He Haunted Our Hospital – Jim Harold’s Campfire 651

A hospital haunted by a cranky ghost, a young woman’s youth is the target of two mysterious older ladies, and much more on this super sized edition of Campfire!

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Jim Harold (00:00:00):

A cranky hospital ghost headlines this edition of Jim Harold Campfire.

Announcer (00:00:21):

Welcome to our gathering tonight. Here we share stories of ordinary people who have experienced extraordinary things. Sit back, relax, and warm yourself by Jim Harold’s Campfire.

Jim Harold (00:00:32):

Welcome to Jim Harold’s Campfire. I’m the guy in the title, Jim Harold. So glad to be with you once again, and we have a full docket, in fact, a longer show than usual, full of spooky stories kind of supersized for your enjoyment. I believe we’re going to be over a hundred minutes this week if I’m correct. So buckle in for a great Campfire show, and a little bit of news here from the Spoody Studio: just finished the pages for Campfire six, our sixth book of True Campfire stories compiled from some of our best stories we’ve ever had on the show. And this will be the first book we’ve put out for several years. And the great thing about it is you can pick up anywhere in the series. You can start with the sixth book and work backwards. They all stand alone because they’re a compilation of stories.


This book will be coming out May 7th, and it’ll be 65 spooky stories from the Campfire podcast, and can’t wait to get that out. It’s been too long and I hope that you enjoy it. So look for that. On May 7th, it’ll be available at Amazon and also through our Etsy store. I actually signed copies, so stay tuned for that and we will keep you up to date. Now enough with all that promotion. Let’s get onto the spooky Campfire stories. Rebekah is on the line from Long Island. We’re so glad to have her on the program. And this next one that she’s going to tell us about, it’s a real head scratcher and kind of spooky. Rebekah, welcome to the show. Thank you for joining us and tell us what happened.

Rebekah (NY) (00:02:19):

Hi, thank you so much for having me on the show. So what had happened was one day my friend and I, we were walking around our local village and we decided to stop into a store and just get some coffee, hang out for a little bit. We walk in, we’re in line, and these two women come in. And normally I’m the kind of person, I have that personality where people see me and they stop and they want to talk to me no matter what it’s about. That’s just kind of who I am as a person. So it’s not abnormal for people to stop me, but it is abnormal for me to notice people right away. And for some reason, these two women who walked in, I felt really drawn to them almost in an unnatural way. I couldn’t stop looking at them. I couldn’t stop focusing on them.


Everything about their aura really drove me to them. So it ended up being that I am getting a little nervous when I tell the story. I ended up leaving the line, then I was on to get coffee and I walked over to them. I started talking to them. So they were very nice at first, they looked very normal, very sweet. Two little ladies. They were twin sisters, is what they had explained to me. And my friend comes walking over. We both just start talking to these women and I’m telling this story and it seems really normal and it seems like everything’s fine. But they were telling us about how when they were younger, they were so beautiful and how their lives were so simple when they were little. And I just couldn’t stop. I couldn’t stop listening to them. I was just so entranced by them. And then one of the women went to me specifically, she was like, and you, you’re so gorgeous, and your hair…! And she went to reach out to touch my hair and my friend dropped her keys. The second my friend dropped her keys on the ground, both of the women shrieked. Now, it wasn’t just like a shriek, like, oh, you dropped your keys. It was the most gut-wrenching, horrifying streak I had ever heard.


And I had broken eye contact with them. Like I said, I was entranced, I was looking at them, broke eye contact, looked down at my friend’s keys. The second I looked up, it looked like these two women had been completely replaced by something else. And I’m talking, the woman’s hand was still near me. Her hand was covered in essentially warts, which it hadn’t been before. Oh my gosh. And her nails were long and yellow. And then I remember looking up at their faces and it looked like I’m shaking, telling the story. I get so unnerved, it looked like something had tried to put on makeup, but to look human, but wasn’t doing a good job. And they again, had all these scars and marks and things all over their face that it was not there before. And that’s the only way I can describe it.


And the creepiest part was that when I looked into their eyes, it wasn’t this nice sweet blue eye anymore. It was completely black, and I just felt this overwhelming sense of dread because her hand was still reaching out, trying to touch me. And my friend, who was very even-keeled, very normal, grabs me and she’s like, we have to leave now. Thank you so much ladies. We have to go now and pulled me out of the store. And we went and we hid in another store and we saw the two women. We saw them looking around and searching and I assume trying to find us, I don’t really know, but my friend turned to me. And again, very normal person, not at all engaged with supernatural. And she was like, you saw that, right? You saw that they were completely different people than they were when we started talking to them.

Jim Harold (00:06:24):

Oh, that’s frightening.

Rebekah (NY) (00:06:26):

So the fact that she confirmed that for me, it really made me understand that really did just happen. And to this day, I have no idea what happened. I have no idea what it could have been. The only thing I can think of is maybe the word hag or some kind of a harpy, I think that’s the word for it. I just don’t, I don’t know. But the way that they were talking about youth and being young, it felt like they were going to touch me and then try to take whatever youth I had or something. Because the second the keys dropped was when she was going to touch my hair, she was going to touch me and she wasn’t successful. One of the twins, one of the women, yeah, I have no words to describe it really

Jim Harold (00:07:23):

Beyond, I mean, it’s chilling enough, the fact that they changed, but the way she seemed so fixated on your youth and your looks, that kind of creeps me out because it’s almost like something from memory. It’s like, oh my dear, you’re so beautiful, kind of like I want to be like you. I want to take your youth. Ooh, that’s frightening.

Rebekah (NY) (00:07:46):

And the thing was, again, the way that I was so drawn to them, I mean, it was like nothing else was going on around me.

Jim Harold (00:07:53):

They mesmerized you in some way it seemed like. Yeah, it reminds me, you said their eyes were totally black, so the eyeball was totally black. Is that what you were seeing? 

Rebekah (NY)


Jim Harold:

So that reminds me, I’m sure you’re familiar, the black eyed kids, you’ve heard of the black eyed kids phenomena, some kind of trickster, some kind of djinn. So do you think that there’s a possibility, I mean, this almost sounds super human. Do you think it was an actual type of entity perhaps?

Rebekah (NY) (00:08:22):

I do think, I think that’s the only way to explain it. It just, it’s so hard to think of the concept of entity when they were standing flesh and blood right in front of me. Because again, like a trickster, like a djinn, I suppose it’s something that’s fleshed out. It’s something that’s more human than not until you I guess break the facade. I mean, it was really horrifying to look at their faces and see that they were not only not the same, but that kind of the black eyed kids. It was the idea of this is what normal is supposed to look like, so this is how we’re going to pretend to look normal. 

Jim Harold (00:09:04):

Right. Oh, that’s frightening. And that shriek is interesting. I wonder what that represented, why they shrieked like that with the driving the car keys. Go ahead.

Rebekah (NY) (00:09:14):

The thing that I think is that, and I talked to my friend about this, because we regularly, like, you remember when that happened? Now it’s been about four or five years. But the thing that I think is that I broke eye contact with them. I broke concentration with them, and that was the main reason why I think they shrieked.

Jim Harold (00:09:32):

Whatever they were doing, it was working and they saw it was working and then that kind of broke it. And then you were freed in a sense. Wow.

Rebekah (NY) (00:09:45):

Yeah. And I just want to make it clear because I know people are going to say, well, little old ladies, they can’t do their makeup very well. And maybe you didn’t see, this was not like your grandmother puts her lipstick on the wrong way. This was like as if somebody had taken makeup and just done everything wrong like a toddler did somebody’s makeup and smudged it and did all the wrong shades. It was scary.

Jim Harold (00:10:12):

That is truly, truly frightening. Now, let me ask you, do you ever go back to those stores again or do you stay away from those stores with the thought of these two, whatever they are might show back up.

Rebekah (NY) (00:10:25):

I’ve never been back to that coffee shop. It’s turned over a couple of times since then, and I moved away from the town, so I don’t know what it is now. But after that, I rarely walked around town because again, we went into another store to wait until we could see if they had passed and they looked like they were hunting. It wasn’t just, it wasn’t just like walking. They were looking around and trying to look in the windows.

Jim Harold (00:10:50):

Where’s that youth? Where’s that youth? We want to get that youth. That’s frightening.

Rebekah (NY) (00:10:53):

I know. It was upsetting and horrifying.

Jim Harold (00:10:59):

Well, I’m glad you made it through, and I know you’re going to come back on the show and tell kind of a story that’s on the other side of the paranormal coin that’s very sweet and I think it’s very illustrative. I think that this paranormal stuff, at least in my mind, it’s not all good and it’s not all bad. It’s a continuum just like our lives, right? There are people who do great acts of charity, and then there’s people who murder or carjack or whatever crime that they do. And it’s just like our everyday lives, there’s good, bad, happy, sad, and I think the paranormal isn’t all one thing. Luckily, in the next call you’re going to tell us about something very, very cool. And Rebekah, we’ll stay tuned for that. And until then, thank you so much for joining us tonight and stay safe and stay spooky.

Rebekah (NY) (00:11:52):

Thank you. You too, Jim.

Jim Harold (00:11:53):

We put out the call for people who worked in healthcare to sign up and tell their story because I think it’s such a great rich environment for these Campfire stories. And Chris thankfully answered the call. He’s calling in today from Colorado and he’s going to tell us about Clem. Chris, welcome to the show and tell us what happened.

Chris (CO) (00:12:15):

Sure. Yeah. Thanks for having me, Jim. So, story starts in 2009 when I started working at a local hospital here in Colorado, and I hadn’t worked there too long, and I started hearing the story about Clem. Someone shared that story with me. I’ll share the story with you, kind of set the background. So as the story goes, Clem started working there at the hospital back in the 1940s. So he came to work there and worked there most of his career. Not sure what happened or why, but at some point at the Catholic hospital, the sisters who ran the hospital offered to take care of Clem for the rest of his life. So again, not sure why that happened there. So Clem, towards the end of his life, we’re getting to the late eighties, early nineties there. Clem was getting older and he lived there in the hospital.


So he had a room up there on the eighth floor of the hospital. He wasn’t sick, he was just elderly, but his room was just a normal patient room there on the floor. And so Clem, as he got older, he didn’t work anymore. So he was a gardener. So he had this beautiful flower garden outside the hospital that he took care of, and not just flowers, but these were like award-winning flowers. I mean, I think at the time the state fair would have flower conditions, so he had these beautiful flowers that he took care of towards the end of his life there. So it was kind of a fun hobby there. So sadly, Clem passed away in the early 1990s. I don’t recall the date there, but I do know one of our nurses who I talked to, she remembers as 30 years before as a young nurse starting there at the hospital, one of her duties was to take care of Clem.


So there’s people who remember him and knew him at all at the time. So the story goes that soon after Clem died, they turned his room back into a patient room and right away they put patients in that room and at night they would hear a male voice saying, get out of my room, leave my room, wanting them to leave. So being a Catholic hospital, they brought the priest in and did the things the priest do to help bring the spirits, move on there didn’t work. The voices still remained for different people. Different nights you would hear the same voices. And of course they brought the priest back again a second time, still didn’t, the voice still remained there. So the hospital decided to turn the room not into a patient room anymore, so to turn it into a rehab kitchen. So what a rehab kitchen is essentially, it’s a room where they have appliances and sinks like you would have at home.


So if you’re in the hospital and you’re leaving with a disability, you could learn how to do the dishes or load or cook, but with your disability kind of thing. So no one stayed in that room anymore, but over the years, people would still, patients as well as staff on the eighth floor would see a man in a floppy hat on the floor there. As I mentioned, Clem was a gardener, so he obviously wore his floppy hat while he was working out in the garden. So there’s the connection there, which was kind of fun. So fast forward to 2019. So being a good hospital employee, I’m sharing the lore with another new person there. One of our pet therapy volunteers, and I shared the story I just shared with you with him, and our pet therapy volunteers, what they do, they bring their dogs and they come into the hospital and the dogs just go visit patients in the hospital.


They go in and out of patient rooms all day long. The dog may hop up on the bed if the person’s comfortable with that or just go in and out of rooms. In other words, the dogs are used to being in the hospital. They come there multiple times a week, they go in and out of rooms for hours a day kind of thing. They’re used to that. I shared the story about Clem with the pet therapy volunteer, and he said, let’s take the dog up there. So we take the dog and we head up to the eighth floor and we go down to the rehab kitchen and we get to that doorway and we walk in and the dog stops at the doorway and not just a stop, but you know how dogs do. They put four feet forward, they are there and going in there, the butts down and the feet are out there. So the owner coaxes the dog in with a little bit of tugging on the lease here to get that dog to come in the room, and as soon the dog gets in the room, boom, he turns and bolts right back out of the room there, so.


Obviously our pets have a sense that we may not be dialed right into, but that dog knew there was something still in that room today that was interesting. So that’s the story of Clem. So I imagine Clem is still wandering the hall up there on the eighth floor of the hospital.

Jim Harold (00:16:37):

That is wild. So you never actually saw him, but you knew a lot of people who had these experiences and you did see the whole thing with the dog. Now let me, I have a possible solution for that hospital if anybody happens to hear this, because as I understand, you don’t work at that hospital currently, right? 

Chris (CO) (00:16:53):

I no longer work at the hospital. Correct.

Jim Harold (00:16:54):

What they need to do is turn that into a plant room, like a gardening room.

Chris (CO) (00:16:59):

Yep. Grow some flowers in there, or whatever.

Jim Harold (00:17:01):

Now, I don’t know if that’s practical because use certain hospitals or places every room has to be accounted for and used. They might not have a lot of space. I don’t know if that’s practical, but I wonder if Clem would be a little cooler with the whole situation if it were like a flower lounge and it had all different plants. Just a thought. Just a thought. 

Chris (CO) (00:17:22):

Great connection. I love it.

Jim Harold (00:17:23):

But what I thought was really interesting was they brought in the priests and a lot of times we’ll hear stories of, okay, we brought in the priest and everything cleared up, but Clem was stubborn. He’s like, this is my room! Priest or no priest, I’m staying here.

Chris (CO) (00:17:39):

Exactly. Right. Wow.

Jim Harold (00:17:41):

Wow. Now were the other employees, you talked about that one employee who started there as a young nurse when Clem was around. Were they really afraid of it or they just found it more amusing?

Chris (CO) (00:17:50):

Yeah, nobody’s showed any fear. Clem has never done anything. You never, you hear stories of the ghost pulling jokes and things like that, but people just seem to see the apparition of the man walk in the hallways or patients report a man leaning in their doorway kind of thing occasionally. So lots of different reports and similar reports over the years. I think there’s the connection there. You often tell stories, this is what we actually think. We know who the spirit is.

Jim Harold (00:18:16):

Yeah, that is remarkable. It’s like they call it the provenance of the ghost because a lot of times you don’t know. And many times on this show will be like, okay, something was haunting my house. Well, do you know? Well, no, I was the 17th owner or I rented and I have no idea who it was, but this is very, you’re right, it’s very like this is the person, this is definitely the person. Clem.

Chris (CO) (00:18:38):

We found Clem on one of the genealogy sites, so we know he moved from Ohio in the 1940s and came from a large family. So it was interesting to see that history.

Jim Harold (00:18:45):

Now when they reported seeing him, and you may or may not know this, did they say he looked translucent or did he just look like a regular person who just happened to be there?

Chris (CO) (00:18:57):

The stories I’ve heard, the patients report seeing a man in a floppy hat is how so many of them described him,

Jim Harold (00:19:02):

Right? So he wasn’t glittering or anything like that, like we see in the movie. Great story, great story. Chris, thank you so much for sharing this. And again, anybody in the healthcare arena, we would appreciate it. I think about things like deathbed visitations or people like Clem who haunt the halls of hospitals, those sorts of things. We’d love to hear your stories. And Chris, thank you for sharing yours today, the story of Clem.

Chris (CO) (00:19:29):

Thanks for having me. I appreciate it.

Jim Harold (00:19:30):

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Announcer (00:22:17):

If you love the Campfire, be sure to check out the Paranormal Podcast where every week Jim interviews experts and authors about strange mysteries. Find it for free wherever you listen to this podcast. Tune into the Paranormal Podcast today. Now we return to Jim Harold’s Campfire.

Jim Harold (00:22:33):

Next up on the Campfire is Paul from the Pacific Northwest. He’s a great supporter of our shows, A plus club member. He’s a past Campfire storyteller. We’re so glad to have him with us, and he’s going to tell us a story that begins, unfortunately, with the passing of a beloved pet. Paul, welcome to the show. Thank you for joining us, and please tell us what happened.

Paul (PNW) (00:22:57):

Thanks, Jim. Yes. So it started with the passing of a pet. So just to rewind a little bit, in 2008, a dog was born on the streets and was picked up by a local shelter, and he was there for about two months before a friend of mine found him there and decided it would be a perfect dog for me. And this friend, he was a huge fan of the Muppets. I enjoyed the Muppets when I was younger. I was never a huge fan, but I definitely enjoyed it. And when he saw the dog, he said, this dog should be named Muppet. And I saw the dog, and yes, the name fit. So he became Muppet and I adopted him, and he was with me almost 15 years. He was about 15 and a half when last summer he was diagnosed with fibrosarcoma, and it was very aggressive, and we threw everything possible at it.


We had on chemotherapy, we did immunotherapy, every medication that his oncologist could throw at it, we did that. And it seemed to be starting to help. But then after about two months, he started to decline. He lost his vision. He grew weaker. And the really, the biggest problem was his lungs became inflamed, and he started having trouble breathing. And so I hospitalized him actually on the evening before Halloween in 2023. And they sent me home after a couple hours, they told me, they’d call me if there’s any change. And about 2:30 in the morning, they called me and said, you should come down here. He’s declining, we’re losing him. And so I rushed down there with his brother and sister, and we said goodbye to him. As you might imagine, after 15 years with him, he knew me better than anyone, and he always seemed to be able to sense what I was feeling, and he was my heart. And so it was incredibly painful to lose him.


But the mood was some around the house in the weeks after that because everybody felt the loss. I should say when I say everybody, I have other pets. I live alone. But they all could sense I was feeling it and they were feeling it as well. But around Thanksgiving, something came into my head that just said, you should go to the shelter. There might be somebody there waiting for you. And I was kind conflicting because I thought, I’m not looking to replace Muppet. Muppet is irreplaceable, but let me just see who’s out there, see if there’s, at least hang around other puppies and see if somebody clicks. So I went to the shelter and it was all larger dogs, and I have no problem with larger dogs. It is just that my other dogs are small, and I have small ferrets and whatnot, and so I want to be careful with that.


And no one really clicked with me. So I was about to leave. I was walking down one of the hallways towards the exit, and there were two stalls in this hallway, and one of them had this small tan puppy who was about eight months old, same age as Muppet when I adopted him, similar coloring him, Muppet. And I thought, that’s cute, but I’m not looking to replace Muppets. I don’t want a copy of him. And I just kind of stood there outside of his stall, and I thought, I literally whispered very quietly to myself. I just said, Muppet, if this is why I’m here, give me a sign. And no sooner did those words come mouth that the big door at the end of the hall opened and a complete stranger, a woman I didn’t know who was not shelter staff, came down the hall, walked right past me and said, looks like this one’s yours.


And I thought, okay, that’s interesting. So I applied to meet the puppy and went into a stall and he just lit up. He was so happy to see me. He climbed in my lap, climbed in my shoulder, and I noted that he was wearing a green collar, and that was another small sign to me. I was like, green was Muppet’s collar. And so I thought, okay, this is cool, and nice little coincidence here. And bottom line is it turned out to really be just totally click. He was just perfect. The only challenge was he needed to be neutered. And so it would be a few days where he could come home. All of this was very similar to Muppet’s story in terms of timing, in terms of everything. And so I thought That’s great. Went home, and I messaged my friend who found Muppet back in 2008, and I hadn’t even told anyone that I was going to go to the shelter. And I messaged him and I just said, I met a puppy today. Muppet, Muppet is sending me someone new. And I told him the details I just share a moment ago, and he said, what’s his name? And I said, his name is Sam. And my friend said, you’re kidding. And I said, no, why? He said, well, Sam is my favorite Muppet.


This was the same friend who was a huge fan of the Muppets. And when he said that, okay, that’s a little too much coincidence to be coincidence there. So everything was aligning. I thought, okay, this is a perfect fit, great coincidences. And anyway, fast forward a few days. Sam was ready to come home, brought him home, and he was, again, about the same size as Muppet. And I thought, okay, I’m going to take him for his first walk. I hadn’t gotten his call yet, and I should have noted earlier, I have personalized collars for my dogs. They’re all engraved. They have metal buckles on them, and the buckles are engraved, and it says, I am, and then their name, I am loved. And then my phone number, and I wanted to take Sam for a walk. And I thought, well, Muppet’s collar will probably fit you, because I hadn’t gotten Sam’s personalized collar yet.


And I keep all of their collars on my kitchen counter. It’s kind of an L-shaped counter, and the collars all sit in the corner on their leashes. The leashes have little lobster clasps on them, and the collars are always unbuckled. And then I just grab them and stick ’em out to the dogs and go, well, I went to where the collars were. I grabbed a three because it had three dogs again, and Muppet’s collar wasn’t there. And I thought the clasp was empty, the leash was there, but the class had nothing on it. And I stopped for a minute and I thought, did I leave it in the car? Thinking back when I took Muppet to the hospital? And then I realized, no, no. When I took him Muppet to the hospital, he was wrapped in a blanket and he had no leash on him, no collar.


He was just far too weak. And so I was walking towards my garage when I stopped myself and I said, no, no, it couldn’t possibly be there. So I walked back to the kitchen and right there in the middle of my counter, far away from the other collars, far away from anything, the countertop was pretty clear, was Muppet’s collar sitting there, buckled, face up, facing me with the text on it that said, I am Muppet. I am loved. And I have no idea how it got there. Again, it was far away from the other collars. It was no longer on its leash, I was just floored. And I basically stopped and I said, high Muppet, it’s good to hear from you.


Anyway, bottom line is just a series of coincidences. And then this, I think it would classify as a JOTT incident with the collar disappeared and then reappeared feet away from where it should have been with no explanation. And I guess the overall impression that I got was that it’s going to reaffirm my faith that Muppet is out there. I can’t see him anymore. I can’t hold him in my lap anymore. But he’s watching. I get the distinct impression that he kind of nudged me to go to the shelter and find Sam. Who, again, Sam the Muppet

Jim Harold (00:31:50):

And I remember, Sam Eagle, the Eagle, yeah. I love that one too. That’s one of my favorites. But go ahead.

Paul (PNW) (00:31:56):

Yeah, that was it. And again, I watched the Muppets when I was a kid, but I didn’t know. I knew like Kermit and Miss Piggy and a couple of the higher profile ones, but I didn’t know most of the characters  And so I’d never heard of Sam. 

Jim Harold (00:32:09):

How was Sam doing? How’s Sam doing?

Paul (PNW) (00:32:11):

Sam is doing wonderfully. He is a perfect fit. And that’s another thing that I think that why Muppet had a hand in sending Sam into our lives is that he’s a perfect fit for the family. He is a great companion to me and to my other dogs. And he’s not a copy of Muppet, he’s not a replacement, but he feels, I am not sure how to best describe it, but my next oldest or now my oldest dog, Harry, is sort of the hyperactive one. My youngest, my previous youngest dog, Tessa, is sort of the, she’s pretty laid back. And Muppet was always, he kind of ran the house and he knew where he wanted to cuddle. And Sam does a lot of things that Muppet did, so that’s so cool. I think Muppet, Muppet kind of knew who needed a home and who would fit in there and made sure that I found him.

Jim Harold (00:33:09):

That is fantastic, Paul. Love it. And I think that these kind of stories are sometimes much more important than those really spooky, scary ones. I think knowing that our loved ones, whether they’re human or the fourfoots, are still with us regardless. Paul, thank you for being a part of the show once again.

Paul (PNW) (00:33:30):

Thank you very much. Jim

Jim Harold (00:33:31):

Courtney is on the line from Oklahoma, and we’re so glad that she is, and she’s a very interesting story about her aunt and we’re so glad to have her on the line. Courtney, welcome to the show. Thank you for joining us and tell us what happened.

Courtney (OK) (00:33:48):

Hey, Jim. Alright. Yeah. I’m going to give you a little bit of a backstory. So my mother and her four sisters have always been really big into the Ouija board. They would always speak with their mother, which I never knew. My grandmother, she died when my mom was very young, but they would always get in touch with her in the Ouija board. She had this certain little pattern with the plan shut. And so we always know it was her. And going into the story, we were in San Diego for my cousin’s wedding back in 1995. And of course my aunts and my mom were sitting around the dining room table messing around the Ouija board. And my Aunt Dee, who the story is kind of about, she would always take notes. They would take notes of everything. And my Aunt Dee was married to Uncle John and his family was granted land from the Spaniards way back in the day. They still have a 2000 acre plantation down there. I’m not going to name the name of it.


But anyway, they were granted that land. And my grandmother over the Ouija board was telling my Aunt Dee, who’d been living in this house for going on 50 years, and she’s like, there’s a box next to the piano in the attic. And Aunt Dee’s like, there’s not a box. I’ll go in the attic all the time. There’s no box next to the piano. Well, we all brush it off, whatever, go on. And about the wedding, everybody comes home. I ain’t was six months to a year later, my Aunt Dee runs across the notes from that winter board meeting and she’s like, you know what? I’m going to go, I forgot about that. I’m going to go check. And the attic hadn’t been up there, and lo and behold, there is a box sitting right next to that piano she had never seen before, and it was just full of paper. So she just starts going through it, going through it, going through it, and she ran across the actual Spanish land grant where land was granted over to my uncle John’s family, years and years and years ago. And she was dumbfounded. She got everybody on the phone. She was like, there was a box, there was not supposed to be a box there. And that’s kind of pretty much the story, but it was on, I can’t remember what it’s called. It’s a special wheat mark paper that was kind of legally binding back in the day. But actually the city that they live in or the county they live in, it actually hangs in the county courthouse museum now for that county in Mississippi.

Jim Harold (00:36:11):

So they ended up in, obviously we’re not going to disclose locations, names, anything like that, but as a result of that, they got the land or they had the land and that confirmed it.

Courtney (OK) (00:36:21):

That’s where the Spaniards, they were already in possession of the land, but somehow that paperwork got lost over the years. But my grandmother informed them that they were the box and they had very important documentation in it, but we had some other interesting things happen with the Ouija board, but nothing as significant as this.

Jim Harold (00:36:39):

Well, what gets me was this: comes across about this box and it said, well, there’s no box there. I’ve been up there a million times. There’s no box. What are you talking about? Box. And there was a box. That’s what blows me away. Oh, that is awesome.

Courtney (OK) (00:36:54):


Jim Harold (00:36:54):

That is awesome. 

Courtney (OK) (00:36:56):

Yeah, that’s my story. I just think, I’ve always thought it was kind of interesting that something actually came to fruition after whatever that word is that I’m looking at fruition from an actual Ouija board experience. I thought that was pretty cool.

Jim Harold (00:37:09):

Short, sweet, and awesome. Courtney, thank you so much for sharing that story. That is a pretty neat story indeed. Thank you for being a part of the Campfire and stay spooky.

Courtney (OK) (00:37:20):

You stay spooky too.

Jim Harold (00:37:22):

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Want the entire Campfire archive going back to 2009 plus much more? Get in on Jim’s Plus Club at JimHaroldplus.com. Now back to another great story.

Jim Harold (00:39:28):

We have a return caller. Always glad to hear from people who come back to the show after being on one or two or multiple times: Ledy, who’s been on once last summer. We’re glad to have her back on the show. She’s calling in today from Austin, Texas, and she’s going to tell us about a premonition dream. Ledy, welcome back to the show. Tell us what happened.

Ledy (TX) (00:39:50):

Yeah, thank you so much. So happy to be here again. And yes, this is regarding a premonition dream. I was always kind of that creepy kid that would have dreams and kind of knew when things were going to happen. Some of my earlier memories, I used to have a long commute to my school, and I used to take a nap in the morning and I remember my mom having conversations of like, oh no, what happened? And then I would kind of wake up and I’d be like, is so-and-so’s dad dead? And she’ll be like, wait, what? So I’ve always kind of had dreams like that, but this was probably my junior year in high school. I was in psychology class. We were so happened to be in our dream journal, dream interpretation kind of part of the course. And I had this dream, and I remember I woke up the next day and I put it down in my journal as my assignment was.


And the dream was I was best friends with four sisters. We all went to the same high school, middle school, all the things. And they used to live really near our school. I grew up in Malibu, which is where Pepperdine University is. So they had a Spanish tutor who was a Pepperdine University student, and she used to come to the house and do tutoring with them for Spanish. And my dream started with us leaving school, driving to their house. We were all hanging out. It was during summer, their tutor was there and we were all in the pool and the dream kind of just developed. And we were in the living room watching TV. Their tutor was leaving, so she left the house. We’re like, okay bye. And we’re watching TV. And on TV we could see footage of PCH completely shut down. There had been a car accident,

Jim Harold (00:41:42):

The Pacific Coast High Radio,

Ledy (TX) (00:41:45):

Correct? Yes. So in the dream, the tutor comes back and she’s like, man, I have no idea what’s going on. I literally cannot go home. And we’re like, okay. So we’re just sitting there. And then they fly over where the accident is and it’s this red truck. And I was like, oh man, it’s on fire. And I just somehow knew from my dream that that person was dead. And I was like, man, that is so weird. So I write all of this down. The end of my dream is that that’s it. I see the truck on fire, it’s a red truck completely engulfed in fire. And I go on with my days. I tell my best friend actually, and I was like, oh my God, dude, I had this dream and it happened that I was at your house. So eventually months happened. I tell my psychology teacher and he’s like, okay, cool.


And then probably two months later, the day starts happening just in my dream. And I’m over at their house, their tutor is there, had no idea that this was the day until she left. We were sitting in the living room and we turn on the TV and the exact same footage on the news is happening as from my dream. And my friend comes over to me and I was like, yeah. And then their tutor comes back, says exactly the same thing and says, I have no idea what’s going on. I cannot go home. So we all look at each other and I was like, oh my God, it’s my dream. It’s happening. So we continue on and we watch the news. The exact same red truck that I had described was engulfed on fire, and it was pretty spooky. Everybody from then on would always ask me to tell them if I ever saw them in my dreams. They were afraid of things happening to them.

Jim Harold (00:43:30):

Yeah, I mean, what do you chalk that up to? How do you think that works? What do you think happened?

Ledy (TX) (00:43:36):

So to be honest, after that, a couple days after the accident, it came out that it was somebody’s friend. So it’s like those seven degrees of separation.

Jim Harold (00:43:47):

Someone who knew someone who knew someone.

Ledy (TX) (00:43:50):

So it really freaked me out. And I said, I don’t know if this is a gift, if this is just whatever it is going on, I wish to no longer be able to have these visions because it is really –

Jim Harold (00:44:04):

Way out.

Ledy (TX) (00:44:05):

It messes with you to kind of know that there’s nothing I could have done. I could not have pinpoint the day. So I don’t really know what it was or where these dreams have come from. But after I sat down with it, I mean, I was again a junior in high school, so I was what, 17, 16? So it was something that kind of did mess with my head for a bit. And I felt responsible for some reason that no,

Jim Harold (00:44:32):

You couldn’t though. There’s nothing you could have done. There was no way. I mean, even if you knew who it was, specifically the person beforehand, which you didn’t, but, and if you would’ve told somebody that they wouldn’t have believed you.

Ledy (TX) (00:44:45):

And even then I went back to my psychology teacher and I was like, what do you think? I asked him the same thing. I was like, where do you think this is coming from? And he was like, honestly, I don’t really know. We just, the subconscious. And he went into his scientific way of coming upon an answer. But yeah, no, I’ve always had those type of visions. And even now, many, many years after high school, I still have those inclinations or that deja vu feeling. And even dreams still come true. I don’t know. I don’t know what it is.

Jim Harold (00:45:22):

It’s almost one of those things that I could see it being a blessing and a curse both at the same time.

Ledy (TX) (00:45:28):

Absolutely. It definitely is one of those, it’s nice when it’s nice things happening to you and you can say, oh my gosh, I saw this in my dreams. But when it’s something not very nice, it can be kind of jarring to be the only one who knew things was going to happen or, you know.

Jim Harold (00:45:46):

Are there particular times in your life either calm times or stressful times, or is there any correlation when you have these premonition style dreams? Anything that you’ve been able to track down?

Ledy (TX) (00:46:00):

That’s a great question. I think when I was younger, not really. I think now being an adult and listening to podcasts and exploring those things, I definitely feel like I can ask for certain visions. And I do like to tap in or think that I think my grandpa is one of my spirit guides and I always talk to him. And when I do have times of I have no idea what to do, I’ll kind of have some dreams of not on cue maybe a couple of days later and I’ll think about it and I’m like, okay. Yeah, that makes sense. I did ask for a sign. Right.

Jim Harold (00:46:38):

Well, you certainly seem to be tapped in Ledy. Thank you so much for sharing this story. I hope you’ll come back on the show and share more and these things happened and appreciate you being a part of the program and stay spooky.

Ledy (TX) (00:46:51):

Thank you so much.

Jim Harold (00:46:53):

Next up on the Campfire is Robyn from the Middle East, and I’m so glad I would love to get more calls from the Middle East. I’m so glad that, we’d love to get calls from every part of the world. And we’re so glad to have Robin on the show and she has a story for us. Well, there are actually two stories, but there’s a connection. They’re about grandpas, her grandpas. Robin, welcome to the show. Thank you for calling us all the way from the Middle East and tell us what happened.

Robyn (Mid. East) (00:47:18):

Hi, Jim. So just for a little context now, I live in the Middle East, but when the first story happened, I lived in Taiwan for a few years when I was two to six years old. So one night I was around three years old and my mom was putting me to sleep. It was just me and my dad. It was before my sister was born. And the banter went with children before they go to sleep. She was like, okay, now night night and all that. And just in a horror movie, I point to a dark corner and say, who’s that? And there was no one, obviously. And my mom was like, okay, I’m not getting into, I’m not… good night, and left. And the next morning she got a call from my grandmother, her mother that said, your dad has passed away.

Jim Harold (00:48:17):


Robyn (Mid. East) (00:48:20):

And I was his first grandchild to be born. And I think it was kind of like he took pride in that. And he has visited not only me but the rest of his family in dreams. But that’s a story for another time.

Jim Harold (00:48:39):

Well, I did want to say this. There is, I interviewed a gentleman by the name of Dr. Raymond Moody. He actually invented the term near death experience. So he’s been researching this for the greater part of his career and has written multiple bestselling books on it. And last time I talked to him and of last year, we talked, it’s on the Paranormal Podcast feed, if anybody wants to check it out, we talked about the shared death experience. And that’s where, let’s say you are where you were at and your grandfather was tens, hundreds, thousands of miles away. But one of the types of a shared death experience is when the person appears to a loved one, even though they may be separated by many miles, there’s different kinds of shared death experiences. But that’s one of them. And that’s immediately what I thought of. And that is a thing that does happen. People come to loved ones when they pass your thoughts.

Robyn (Mid. East) (00:49:43):

Well, yeah, I agree. And my grandmother, she’s also a very spiritual person, so she wasn’t even surprised when he came to visit her and when he came to visit me and when he came to visit even his children, like my mom and uncles, because this is another story I didn’t tell you. But also after his funeral and stuff, my mom, uncles and my grandmother all dreamt that he came to them and hugged them. And he has appeared in dreams in my grandmother’s dream multiple times. But that’s a different tale.

Jim Harold (00:50:28):

Well, but I think our loved ones do return to us in various ways to get the message across that they still love us and they’re still watching out for us. And then you had a story about your other grandfather on the other side of the family, right?

Robyn (Mid. East) (00:50:42):

Yeah. So that was when, the first story I was three years old, but then 15 years later, it’s January 20, 24. And after a very difficult year, my grandfather on my dad’s side lost his battle to a very violent type of brain cancer. And it was a bit difficult because he was my only grandfather that I’ve ever known, even though we weren’t that close. But he died and I was like, okay, I want to sign that he’s okay, because he was paralyzed, he was pale, he couldn’t talk, he couldn’t do anything. And I just wanted to know that he’s okay up there in heaven. And I asked for a sign of two or three green parrots because where I live, there’s a lot of green parrots. But over the years, a different type of bird has invaded and you see it even more than pigeons. And we have a lot of pigeons here.


So I was like, okay, I want to see those green parrots for more than three seconds and really close and not from a distance. And two years, not two years, sorry, two days have passed and nothing, there was no sign, not even on a video or something like that. And we were driving to the funeral, me and my mom, and I decided to tell her that I wish to see green parrots. So she was like, I’m sure you’ll see it. And we stopped at the front of one of the cemetery gates to park and under a tree we’re like a dozen or more really fat green parrots just nibbling away. And I almost cried because I saw it because I wanted two or three, and then 10, 15 parrots just nibbling their hearts away. And I decided to open the door because we needed to get into the cemetery. We needed to start the funeral. And from the tree that they sat under flew even more. So a huge flock of green parrots just surrounded me and my mom and I almost broke down.

Jim Harold (00:53:22):

I really feel like, it is just such a theme to me that our loved ones come back to us in ways. And I always feel like that they’re in ways that would be maybe meaningless to other people, but they’re super meaningful to the person they’re meant for. You know what I’m saying?

Robyn (Mid. East) (00:53:42):

Yeah. My mom, she was like, wow, that’s so cool. Now come on, get inside. We need to go. And I was like, give me a minute. I need to let my emotions out, but, but she was also really shocked. And so the funeral happened. Everyone cried, me too. And two, three weeks after that I was home alone. And when I’m home alone, I always utilize the time by just singing because I like certain songs and they’re stuck in my head. So that’s my way of getting them out. Sure. So when a person is home alone and there’s no sound from the TV or something like that, then we have a little echo in the home. And as I said, it was the middle of the day. I was home alone. I live on the side of a curb, so it’s usually busy, but it was dead quiet.


And I was singing a Hozier song. Now that is a crucial part, and I’ll tell you in a moment. So I was singing a song. I was in the bathroom in front of the bathroom mirror, just fixing my hair or something like that, which is the creepiest place to experience something. And I finished the song, and then I heard kind of like an old man just saying, good job. And yeah, and there was no one in the home, as I said, and it didn’t sound like there’s an echo, but at the same time, it didn’t sound like it was from my head and it wasn’t from outside. It was dead quiet. And I was a bit freaked out because what in the world? I just heard an old man’s voice that sounded like my grandpa. And there was nothing after that. And there was no one, nothing to, I didn’t bump into anything to make the noise. And I don’t have any pets as well. So no reason for me to hear that. And the reason I said that, it’s a Hozier song. What I sang, it’s because the song is titled from Eden, from the Garden of Eden. And yeah, it just, wow, I have chills and it’s creepy to experience at home alone. But at the same time, I was like, okay. He’s saying, good job from Eden.

Jim Harold (00:56:22):

That’s so neat.

Robyn (Mid. East) (00:56:23):

It comforted me.

Jim Harold (00:56:24):

Well, Robyn, that is great. Thank you for sharing these family stories. I think these are just as important as sharing those real spooky stories. So thank you so much for taking time today.

Robyn (Mid. East) (00:56:36):

No problem. I really enjoyed it.

Jim Harold (00:56:39):

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Announcer (00:59:09):

You are listening to Jim Harold’s Campfire.

Jim Harold (00:59:12):

Sharon is on the line from Ontario, Canada, and we’re so glad to speak with her tonight. Been getting more calls lately from up north. Always glad to hear from our Canadian friends. And Sharon’s going to take us back to some things that happened to her when she was a small child and then validation that came many years later. Sharon, welcome to the show. Tell us what happened.

Sharon (ON) (00:59:38):

Thank you, Jim. I was about six years old and the townhouse that we lived in, I had my own room, so every time my parents would put me to bed, it would be dark out. And every night, almost every single night, there would be a man that would stand in the corner of my room, over near my closet, and he would just stand there and stare at me. He wouldn’t do anything, wouldn’t say anything, nothing. So he would just stand there and stare at me and I’d call my parents in a lot of times and they’re like, no, your eyes are playing tricks on you. You’re fine. Go back to sleep. There’s nothing there. And so it was very frustrating not having anyone understand what I was going through as a kid. So many years, about 40 years later, I was swapping ghost stories with my mother.

Jim Harold (01:00:30):

And this was, you said 40 years later? Four zero: Okay. 40 years later, correct?

Sharon (ON) (01:00:37):

Correct. Yep. So we were swapping stories and she had said that she was sitting in the dining room with my dad and her parents and just right up from the basement around the corner came this man clear as you and me and just walked right past and looked right at her and just continued walking and turned around, went up the stairs, and I interrupted her at that point and I said, did he have a white T-shirt, blue jeans, and a red baseball cap? She says, oh, I don’t remember the baseball cap, but yeah, that’s exactly what he looked like. And I said, really? He stood there at almost every night, and you guys told me I was crazy. So it was very validating that both because they didn’t believe my mom either, because my mom’s like, did you not see that? And no, no one saw anything. They went and checked upstairs. There was nobody but us kids sleeping upstairs. Yeah.

Jim Harold (01:01:36):

So did you know much about the history of the house, anything or a person this could have been?

Sharon (ON) (01:01:43):

I don’t actually, but my mom was saying that he reminded her more of someone that came from the fifties, sixties era. So all I know is that he just would stand there and stare at me and it freaked me out as a child.

Jim Harold (01:01:59):

Now, do you think that there’s the kind of active haunting, sentient haunting where the figure interacts and there’s the residual where it’s just kind of a replay now, since he actively watched you and actively looked at your mother, do you think it was more of an active haunting or do you think you were seeing a replay?

Sharon (ON) (01:02:24):

I think it was more of an active haunting because he looked right at you and it was like he knew, it was that knowing a look like he can see you right there. So it wasn’t more of it’s just staring off past someone like they’re not even there because it’s just a residual thing.

Jim Harold (01:02:46):

And when you were a child, I mean, that had to be terrifying. For you, did you feel that it was a ghost? I mean, were you pretty sure it was a ghost as opposed to a real person?

Sharon (ON) (01:02:57):

Yes, I was pretty sure that’s what I was seeing. But of course my parents told me, there’s no such thing as ghosts. It’s just your eyes playing tricks on you and things like that. So I think they just want to reassure me. I don’t think my dad actually believed in any of that stuff, but my mom has had experiences all her life.

Jim Harold (01:03:17):

And do you think that maybe you got some sensitivity from her to see these things?

Sharon (ON) (01:03:23):

Absolutely. It runs in the women. So my grandmother, my mother, myself, my daughter, we all have sensitivities to it.

Jim Harold (01:03:31):

So was this the whole time you were growing up that you would see ’em or was it mainly just when you were younger?

Sharon (ON) (01:03:38):

No, actually throughout my life I’ve had right up until the last one I had seen was about four years ago. So it’s not all the time that I see ’em. Most times I’ll catch even just the other day, you catch something out of the corner of your eye that you see. But to see them very, very physical is not every day for me.

Jim Harold (01:04:05):

Right, right. Now, is that in the old family home or is that old family home gone? Does somebody else have that old family home?

Sharon (ON) (01:04:14):

Someone else is living there now, so the one house that we lived in where the majority of my teenage years, we had that activity. It’s unfortunate that house was torn down and another one was built, but we had a lot of activity in that house.

Jim Harold (01:04:30):

Interesting. Well, I mean that had to be frightening, but it had to be, I’ve got to believe when your mom four decades later tells you, Hey, I saw him too. I think that had to give you some validation, make you feel good, right?

Sharon (ON) (01:04:45):

It did. It was really nice. I was just like, I told you, I told you. And she says, well, you know, I didn’t want to admit it back then.

Jim Harold (01:04:54):

Well, Sharon, thank you so much for sharing your stories. I hope you’ll call back in and share more. And again, always absolutely, always great to hear from our neighbors up north.

Sharon (ON) (01:05:06):

Thank you so much. Stay spooky.

Jim Harold (01:05:07):

Stay spooky. Melinda is on the line from Alabama. She went to a thrift store and she may have picked up more than she bargained for. We’re getting into haunted object territory here, Melinda. I can’t wait to hear more. Tell us what happened.

Melinda (AL) (01:05:25):

Thanks, Jim. Alright, so it was about 2019 and I was living in Colorado at the time and I was a reseller, reseller at, I would do vintage markets and Etsy and I had a little antique booth, so I was always looking for old vintage stuff that was pretty popular at the time. And I went, went to this one thrift store and I saw this huge macrame planter and it looked like it was legit made in the seventies. It was one that you would hang from a ceiling and had a rounded little part that you would set a plant on. And I looked at that and I was like, oh my goodness, this is amazing. I threw it in my cart, didn’t think much of it. I was like, I know I’ll definitely be able to sell this. And picked up a bunch of other stuff about my day and went home, had it still in the bag.


I sat in on the chair and just went about my day, didn’t really even think about it the rest of the day. And that night I was sleeping and I had this horrific nightmare and it was one of those almost like hellfire and demons and I’ve never experienced a nightmare like that before. And I was scared out of my mind and I woke up and I started praying for protection and I was able to go back to sleep. I don’t really remember too many details of the nightmare, but I know the next morning I woke up and I was like, that was bizarre. I don’t have nightmares like that. I don’t watch that scary stuff.


So went about my day, still kind of a little shook from the nightmare, but I was like, well, it’s fine, no big deal. Went to sleep that next night and I had the exact same nightmare. Exactly. There was a fire and only what I can explain it was demons and it was just, I woke up in a sweat, I was so terrified and I was like, this isn’t right. I don’t have reoccurring nightmares, I don’t have reoccurring dreams really at all. So I knew something wasn’t right. So I got up the next day and I was like, alright, there’s something wrong. Something’s not right in this house. What happened? And I’m going back thinking about when the nightmare started and I’m like, alright, I must have brought something in. Something must be attached to the items that I brought in. And immediately I thought of that macrame and I was like, it’s got to be the macrame and kind of in my mind’s eye, I could just imagine somebody making it and almost whispering things into it.


I know that sounds like crazy, but I was just like, there’s something not right with it. So better safe than sorry. I bagged everything up. Everything I bought that day at the thrift store, I was like, I’m not messing around. We’re getting this out of the house. So I bagged it all up in this black garbage bag and I went out into my back porch and I threw it in my backyard and I’m looking at it after I threw it and I felt like a kind of relief, but I feel like I saw this black aura. And I’m like, okay. There was something definitely not right with that. And I’m standing back and I’m kind of praying and telling God to just take whatever is going on, just take it away from this house and take it away from me. And in my left ear I hear, hey, and it was a man’s voice and I was like, what? I look around, there’s nobody around me, my neighbors aren’t out. I was like, okay, this is right. This is the best thing for me to do, throw this stuff away. And I went and I actually drove a couple of miles away and I threw it into a dumpster somewhere because I was absolutely not messing around with anything like that.

Jim Harold (01:10:12):

Now do you continue to thrift to this day or did that kind of put you off of it?

Melinda (AL) (01:10:18):

I do, so I do, but I feel like I’m a little bit more pickier and a little bit more cautious and I do not buy macrame

Jim Harold (01:10:28):

Well, I wonder if that material is more apt. Maybe it absorbs more. I mean, I don’t know. I mean macrame people actually make that by hand, right?

Melinda (AL) (01:10:43):

Yes, yes. And I feel like that’s what I was thinking in my head. Maybe somebody was making it and braiding it and whispering horrible things. I don’t know. I don’t know. I feel like there was definitely something evil, evil, evil attached to that, but as soon as I got rid of it, as soon as I put in that bag, I heard that voice. I was like, oh my word. And nothing like that has happened again.

Jim Harold (01:11:14):

Yeah, it’s one of those things where other than avoiding macrame, is there anything specifically you do now, a prayer or some kind of intention or some kind of cleansing before you bring stuff in?

Melinda (AL) (01:11:31):

Gosh, you would think I would, but I don’t. I don’t know. Maybe I try to when I see things and I pick it up and I look at it and I don’t do any selling anymore, so everything I have is for me. So maybe there’s a difference in that. I try to just be real cautious of the things that I’m feeling, but if I ever felt that way again, it would be right in the trash.

Jim Harold (01:11:59):

Yeah. I got to tell you, and I’ve said this on the shows numerous times, but I used to be like Mr. Thrift Store and I’m much more less of that for two reasons. One is my wife says, why are you bringing all this old junk in the house? Because she’s not a fan of old stuff like I am. And then secondly, secondly, I do kind of a little bit, but some things like books or things like that I don’t worry as much about now, I guess I don’t know that that’s logical because somebody holds a book. But I mean that kind of thing. I don’t worry about as much, but more personal items like cups or glasses or I don’t know, certain things like give me a little bit of the heebie-jeebies. And then it’s also, I got to admit now that I’m getting older and I have seen my mom passed and family members have passed, and you have these father-in-law’s passed, and you have these houses that you have to get rid of the stuff in. So you go in these thrift stores now, and I used to just love it. I mean it was total joy. It was like, oh, this is cool. This is old now it’s tinged with sadness because that was somebody’s mom, that was somebody’s grandma and those kind of things. So it’s bittersweet for me now. Oh, this cool old stuff. And then I’m like, well, who did this belong to? And who’s no longer with us and things. So as you mature, the feelings kind of change, but still.

Melinda (AL) (01:13:32):

I agree.

Jim Harold (01:13:33):

I still like old stuff.

Melinda (AL) (01:13:36):

Me too.

Jim Harold (01:13:36):

But it’s a little more nuanced now. Well, as you continue your thrifting travels, I hope you don’t run into any kind of haunted macrame or haunted anything else for that manner, but all the best with those. And I did want to mention one quick thing, Melinda, I know you listen with your daughters when you’re traveling around town, Evelyn and Rebecca. So I wanted to say stay spooky to Evelyn and Rebecca and thank them. And thank you for listening to the show and sharing your story. And stay spooky.

Melinda (AL) (01:14:10):

Thank you. So Jim

Jim Harold (01:14:12):

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Subscribe or follow Jim Harold’s Campfire today. Wherever you get your podcast, please rate and review too. It helps so much. Thanks. Now back to another great Campfire story.

Jim Harold (01:16:33):

Well, you might remember a few weeks ago we had Breanna from Arizona on the show. She’s a paramedic and she told that very profound story about one of her patients who didn’t make it. And I encourage you if you didn’t hear that, go back and listen. Just a tremendous, tremendous story. And she has a more pleasant story about this podcast and actually becoming a paramedic. Brianna, welcome back to the show. So good to talk with you again and thank you so much for sharing that other story and so much for what you do as a paramedic. And please tell us this story.

Breanna (AZ) (01:17:07):

Hey Jim, thank you so much for having me back. It’s my pleasure. I have been so excited to tell you about this story because it actually involves the Campfire. So I spent about say a year and a half working to become a paramedic. It’s a year and a half of schooling and it’s rather grueling. It’s a lot crunched into a little bit of time. And this happened around August of 2020 I think it was. I had been cramming and cramming and cramming for the national exam and the end of my paramedic class for weeks, and it was the day before the test. So obviously I don’t think I need to tell you, test anxiety. I had read something that said cramming last minute before a test actually hurts your test scores. So against my better judgment, I decided, alright, it’s the day before the test, either I’ve learned it in two years, about two years or I haven’t, and I can’t do much about that in six hours.


So I finally decided just to put it down and neurotically clean my house instead. While I listened to the Campfire, it’s one of my favorite things to do. I love putting it on as background noise so I can just zone out while I’m doing other things and listen to it. I love it. So I put it on and I was even having a hard time focusing on the podcast and I kind of just put it up to the universe and to God and I said, all right, if this is the right thing, if I’m doing the right thing, let me know. I hope I don’t botch this. I just want to know I’m doing the right thing. So I put that thought out there and went back to cleaning, and I distinctly remember I was putting my laundry in the washing machine about to wash it, and I got this overwhelming sense of deja vu at the exact same time that you and another Campfire storyteller was,


were talking about getting deja vu and the significance of having a deja vu experience. So I had to come on and tell you, and hopefully that gentleman is also listening and knows that that experience was significant for me. Also, listening to having deja vu of the two of you talking about deja vu was rather trippy. Not going to lie, but I took that as a sign that I was on the right path, I was doing the right thing, and it gave me an immense sense of comfort, which is really why I wanted to tell you and just share that. It really drove me a lot of peace. And I’ll tell you what, I drove three and a half hours for that test the next day and I passed it with flying colors.

Jim Harold (01:19:44):

That is awesome. That is awesome. I am so glad that you became a paramedic and from your previous story, it really speaks to the fact not only did you academically pass the test, I think you just happen to be the kind of person who’s got to be great at their job because you have that sensitivity about what you do. And obviously you care for people that you try to help and well-deserved. And if Campfire played even a tiny part in making you feel better and maybe doing a little bit better on the test, I’m so glad to hear it.

Breanna (AZ) (01:20:19):

Thank you. It definitely brought me comfort that day in it. It was nice to know that there were other people who had had similar experiences, so I felt a sense of community with that too. And I’m just, Jim, I’m grateful for you and the fact that you have this podcast to kind of connect people a little bit more, even if it is over weird things. I love it.

Jim Harold (01:20:38):

Me too. And weird things are cool.

Breanna (AZ) (01:20:41):

Yes, I agree.

Jim Harold (01:20:43):

And so are paramedics and our first responders. Breanna, thank you for what you do and for being a part of the Campfire.

Breanna (AZ) (01:20:49):

It’s a pleasure for both. Thank you so much.

Jim Harold (01:20:53):

Next up on the Campfire is Doreen from Oregon. She says she likes to listen when she goes on her hikes. She found us a few months ago and said she fell in love with the show and we appreciate it very much. And she’s here to share with us a very frightening story. It’s happened over multiple years and she’s going to share it with us now. Doreen, welcome to the program and please tell us what happened.

Doreen (OR) (01:21:16):

Thank you, Jim. So when I was a young child, I believe I was around eight years old and I think that I had a fever or was sick at the time. And for three nights in a row when I would go to bed, this evil entity was present in the room and I felt was trying to get into my brain and take possession. And the scariest thing is it was this piercing screeching noise going straight into my brain. So if you could imagine maybe a torture technique where somebody’s put in a dark room and there’s just this nonstop noise just being ingrained in your brain like eeeeeeeeeee for hours on end.


And then at one point there were ghosts flying around the room. I just felt like something was just staring at me. There’s just this presence just staring and going straight into my brain with this noise just happening. It has stuck with me my entire life. And as a young child, I didn’t know that this possession, it was even a thing, but I always felt that that’s what it was without even knowing it was a possibility. So years later, I was raised Catholic and there was a group of us talking to our priest, and I don’t know what brought it up, but the priest had mentioned that there are possessions and it’s real in the Catholic church, and that just reconfirmed everything that I had experienced and believed. As a result, I’ve just been so afraid of the paranormal because I’ve only experienced the wicked, horrid scary part.


I don’t know why me If these entities are taking over people, I have no idea why me. I was listening to you speaking with Dr. Moody and he had mentioned that people who have near life death experiences experience more, which brought back to me that when I was two years old, I drank gasoline and my mom had to resuscitate me. So I’m wondering if maybe I had a near life death experience that I don’t remember, but that made me more prone to these things. I’m not sure. So then now fast forward, 50 years later, my father passed away and my husband and I were getting their house prepared to sell, and all the furniture had been moved out. We were making some repairs and we spent the night in the living room. Oh, so I’m sorry, back up. So a couple years ago I was speaking with a paranormal person and saying that I have never in my life had good dreams.


I only have really bad negative dreams, and I just don’t understand why that is. And that person is a little bit knowledgeable and asked if I had ever had any experiences such as I had. And that person said, I think you have an evil entity attached to you and it is with you. And I’ve always kind of felt that. So now fast forward 10 or many years later, my father passes away, we’re in my parents’ home and I am sound asleep. So I had a tumultuous relationship with my father, and since he has passed, I’ve always wanted to talk to him. I just was waiting, waiting, waiting for my father to come talk to me so that I could just resolved these feelings that I’ve had my whole life with him. So I’m sound asleep in my parents’ living room and here comes my father, my beautiful attractive father when he was, an image of him when he was at his height of his young adult attractive. And I said, oh my gosh, dad, it is about time I have been waiting for you to come see me and talk to me. At that moment, an evil entity came just flying out of nowhere and literally just snatched him away and just took him away from me.

Jim Harold (01:25:41):

Wow. Do you think that he was there to protect you?

Doreen (OR) (01:25:48):

I have thought that, and perhaps, and I really hope that is the case, and I’ve thought quite a bit about it, thinking, is it now gone? Did he remove that entity from me? I’m not sure.

Jim Harold (01:26:01):

You said in your email you had a series of negative dreams over the years, and that doesn’t necessarily fit with the kind of person you are. In your outlook on life, it sounds like you’re generally positive and you equated it to this entity or whatever it is. Have those dreams continued or have they ceased?

Doreen (OR) (01:26:27):

It seemed like for a little while after that episode with my father, it got better, but now I’m still struggling with good dreams and it is because I am a pretty positive person. So I’ve never been able to figure out why I just can’t have beautiful, happy, lovely dreams like everyone else.

Jim Harold (01:26:46):

If those two things are connected in any way, those two situations. Well, yeah, that had to be frightening with your father to that situation, seeing him and then having him spirited away by these less than stellar spirits or whatever they were.

Doreen (OR) (01:27:02):

Yes, yes.

Jim Harold (01:27:05):

Has anything happened since then?

Doreen (OR) (01:27:07):

No. Nothing related to that. No. Thank goodness.

Jim Harold (01:27:11):

Well, I’ll tell you, it is a frightening thing, particularly when you have these multi-decade stories of things that happened over a number of years. And we do have those occasionally people who said something kind of attached. We have one young lady, and this goes to the early days of the show who had visited a haunted house with a friend his house, which was haunted. It wasn’t like this place is haunted. It’s like he had firsthand knowledge that was haunted and something attached itself to her and she carried it with her, I think 10 years or something. And it sounds like in this case, maybe for you, maybe it’s been even longer. Even longer. Any thoughts where you go with it from here or if you just kind of leave sleeping dogs lie kind of thing?

Doreen (OR) (01:27:57):

I think I leave sleeping dogs lie. As a result of your show and listening to it, it has just brought up many other experiences that have happened to me that are on a much more positive note. So I have some beautiful

Jim Harold (01:28:11):

Positive That’s good

Doreen (OR) (01:28:13):

As a result of listening to your listeners’ story. So I have many other beautiful stories, and then that’s one horrible negative story that I’d like to, well,

Jim Harold (01:28:24):

That’s the thing is I always want to make sure that we have scary stories and negative experiences like the one you’ve detailed today. But I’m always quick to say that the paranormal and the supernatural, I believe, at least from what I’ve heard over the last, gosh, this show has been going for almost, oh my gosh, how long has it been? 15 years almost. Maybe by the time folks hear this, it will be 15 years because our anniversary is in April. And I’ve heard probably as many positive stories as I have negative. So to me, the Paranormal and the supernatural are a continuum. And while I’m not kind of pollyannaish and I don’t think there isn’t negative stuff out there, I think there’s a lot of good and a lot positive too. And I guess that’s a great note to end this on, looking towards the positive. Doreen, thank you for being a part of the Campfire today.

Doreen (OR) (01:29:19):

Thank you, Jim. Have a good day.

Jim Harold (01:29:21):

Next up on the Campfire is Lisa from New Mexico, and she’s going to talk about a renovation project, and her husband ran into what I think is a little more than they bargained for Lisa, welcome to the program. Tell us what happened.

Lisa (NM) (01:29:36):

Thanks, Jim. Well, I think I want to start by saying I’ve been clairaudient all of my life, but until this story happened, I always kind of doubted it. I just thought it was my imagination and part of the story helped me confirm that I wasn’t just imagining things. So the story starts in 2012 when my husband and I bought an old homestead in rural Colorado, and it had two old houses on it. One was built in 1912 and one was built in 1932. And like I said, it’s a rural area, so it was fairly good drive from the more populated areas. And the houses were in really sad shape. They were bad, but they had this really great energy and my husband really wanted to do this project, and something just made me say yes. So we did it and we decided we would clean one up and live in it while we renovated the other.


Then we’d move into that house and work on the second one. And my husband’s a fine home builder, and I’m a graphic designer, and we both really love antiques and history and especially the history of our professions. So we went to work on the demo of this first house, and we couldn’t really restore that house. We had to renovate it. So we started out by, we had to tear off two layers of wood paneling. And under the wood paneling there were these layers of wallpaper and there were layers of flooring that we pulled up. And the wallpapers were historic. We kept big pieces of them because I was really intrigued by the printing process. And my husband just loved that. They came from the Sears Rose Book Roebuck catalog. And then when we got under those layers of wallpaper, there was fabric on the wall that was tacked up over rough cut lumber, and it was really cool, and it was really touching.


I just said to my husband one day, look at all of this wallpaper. This guy must really have loved his wife to make sure she had a pretty place to live all the way out here because it had to come down a dirt road from the railroad. And so we were really enjoying this project. And then kind of three quarters of the way through this project, I got injured in a really unfortunate situation, and I had a long recovery, so I was kind of stuck in that little house that we were living in. And I had a lot of time to fill, and I spent a lot of time alone, and I would hear what steps upstairs and just various sounds. When I was alone, that was a little more than the house settling. And now, and then I’d hear this woman’s voice that would say something like, Hey, your husband’s home, or, Hey, you better look out the window and check on the horses or things like that.


And sure enough, I’d look around, there was my husband pulling in the driveway or there was a horse doing something that it shouldn’t be doing. And again, I just kind of thought, well, that it’s my imagination. So I tried to fill up my time with some hobbies, and I have two unusual hobbies. One of them is I do this very intricate type of feed work that requires some specialized needles that come in a unique package. It’s folded paper, but it looks like a little envelope. And these type of needles have been sold in these packages for a long, long time. And then my other hobby is that I collect antique buttons. So as I’m laying there trying to recover, I’m surfing around on eBay one day, and I find a pin of antique buttons from an estate sale. And I feel like, okay, I’ve hit the geeky girl jackpot because you can trace history with buttons.


So I get this tin and it’s got all of these different buttons in it, fake light celluloid. It even had buttons from civil war uniforms in it. And so I sort out these buttons and I kind of put the mundane ones in jars and the other ones in other various containers. Anyway, I put these three jars up on a shelf, and one day I happened to look up and one of these jars has kind of been nudged over the edge of the shelf. And I’m like, oh God, that’ll be a disaster. So I go push it back over there, and a few hours later I look over and it’s hanging off the edge of the shelf again, ready to fall off. So I’m like, how did that happen? So push it back over, and sure enough, later that evening, it’s back over the edge again.


So ask my husband to get them and take them and put ’em on the bookcase across the room, and he does. So then I just start finding these buttons everywhere. They’re just showing up. There’ll be one on the couch or one in the kitchen or one in the bathroom. And it got to be so strange that I would send pictures of these to my sister because it’s like, Hey, someone’s leaving me these little gifts. And she was like, well, she didn’t spill them, and you’re just finding them in random places. And I was like, well, I don’t think so. And my sister was all about the Paranormal. And so one day I find this black button, I drop it in the jar, hour later I find the same black button in my kitchen, and I go put it in the jar. A couple hours later I find the same black button, but this time it’s over in the other house that we’ve been renovating.


And I take it and I put it back in the jar, and then I call my sister, and I’m telling her what happened as I’m cooking dinner and she’s saying something, and I stick my hand in my pocket and there is that same button in my pocket, and I know I’ve already put it away three times. I know, I know. Okay. So that keeps happening. And then finally we reach a point where we can move into that other house. And so we set up our bedroom and everything, and we’re in the bedroom asleep one night, and we had these exterior doors from the bedroom and they faced the pasture. And I woke up one night to the most horrific noise I’ve ever heard, it sounded like, well, when you’re dead asleep and something wakes you up and you got to kind of shake yourself awake.


And I’m thinking, what is that? It sounds like a monster. And we have all kinds of things out here, mountain lions, coyotes. This was something I had never heard, and it was so disturbing. And I sit up and then I hear that woman’s voice, and the woman’s voice says, don’t worry, that’s a badger. And I had never heard a badger before, and it stopped, but it was so disturbing I couldn’t go back to sleep. So I just got up and I went out in the living room, and I decided to look up on YouTube, what does a badger sound like? And sure enough, and I can post this YouTube video in the Campfire group maybe, but it sounds kind of like at times, like a squalling cat, a cat in pain, and then it’s got this real guttural sound, and I’m just stunned because I’ve heard this voice say, don’t worry, it’s just a badger. And I go find the video, and it’s identical to what I had been hearing.


So it was at that point that I stopped doubting when I had these clear audience experiences. That’s kind of when I stopped doubting it. So I finally reach a point now in my recovery where I can drive again and go out and do things that kind of fun. So I decided one day I’d drive into town and go to the thrift store, and they have a section where if they have old clothes that aren’t sellable, they cut the buttons off and they put ’em in a bin. So I go to the button bin and I kind of spot if I’m walking over there, this little black envelope, and I’m like, oh my gosh, those are needles. It’s my geeky girl thing again. But it’s like an antique version of what I use now. So for a quarter, I grab it, I take it home, and I research it online. And these needles, the particular package that I had, were produced the same year our house was built 1912.

Jim Harold (01:39:43):

Oh, wow. So do you think that some spirits connected with the house and maybe some of those buttons were kind of guiding you to those other buttons and putting the buttons in front of you? Is that what you think was going on?

Lisa (NM) (01:39:57):

I do. I think that this woman who had sewn that fabric that was tacked up to that rough cut lumber that was there under all those layers of wallpaper and wood paneling, my hit is that it was her. It took a lot of work for us to live out there. And so I know that it had to take a lot of work for the people who built this house. It was not easy. I mean, in the early 1900s, you had to go to the train depot to get things and bring them back in a horse and wagon, and it’s cold in the winter. And this house, we had to insulate it. It had no insulation. It was a challenging life. I think that whoever this person was just appreciated that we loved the house the way I think they must have. But I know that I put those needles in that jar, and I said, okay, here you go. Here’s some needles for those buttons. And I never found, oh, I forgot one really amazing part when we moved out of the house, the little house into the bigger one, we had to redo the floors in there and they had to go down to the dirt. And when they cut the floor joists out or the floorboards out, my husband comes over and he said, Hey, one of the guys found a button under the floorboards. I thought you might like it. I mean, we’re talking about,

Jim Harold (01:41:43):

Well, Lisa, very cool, very cool. And they do have a way of showing up those spirits. Do thank you for being a part of the Campfire tonight and stay spooky.

Lisa (NM) (01:41:55):

Thank you.

Jim Harold (01:41:56):

Thanks so much for tuning into this episode of The Campfire. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. A big thank you to all of our sponsors and of course to our storytellers, because as I often say to them, when they call in without any callers, we do not have a show. So we appreciate them very much, and we appreciate you. And if you’d like to spread the word about the Spooky Studio, one of the best ways to do it and about the Campfire is to wear our merch. And you can find that at JimHarold.com/merch. Just go there, click on the Etsy option, and you’ll find a world of T-shirts and hoodies and tank tops. And we have, you wouldn’t wear this, but we have candles and we have mugs, and we just have a lot of great stuff there, and it all goes to support the production of these shows and our continued operation here at the Spooky Studio. And you get to wear something cool and spread the word about the Campfire and all of our shows. Please check it out, Jim Harold dot com slash merch. We appreciate it. We appreciate you, and we’ll talk to you next time. Have a great week, everybody. Stay safe and stay spooky. Bye-Bye.

Announcer (01:43:10):

You’ve been listening to Jim Harold’s Campfire. Tune in again next time for more stories of ordinary people who have experienced extraordinary things.

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