whatever it is, it is incredible, amazing, unbelievable, that it happened. Doesn’t happen every day. Please go over to wontbelieve.com and submit your story for consideration. Again, wontbelieve.com. There, you can push a button and record a little synopsis of your story for us, and we will be in touch. So stay tuned for, “You Won’t Believe What Happened to Me,” with Dar and Jim Harold, and that should be premiering sometime in March. And in the meantime, go record your story over at wontbelieve.com. Now speaking of stories, we are going to get to the very paranormal stories, right now on The Campfire.

Next up on The Campfire, is Edwin. We’re so glad to have him on the line. He listens to the show faithfully with his wife Tabitha and his two sons, Eddison and Aaron. So let’s give them all a spooky shout out. And thanks, guys for listening. And Edwin, I realize you’ve got some childhood stories for us. So welcome aboard, and thanks for you and your family listening, and please tell us your stories.

Edwin 3:59
Thanks, Jim. So I originally– I live in Charlotte, North Carolina, but originally grew up in New York, in an area called Jamaica. It’s in the borough of Queens, in the city of New York.

Jim Harold 4:11

Edwin 4:12
And so growing up there, it was kind of inner city. Well, no, it was inner city. And it was a dangerous place. But we had a real sense of community, and I had neighbors that we could always talk to and stuff like that. But because of the crime and things that were happening, closer to about the age of 10, my parents decided to literally move us up the hill. And up the hill meant we moved to an area called Briarhood- er- Briarwood, excuse me. That was tree-lined, and really quaint, and really quiet. And it was– it felt secluded and so secluded that, like, we didn’t even know most of our neighbors for a really long time. So it was a very big different aspect of- of community for us. And now, in saying that, to kind of go back a little bit, growing up, I felt– and- and ultimately I was- I was very much an empath, and I could feel people’s pain and anguish, and mental pain and anguish, and even physical pain.

Jim Harold 5:17

Edwin 5:17
And I think a lot of children can do that. But it was really extreme with me. And- and so I used to feel different things, but I never felt anything spooky, or anything in the house that we lived in. But moving to the house in Briarwood changed a lot for me in my life. And moving into that house, I was about 10 years old, and about six months after moving in, we had a kind of a traumatic experience. Somebody held me and my sister up at knifepoint, and robbed our house.

Jim Harold 5:17
Oh man.

Edwin 5:23
And that one– yeah. And well, what it did was it kind of heightened a lot of the feelings that I had. And at that point, there really wasn’t anything going on in the house. Nothing spooky. I would hear disembodied voices, but it wasn’t scary. I remember, I would lay my head down, and I would hear gentleman’s voice, and he would say, “Oh, how pleasant.” And then I would also hear a young lady, and she would be humming to herself, like humming a song. But it was scary. And it wasn’t– there was no apparitions or anything like that. And– but once this traumatic event happened, it kind of heightened my anxiety as a kid. I had a hard time, kind of, adjusting to the neighborhood.

Jim Harold 6:42

Edwin 6:42
And I didn’t see it the same way. And then I remember, one day– we were latchkey kids, my parents worked really hard to get us to a nice neighborhood, but they had to work hard, and they worked late. And so me and my sisters, we were latchkey- latchkey kids. We would go, and let ourselves in. We would start the rice before my mother would come home, and complete the rest of dinner. Do our homework. And one day, I was about 10, and I came into the door. And we had a little open area where we could put our shoes, and I did that. And as soon as I walked into the living room, I could feel that the house was- was different. It was really cold. And it seemed really dim, and we had a lot of windows, the whole living room was lined with windows. And it was really dark. And I look in from the living room aspect, right across from it was the dining room. And this was a rather large house, this was about 3000 square feet. It was a really, really nice house, and I grew up in this house for seven/ eight years before I went into the military.

Jim Harold 7:50

Edwin 7:50
So it’s really big. And you kind of look into the living room, and into the dining room. And there’s a gentleman, kind of leaning on his shoulder up against the entrance of the dining room.

Jim Harold 8:02

Edwin 8:03
And my, like– everything in me was like, “Oh, my god, somebody broke into the house.” Right? And I see this gentleman, but he isn’t dressed like a kid of– this is– I’m 10, so this is like 1991-1992.

Jim Harold 8:18

Edwin 8:18
So he’s not dressed in the 90s fashion. He was really– he was dressed in like 1930s fashion. And, like, that’s the first thing that I saw. And then I looked at him, and I looked at his eyes. And he wasn’t really staring at me, but he was staring in my direction. And he motions with his hand, like, “come here.” He doesn’t say anything, but he motions with his hand, “come here.” And then he nods his head, like, “come on, come on.” And he turns his body, and as he turns the corner to walk into the dining room, he just disappears.

Jim Harold 8:55
Oh man. Oh, man.

Edwin 8:58
(Laughs). And believe me, you know, I’m 10, I’m almost 11, at this point. And my body just– I turn cold. I run out of the house. And I sit on my stoop until my older sister comes home. I mean, I was, like, I was not going back into that house. Um, and that was the first time that I saw something in the house.

Jim Harold 9:20

Edwin 9:20
And from that point on, kind of things elevated. And it wasn’t, you know, some creepy horror movie type thing. It was just little things that would happen here and there. And the other story that really kind of hits me in it, and it happened to almost everybody in my family, but we also had a… you could call it a shapeshifter. Um, and so I remember one afternoon, and it was a Saturday. And myself, my sister and my mother were upstairs. My mother was in her room. I was in my room, and my sister was at this long hallway. At the end of the long hallway was her room. And I hear her door open. And I see her walk past my room. I see my– and then I hear my mother ask my sister, “hey, when you come up, bring me a glass of milk.” And we’re a traditional Hispanic family. And even if– we don’t have to be Hispanic. I mean, when your mother says something, you respond back, right?

Jim Harold 10:20

Edwin 10:21
My- my- my mom always wanted us to respond back, and my sister didn’t say anything. And so my mother, you know, kind of raises her voice, and she says my sister’s name, and she says, “You know, when you come up, bring me a glass of milk.” And, nothing. So I hear my mom get out of her bed, and me being 11-12 years old. I’m like, “Ooh, my sister’s gonna get her butt beat.” So I run- I run up- I get up, I run to my door, and I see my mom at the top of the steps, and she yells my sister’s name. And she says, “Come up here now.” And I run up to the top of the steps. And at that same time, I see my sister walking the last two steps, and she turns the corner into the living room. And my mother gets so angry because she, you know– I don’t even know what she’s thinking in her head. But she must be thinking, you know, this is a teenage daughter. She’s not listening to me. This is– she yells my sister’s name really loud. And then from the end of the hallway, my sister opens her door, she comes out of her room, and she goes, “What?!” And my mom looks at me, and I look at her, and we just jump up. My mom yells at my sister, “Come over here now!” We run into my mom’s room, and close the door. And we– and my mom begins praying. And my sister’s just going like, “What’s going on? What’s going on?” And I’ve never been a praying kid, but I prayed hard. And it was just so weird. Because, you know, it was- it was material. It looked like a solid person. It looks like my sister.

Jim Harold 12:00

Edwin 12:00
And what– right when– and when it went around the corner, had the profile of my sister. This was in the middle of the day. I could see it. See it clearly, and- and yet, it wasn’t my sister. And little things would happen. You’d hear disembodied voices. We had a really creepy, kind of dungeon-looking basement. It was- it was- it was creepy, the faucet would turn on once and a while there. But- but ultimately, those were the two big stories that would happen, and it happened in that house, that kind of just brought me to a place where I said, “there’s something more than-

Jim Harold 12:37

Edwin 12:37
-what we understand.” But- but, yeah. And- and because of that empathic feeling, like it carried me on through. And I kind of mentioned to you earlier, Jim, it kind of carried me on through in the military. And I saw things there. And it’s just one of those things where, I think the door’s a little bit cracked open for me sometimes, and I see things, I feel things, that maybe others don’t. But- but I think it all started, definitely, in that house.

Jim Harold 13:03
Now, let me ask you this. Um, did you ever find out anything about the history of the house?

Edwin 13:12
Yes. So, um, it was funny, because, of course, you know, I wrote in to– for the, you know, to tell my story. And I said, “I really didn’t know anything about my– the neighborhood that I came from, or matter of fact, that- of the house that much. All we had been told was that the house was really old. You know, and that there were two families before that lived there. The person who had sold the house to my father had told me that he wasn’t the original owner. But Briarwood was this kind of– it was one of the first melting pots in Queens, and it kind of– it was established early in the 1900s. 1908, I think. And in that specific area that we were, most of the houses were built between 1918 and 1935. So it has history. And- and- and the thing is, is that you can kind of tell from– you can look at the house, and it’s one of those homes in New York. Nowadays in New York, everything is kind of brand new, and things are building up. But this is- this is an established home, and it had, you know, two different generations of families living there. So that- that much I know. I know that, you know, Briar Wood had its, you know, kind of ugly side for a while but- but ultimately when I moved there, it was just a really quaint, you know, nook of a neighborhood in Queens. You know, tree-lined and- and quiet. Very different from where we came from. So, outside of that, you know, we– I’m- I only know that the house was close to 100 years old. It was somewhere between 70 and 100 years old. So it had history for sure.

Jim Harold 14:58
Very, very cool, indeed. Thanks so much for being on the show, Edwin. And a big thanks for Tabitha, Edison, and Aaron, listening to the show and all of your support. I appreciate it.

Edwin 15:12
Thanks. Thanks, Jim. Appreciate it.

Jim Harold 15:15
Damini is on the line from North Carolina. We’re so glad to speak with her. She’s been listening for a couple of years now, and we’re so grateful that she is. And grateful she’s here today to tell us about two places where she says very, very spooky things happen. Damini, welcome to the show. Thank you for joining us. And please tell us your story.

Damini 15:36
Yeah. Thanks, Jim. Thanks for having me on the show. Yeah, the first place that I lived was my childhood home. And I was about eight or nine years old, when I first saw something spooky. I was in bed one night, I had just gotten up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. And I came back and was getting into bed. And I looked over to my door, which was right across from the bed, and something was there.

Jim Harold 16:07

Damini 16:07
(Laughs). So this was a tall figure. It was kind of translucent. I could see through it, but it looks like a person. And it started approaching me-

Jim Harold 16:17
Oh boy.

Damini 16:17
Slowly and very steadily approaching me.

Jim Harold 16:22
Yikes. And that’s scary, you know, even if your mind’s not going to ghosts, just an intruder something. That’s terrifying.

Damini 16:29
Yeah, it- it’s– I was really scared. I was too scared to call out for my parents. I thought, “what if I make this thing mad? I don’t know what it is.” So I just started blinking, and trying to tell myself, “it’s gonna go away. It’s going to disappear.” And then it didn’t disappear. It started coming through the bed, through the foot of my bed. And I just pulled the covers over my head, and hid until I finally fell asleep somehow. I don’t know how but…

Jim Harold 17:00
Ooh, that’s frightening. That’s right, now- now here, I’m gonna do it, again. I do this on the show periodically. We will have people call in, and they call in randomly. It’s in a certain time block that we have available on our calender. We don’t line up the stories. Right before you called. Right before you called. We had a caller, Edwin, I’ll put his call in front of yours on the show, for this purpose. And had a very similar experience as a childhood in New York- as a child in New York, looked in a doorway, and there was a man dressed in 30s garb there. (Laughs).

Damini 17:35
Oh, wow.

Jim Harold 17:36
And he just turned, and walked away, and disappeared. So striking similarity there between those two stories that were just randomly, randomly kind of smushed together in our call schedule. I think it’s so cool. How sometimes the show says, “No, you’re going in this direction, Jim.”

Damini 17:53
Yeah. And then they’re very similar. Yeah. And sometimes– I’ve heard too that sometimes ghosts, or spirits, energy, whatever it is, will follow a path that they knew in their life. And maybe, maybe there wasn’t– maybe the room was different.

Jim Harold 18:10

Damini 18:10
You know, there was no bed there so…

Jim Harold 18:12
Right. So- so it didn’t seem to be aware of you? Was it more just kind of…? In other words, it wasn’t interacting with you in any way.

Damini 18:21
It didn’t seem to be at all aware of me.

Jim Harold 18:25
That’s– but I feel, you know, you’re young, you’re a child. And you see this strange, whatever it is walking in your room. That’s- that’s really scary. And again, not even on a ghost level: on an intruder level. Was it translucent? Could you see through? Or was it just solid as you or I?

Damini 18:43
It was translucent. So I wasn’t really thinking it was a real, you know, a solid person.

Jim Harold 18:49
Wow. Yeah. That’s spooky enough. But I know you’ve got another one.

Damini 18:55
Yes. Okay. So I told my mom about that after we moved out of a house, and she said, “Well, I have a story about that house too. And I didn’t want to tell you before we moved out, because I didn’t want to scare you.” So she often heard strange things in the kitchen in that house. She worked a night shift for an airline, and so she would sleep in. She’d get me ready for school, and then she’d go back to bed and get some sleep. So, my dad worked a job where he could come home for lunch. So they would often get to see each other during that time. And so, she said several times, she would wake up and hear my dad coming home for lunch. She would hear the door, some footsteps, the cabinets, you know, footsteps in the kitchen. And she’d get up and start talking to him. Like, “Hey, how you doing? Good to see you for lunch!” And then he wasn’t there. He– she’d walked down the hall speaking to him, and he would not be in there.

Jim Harold 19:57
So well, okay, okay, I’m gonna really blow In your mind this time. Edwin’s other story was about his doppelganger sister.

Damini 20:06
Oh my god.

Jim Harold 20:07
And, you’re both from North Carolina.

Damini 20:09

Jim Harold 20:09
Dun, dun, duuuun! (Laughs). You guys don’t know each other, do you?

Damini 20:17
No! I don’t know anyone named Edwin who lives here.

Jim Harold 20:21
Yeah, that’s wild.

Damini 20:22
Oh my gosh.

Jim Harold 20:22
That’s wild. He had two stories: he had a disappearing ghost man. Now, this ghost man interacted with him. But then, he had one about his doppelganger sister. Now-

Damini 20:32
Oh my gosh.

Jim Harold 20:33
So- so your mom, back to your story, I don’t mean to detract from your story. Back to your mom, so she would talk to this person thinking it was your dad.

Damini 20:42

Jim Harold 20:43
And then it obviously wouldn’t be. Wow.

Damini 20:46
There was just nobody there at all.

Jim Harold 20:48
That’s really-

Damini 20:48
He wasn’t home yet, or he didn’t- maybe didn’t come home that day for lunch. And she’s just standing in the kitchen by herself.

Jim Harold 20:54
Was this a old house?

Damini 20:57
It was pretty old. It wasn’t. It wasn’t super old. I mean, it was probably built in the 60s or the 50s. So not- not super old. My mom had a theory about it.

Jim Harold 21:07

Damini 21:07
She thought it was the landlord who had passed away, coming back to check on the house.

Jim Harold 21:13
That kind of makes sense.

Damini 21:16
Yeah, I don’t know why he would walk straight through my bed, but that was her theory.

Jim Harold 21:22
I love it. I love it. Well, show’s off to an auspicious start today with two back to back callers just– and it really is eerie. And again, it could be a coincidence, or it could be too much of a coincidence to be a coincidence. The universe kind of saying, “Hey Jim, you’re throwing all these stories out there: we see you. We see you.”

Damini 21:42
It’s kind of spooky.

Jim Harold 21:43
It is kind of spooky, but that’s what we do here! And Damini, thank you so much for being a part of it, and sharing your stories on The Campfire.

Damini 21:51
Thank you. Thank you for having me.

Jim Harold 21:54
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Jim Harold 24:16
James is back on The Campfire. So glad to have him from North Yorkshire, England. So good to talk to him again. And he’s also a podcaster with his Fortean News Podcast, so check that out. But he told us a remarkable story last time about his grandparents and the Second World War. And today, he’s going to go in the past, but not quite so far. This one’s from the 1970s. And, always interested in the 70s. Fascinating decade. And so good to have James back, and please tell us that groovy story from the 1970s.

James 24:53

Jim Harold 24:54
Thank you. Thank you for joining us again.

James 24:56
Thank you, Jim. Thank you so much for having me. So yeah, this- this is a– my uncle went down in Coventry, which is in the Midlands. And he was out one night with some friends. I think they’d been to the theater, or something, or the cinema. And they were driving back at night, and came in quite late. My grandparents were both in bed. But when he came home, my granddad came out to see my uncle, because he heard him kind of wailing. He was crying, and asked him what was wrong. And my- my uncle explained that they were, they were just driving along. They came to this roundabout, and a junction in the road. And there was no other cars coming, so they just carried straight over. But they heard, and saw, a little girl appearing in the road. And they hit this little girl.

Jim Harold 25:45
Oh, my.

James 25:45
And the entire car– there was five people in the car. Every single one of them saw this girl, every single one of them heard the bump when it hit her. They got out the car, they looked everywhere, but just couldn’t find this little girl. So that was a mystery alone. And they didn’t know what to do. They– and this was before mobile phones. And so they dropped my uncle off. He was the first one on the route. And, he was just in a panic. He was in a real state.

Jim Harold 26:15
Of course!

James 26:16
My granddad– yeah, absolutely. My granddad was just trying to calm him down. And he said, “Look, we’ve we’ve got to call the police. You know, we’ve got to let them know, and get her help if she’s still out there.” So he rang the police. And this was the time when you rang, the police went to your local office, rather than ringin’ you know, a center. It just went straight to the local Coventry police station.

Jim Harold 26:38

James 26:39
And they explained what had happened. And the police officer had said, “Was it by this junction, you know, on this road by– there’s a there’s a hole in the fences? Was it there?” And my granddad said, “Yeah, that’s exactly right. Have you found her?” You know, quite- quite pleased that they- that, you know, he knew what area was. And the police officer responded with, “Look, don’t worry, just try and stay calm. He said this happens all the time.” He said, “a little girl died there a couple of years ago, and we just keep– this keeps occurring. And we keep getting calls. Obviously, we’ll send someone out there. But just try not to worry. It’s probably nothing.”

Jim Harold 27:14

James 27:15
Which of course just blew my– again, my granddad was a non-believer. Didn’t really believe in ghosts, but can’t still– couldn’t give me an explanation for this. But it just left him absolutely dumbfounded.

Jim Harold 27:28
Yeah. That– again, I mean– and police tend to be kind of, I mean, I think just because of their job, they might be a little more jaded than the average person–

James 27:40

Jim Harold 27:40
–and not given to flights of fancy. And the fact they say, “Well, there’s a ghost child, basically. And this happens all the time.” I mean, that’s, that’s pretty good validation.

James 27:50
Yeah. (Laughs). Yeah, I mean, you know, obviously, if they don’t investigate you seriously, and someone has been hit, though their job’s to investigate-

Jim Harold 27:58
Of course.

James 27:58
-and a criminal prosecution themselves. So, yeah. Yeah, it’s insane. Isn’t it?

Jim Harold 28:04
Amazing. Well, James, thank you once again, for another great story. I appreciate it. And thanks for being a part of The Campfire.

James 28:12
Thank you, Jim.

Jim Harold 28:14
Next up on The Campfire is Doug from Iowa. And I want to give his wife, also, Susie a shout out. They’re big fans of The Campfire. Plus club members for years, and we appreciate that. And now, Doug is going to take us back to 1996. And a story about renting a bungalow, and he’s going to tell us all about it, and the strangeness that ensued. Doug, welcome to the program. Please tell us what happened.

Doug 28:42
Jim, thanks so much. Yes, I was looking for a rental house. It was in Webster County, Iowa. And I did find a 1925 bungalow that seemed to fit the bill, at the time. As I was going through the house, it had a full basement. So I walked down the basement stairs, you turn left, and it kind of open up into rectangles there. And just really felt like somebody was just right there that you couldn’t see, and just kind of staring, you know, just kind of staring holes through you. So just kind of got a strange feeling down there and toured the rest of the house. And it did have kind of a closet door and a bedroom, and that has a full set of stairs that went up to the attic. And I kind of noticed it was basically a big open unfinished space. And they kind of had just a little tiny divider wall that I suppose was for heat, but kind of the same thing up there. It’s like, “Yeah. Mmm. This feels kind of strange.” And I just probably don’t want to, you know, stay here too long: any more than I have to, so… Wound up renting the home, and lived there for a while, and there were some things that occurred in the second bedroom. We would occasionally hear a loud noise go in there. I’m pretty handy. Usually when I mount things to the walls like pictures and things like that, they- they stay put.

Jim Harold 30:05

Doug 30:05
So, hear loud noise in the second bedroom, and open the door and, here’s a picture on the floor. And we thought, “Well, okay, that’s- that’s interesting.” Another time, had a very thick glass jar. Kind of three, four, or five gallon, really thick glass jar that we would put coins in.

Jim Harold 30:25

Doug 30:26
And, uh, heard noise in the bedroom. Go in there. And this jar, you know, basically just kind of exploded. So that was the loud noise.

Jim Harold 30:35
Huh. So, I mean, nobody was doing anything to it. You were in a totally different room, there was nobody else there. And you came, and the jar had literally exploded?

Doug 30:44
Yeah, tonight, I kind of looked at it, and, you know, I’m just kind of analytical, if you ask anybody. And I just kind of looked at it and the pieces. And, you know, it’s like, how did this break? You know, nobody’s in there with a hammer. And, you know, I could be wrong, but it almost looked like the- the jar, like, broke from the, like– something from the inside, pushed it out. I just- just the way the glass broke and the angles, I’m like, “Well, gee whiz. That’s very strange.”

Jim Harold 31:16
Yeah. Interesting.

Doug 31:17
So like I said, it’s kind of a bungalow. I’m kind of a fixer– fix-it-upper guy. And the home was in a pretty nice location. It had, you know, pretty, basically– tried to work it out with landlords to see if we could buy the home. And it took about six months but we were able to buy the home. So, the reason I wanted to do that, we kind of pulled the carpet up: it had oak floors. It’s like, “hey, you know, I can sand those. I would much rather have nice oak floors than carpet.”

Jim Harold 31:48

Doug 31:49
And the other thing that it had: most of those homes will have nine foot ceilings, and they– the living room and dining room were hooked together. Just a big rectangle. And they’d put a drop ceiling in. So I didn’t care for that. And that didn’t seem to fit the character of the house. So I went ahead and said, “hey, you know, now that we own it, we can do things like this without having to ask.” So I was working on taking drop ceiling out, had a radio going. I’m up on the ladder trying to kind of get to the framework of it and everything. And low crowbar in hand, on the ladder, I started pulling ceiling tiles down. And a ceiling tile was, kind of, basically coming to my eyeballs. So it’s kind of coming at my face. And I’m like, “Oh, you know, that’s probably not good.” And it stopped; it did not touch my face. And it kind of went straight out for several feet. And then gravity took over. And I’m like, “Okay, that is, generally, not the way that ceiling tiles fall.”

Jim Harold 32:51

Doug 32:51
So with everything that’s going on in the house, you know, the radio- the radio is playing- playing songs and the DJs on periodically. And I said something that I will never ever say the words again. But I said, “If there is a presence here, please, you know, let your let yourself be known.” And about the time that the end– at the end of that sentence came on, the radio went staticky, (caller makes static sound). For about, I’m gonna guess, about three seconds. So that- that really got my attention. I’m like, “I have to question. Something seemed to respond.” But after the static, it played the song, “Spirit in the Sky,” from the beginning of the song–

Jim Harold 33:31

Doug 33:31
–which kind of kind of has a long intro, you know, it’s kind of slow.

Jim Harold 33:34
(Humming the start of the song). Dun, dun dun dun dun.

Doug 33:35
And there’s a few little periodic notes in there. And I stood there. And my wife, now she’s like, “Did you run out of the house?” And I said, “Well, I… I stared at the front door,” but I said, “I really don’t know what good that would do. Because, you know, that happened. And I would have to come back in the house.” And I’m just like, “That- I- you know, I don’t know. I just stood there.” But I didn’t say– I just told myself at that time at that. I’ll never ask that again.

Jim Harold 34:04
Well, I gotta say, if I were- if I were in the house, and I said that, and that played, kind of to the- to the lines of the song. I’d, personally, be glad I “had a friend in Jesus,” because (Laughs). Norman Greenbaum, by the way, is the name of the guy who sang that song.

Doug 34:21
Nice, nice.

Jim Harold 34:21
But- but oh, man.

Doug 34:24
But, yeah, I just- I don’t know what that was. You know, there’s kind of always a presence. You just kind of felt that– and I always wondered, you know, it’s like, “why, you know,”– you’re probably going to ask me that, but it’s like, “you know, why? That, you know, did something happened?” And I just, tried to do a little bit of research, but just never really, you know, found a thing out like a newspaper article or, “Hey, by the way this, this happened.” But, you know, just- just felt like, you know, there was something there. And, you know, I know a lot of times during activity and construction, I was basically trying to put the home kind of back. You know, it had really good design. Let’s have our tall ceilings. It even seem like it kind of helped me out, at that point in time. It kept the ceiling tile from smacking me in the face.

Jim Harold 35:07
So did you did you stay in the house for a long period of time?

Doug 35:11
Um, basically, no. After that, kind of fixes up. And there was actually a house across the street and saw some activity over there. It was like a little two-story just a little bit, slightly bigger house, and walked across the street, and had a chat with them, and just kind of handshook, and moved across the street.

Jim Harold 35:32
Right, right, right. Well, Doug, thank you so much. I appreciate it. And I thank you so much, and I love the “Spirit in the Sky” story. So thank you so much, and just great story. I appreciate it. And so good to have you on The Campfire.

Doug 35:49
Thank you, Jim.

Jim Harold 35:50
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Paranormal Podcast Announcer 38:10
You are listening to Jim Harold’s Campfire.

Jim Harold 38:14
We have a return caller. She was on recently: Kerrie from Virginia. And she was telling us about a haunted bar that she worked at. And she has a story here that ties in and then, a very special family stories. Well, Kerrie, welcome back to the show. Thank you for joining us. And please tell us your stories.

Kerrie 38:33
I will. Thanks for having me again, Jim. So my first story is related to the bar that I worked at. Unfortunately, it is due to the lovely bar manager that I worked with. We, unfortunately, lost him last year to a drug overdose. It was very sad. So the family held a private memorial service. And then, we– so service industries when you work in a small town everyone who works in like bars and restaurants, you tend to all– you get to the point where everyone knows each other. So we had kind of a service industry memorial service. So we got all together. And we were toasting and telling stories, and just remembering him. And one of our friends told a story about a time that they went to a conference together. It was a bartending conference. And so there were lots of, like, evening parties and gatherings. And during the day there would be panels and things like that. So she’s telling the story about how she came to his hotel room to get him for one of the panels they were going to go to, and she could see that he’d clearly had a very fun time that night. And there was a trail of goldfish crackers all over the hotel room. So she could tell where he had been ’cause there would be little trailed goldfish crackers here, there, everywhere.

Jim Harold 39:50

Kerrie 39:51
So, she tells the story, everyone laughs, and then eventually you know the– we– everyone goes their way. So three months later, I play cello, and I have weekly lessons. And one night, I go to my lesson, I go find a parking space, I park, I go to the studio, and then I come back. And it’s dark. There’s no one around, I get to my car, and I go to put my cello in the trunk, and I realize there’s a trail of goldfish crackers.

Jim Harold 40:19

Kerrie 40:20
All down one side of my car–

Jim Harold 40:22
Oh my.

Kerrie 40:24
–like somebody had stood there. They weren’t there when I got there.

Jim Harold 40:28

Kerrie 40:28
And there was no one around. And it was just this odd little tri– like all down one, the passenger side, of the car, and kind of trailing around to the back. Like someone just kind of stood there waiting for me. And were dropping them as they were eating them.

Jim Harold 40:41
But the cool thing about that is: I’ll tell you the cool thing about that is. It’s so unique.

Kerrie 40:48

Jim Harold 40:48
You know, it’s not like he had– it wasn’t even bread crumbs. You know, it wasn’t something you would expect.

Kerrie 40:55

Jim Harold 40:55
It’s something almost singular, you know. And I love when we get these stories of friends or family giving a sign, but the sign is very specific. And it’s a sign– I had a sign like that from my uncle. That it wouldn’t mean anything to anybody else. But to you, it meant everything.

Kerrie 41:18

Jim Harold 41:19
Now I know you have a second story about your dad.

Kerrie 41:21
Yeah. So, unfortunately. We very suddenly lost my dad at the end of September.

Jim Harold 41:30
I’m sorry.

Kerrie 41:31
Last year. Yeah. And it’s been… Yeah. It’s been hard.

Jim Harold 41:34

Kerrie 41:35
And pretty shortly– so I’ve been talking with my stepmom a lot. So it’s bonus, much closer together. And she, pretty shortly after he passed away, shared, you know– she told me, she said, “Your dad is okay. He came to me in a dream.” And I told her, I said, “Oh, that’s so nice.” And then I kind of privately thought, “Well, I hope-” you know, and also I felt like, I was like, “Well don’t be selfish” like-

Jim Harold 42:01

Kerrie 42:02
I was like, “I want my sign. I want a sign.” And I thought, “well, don’t be selfish, you’ll get a sign if you’re going to get a sign.” So– and again, I was going to my weekly cello lesson, only now, they’re during the day. And I went to my lesson. And then I stood on the sidewalk afterwards. There’s a fun little wine shop right down the street. And I tend to pop in, and say hi, and like, poke around. And they have good snacks and things like that, too. So I was like, “do I want to go, or do I want to stay- go home? Or do I go? Do I go home, or do I go?” So I went. And I looked into the shop, and I said hi to the owner, and I’m kind of poking around. And in the background I hear, I notice, Tom Petty, and I’m like, “Oh, Tom Petty. Cool.” And then the second, the next song, comes on. And I’m like, “Wait, that’s Roy Orbison. Wait. This is the Traveling Wilburys.”

Jim Harold 42:51
(simultaneously) Traveling Wilburys. (Laughs).

Kerrie 42:52
Yeah. And my dad adored the Traveling Wilburys. We both really loved music. And music was one thing where we had– we both liked very different things. But we also had a lot of things we shared together. And that was one album I heard probably a million and one times in high school. He would have it in the truck. He would play it in the morning on the weekend. And so, when I stood there, and I was listening to it– I’ve never heard that in public anywhere.

Jim Harold 43:19

Kerrie 43:20

Jim Harold 43:21

Kerrie 43:21
And it was Roy Orbison’s, “You’re Not Alone Anymore.”

Jim Harold 43:25

Kerrie 43:27
Yeah. So, I really, really felt like– so I came home. I texted my stepmom. And I said, “You’ll never believe what I just heard.” And she messaged me back, and she said, “Oh, yeah. That was your dad.”

Jim Harold 43:43
Yeah, yeah. Sounds like it to me for sure. For sure. And you guys had good taste! What a supergroup that was, you know?

Kerrie 43:50
Yeah, they were.

Jim Harold 43:52
Man. Oh, wow. Two powerful stories. I do believe, Carrie, that our loved ones get messages to us, like I said in very specific ways that really means something to us very personally. Thank you for sharing your very personal stories on The Campfire.

Kerrie 44:08
Thank you so much, Jim.

Jim Harold 44:09
Adrian is on the line from the great state of Virginia. And she’s going to take us back to when she was about four years old, and tell us the strangeness that ensued. Adrian, welcome to the show. Thank you for joining us.

Adrian 44:22
Thank you. My story starts when I’m about four or five years old. It was in Norfolk, Virginia. And we were living in a house off of Woolsley Street. Just to give you a background, my mom and dad loved to watch us television in the dark. And so we would just have the TV light on, and one night we were watching television, and I love to snuggle up behind my mom’s legs. And I heard someone call my name. So I looked around, and I could see someone in the kitchen. So I jumped off the couch, ran down there to see what it was, and there was a man. No lie. On hands and knee’s. And I got the feeling like, he was saying, “Do you want a piggyback ride?” Now, don’t ask me how I had that feeling.

Jim Harold 45:10

Adrian 45:10
It just kind of felt that way. And I remember looking back at my parents and seeing them, and then looking back at this person, and realizing this is not a family member. So I took off running, went back into the living room, jumped behind my mom’s legs and looked back and it was gone.

Jim Harold 45:29

Adrian 45:30
So, very interesting, eh?

Jim Harold 45:33
Very interesting, indeed. Very scary!

Adrian 45:36
Very, very scary. And the next scary story was in the same house, was with my mom. She loved to stay up late and watch television. And she went to bed that night, late, and she kind of rolled over towards the wall. And she said ss soon as she did that, something forced her and on her back. And when they forced her on her back, she couldn’t move. And they flipped the light on.

Jim Harold 46:02
Oh, man.

Adrian 46:02
Well, she– I know, right? She told me that they flipped the light on. And where there was a light, there wasn’t really a light switch. And where there was a door wasn’t really a door. So it was almost like she was somewhere else in time. And she couldn’t move. And this person, she said, had like dark leather skin, wearing a red shirt. Like he had leathery skin from the sun, or something like that.

Jim Harold 46:27

Adrian 46:28
So then, she pretty much let him have it, in her mind. Like, “I don’t know who you are. I don’t know where you came from,” you know, you know, “you need to leave.” And she said that he gave her the most disgusted look like, “will, you just shut up lady?” And then he flipped the light off. Well, when he flipped the light off, she can move again.

Jim Harold 46:50
How weird is that?

Adrian 46:51
And she’s alright. And she got up, she said, and she just, like, paced the hallway all night. She told me she smoked about a carton of cigarettes. (Laughs). And was basically fussing that person out, which I can’t say the language, she used but–

Jim Harold 46:56
I don’t blame her! I don’t blame her.

Adrian 47:07
I know. “I don’t know who you are, or where you came from. But you better not come back here ever!” And she said, one of us was walking out of the bed, out of the bedroom, I guess to use the restroom. And she said she grabbed us up, and went, and took us into the bed with her so she could hold on to us. Like we’re gonna save her life or something, right? So that story was like, amazing enough. But then the third story, which is the final one in the same house, I was laying in bed, and my brother and I shared a room. We’re really young. And I– my dad was in the bathroom shaving. And I swear to you, I kept seeing someone walking in and out, in and out, of the bathroom. Who was not my dad, and this person had like a little beard.

Jim Harold 47:07

Adrian 47:12
And he gave that– that person gave me like a really freaky feeling like–

Jim Harold 47:54

Adrian 47:54
–he might be a bad spirit. I don’t know why I had that feeling, but it terrified me. I remember putting my head under the covers, and then looking back. (Laughs). It wasn’t goin’. It wasn’t goin’ away.

Jim Harold 48:06

Adrian 48:07
–and that’s pretty much it.

Jim Harold 48:08
Do you? Do you think it was specifically that house?

Adrian 48:11
Um, I do, but there’s also part of me that feels like it kinda was trying to communicate with my mom. Because she had been told that, you know, if she had– she has that ability that if she had just listened, or would like slow her mind down, that they could meet to communicate with her. But we obviously didn’t live much longer in that house. We got out of there.

Jim Harold 48:33
Well, it’s one of those things, you know, it’s just really one of those things. Where– when there’s a pattern like that, and it happens over and over, there’s something. You know, one time you can kinda say, “well, whatever.” But when it’s time and time and time again, it makes you think there’s really something going on in this place.

Adrian 48:53
Right? And what about flippin’ the light switch on and being somewhere totally different?

Jim Harold 48:57
Yeah, that’s weird. That’s weird.

Adrian 48:58
That is like– and you hear about different dimensions. So maybe for that one moment, she was somewhere else? I mean, pretty powerful to flip you on your back, and you can’t move.

Jim Harold 49:10
Well, thank you so much. I appreciate it. And thank you for being a part of The Campfire.

Adrian 49:17
No problem. Thank you.

Jim Harold 49:19
We have a return caller tonight. Jamie is on the line from Alaska, and she’s going to tell us about something strange in the skies. Jamie, welcome to the program. Tell us what happened.

Jamie 49:25
Okay, thank you, Jim, for having me. So I don’t know exactly what this is. So I’m going to call it a head-scratcher. I was out– I’m in Alaska here, and I was out feeding our horses. It was about, maybe, 6:30 at night. I remember it was election night, with a presidential election. November 3rd or so. But I had just put some hay down for my horse, and I happened to see something through the trees; it was very bright. And it looks as– you had a caller not long ago talking about something that looked like- like the moon, that was bright as the moon. Like that.

Jim Harold 50:10

Jamie 50:11
That’s- that’s what this was like. I could see it through the trees, moving. And we do get a lot of air traffic here. So I– at first I just immediately thought, “Oh, it must be a Cub plane or something, you know, low-flying by.” So I just didn’t really think anything of it. Well, I walked away to the gate. I turned around to close the, you know, walk through and close the gate. And I looked up in time to see that object actually move slowly across, out, from the trees. And it was actually just above the tree line to give people an idea. And it hovered over my horse’s pasture, not- not far from him. He didn’t seem to notice it. I don’t know why. But it was– I’m hearing impaired. I couldn’t really tell you if it made a sound or not, but I didn’t hear it.

Jim Harold 51:01

Jamie 51:01
And the horses didn’t react. This thing was very large. So like I said, we get a lot of air traffic here that flies low. So I have something to compare it to. It was not an airplane, it was way too big to be a drone, and it was about the size of an airplane that– of a Cub plane, if that gives you any idea of how large this was. It was, like, the shape of a– like, if you look at the paper airplane, from a side view. That very slender V shape.

Jim Harold 51:31

Jamie 51:31
And the back of it has– it was seemed to be sort of like a cut-out. Like a circular shaped cut-out. But it was very strange. It was very electric looking. And had some sort of like electro-plasma coming out of it. I don’t– from the back end of it; it was very strange. It’s– it moved very slowly. I just, I was shocked. I just stopped and stared at it.

Jim Harold 51:58

Jamie 51:58
And I thought, “Should I take my phone out and- to take a picture?” but it was stuffed in my coat, because it was cold in winter. And I didn’t want to make– and I don’t want it to move ’cause I don’t want it to leave. (Laughs).

Jim Harold 52:09

Jamie 52:09
How did they know that I was there? So um, then it acted like it was startled. And I mean, it really seemed like it was conscious. Like it was a creature, almost. Only it was an object. And then it slowly turned– it sounds silly, but it reminds me of when the Star Trek, The Enterprise, turns to take off, or, you know, one of the other space ships that does that. And it turned, and then went away from me. And it– instead of like slowly getting smaller and leaving, it just, like, vanished, like it just disappeared. So I don’t know what it was, or if anyone else has seen anything like that. The only person I can think of was your caller that you had that said it looked like the moon, and it was– seemed like it was aware of her. That’s what this reminded me of. And I- I saw this, like, way before I heard her story. So, I mean, it was really amazing. All I could think of was, “Wait, come back!”

Jim Harold 53:07

Jamie 53:07
I didn’t want it to leave. Yeah, it was really cool. And I– the only thing that I can think of, this is very strange, but, um, I had ordered some horse blankets that– for the horses, they had outgrown them, they just needed new blankets, and the weather got really cold really fast. So I was worried about them being cold. Well, in about a week leading up to this event, I kept imagining, you know, the white light energy coming and circling the horses, and making sure that they’re warm, and you know, all that stuff. And it was my only effort, you know, to try to keep them warm. And I had been thinking of that right before this object showed up. So I- I don’t know if the two are connected at all. But it was just something that I would throw out there. Just you know, food for thought. So I don’t know what it was.

Jim Harold 54:00
Interesting. And the thing is, is that you know, I wish we get more UFO stories on the shows. Because I think people think, “Ahh The Campfire. It’s a ghost story show,” and it certainly is. But it’s also UFO story show. It’s a paranormal– and I put UFOs into that because it’s something that we can’t quite explain. I think when people think of paranormal these days, I think ghosts, ghosts, ghosts.

Jamie 54:21

Jim Harold 54:21
And yeah, it’s a huge part of it. But that’s just one part of it. And I mean all of it. I have kind of like the big 10 philosophy in terms of UFOs. I think it’s interesting. And it feels like we’re in a different place with UFOs these days. We cover that a lot on our other show, Paranormal Podcast. Also on our plus club show for plus members, UFO Encounters. Has this experience, Jamie, changed your– I know you emailed me about some reading you had been doing and things. Has this changed your philosophy or your thought process about UFOs?

Jamie 54:56
Um, it has an effect that I guess I never expected to see anything that looked like that. And I always asked myself, “What would I do if I saw one?” And I was just in complete amazement. You like– the object I saw was- was a– to me it felt like a creature. Like it was alive, almost like an animal, like a wild animal, that might show up in front of you and go, “Oh, you spotted me!” and left. That’s what it felt like to me. So it was definitely not what I was expecting at all. And I don’t know if it was a UFO or something else, or I have no idea what it was. But yes, I had been doing some reading, and one of the descriptions that I came across, I don’t– I’ve not seen a picture of one, but Dr. Steven Greer talks about something called a plasma craft. And that is probably the closest description that I could come to one: is it looked like plasma as a solid piece. If that makes sense.

Jim Harold 56:04
Well, certainly, as you said before, food for thought. Thank you so much, Jamie and please keep your eye to the sky, and report back if you see something else strange.

Jamie 56:14
Okay, thank you so much.

Jim Harold 56:15
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Paranormal Podcast Announcer 58:59
You’re listening to Jim Harold’s Campfire. Now back to it another great story.

Jim Harold 59:05
Jen is on the line from Philadelphia. She’s been listening for quite a while now, and we want to thank her. She’s a plus club member and fan of this show and The Paranormal Podcast. And one thing, and I’m not going to take away from Jen’s time, but I wanted to mention: she found us when she found a rating and review, and that’s why it’s so important. People see the ratings reviews, and then they start listening, and then they come on the show and tell great stories like this one. A head-scratcher. Jen, thank you for all of your support. And please tell us your story.

Jen 59:40
Thanks, Jim. So my story takes place in 2019. So in the spring of 2019, we went on a family vacation to Paris. So it was me, my husband, and our three daughters: two tweens and one one-year-old.

Jim Harold 1:00:01
So you had your hands full. You had your hands full.

Jen 1:00:03
Yes, absolutely. So we we stayed in a little loft apartment, and we found it through AirBnB. And like many of the apartments in Paris, the building was very old, and it was very small. So the way the apartment was set up was that there was a pullout couch on the- in the- in the living room. And then there was a loft queen size bed, maybe 15 feet up, and it was, you know, up several stairs. So, you know, it was a long flight, we traveled from Philadelphia. And when we got to the apartment, my husband decided to go next door to the store to get some snacks and left me with the three girls. So the two older girls were very excited. And they were up in the loft area. They were jumping, they were being very rambunctious, and I told them to quiet down. And they were ignoring me, and they kept bouncing on the bed. And I– out of the corner of my eye, I saw some movement coming from the kitchen. So it looked like it was coming from the kitchen counter. So I looked up, and I could see the tiny little orange roll off the counter onto the floor.

Jim Harold 1:01:31

Jen 1:01:31
So I– Yeah, I mean, I watched it roll. And I yelled to the girls to please stop. Again, they ignored me. And then I saw another orange fall to the floor. So I, you know, I- I lost my temper, and I asked the girls to you know, get down, come down, go to the kitchen, and pick up the oranges and stop making so much noise. So they came down, and they looked for the oranges, and they couldn’t find any. And then I got up, and I got it from the couch. And I thought, “Okay, I know they’re just- they’re just being typical tweens.” So I got up, went to the kitchen. I looked all around, and I could not find the oranges.

Jim Harold 1:01:46

Jen 1:01:47
So then I asked my husband, you know, I asked him like, “Could you? What did you get from the store?” And he told me he got bread, he got cheese, and he got some wine. And I asked him like, “Did you get fruit? Did you get oranges? Apples?” And he said, “No. No oranges. No fruit, just cheese, bread and wine.”

Jim Harold 1:02:37

Jen 1:02:37
So yeah, that left me a little confused, because I saw the oranges roll off the counter and–

Jim Harold 1:02:45
That’s weird.

Jen 1:02:46
Yeah. Yeah. So that was- that was weird. Yeah, definitely a head-scratcher.

Jim Harold 1:02:53
And then the the strangeness continued, didn’t it?

Jen 1:02:56
Yes, it did. So then a couple nights later, I was– it was late at night. It was around 1AM local time, Paris time. And everyone was asleep. So the two tweens were sleeping in the loft bed, and my husband, and my one-year-old, and myself were on the pull-out couch. And everyone was sleeping. I couldn’t- but I couldn’t sleep. So I was reading. I was reading, The Haunting of Hill House, actually by Shirley Jackson.

Jim Harold 1:03:27
Good choice!

Jen 1:03:28
And– yeah, excellent book. I think it had just come out on Netflix. So I was trying to read the book before watching the series. So you know, it’s very quiet. And I had one like little lamp on. So it was- it was dark. And I got to a really frightening part of the book. I think it involved a sleep sequence. And maybe there were some dreaming or some sleepwalking. And you know, my heart was racing, because it was quiet. It was a scary part of the book. And that– as I was reading that part, my oldest daughter, who was 12 at the time, sat right up in the loft bed, looked at me and started reaching towards me. Saying that– you know, trying to get something. She said something like, “Oh, I’ll get it. It’s down there.”

Jim Harold 1:04:25
Oh, that’s weird.

Jen 1:04:26
Yes, and I thought my heart was going to explode. I freaked out. I started screaming for her to stop, because my fear was that she would continue reaching, and just fall the 10 or 15 feet and you know, hurt herself. So by the time I, you know, jumped up, and rushed up to the loft area. She was back down sleeping. And yeah, I- I could not sleep the rest of the night. And I put the book away. I decided, “You know what? Maybe I’ll hold off for reading the book until I get back to Philadelphia.”

Jim Harold 1:05:00
That is something else. That is something else. I gotta tell you. And the thing is, is that it seems like it was connected to this particular place, because this hadn’t happened in your- your day to day home, your regular home, right?

Jen 1:05:14
No, no. Yeah, I mean, you know, I don’t know if you’ve been to Paris, but it is definitely– it feels– it’s a very old city. There’s a lot of old architecture, and it definitely has a very unique energy. It wasn’t a creepy apartment. But, you know, definitely felt very old.

Jim Harold 1:05:38
Well, unfortunately, I’ve only been to the UK. Have not been, in terms of Europe, and I’ve not been to continental Europe. And so I’ve not been to Paris, my daughter Cassandra has been to Paris, I’m envious of her. But maybe someday, if you know, the once in a lifetime pandemic ends. Maybe I’ll get over there someday. I’d certainly love it. I mean, obviously, they say there’s no city like Paris, and I certainly do believe that. But very interesting, indeed. And particularly interesting, since you were listening to the Haunting of Hill House, or watching, I mean, reading The Haunting of Hill House. I thought that timing was kind of like, whatever that spirit was kinda said, “Well, do you want to be scared? I will scare you.” (Laughs).

Jen 1:06:26
Right, right. Yeah. Very– it seemed too coincidental just to be a mere coincidence. Let’s put it that way. (Laughs).

Jim Harold 1:06:34
Exactly. Exactly. Well, Jen, thank you so much for all of your support. And thank you for being a part of The Campfire.

Jen 1:06:42
Thank you very much.

Jim Harold 1:06:44
Amy is on the line from Surrey in the UK. We are so glad to speak with her. And it’s kind of late over in her neck of the woods. So she stayed up late for us, and certainly appreciate that. And she has a series of strange happenings that has followed her family from home to home. And she’s going to tell us about it. Amy, welcome to the show. Thank you for joining us, and tell us what happened.

Amy 1:07:09
Oh, thanks so much. So it’s a bit of a weird one. So these stories, they just take place in my mum’s current home. She moved there in 2018. So we haven’t been there that long. It’s not a very old house, really, in terms of houses in the UK. It was built in the 18th- 18th century. And, yeah, it’s got a lot of character. It’s on the end of a little street. And it’s a sort of bright, ashy pink color. It’s very distinctive from the other houses, and we love it. It’s just really arty, and it’s a bit kooky. And it’s, yeah, got a lot of character. So all these stories sort of take place between 2020 and 2021. Obviously, pandemic, lot of weird vibes around, I think, for everyone and I think particularly for us. So I went down– and it’s Easter 2020. And I was just going down to see my family. I was studying in London at the time. And so I headed down, everything’s normal, obviously there were murmurings of things happening abroad. Got down there. And the very next day, we were– we had our announcement. It was our first lockdown. At this point, you know, there’s nothing weird going on in the house; we haven’t noticed anything. And again, I do sort of think it’s that sort of situation where maybe our energy energies and things may be up against the house a little bit.

Jim Harold 1:08:39

Amy 1:08:39
I do think when things follow us around, I do think maybe it’s more us than the place. So for the first– for the first thing that I remember happening, it was, yes, this first night. Lockdown had been announced. My brother and I were sitting down in the lounge. And so, at this point, it was probably quite late at night. Probably about half 10. And he’s sitting on the other side of the lounge from me, and we’re just chatting. And honestly, we’re having quite an emotional conversation. It’s just us, in the house, for three months’ us and the cats. And we’re just chatting about, you know, stuff that’s happened when we were kids, and shared memories, and I suppose, you know, emotions and everything.

Jim Harold 1:09:22

Amy 1:09:22
You know, sharing memories it gets quite… It’s you know, we’re just talking about stuff. And we’re just sitting there both with a gin and tonic in hand, and the cat looks up, and we hear a pair of feet briskly walking through the kitchen.

Jim Harold 1:09:39

Amy 1:09:41
It was the strangest thing. Obviously, there was no one else in the house, and it was so distinctive. You could hear bare skin lifting off the liner.

Jim Harold 1:09:49

Amy 1:09:49
The liner section. And, obviously, we just bot looked at each other and went, “Right,” and took another sip. And we just sort of– at- at the time I don’t even really remember thinking it was that strange. And this is the first thing that ever happened, buut I suppose because there was so much else going on, you know, the news and everything, it just kind of kind of went to the back of our mind; which is funny. So that was kind of the first big thing that we’d ever experienced. And then as time goes on, as I say, it’s about three months, all together.

Jim Harold 1:10:20

Amy 1:10:21
And, you know, we’re just sort of settling in. This is about the most amount of time I’d spent in the house, at that point. And it’s just sort of, you know, settling into a house and finding a new routine, because, obviously, there’s not a lot we can do, because we’re locked down.

Jim Harold 1:10:35

Amy 1:10:36
And it was- it was just a funny thing. It’s– I don’t really know how to ever explain it other than, I don’t know, if anyone’s ever had sort of like an intrusive thought. You know? Sort of like something that pops into your head before you even realize it. And I just, you know, again, high pressure situation, you know, no one really knows what’s happening in their life. So it could be totally explained away; it’s just stress. But it was just the funniest thing that every time I’d be walking up the stairs– it’s an old rickety staircase in his house. It’s just, you know, all the floor was creaking everything, you know. Nothing really weird about that. And that never was anything that fazed me. But whenever I got to the top of the steps, it was like, I’d have this sort of like picture, in my mind, of like this white skirt: the bottom part of a very long white skirt, sort of moving across the top of the staircase.

Jim Harold 1:11:28
Oh my.

Amy 1:11:29
Just- just, you know, just like a funny thought that would pop into my head. And I’d always have that. And again, this probably went on for about two months. And at the time, you know, didn’t even think about it. Was just like, you know, funny, weird thought. And I think it came to like the last sort of month of lockdown. And we were able to go and see my mum. She was locked down in another house. She’s a caretaker for other people that live in another big house. And she had a dog, and she wanted us to just take him for a couple of days; which we were able to do. And it was quite a young dog, and it was a puppy, and my brother was quite– my brother was basically looking after this puppy, and he was– it was very late nights, you know, with little ones. Even with puppies, it’s late nights–

Jim Harold 1:12:15
Oh, yes. Sure.

Amy 1:12:16
-takin’ him to the loo and all of that sort of stuff. And so he was very sleep deprived. And he told me one morning, after a night of being up and down getting this puppy upstairs, to the loo, and everything. He said he’d had no sleep, but after in the morning– and he was just standing over the stove, making himself some breakfast. And he said he was absolutely exhausted, which again could explain this. And he says– oh yeah, he was just there standing at the stove. And from stove he can see the staircase. You’ve got a perfect view just going up. And he said he was just there. And he looked up, and he saw a white skirt going up the staircase.

Jim Harold 1:12:58
(Laughs). So you thought maybe it was just you thinking this, but that was not the case.

Amy 1:13:04
Yeah, no, my brother saw it.

Jim Harold 1:13:07
That’s really–

Amy 1:13:09
Yeah, I don’t really know how to explain it, honestly. It’s, yeah, just the weirdest thing. I mean, I don’t really like to think of this being particularly sensitive.

Jim Harold 1:13:19
But you said in your email, you said: six different houses. This is kind of followed you all from?

Amy 1:13:24
Yeah. And to be honest, I do. Again, I don’t really think it’s particularly some thing that’s following us. I think maybe it’s the family. I think, especially my mom and my brother, they’re very in tune. And I think they’d agree with me saying that, as well. I think I’ve both had a lot of experiences in their lives. They can– various things happening over the years more stories. Absolutely. But um…

Jim Harold 1:13:49
Is it something that, you know, some people when something like this happens to them are like, “Oh, my gosh, you know, I want to cleanse the house. I want to get rid of this, whatever it is.” Other people are more kind of Zen with it, and they’re cool with it. And they’re kind of like, “Hey, you know, they’re spirits. They don’t bother me. Sometimes it’s kind of cool. I actually welcome it.” Well, what camp do you fall into?

Amy 1:14:11
I mean, I’m a nervous wreck half the time, honestly. (Laughs).

Jim Harold 1:14:13

Amy 1:14:13
But, my- my mum and my brother are very much along the lines of, “No, this is fine. It’s chill, but it doesn’t– if it doesn’t worry us. It doesn’t worry us at all.” But yeah, for me, I’d say I’m definitely more… I’m terrified half the time. (Laughs). Try not to be, but I can’t help it.

Jim Harold 1:14:16
There you have it. Well, if you have any more specific stories you want to call in, please do. And thank you so much for calling in and listening in all the way from the UK.

Amy 1:14:40
Aw, thank you.

Jim Harold 1:14:42
Rose is on the line from California. She says she’s a newer listener and interestingly enough, she found out about the shows, not by the shows themselves. She found out through our Campfire books. You may not know, I have five Campfire books out, and hopefully, we’ll get six out– the sixth out this year in 2022. But Rose said she had read the books for years, and then found me on Facebook. And now she’s here telling her story. And by the way, if you want to check those books out, jimharoldbooks.com will take you to all the links from Amazon to get them on Kindle or paperback. But that’s not the important thing. The important thing is: Rose is here, and she has multiple stories to share with us. Rose, welcome to the show. I know you’re calling in tonight from California, and please share your stories.

Rose 1:15:29
Thank you so much. And I just want to say really quick, the great thing about being 62 is that I can read your books over and over like I’ve never read them before. So you’re like, ageless to me.

Jim Harold 1:15:43
Oh, thank you.

Rose 1:15:44
You’re welcome. So, um, my first story, which isn’t quite so long, but it’s a story that has been really repressed in my brain. And I don’t know why. But maybe if I tell it, you’ll kind of see that there might be bigger forces that were kind of causing me to wipe this from my memory.

Jim Harold 1:16:05

Rose 1:16:06
So the first part of my life, my family lived in the desert in a place in California called Lancaster, California, which was next to Edwards Air Force Base. If anyone knows California, it’s pretty– it was at the time I grew up, pretty dry desert. So we lived in this little sort of, I forget what you call those places where they build sort of a bunch of kind of like, track houses- track housing.

Jim Harold 1:16:36

Rose 1:16:37
And– oh, but otherwise, our backyards were all desert. So the people next door, I mean, across the street, pardon me. They invited my sister, my older sister, and I– she was about maybe 9 or 10, at the time. I was about, it’s hard for me to say, 5, 6? –to spend the night in their backyard. I guess one of the kids was having a birthday. So we went over to their backyard. We were in a tent. Parents were in the house. And then we all went to sleep in our sleeping bags. And I woke up at some point. I don’t know what woke me up, but I woke up feeling terror-stricken. And I don’t know why. But I just was terrified. I wanted to go to my sister. So I- I could sort of like slightly see everyone’s sleeping bags, and everyone had white pillows. So I kind of made my way to her. And I noticed she wasn’t in her sleeping bag. And I was like, “What?!” So I kind of thought maybe she was sleeping in, like, underneath her sleeping bag.

Jim Harold 1:17:47

Rose 1:17:47
So I kind of walked on it to see if I could feel her legs or her body. And there was nobody in her sleeping bag. So I kind of, like, fully walked on it. And then I looked around to ask one of the other kids where she went, and I looked and nobody was in their sleeping bags.

Jim Harold 1:18:02

Rose 1:18:03
By this– Yeah.

Jim Harold 1:18:05
That’s strange.

Rose 1:18:06
Yeah. By this time, I was more awake and more terrified. And so I started just to make sure, I mean, even at that young age, I guess I had a moment where my brain was very clever. So I started walking all over everybody’s sleeping bags to see if I could feel anybody’s body in them. And I was walking all over them, and nobody was in their sleeping bags.

Jim Harold 1:18:33

Rose 1:18:33
So then I’m really freaking out. So I ran into the parents house, went through the sliding glass doors to their bedroom to like, you know, waken them and say, “Where’s everybody?” And the parents were not in their bed.

Jim Harold 1:18:51
Oh, man. So you were the only one there?

Rose 1:18:54
Yeah, this blew my mind. And thinking back on this and preparing for the story; I don’t know why I didn’t run across the street to my family’s house, but I wasn’t that bright. (Laughs). So I ran– I went back into the backyard, to the sleeping bags, and still nobody was in their sleeping bag. So again, I’m running all over the sleeping bags, and getting more and more terrified, so I ran back in the house. The parents were still not in their beds. Had no idea what to do. I was just– I mean, I think I had post traumatic stress disorder from being so terrified, so– but so I ran back into the again to the sleeping bags, and suddenly, all the kids were sleeping in their sleeping bags.

Jim Harold 1:19:43
Oh my. That’s weird. What do you think happened?

Rose 1:19:47
You know what? I kind of think it might have been a like a UFO experience? Where maybe everyone was taken somewhere? And the aliens were smart enough to know that I was annoying,

Jim Harold 1:20:01

Rose 1:20:02
(Laughs) –and, you know, might have peed all over the spaceship from fear.

Jim Harold 1:20:05
Oh my.

Rose 1:20:05
So they left me. I don’t know why.

Jim Harold 1:20:08
Well, I mean, it’s interesting with that proximity to that Air Force Base.

Rose 1:20:12

Jim Harold 1:20:13
Yeah. Interesting.

Rose 1:20:14
Yeah, other weird things happened with kids getting cancer in the same area, which was like rare cancers.

Jim Harold 1:20:22
Oh my.

Rose 1:20:22
So yeah, some- some weird– that made me you know their story. But yeah.

Jim Harold 1:20:25
Oh my. Now I know you have a couple more stories. But I think we have time for one more. So give us one more tonight, if you could.

Rose 1:20:32
So after that, we moved very shortly up to Berkeley, California; which is about six hours away. And moved into a small rental house. It– which is now down the street from the house, we eventually bought. What– we settled into that rental house. By this time, I hate to say this, but my- my older sister, the one that was a couple years older than me, had died of cancer.

Jim Harold 1:20:58
Oh, I’m sorry.

Rose 1:20:59
And that’s what I meant by every– all the kids getting some weird cancer. And so we moved away. And so we’re in this rental house, which was built in front of an old, old house, but the rental was fairly new. I’d be playing in the yard, and every once in a while, I’d hear a woman’s voice. Very clear, very loud, call me. And I’d look around like, “Who’s that?” Because it wasn’t my mom’s voice. We were new to the area. We didn’t know anybody. So I’d kind of shake it off. And then one night, I was in my bedroom with- with the hall light on, and I suddenly woke up. And there was this old man standing next to my side, looking down at me. And he looked, as I remembered, literally looking at the hairs on his arms and the freckles. He was solid. And he was old, and he didn’t have any expression on his face. And I think he might have been wearing like, far– like gardening clothes? I’m not too sure. So I did like I told you, I was a scaredy cat. So I started screaming my head off, and my father heard me, and ran in the room. And he leaned over to comfort me, and my dad leaned right through the man. So–

Jim Harold 1:22:18
Oh man, wow.

Rose 1:22:19
Yeah. I’m hugging my dad while looking through the– at the man who I thought was solid, is standing through his body.

Jim Harold 1:22:26
Oh, my goodness. Oh, my goodness. Do you think it was the house? Do you think it was a spirit connected to the house?

Rose 1:22:35
I do. Because some years later, I went to the old house in the back and talked to the owners who were the same owners that had rented to us. And the man, who was like in his 70s, told me he saw a young man run into the backyard. And he was in the kitchen washing dishes. And he immediately flung the door open. And no one was there. His parents were in the backyard. He went back there and said, “Where- where’s that guy?” And they were like, “What guy?” And both of us– my- my ghost was very old. His? Well, I think, his was kinda young. So that- that really gave me a lot of closure. Because I was, like, spent years– as I said, we lived up the street. So I’d drive by that place every second. And I’d always wonder like, “Did I see what was that?” Um, so that made– gave me a little bit of closure that there was something going on there.

Jim Harold 1:23:35
Interesting. Interesting.

Rose 1:23:36

Jim Harold 1:23:37
Well, I know you have more stories. I hope you can sign up again. But I want to thank you very much for joining us tonight on The Campfire, and thank you. Thank you for listening. Thank you for reading the books. And I’m so glad you found us.

Rose 1:23:49
Thank you so much. I love you, and I love all your listeners, and Facebook people and it’s a wonderful community.

Jim Harold 1:23:56
Thank you so much, Rose.

Rose 1:23:58
You’re welcome.

Jim Harold 1:23:59
Jose is on the line from Washington. He found us from the, Somewhere in the Skies Podcast, with Ryan Sprague. Do check it out. And today, Jose has some family stories to share with us. Jose, thank you for joining us and tell us your story.

Jose 1:24:15
Alright, thanks, Jim. Thanks for having me. So my story takes place– this is on my mom’s side of the family. Her youngest brother, Jesus, passed, I believe he was eighteen, of swimming accident in Baja. At this time, he was living with my great aunt, my grandma’s sister, and her husband. And my grandpa, his father, was also living in Baja. My uncle died in June of 1993. And my grandfather died in November of 1993. The story is that after my grandpa’s burial, we were told by a friend of my uncles that he had a dream about him.

Jim Harold 1:25:03

Jose 1:25:04
My uncle came to him in a dream saying that he was coming to pick up his- his father, my grandpa.

Jim Harold 1:25:09

Jose 1:25:09
At this time, his friend did not know that my grandpa was actually his dad. He thought my aunt’s husband was his dad, because they’re the ones that raised them. So after they told him, after my- my uncle’s friend told my aunt, that he was coming for his father, that– later that same day, my grandpa was found dead at a public bathroom of a heart attack.

Jim Harold 1:25:39

Jose 1:25:42
So we didn’t find out about this story until after my grandpa’s burial. And even though it was devastating for our family, it was kind of a blessing knowing that my uncle and my grandpa are together, you know. And hopefully, my grandpa didn’t suffer much, but you know…

Jim Harold 1:25:59
Right. Yeah, that’s- that’s very sad, you know, losing someone in the family like that. Just- just very sad.

Jose 1:26:07
And the thing is that, you know, my grandpa was maybe 49-50 when this heart attack happened. So yeah, so I mean, always getting, you know, always getting checked for heart conditions in our family, I guess, because of that reason now. But yeah, he was young. And it was, I mean, it was pretty devastating for the whole family, because he was the youngest of seven siblings. And he was- he went really young. And I mean, he had his whole life ahead of him, you know?

Jim Harold 1:26:45
Yes, yes, absolutely. Absolutely. And it’s one of those things where it just– you know, it’s very devastating to a family.

Jose 1:26:55
It is, it is. It is, but I’m glad they’re together, you know.

Jim Harold 1:27:00
Right. Right. And I know you had another story too, right?

Jose 1:27:04
Yes, I had a story about my other grandpa, um my dad’s father. He passed in 2009. Believe was of, uh, prostate cancer.

Jim Harold 1:27:17

Jose 1:27:18
Not quite sure, there. I don’t know the whole story because, they– my dad kind of hid everything from me, from my grandpa, health-wise, you know. Just to keep me from not losing my sanity, I guess. But once my grandpa passed, I hadn’t seen my parents in– well, I hadn’t seen my parents since I left for the military in 2002. Went to go visit in 2010 when I got stationed in the west coast in Washington. And, um, so I went to go visit and, uh, my dad was telling the story about my grandpa. How, you know, he went quietly, you know, in his sleep. But my grandpa had never been out in my dad’s house where he lives now. And my grandpa lived in Mexico. And so my dad said he came out of his room one day, and in the dining room, he saw my grandpa: standing, a healthy man, visible, like, you know, like me and you will see other people, like, right in front of us.

Jim Harold 1:28:19

Jose 1:28:21
He said that my grandpa looked at my dad and said, “I can see my mom and dad. I’m going now.”

Jim Harold 1:28:28

Jose 1:28:28
And that’s the last time he spoke to my dad, pretty much.

Jim Harold 1:28:34
Wow. Oh, my goodness. Oh, my goodness.

Jose 1:28:37

I gotta tell you, I think our loved ones can communicate with us. I think they can reach out, and get a message to us if they think it’s important. I think that’s a real thing. I do think it happens. And I think people, you know, have these abilities. And sometimes we don’t realize it in our everyday life, but it’s still there.

I believe that, and I believe that my dad is uh somewhat sensitive to this.

Jim Harold

And he- he did tell me that when he was 15-16, he had a really hard fall, and had a out of body experience for, you know, maybe three minutes. So I believe he’s really sensitive to stuff like this, and he can see stuff. He just doesn’t talk about it. And I mean, he saw my grandpa and he, I mean, I’m sure that that’s one of the things that he- he’s always gonna remember, you know.

Jim Harold
Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. Well, Jose, thank you so much for listening, and thank you for sharing this family story, on The Campfire.

Thank you for having me, Jim.

That concludes The Campfire today. Thank you for joining us. And thanks to all of our storytellers and our sponsors too, because they both make the show possible. And speaking of shows, I want to remind you from the beginning of the show, I told you about that new podcast we’re going to be doing, You Won’t Believe What Happened to Me. Please go over to wontbelieve.com and submit your incredible non-paranormal story for consideration, and we will be in touch. Also, stay tuned to the very end of this podcast, past the theme, to hear the exclusive trailer for, You Won’t Believe What Happened to Me. And I can’t believe our time is over for this week on The Campfire. But we’ll be back next week with a whole new batch of paranormal stories for your chills, thrills, delight, whatever it may be. We thank you so much for tuning in. We’ll talk to you next time. Have a great week everybody. And as always, stay safe and stay spooky. Bye bye.

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