Living With A Shadow Person – Campfire 547

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Shadow people, a really ghosty ghost tour, Ouija boards and more on this edition of Jim Harold’s Campfire!


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Jim Harold 0:00
Imagine having a shadow person living in your house every day. Well, our caller did, up next on the Campfire.

Campfire Announcer 0:24
Welcome to our gathering tonight. Here we share stories of ordinary people who have experienced extraordinary things. Sit back, relax and warm yourself by Jim Harold’s Campfire.

Jim Harold 0:36
Welcome to the Campfire. I am Jim Harold, and so glad to be with you today. And boy do we have a great show for you and some great stories. If you’re new here basically what we do is share real stories from real people about their supernatural experiences: could be ghosts, could be cryptid creatures,could be UFOs, could be head scratchers. Whatever they are, they’re fascinating and they are true, and welcome to the program. And if you like what we do, please follow or subscribe on the podcast app of your choice. And it’d be nice if you could leave a review too, and always tell a friend. And now let’s not delay any further. Let’s get right to some great Campfire stories. Next up on the Campfire is Lena from Ontario, Canada. And she’s been listening since the pandemic. She started to get into podcasts and has become a Plus member. We appreciate that. But we really, really appreciate this story, we’re going to hear about the fact that well Lena has a unique feature to her home, you know some homes, you go to, they’re on a cul de sac, or they might have a hot tub or a swimming pool. But Lena has got something much cooler than all of that she may have some of that for all I know, but but she has a resident shadow figure. Lena, welcome to the show. Thank you for joining us and tell us tell us about this resident of your home.

Lena 2:05
Hi, Jim, thanks for having me on your call. We moved into this house in 1996. And this all started in about, I’d say around 2007 I judge the time by my daughter’s age. So I’m thinking it was around 2007. And the first time we I saw him I was coming from my kitchen going into turn around the corner to go to my staircase. My daughter was walking behind me, and she was you know, 10, 11 years old. And as I turned the corner, standing at the bottom of the stairs was this black tall shadow. I mean, blacker than night, and the lights were all out. And I kind of let out a screen. And she was, Mom, what’s wrong. And I was like, ohnothing, nothing. I thought okay was thought my imagination because as soon as I screamed, it disappeared. And it wasn’t flat, like a shadow. Plus the lights were out. So we were just getting ready to go up for the night. And I didn’t tell anybody. Because I was a bit freaked out. And I thought well, maybe it was my imagination. Now my son was in university at the time. And he came home. And he says, what the heck is wrong with this house? And I’m like, what do you mean, what’s wrong with this house? And he goes, well, I saw this shadow person on the staircase. Once I saw it, like his whole body. And another time it was only from the waist up. So I thought, oh my god, I saw it too. It’s not just me. I saw him. So we talked about it. And we’re a bit freaked out and thought you know what’s going on in this house, you know?

Jim Harold 3:59

Lena 4:00
But you’re kind of just, you’re not going to move. So you’re thinking, okay, it’s, as long as it’s not bothering us, we’ll just, you know, keep continue living. And I can’t remember if it was months or weeks later, but my daughter wouldn’t sleep in her room. She kept coming into our room and tell me, I told my husband like, this is ridiculous. She needs to be in her room. So I told her there’s nothing in your room. She kept claiming there was something in her room at night. And at one point I do remember her telling me that her calendar hanging on the wall was flopping around. So you know, I tried to debunk and I said well, it’s probably your fan in your room. So I turn the fan full blast on the calendar, it didn’t move. I was like okay, well, just let’s not feed into that. I go well, you know, it could have been anything. So I finally said to her, listen. I’m going to sleep in your room with you tonight to prove there’s nothing there. So that night, she was lying in bed between me and the wall. And the wall was under the window casing, so I had my back to the door. And she was between me and the wall, sleeping. And in the middle of the night, I woke up, because I felt like somebody was leaning on my arm. Like I could feel like a pressure of somebody leaning in. And then I heard in my ear, a man’s voice, but very raspy, fast, go, can you hear me? Like a really deep voice. And I was like, oh my gosh. And I’m not a religious person, but I started praying.

Jim Harold 5:44
That’ll make you religious, Lena. (laughs)

Lena 5:48
And I was praying, I thought, in my head, I was praying and saying, you, you’re not welcome here, you need to leave. And I did not turn around because I wasn’t ready to see if I could see something I really didn’t want to. So I just stayed the way I was. The next morning, I got up. And I thought, well, I’m not going to tell herwhat happened. Because for sure she’ll never sleep in that room again. So I kept it to myself. And she says, mom, I was right. And I go what do you mean, you were right? She goes, I woke up in the middle of the night ad there was this black, big shadow person standing right beside you by the bed. And I thought in my head, I’m like, I’m not going to tell her what happened. So I said, you know, it’s probably your imagination because the room was dark.

Jim Harold 6:41

Lena 6:42
I didn’t tell her what I’d seen. It took me a year to fess up and tell her what had happened. Just when I felt bad. I felt like I’m kind of discounting her experience. Because I didn’t, I felt like I didn’t want her to think her experience was invalid or didn’t happen. So I finally said yes. You saw it. I heard it. So it did happen. But we’ll just leave it at that. Month later, we went on a vacation. My sister in law and my brother in law stayed house sitting come back from vacation. There’s a snow globe with a bless this house. thing on it sitting on the mantel. And I’m like what’s that for or like, why is that there? She goes, you know, there’s something wrong with your house. My brother in law and at night had seen the shadow person standing in our room. So they stayed here house sitting for the whole time. She was like, this, definitely, something’s not right in this house.

Jim Harold 7:49

Lena 7:50
Yeah. So then she heard somebody say, mom, call her name. And she was a bit freaked out. But anyways, they did stay here that one time. Another thing that happened we’ve had over the years is pictures falling off the bathroom wall. So my husband put Velcro on the back of the pictures to make sure they didn’t fall off the bathroom wall and the nail is pointing up. So the picture literally lifts and falls. So he thought (overlapping speech) he’s like, I’m solving this. I’m going to put velcro on the back so it never happens again. Well, one of the pictures it happened: velcro, paint, everything came off.

Jim Harold 8:40

Lena 8:40
The wall with it. So we know there’s something. Now, years have gone by and when my son got engaged, and him and his girlfriend at the time, wife now, were staying in our basement until they saved up enough for a home. And one day she said she woke up in the middle of the night and she heard like something tapping their fingers on the night table. And I thought it could be pipes. Like, you know, it could have been anything like I didn’t automatically go to the you know the shadow person but then she said then I saw this black thing floating above the bed. I was like, okay, and I realized that this girl when my son would work late hours, she never stayed here. She would go to her parents’ place. So we asked her after and she said I wasn’t going to stay down there without him because something’s not right. So there’s something in this house. So those are some of the things that have happened. But the weirdest one was my daughter, who’s now in her 20s, came home and I was in my room, lying, reading a book. Lights are all on. And I kind of looked to the floor and I see this, what it looked like black smoke coming up from the floor slowly and then go right back into the floor. And I rubbed my eyes my thought, okay, was that a floater? Something, something wrong with my eyes? And I think the lights are on, and no sooner that that happened she knocked on the bedroom door and she’s like, you’re not gonna believe what just happened. And I just smiled because I thought,

Jim Harold 8:40
Oh, yes, I am.

Lena 10:14
I have a feeling I know what you’re gonna say. And she said, well, I walked into the bathroom. And this black figure was standing in the middle of the bathroom. And I thought, I knew you were going to say that because I just saw something start and then disappear. So I don’t know if it’s, it always seems to. Well, not always. But I was gonna say it always seems to happen with her and I together. So I don’t know if it’s connected, if it’s because of the house, or is it something that comes because it knows that we can see it? I don’t know.

Jim Harold 11:15
Well, that’s, here’s the here’s my question. Here’s where I’m a little curious about Lena. Now, you said you bought the house in the late 90s. Is that right?

Lena 11:23
Yeah. 96.

Jim Harold 11:25
And then this started around 2007.

Lena 11:30

Jim Harold 11:30
Any theories as to, I mean, a lot of times when when people move into a, quote, haunted house, it’s immediate. And then you have like this 11? I think you said 96 or 97? You know, 10 year lag. Um, why do you think that is? Was there something that changed, or you ever really have no idea?

Lena 11:53
Um, I mean, prior to that we had other things happen, but not the shadow person. Like my daughter once saw a little girl standing on the staircase, and she was my daughter was probably around five. And I remember her saying, Mommy, I saw a little girl on the staircase, and I’d seen her standing on the driveway. And I was like, what the hell? (Jim laughs) She drew the picture, very childlike. But she drew a picture and I still have it. But she said, I go well, what did you see? She goes well, when I saw the girl she she looked scared like me. Like when I was scared. She was scared. So I used to say, I go maybe it’s like, dimension pain where they some of them can see us. Some of us can see them. I don’t know. But she said the girl was scared like she was when she saw the girl. She seemed to be as startled as my daughter was.

Jim Harold 12:57
And does it continue? It continues to this day, the shadow person?

Lena 13:01
No, that’s the weird thing. Kids are older, we’re empty nesters, and it’s quiet. I mean, the, my dogs who have passed, used to get a bit, you know, weird and growl like things that weren’t there. But I haven’t seen it since my daughter moved away and she lives on the other end of the country, so.

Jim Harold 13:23
You know, they say some times I’ve heard people speculate, particularly things were poltergeist, where things move and technically, if you had if you had pictures coming off the wall, and it wasn’t them just there wasn’t gravity, you know, that might be considered a poltergeist. If it moves things., it’s considered poltergeist. And I’ve heard that poltergeists tend to feed off of adolescent energy.

Lena 13:48
Yeah. And I’ve thought of that also. Yeah. I really thought about that, because it really, really started when she was a preteen

Jim Harold 13:58

Lena 13:59
Like, 11, 12 that’s when it all, I mean, prior to that, we had some little things here and there. I mean, with her and I remember, one of our doors on the basement slamming, and, it was a heavy door, one that does not move and we went down there and we’re testing it. (unclear( The two of us were like, what the heck that door just slammed, or another time we were sitting in the living room when we heard like somebody scratching in the vents. Of course, I started thinking, do we have a mouse, what are some thing in the vents? We just kind of looked at each other. But these are like one time things that happened. Yeah, those are the other weird things that have happened after we saw the shadow person.

Jim Harold 14:49
Well, it is. It is a mystery. But Lena, thank you for sharing the mystery with us today on the Campfire.

Lena 14:56
Thank you.

Jim Harold 14:58
Next up on the Campfire is Taylor, and I’ve got to take a moment and thank her good friend, Caitlin. Caitlin is a hairstylist out in Atlanta and works with Taylor and kept telling Taylor, you can check out the Campfire, gotta check out the Campfire, gotta check out the Campfire and she didn’t do it. She finally did it. And she said, Why did I wait so long? So that’s, if you’ve been trying to tell a friend about the Campfire, and kinda say, yeah, that’s nice. Tell ’em again, if you think they like spooky stuff. So and if you need any hairstyling in Atlanta, find Caitlin. Taylor, tell us about this story. You went on a ghost tour. And it ended up being pretty ghostly.

Taylor 15:38
Right. Yeah, I have two quick little stories. My first story takes place at the Mark Twain house in Hartford, Connecticut. I’m from West Hartford, so, and this was in 2011. So a friend and I went on one of their evening, evening ghost tours with you know, fairly low expectations of like, actually seeing anything. And you go into the foyer, and the way that the room was situated is that the tour was actually way too big to just fit in the foyer. So my friend and I were kind of forced to be in the dining room away from the group next to this like kind of pantry area, and the woman starts giving the tour. (unclear), very soon after she starts talking, we start hearing this very bizarre voice like this singing. And it gets louder and louder and louder. And no one is reacting to this. No one is hearing this but us. And it was so strange, because we were so close to this voice that it was it was very clear. But there was it was as if it was underwater, as if someone was singing with like a duvet cover over their head. And we couldn’t make out a single word in any language and my friend, he is just starting to freak out. And I’m like, It’s fine. It’s like another tour. I mean, why would another tour be singing? But you know, that’s how I tried to write it off. So finally, I raised my hand and I get this lady’s attention. And I’m like, is, is there another tour in this house? Are there other people in this house? And she looks at me, it’s kind of like I had 10 heads. And it was like, um we’re the only tour in this house. We’re at capacity. And I’m like, Oh my God. And she goes back to speaking. And she starts talking about how you know, Mark Twain was a storyteller. And he and he liked to pace and and tell stories around the dining room table. And again, we are the only people in the dining room because we’ve been kind of forced out of the foyer and we start to hear around us these like footsteps. And not only do we like hear the footsteps, we can feel the footsteps going around the table. And I raised my hand. I’m like, if anybody would like to join us, back here, like where all the ghost activities happening, like, that would be hreat. But it was it was so weird. I couldn’t stop laughing about everyone’s paying for this ghost experience. And they’re all listening to hear her and they’re missing these like amazing things happening way in the back. So yeah, that was really, really freaky. And I’ve tried to write it off a million different ways, and I just can’t.

Jim Harold 18:25
Well, you know, it’s really interesting, because if you think about it, it’s one of those deals where you think, Oh, shucks, I got to the back of the group here. I’m gonna miss out on all the fun. And you got you got the front row seat.

Taylor 18:38
Right, exactly, exactly. It was so bizarre. Such a weird voice. I can still like hear it in my head.

Jim Harold 18:45
That is so cool. That’s so cool. Yeah. And you had a second story, right?

Taylor 18:49
Yes. And this is a, um, it. Maybe , maybe Jim, this is a head scratcher or a doppelganger. I’m not sure we’ll have to see what you think. But this is my father’s story. And this was around when he was about 10 to 12 years old. And he’s in his 60s now. And, you know, he had his own paper route. So he would get up early to go on his paper route. And the one of, one day, he came down. And he sat at the kitchen table, which had a direct view of my grandparents’ back door. So from the dining room table, you could see the back door, and he could see very clearly his father leaving for work. And my grandfather and he turned and he smiled at my father and he tipped his hat goodbye. And my father was like, well, that’s weird, because, you know, my grandfather was a very nice man, but he was rather stoic. And as my dad would say, Oh, that was weird because he never smiled. He never smiled, you know, he wasn’t a cheerful kind of guy. And later that evening, my father brought it up to my grandfather and you know, just kind of, you know, said hey, you know, I saw you and my grandfather was so confused and he said, You know, I left before you came down. When I left the table was empty. And these are two people who wouldn’t lie about something this. First of all, my grandfather was not a jokester, she wouldn’t be pranking my dad. It’s just not who it was. And my dad, he’s, you know, he doesn’t he would not be fibbing about something like this. And I, you know, I asked my dad, did you did you think you might have been dreaming? And he says, No, because after that it wasn’t like I had a sensation of waking up. I just kind of went went on with my day, I got up from the table, and I did my paper route. So it, you know, but I think the thing that sticks out in my mind is how, you know, we’ve had, we’ve had callers say, you know, there was something off about them, it looks like them, but it was something off. And I think it was so interesting that my dad immediately picked up like, that’s weird. My grandpa, he doesn’t usually, you know, smile like that. There’s something a little off about him. So.

Jim Harold 18:49
That is a head scratcher.

Taylor 20:56
Right? And was it a blip in time? Or? I don’t know, but it gives me the creeps.

Jim Harold 21:02
And that’s the thing, the nature of reality. What I think the show has taught me is that the true nature of reality, at least in my opinion, is so much weirder than we understand, that there’s so much more going on than we understand. That’s kind of what I think. That’s the conclusion I’ve come to. Now what that represents, I don’t know. But but reality is very strange.

Taylor 21:31

Jim Harold 21:33
Well, I’m so glad that you found the show. We thank Caitlin again, and we thank you for sharing these great Campfire stories.

Taylor 21:41
Oh, yeah, my pleasure.

Jim Harold 21:43
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Campfire Announcer 24:09
You are listening to Jim Harold’s Campfire.

Jim Harold 24:13
Kelly is on the line from Pennsylvania. She’s been listening for years, we’re so glad to finally get to speak with her. And as she says she’s had a interest in the paranormal her whole life. And she’s going to take us back to the early 2000s and some strange things that happened. Kelly, welcome to the show. I’ve been seeing you on social media for years, as we discussed. So I know you’ve been a longtime listener to the programs. I thank you. And please tell us your story.

Kelly 24:41
Thank you, Jim. And I love your podcast. Well. Thank you. So I want to say back in the year of 2000. I had a co worker. I worked at a nursing home and I I had a co worker and we’ll call her Terry and we became really good friends. And we discovered we both had an interest in the paranormal. Now Tanya told me that she had a genetic liver disorder. And that she, when she was 13, she had a liver transplant. She had to be taking daily medication for her transplant. So her body won’t reject the liver.

Jim Harold 25:24

Kelly 25:26
And we decided one day I was down in the dumps this day. It was it was like a Saturday and I was really down in the dumps. Because I was dating this guy. And his name was Rodney, but I always called him Rod. And I really liked this guy a lot. I mean, he was really nice to me. And I really fell for this guy hard. I was like, 22 years old. And he was divorced and had two children. And I, at that age of 22, I just wasn’t sure that I wanted to be a stepmother. I didn’t know if I wanted to take on that role at 22 years of age.

Jim Harold 26:09
Yeah, that’s a lot of responsibility.

Kelly 26:11
So I broke up with Rod.

Jim Harold 26:12

Kelly 26:13
And like I said, I was down in the dumps. And she called me on the phone one day, and she said, hey, you know, let’s, let’s take your ouija board, and let’s take it to a cemetery and see if we can contact any spirits. And I said, Well, that’s good idea. I never thought about doing something like that, taking that to a cemetery. So we went to a cemetery in the country. And we picked a spot and sat down. And we started asking, you know, the usual questions, you know, who are we speaking with, you know, and it said it was a female spirit. And she said, Hey, let’s ask it who we’re going to marry? I said, Okay. So I asked, you know, who am I going to marry? And the board spelled R O D. Rod.

Jim Harold 27:04

Kelly 27:05
And I said, Oh, yeah, right. I said, we were we just broke up. I said, Okay. Well, we have any children. It said yes. To her. So I asked him, What will our firstborn be? It said, Girl. spelled G I R L. Terry said, let’s ask, let’s ask for me. So she gets cheap, put their hands on the planchette. She asked, am I going to get married? The planchette would not move. It just sat still. She asked a couple more times. It just sat still on the board and it would not move. So then she asked it, am I gonna have kids? The planchette would not move again. We thought, well, this is strange. But then she started laughing and she said, Maybe I’m destined to be alone. Well, about two weeks later, Rod and I ended up getting back together. Terry quit her job and we lost touch. And Rod and I’s daughter was born in the fall of 2001. We got married in 2002. And our son was born in 2003. One day after my son was born, I went back to work. And I was coming down the hall and I saw Terry’s aunt Bonnie. And I said, Hi, Bonnie, how are you? And we were just chit chatting back and forth. And I said, Oh my gosh, I haven’t seen her in ages, how is Terry doing? She said, Honey, she died.

Jim Harold 28:46

Kelly 28:48
I was like frozen. My legs felt like they were going to collapse. I said, What? When how? She said she died December 27 2004. And she said her son was still born and born on Christmas Day. She like I said she had a genetic liver disorder, and was told by our doctors never to have children. And I said to Bonnie, I said, was she married? aBonnie said she was engaged. And I was sitting in the chair at work and I thought, my God. The ouija board knew what was going to happen.

Jim Harold 29:35
It did.

Kelly 29:36
That’s why the planchette wouldn’t move.

Jim Harold 29:39
Yeah, I meant what as soon as you said that, I’m like, oh, she’s not gonna make it.

Kelly 29:44
Ah. And then, you know, all these years I’ve been wondering what if the Ouija board would have told Terry what was going to happen? Could she have changed the course of her life if she would have known what was to happen?

Jim Harold 29:59
I don’t know. I think sometimes things are meant to be. I’d asked a psychic this. And I’d had experience where I had a near miss, where my house had been shot up when I was, and you’ve listened for years so you probably know the story. And I said, you know, why did I not? Why wasn’t I there? And why didn’t I get hit? And why did somebody else, you know, maybe go in their house and get hit? Or like the World Trade Center? 911? Why did some people you know, they were laid, had to take the kids to school or had a dental appointment, they were saved. And other people maybe went into the office early when they usually didn’t. And the psychic said, and I thought this head a lot of truth to it, is that it just wasn’t their time. And maybe it was just her time. So maybe, and I’m not saying this is the case. But maybe there wasn’t anything that the Ouija board could have told her that could have changed it because maybe, unfortunately, it was her time. I don’t know.

Kelly 30:53
Yes. And do you know, Jim. Like for me? The board was so open with my future. But I didn’t go in to ask too many questions. Because I think that if we’re to have that knowledge, we would already have that knowledge. I am a little wary about asking about fut– I’ll never do it again. Because I just don’t feel comfortable doing it. But it seemed to me, like the spirits are not allowed to interfere to change the course of your life.

Jim Harold 31:21
Right? That makes sense to me. That makes sense to me. Yeah.

Kelly 31:25
That’s what it seems like.

Jim Harold 31:27
Well, that’s a very compelling story. And we’ve had similar stories with Ouija boards, as you know from listening for years, where Ouija foretold things. Now, I wonder how the Ouija board works? Was it the case that it wasn’t communicating with the the Ouija board? It was a comm– communicating through both of you now when you were doing this, you were both holding the planchette, right? Both of you?

Kelly 31:50

Jim Harold 31:50
It was, okay, so, so was it communicating through both of you and getting thatcommunication by having you make these little micro movements, and that’s how how it works? It’s It’s fascinating to me, and somebody else made the point recently, and I’ve always been who I’m afraid of Ouija boards. But people say, Well, somebody will be afraid of Ouija boards, and they’ll pull out the tarot cards. (laughs) And it’s like, you know what, good point! But go ahead.

Kelly 32:19
Well, you know, something that struck me right. Every time I use the board, every time that I’ve ever used the board, when I put my hands on that plan chat. It is zooming it is flying. Like I could barely keep up with what it’s spelling.

Jim Harold 32:37
Hmm, maybe you’ve got a gift. Maybe you’ve got a gift.

Kelly 32:40
I don’t know. Like the planchette is almost flying off the board. It’s going that fast.

Jim Harold 32:47
Well, I thank you so much for sharing the story. Please call back if you’ve got any more. And we thank you for being a part of the Campfire and a long, long time listener.

Kelly 32:57
Thank you so much. Very nice talking with you.

Jim Harold 32:59
Well, next up, we have not only a new caller, we have a new listener Bryan from Michigan is calling. And he’s been listening for three weeks. And he already called in. So talk about earning your stripes quickly. And we appreciate it. He heard about us on Somewhere in the Skies, that great podcast from Ryan Sprague. So if you’re interested in UFOs, definitely check that great show out. And Ryan is fantastic. So we appreciate his support. And we appreciate Bryan for telling us. Well, he’s gonna tell us about a glitch in the matrix. Bryan, welcome to the show. And please tell us what happened.

Bryan 33:35
Hi, thanks for having me. So late summer in 2007. I was leaving my then girlfriend now wife’s house. And she lives, this is all takes place in Kalamazoo, Michigan, and then Schoolcraft, Michigan. And so for me to get home, I would go down one street, uh that’s about five minutes long, I would cross over, hit downtown. And then I would take a left. Take that about 10 more minutes down, and then take another left and end up on a road called Kilgore, which my residence was on. And my phone was almost dying and I was almost out of gas to begin my night. And so as I’m leaving her house, it’s raining. And it’s I get a random phone call from an ex classmate that I haven’t seen for a couple of years, and because my phone was about to die, I was like, Hey, sorry. I gotta go, you know, because my phone’s about to die. And then as I look up, as I’m about to turn down into downtown, I see a street called Old Kilgore, which you know, old Kilgore is connected to the other Kilgore. So I just thought it was going to be a shortcut.

Jim Harold 34:54

Bryan 34:54
And so the next thing that I know is I’m surrounded by cornfields (Jim laughs) I swear to God, it was the strangest, strangest thing. Um, and so I pull over and I call my, my wife. And I say, you know, I don’t really know where I am. And I’m almost out of gas. So is there anything you can do? And she’s like, I don’t know, I don’t know what to tell you , I didn’t know where she was. This was like, I had a flip phone. So this was…

Jim Harold 35:31
So it’s been a few years ago, yeah.

Bryan 35:33
Yeah. So I didn’t know where I was. And the scariest part where I was disoriented the most was when I pulled over, I got out of the car. And I’ve always been able to spot the Big Dipper, like my whole life. And I got out of the car and look up at the stars. And it was almost like they were jumbled. And then I was got really confused and really had no idea where I was. And then I tried to retrack my steps with my car. And I eventually hit a gas station. So I was able to get gas in my car. And I went inside and asked the clerk, I was like, do you know where I am? You know, and he told me that I was in Schoolcraft, which is like 30 minutes south of Kalamazoo.

Jim Harold 36:18

Bryan 36:19
And I would, just scratched my head, like, What the heck just happened, I’m, you know, and he gave me directions to the highway. So I get on the highway, and I ended up back at my apartment. And I get out of the car, and I look up. And sure enough, when I got home, the Big Dipper was right where it was supposed to be. And since then, many nights I’ve tried to travel that way to see if I could find out what I did.

Jim Harold 36:49
Right, if you could replicate it.

Bryan 36:51
Yeah, because we have two main highways I 94 And US 131. And the only way that I could do it, is if I got on to 94 and then transferred to 131 and got on the Schoolcraft. But I was didn’t get on any highways.

Jim Harold 37:08
So essentially, what happened is you ended up in a place you shouldn’t have been able to end up in, that far away from where you were going, that quickly?

Bryan 37:16
Right, right, in the closest entrance to I 94 was West and Schoolcraft to south. So there would have been no way of connecting connecting the routes. And this is the creepiest thing that I’ve ever experienced. And it’s it’s completely out of this world. And the only way that I can describe it, is that I glitch the matrix.

Jim Harold 37:41
Yeah, and you went you somehow it’s almost like he teleported almost in a way. Yeah, no, I’m not saying you’re saying you teleport, but it’s the same concept. You were in point A. And it would normally take you X amount of time to get to point B. But you like short circuited that and got there way more quickly than you should have been able to.

Bryan 38:02
Absolutely. And it’s so strange. And I remembered when I first started listening to your podcast and hearing people call in, I asked my wife, I said, Hey, do you remember that night? And she does. And she remembers that it was about to her? It was an hour and a half since I left that that one. I called her at the cornfields. And to me, it was like 10 minutes. Like I just

Jim Harold 38:29
let see. So you in essence you have like missing time almost. Yeah. Yeah. And And Brian, this is a theme that’s just starting to come up for me in just the last several callers. Now I’m not talking about folks, if you’re listening to this episode, I’m not saying necessarily the callers you heard tonight, but we do calling sessions in different calls end up on different shows. But I keep repeating this idea that, you know, I don’t know the explanations for these things. But the one thing I think over the last Well, I believe April will be 13 years lucky 13 of doing campfire is that reality is way stranger, then we kind of think we kind of take a lot for granted. We assumed you know an hour is an hour a day is a day, you know up is up and down is down and I think there’s some weird stuff going on. And that reality is far stranger than we can realize. Now that’s that’s the end of my pontification because the next step is somebody will say, Well, Jim, what do you think is going on? And my answer will be I have no clue.

Bryan 39:42
Like my disclaimers for the story as my friends know I’m like the dare kid like I’ve never done drugs I’ve never smoked, never been high never been under the influence. So I’m just like, you know that my friends are like, Yeah, we know but I’m just like, This is so out of this world that I don’t know. I have no explanation.

Jim Harold 40:02
It is a mystery. And thank you for exploring the mystery with us, Bryan, thank you for joining us tonight on the Campfire.

Bryan 40:09
Thank you.

Jim Harold 40:09
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Jim Harold 42:47
Leanne is on the line from Washington state. We’re so glad to have her with us she started listening to us sounds like around the beginning of the pandemic. And it seems like that’s happened with many, many people. So we’re glad to have you. And, you know, it still impacts people. But we’re glad that during the time we were able to provide a little bit of diversion because we know that we all needed it at the height of everything. Certainly, and Leann has a story to tell us. I don’t want to spoil it, but it’s very, very powerful. Leann Welcome to the show, and please tell us about these experiences. All right, well,

Damini 43:27
I am so glad to be a part of your show. So exciting for me. Um, I actually have two different stories, one for my mom. And then my son actually is the other one that was seeing the angels in their life. So I’m just pretty cognitive. I haven’t seen any angels I would love to. But um, I find that these stories are pretty amazing. So my mom when she was younger, she’s about three and her youngest sibling, died some sense. And he basically was the very shocked deaths and my mom’s my members when she’s about three years old, some angels took her and she saw her baby brother in the hospital with her parents and she just remembers that little part. She’s like, I wasn’t draining. It was just I just remember it was extremely powerful. And then fast forward. She went Mount St. Helens blew up. She was in a jeep with my other two aunts, and they were going to Spokane and to visit some families that were there. And when they were going in eastern Washington, there was a lot of ash everywhere and they must have hit something on the road with the jeep. And basically their Jeep flipped. Yeah. And my aunt wasn’t seatbelt it in. And she flew out of the car. And she landed on her butt and he took her to the hospital. The doctors were kind of shocked that one she wasn’t severely injured. And to when they lifted her shirt to see if there was any injuries that they could see on the back should be noticed to handprints on her back. Wow. Yeah. And my grandma that night, was sleeping and her deceased son came to earn surgery and said, Don’t worry, Mom,

Kelly 45:22
we took care of them.

Damini 45:24
Wow. Yeah. It’s, it gives me chills still. And she’s she said that that was just an amazing moment in her life. And that’s what she believes what she saw when she was like, three. So then, um, my son two years ago, was really kind of nervous to tell me something. And I try to be very open and communicative with my, with my kids, stuff they know about all that stuff. And he’s, I think he just doesn’t want me not to believe him, you know, and I never heard him talk about this. So I got the fact that he was telling me the truth about this. And he basically told me, he says, Mom, I have seen angels and demons. And I was like, wait, what? And he said that he thought I only see him three different times. The first one came to him in the middle of the night. And he basically told him that I was going through a really dark time in my life. During that time, this was relying on God a lot, right? And he basically was letting him know that God was proud of us, and they were here to protect us and everything was gonna turn out, okay. He told us some other stuff to him. But he told him not to say anything. So I don’t pressure him. I’m sure. On the second time, he said he woke up in the middle of the night. And he was trying to find my bedroom, and his like dazed and confused. But he went past the living room, and he turned, and he said, he said most amazing things. He saw a huge Angel fighting to demons in our living room.

Kelly 46:49
Oh, man. Yeah,

Jim Harold 46:52
it’s crazy. I was like, rescare, the demons? He’s like, Oh, no, I was so confident because it was Angel right there. I knew it was gonna be fine. I’m like, Whoa. You know, that’s crazy. And then the third angel he saw was when we moved out of that last house into a new place, north of Seattle. And I was kind of nervous about always moving into a new home, because you never know what’s going to come with it. I’ve had lots of paranormal stuff. So anyways, so he said that one time he was sitting out upstairs, and he just moved in maybe a month or so. And he saw an angel look at him and smile. And like, you know, just like a knowing smile that he was there, basically, to protect us. And so I had to explain, because of course, I want to know everything at this point. I was like, Well, did they all have wings? He told me know what, like the first two he saw didn’t have wings. But the third one at our house did have huge wings. And they were bright white. And then I said, Well, what are the other ones look like? And he said they were dressed in an arbor and he said was so beautiful. Like they had symbols all over their armor. And he was trying to explain to me like the Roman Centurion helmets, you know, with the red stuff that the plane that comes out of there. And when I basically pulled that up, he’s like, Yes, that’s what they were wearing. He was trying to explain it was really funny. But he has just been enamored with that and seeing demons as well. And um, yeah, he that’s the last time you saw an angel was probably about four years ago. And so he is in his teenage years. And I’m like, I hope he never forgets that.

No, I believe that they’re angels. And we’ve had numerous calls on the shows in New for them, I’m sure. Quite a few of them. And I think they exist in in for fear of being a broken record. I’ll say it again. I think that the paranormal and the supernatural, it’s a continuum. And that continuum is the kind of thing where there’s, you know, the more sinister forces, and I think they’re real. And then there are things like this angels, I believe that’s a real thing.

So it just makes me feel good, too. Because like, when you go through paranormal experiences, you’re like, Wait, I got somebody else that’s on my side if there’s something bad. That’s right. That actually helps.

Well, Leanne, thank you so much for joining us today on the campfire. I certainly appreciate it.

Of course, of course. And thank you so much for giving us all a voice. I really appreciate that.

Kelly 49:20
Thank you and stay spooky. You too. Bye. Bye. Next up on

Jim Harold 49:25
the campfire is Brian from Northeastern Ohio, my neck of the woods and so glad to get to talk with him. And he grew up in a haunted house. And some very strange things happened and he’s going to tell us all about it. Ryan, welcome to the show and tell us what happened.

Kelly 49:38
Hi, thanks for having me on,

Bryan 49:41
Jim. So the house I grew up in was a very haunted house in Lakewood, Ohio, and how the zero very old art being built sometime in early 1900s. Basically, we moved in 1987 and as the incident happened in the early 90s. Our house had a few occurrences of poltergeist activity such as lights turning on by themselves and even witnessed a candleholder fly off the shelf one time in their kitchen. Wow. But the reason I wanted to be on was for an incident that happened one late night, they laid in bed and you know, sleeping for school the next morning. So it was around three in the morning, and my room was pretty dark, headed by a window above me. And the moonlight was basically illuminating the room a little. And I remember waking up for no reason and readjusting myself in bed. And that glanced up. And I could see floating in and out of the moonlight. I had a pair of binoculars that had Captain a case that, you know, for my parents. And it was basically upside down with the straps hanging float in and out of the light, I guess and tried to wake up my little brother who was sleeping in the bed next to me, but he was too afraid to look. So I just grabbed my blanket and hid underneath until the next morning. And I just couldn’t believe what I saw. Suddenly, really doubt. And when I woke up for school the next day, I remember going to my bed post where I kept the binoculars and grabbing I wonder what I saw that night. You know, that was possible. I couldn’t believe I saw the binoculars like floating in the you know, middle of the room there. It was pretty crazy. That was the craziest thing that happened in the house there.

Kelly 51:27
I don’t know. I just wanted to share that

Bryan 51:29
story with the guy. Yeah, that’s,

Jim Harold 51:31
that’s really something else. You know, the thing is, is that when stuff starts flying around, gets your attention.

Bryan 51:42
It’s pretty crazy. So

Jim Harold 51:44
what do you do? It was a man was old house. Did you ever pinpoint it? Tracy? So

Bryan 51:48
we ended up moving out. My parents moved out in 2007. We lived there for 20 years. And we had a house party for the new house. And the neighbors came over our old neighbors and from Lakewood. And she basically told us that the family that lived there prior to us, the teenage son had committed suicide in one of the bedrooms there so that you know, this probably but it was an old house who knows what it was though. Wow. But at the gym. That’s basically my story.

Jim Harold 52:23
Well, Brian, thank you so much for being a part of the campfire.

Kelly 52:27
Thanks, Jim.

Jim Harold 52:30
Betsy is on the line from Georgia. She is a return caller glad to have her with us. In this time. She’s going to tell us about some UFO experiences. She’s had Betsy, welcome back to the show. Thank you for joining us and tell us about these UFO stories.

Kelly 52:47
Thank you so much. I’m so glad to be back. Okay, the first story happened when I lived in Arizona. It was the it was 2009. And it was the Monday before Thanksgiving. And I am a decorative painter. So I got up a little earlier than normal to take my dogs for a walk to kind of wear them out. So I knew I was going to be gone for a few hours that day. And we went out walking. And it was a gorgeous chilly morning. still dark out. And I’m familiar with a lot of the stars out there. So you know the Big Dipper, the Little Dipper and all those, you know, constellations tourists walking, yeah, and just enjoying it. And we got back from the walk, said the dogs and grab some coffee. And I went out by the pool, we had a fireplace out there. So I turned the gas on had a fire going. And I just sat there and the dogs run around sipping my coffee and I looked up. And I saw these two really, really bright lights. I mean bright stars, but you know their lights. But I said, Why didn’t notice that earlier on my walk. I mean extremely bright and seemingly very high up. I don’t really I couldn’t really tell a difference, of course. So I just sat there and I watched them. And I’m thinking, How did I miss this? They I’ve never seen them before. And as I was watching what one of them moves a little and shot straight up into the atmosphere. In less than half a second. It was gone. And the other one followed it. And I don’t know what it was there was no flare of an engine. There was no noise. They were gone. They were gone in an instant. And I remember sitting there going did I just see that? Like, what was that? Because, you know, Arizona does have a lot of air force bases and things I’m thinking was that part of something? I don’t think so. They were gone so fast. Split Second out of sight. So that was that was a weird one.

Jim Harold 54:45
Yeah. And that is a very I know I’ve got another one but that is a really common thing. You see that? Now you see him now you don’t and I know they’re quiet and they’re fast and like things you wouldn’t think that anything man made could do. Oh definitely.

Kelly 54:59
This, I couldn’t imagine a manmade situation here at all because it was just gone, you know, and I thought, oh, man, anyway, and I was like, called my sister right away. So you’re not gonna believe what I saw anyway. Okay. Now, the second story happened here in the north Georgia mountains on, it was like the first week of April 2021. And I have an older dog. And if anybody has an old dog, they know their sleeping habits change and everything. So she gets me up at all weird hours. So my husband’s pilots, he wasn’t home. So he missed he misses out on all this stuff. So she’d got me up, like at 114 One morning, and I took her I take route on the back deck. Because if I go to the driveway, this, it’s more of a ground. The ground is there. And there’s, you know, there’s bears, there’s things out there. So I don’t go that way. I go to the deck that our decks about 14 feet up. So she was walking around doing her thing, and I was just enjoying the evening, again, a chilly evening. The the leafs weren’t on the trees yet. So I could see stars, I could see, you know, the mountain across the way in a weird way. They although it was dark out, but I could see it. So I stood there and I looked to my right, which would be West, that I saw this huge orb of light just hanging in the trees that I thought. Now what am I seeing? I ran in and grabbed my binoculars, which I’d was just used earlier that day. So I knew where those work. And I was looking at it. And it was a ball of light with lights inside of it that were blinking on and off independently of each other. Green light red light, blue light and a white light. Were in there blinking. And I just stared at it. I thought am I really seen this? It just takes when you see these things you can you just really don’t believe it. So I stood there. Yeah. And I’m like my dog wanted to commit. So I got her and I got brave. I said, Okay, I’m gonna go to the driveway side, because I’ll be closer to it to have a better view of whatever it is. And I ran that way. But drought, you know, the broad shore up, and I have binoculars and I kept watching it, it was really just in my neighbor’s yard, which is about an acre away and hanging in the trees. And the size of it. And this is unusual compared to some of your other callers. This was like the size if it was if if the VW bug was around that car. It was around that size. It was huge. Yeah, and I thought this is not the normal for some of your callers have seen. But anyway, I just stood there and I watched it and just couldn’t believe it. And it just hung there. No sound, nothing. And I just watched it. And then I heard something walking in the leaf. So I figured, okay, I’m going back in. So it could be a bear or D or whatever. But I I came back in and went back to the deck to turn my head to the right, and watch it. And slowly it started floating off. And the level of where it was in the trees. There’s a million branches. It didn’t get hung up on anything. It just went right through everything. And it slowly floated off to the west. Slowly, I could see it go and went up and over the mountain and it was gone. And I have no you know, I don’t know, you know what that was? And do you think that I had enough sense to grab my cell phone and take a picture? And the answer’s no. You don’t even think of it. I’ve been kicking myself ever since I wish I’d taken a picture of it. But that was that one? No clue. No sound? Nothing. Mm hmm. Yeah. So now there’s a third. Okay. And this Yeah. And then then I’m done. But the third one happened two months later. Here also, it was the early summer morning was in July of 2021. Tentacles six, I was waiting to the Weather Channel. The month, I went out on the deck, still dark ish. toward the east, it’s kind of get a little a little lighter, because the sun was thinking about coming up. And the leaves are on the trees now. And I noticed the beautiful clear sky to the east directly above me. There were some upper level clouds. You know, it’s all right. This is good. It’s beautiful, beautiful, sunny summer morning. And then I saw what I perceived at that time was a falling star. And I actually thought, oh, I should maybe go get a lottery ticket. You know, maybe that’s good luck, whatever. And then I stood there. And I looked I was watching it. And I say watching it because then there was another one and then another one. And it kept going and I’m thinking that isn’t a falling star. And as I stood They’re the clouds kind of got a little thinner. So I could see, it was something spinning counterclockwise. I saw enough to know this counterclockwise with windows in it. Who I love my house. Yeah. And this is the weird part is I stood there watching it. I got extremely nauseous. And I’m thinking, I get it, I’m gonna get sick. So I ran into the house, thinking I was gonna get sick. And the main I came in, I was fine. So I went back out to look back up at it. All the clouds are gone, and the thing was gone.

And it was definitely something spinning with with Windows, like almost like airplane mintus. It was.

Jim Harold 1:00:45
That’s wild. I mean, I’ve heard some experiences like that. But the idea of windows but here’s the question, Did you see anything looking out of the windows? No. And I

Kelly 1:00:55
and I, when I was thinking it was going counterclockwise. I was kind of thinking that like, I don’t see any, like, heads or anything looking out? No, I didn’t, didn’t see it at all. And I know I thought at least, like eight Windows kind of go by in a circle. But nope, nothing looking out. I know, I kind of thought that too much at all. But it was weird that I got very, very nauseous. It’s almost like it didn’t want me to see it. But too late. I saw it or I don’t know, because it was gone. Right. And I was I ran and I was maybe in the house for less than 10 seconds. And I went back and it was gone. No files. sloughing

Jim Harold 1:01:32
Yeah, after having multiple experiences you have to have maybe more, I’m guessing you have some kind of theory of what these things are. What do you think?

Kelly 1:01:40
I honestly, and I’m glad dress and that just I, I know what I saw. I believed myself. And what I saw is definitely not from this earth. The things I have been seeing. I think we do have visitors, you know, and I don’t think they mean harm. I think that we’re being observed. And I think that if more my cousin calls me I’m just very observant. I just observed the sky all the time. And I think if everybody else did, it’d be seeing something to once in a while. But I think I think their visitors. I can’t I don’t know what else to say. It’s i You can you can explain them. They’re unidentified flying objects. You just can’t. We can’t identify them. So I don’t know, Jim. It’s we’re

Jim Harold 1:02:30
it’s quite the question. I know it is. That’s a big one. Maybe someday we’ll get an answer. But Betsy, thank you for sharing your experience

on the camp. You’re quite welcome. You’re welcome. Have a good day.

Jim Harold’s

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You are listening to Jim Harold’s campfire

Jim Harold 1:05:02
Elise is on the line from Montana. She’s been listening since 2011. That’s my goodness, that’s 11 years. So we thank her. And we thank her friend Lauren, who actually introduced her to the show all those years ago, we really appreciate. So, spooky shout out to Lauren, and Elise runs a ghost investigation group. And she’s going to take us along and start her story in Virginia City, Montana. Can’t wait to hear it. Elise, welcome to the show. Thank thanks for your longtime support, and can’t wait to hear this story.

Kelly 1:05:38
And thank you, Jim,

Taylor 1:05:39
I appreciate to being on here. Well, my story starts out and Virginia City, Montana is one of my best experiences I had. This was when we were kind of an amateur group at the time, kind of early 2012 2013 time. And we were walking down like the boardwalk of Virginia City, and this was nighttime and kind of the end of August. So we thought it would be kind of fun to try and see if something will happen during the time that it was still kind of pumped to be like a bunch of like tourists and stuff were happening, and whatnot. So we’re walking down and there’s this building called the Hey, man’s house. And one one side, there’s like a little candy shop or like gift shop on one side. And then the other side is the like the Hanged man’s house. So the Hanged Man house is actually where they would hang vigilantes and whatnot. So there’s a beam and sign that they would hang people. So yeah, anyways, we’re walking past this building, and it was dark inside and the door was open. But right when we were getting approaching it, me and my other member all of a sudden, like me, I remember and I saw him ban appear, like, just randomly disappeared. He was uh, he was not there one time now he was there. So he approached the building. And we were like, Whoa, what’s up with this dude? Well, me and my other members finally approached me never really saw the guy up here. But he was like, Hey, why don’t you come in? Yes, he sir, to by to say that, um, and we come inside. And this is on the gift shop side. And he’s just sitting there in his desk, and he goes,

I just been sitting here drinking a beer while the beer wasn’t there. So until he actually said that. So. And we were like, That’s kind of weird. To me, after you see something up here a year just like focus on the purse, the thing you’re like, What is this? Well, after a little bit of talking or talking about my group, I’m posting paranormal and talking about how we’re crusaders in any sort of telling us stories about places that were haunted or place. Like it was always about a man like there was always like a man involved, which makes me hands theories leader. But then he was like, Hey, do you want to go in the Hey, man’s house in a nice light? And we’re like, Yeah, sure. So we go. But we don’t remember leaving the candy shop. And going into the Hey, man’s house, like we lost time from going from one door to another. So I don’t remember a lock being unlocked or anything. So we’re over on the other side. And so that was kind of spooky on its own. And we’re just kind of, you know, he’s like, Hey, there’s cold spots here and there. Every time we would use a piece of equipment to check the cold spots. It would always be cold in those directions. Like it’s like manipulating kind of cold spots. But the weirdest thing was, so the end of August, usually, room temperature in the evening for Montana would be like 60 East and 50s at night. And this was nighttime. Well, every time he would take like the temperature gun to him, he would be like room temperature. So if you put him to or temperature gun to you, it would be like 80 to set 70 degrees, which to me told me that this man is not a wide anymore. Yeah, so I thought that was kind of weird. And also another kind of weird gesture was every time we would try to brush next to him. He would not like he was like move away. Like he would not want us to like touch him like he would just like it was just like a weird, like movement. I can’t really describe it. So we thought that was kind of weird. There is somewhere in the archives that I have a voice recording of this man talking to us the whole time well think about it. But he has been talking to us for at least hour, 20 minutes and holding his for. I don’t know what it is. So after that he’s shown us or the building. And then we have left the building and we’re standing outside the building. And me and I remember like, well, we’re go so there’s really try to get this guy to disappear. So it actually makes it spookier. Well, 30 minutes later, he still hasn’t disappeared, which I thought was weird. And then we’re like, Okay, we’re gonna leave now. And then we ended up leaving. But I remember when we left, that he did not go inside. He just like, disappeared. I feel like we I don’t know where he went. He just went somewhere we don’t know. And then when we drove away, the door High was say to sleep. The horror movie part is when we drove past the door was open. There was dark inside still so and like he never went, it was still like the same, like leaving it there. Well, fast forward. I had a member of my group that was an anthropology major, and did a lot of history work in Virginia City, because it was a mining town at one point. And was ended up having a picture with this guy, which actually freaked me out. Because the picture was of the guy that we saw appear. And it was so creepy. That I was like, I’m not sure. And she goes, Oh, this is the owner of this building. And then I was like, but something was off. So I’ve done a lot of research on doppelgangers. So I thought it was a doppelganger at first. And it was his hat. So he has like a fedora. And then there’s like cards on one side. Well, in the one we saw, they were black cards of three ace, but in the picture, it was a, like, red cards of the same. Same thing. So I thought that maybe that’s what it was because doppelgangers, it kind of mimic the same but it’s not exact. It’s not exact. And I was like, that’s kind of weird. Maybe that’s what we experienced. That was just kind of weird. And then fast forward to that.

Like in 2019, I ended up helping a business, do some clearing of some spirits. And I brought one of my psychic friends out. And she was coming to help clear and she was approaching the there’s a gas station out of out of town before you get to our place. And I was telling her the story. And she goes, Well, when I first rolled up here I saw like a shape shifter type being at the gas station. And I think that’s what you saw. Because it likes to mimic. I like people and but it never is always exact. So she’s really good about stuff like that. So to me that was kind of like my story in in general. And yeah, to me, it was extremely spooky story I could tell you and Yeah, very.

Jim Harold 1:13:23
Yeah, that is spooky. So you think you were talking not to a ghost, but to a doppelganger of that pet owner of the building?

Taylor 1:13:32
Yeah, I first thought that but then I’m almost thinking it has to be like a doppelganger type shape shifter in a way, which shapeshifters can be kind of demonic. So and makes and I would have to do more digging or having my psychic friend come out a couple more times, just to see if that’s what we’re experiencing. So but yeah, I don’t know. Maybe it is it’s creepy. I would love to see if anybody else actually said experience like mine. Because I have never met anyone else that has had an experience like mine.

Jim Harold 1:14:10
The one thing I can think of we had a call a couple, maybe a month or two ago. And I’m not remembering the exact details. But it was a woman who worked at a museum and everything was closed up. But then she saw a figure I believe, and then days later, somebody came in and start questioning her about is this place haunted and things. And the this woman was like I guess she was a tour guide or a docent or something at this museum. And she didn’t want to get in trouble or anything. She said no, no, no, it’s pretty quiet and, and this woman was ready to leave. She said watch out for the man with a top hat, which which she had seen. I mean, this woman had no way of knowing that and I put out there. Maybe that woman was a ghost too. Who knows but I mean, that’s kind of the thing that reminds me a little bit of it, a little bit of it. But it certainly is the next story. So I wonder if anybody else has had a tour guide, a doppelganger shape shifting tour guide, we’ll have to see what we hear. But always thank you so much for listening all these years and for sharing your story tonight on the campfire.

Kelly 1:15:20
Yeah, thank you. Well, you might remember from a while back,

Jim Harold 1:15:23
Courtney from Maryland called in and had a remarkable UFO story, one of the best I’ve ever heard. And today, she has a different kind of story for us. Coordinate. Welcome to the show. Thanks for coming back on again in that great story. And tell us what happened this time.

Cortney 1:15:39
Thank you, Jim. Well, I’ll tell this, this is pretty quick. So I have a friend who also has a podcast. She is a medium. She was also a mentor of mine, because I’m actually a nurse practitioner. And she was one of my mentors when I was in school. So she’s developed her medium practice over the years, and she now has a podcast herself. And she interviews different people, you know, in this realm, I guess you could call it and one of her guests she had on is like a spirit messenger. She also deals with, like, Lady ins and Starseeds and that type of stuff. So I thought, wow, this is really cool. I have no idea what a star seed is, or Pleadians. I was totally clueless about any of this stuff. So this woman, she had a meeting online, I don’t know if it was zoom or what. But in the summer, there was something called the Lionsgate portal. And it was an event it was just a donation. But you know, she sent you an invitation, everybody got on Zoom. And it was basically just, and I still I still kind of don’t understand, because I’m so new to all this. But it was helped, helping, I guess, you know, open this portal of the Lions Gate and connect with, you know, I don’t know what you’d call it, but Pleadians or star seed people, whatever. So I just thought, Okay, this is really cool. Let me check this out. And I got on this zoom call. There was people from all over the world, I was absolutely shocked. I couldn’t believe it. And pretty much the were, you know, the minute we were meditating, she was passing along information. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of anyone say the language of light. But it’s apparently how these other entities speak. So people were talking late language

Kelly 1:17:46
and I was like, oh my god, what is this? That was I was just shocked.

Cortney 1:17:49
I was totally shocked. So when we ended the call, I was like, Okay, that was interesting, whatever. The next night, I was sleeping in,

Kelly 1:18:02

Cortney 1:18:04
woke up briefly to see these two beings in my bedroom. They were overtop of me. And they don’t know how to describe us. They were like talking to me through my head. And they said, Yes, yes, yes. And they said like, they were Palladian. And they showed me this bluish silver ball, and they have energy and they put it inside of my stomach. I have no idea what that means. But I know I saw when I saw

Jim Harold 1:18:40
her it Well, it happened again, because we get these synchronicities, where people talk about similar things. And yeah, I had someone yesterday, we’re doing a series of calls yesterday today, who said that they had a monk that they would see at night. And the monk would put it tans into this woman’s inside this woman’s chest. Like like inside her body. So that when you said they put it into your stomach, I mean that’s yeah, that’s there seems to be a correlation there. But it was a monk not any kind of star beings or anything.

Cortney 1:19:16
Yeah, these seemed like star beings and they were giving me some sort of good energy. And it was interesting, because the night before when we did that zoom thing. We were meditating all of us together and you know, they were talking in the language of light and blah, blah, blah. And I saw a rose in my head and towards the end of it end of the call, the lady said I, they want me to tell you guys like they gave you roses. And I was like, oh my god,

Kelly 1:19:49
like Oh,

Cortney 1:19:50
wow. So apparently I got a visit the next night. Wow, No, damn, it sounds so crazy, but it’s like you know what you saw? All right.

Jim Harold 1:20:02
Well, thank you so much for sharing this story. I mean, it is remarkable. And your your last one certainly was remarkable. And thank you for being a part of the campfire.

Cortney 1:20:12
Thank you, Jim. Thank you.

Kelly 1:20:15
We have a return

Jim Harold 1:20:16
caller, Greg is on the line, and so good to talk with him once again. And he has a story for us going back several years, involves his brother and his niece and a very, very interesting story. Greg, welcome to the show. And please tell us what happened.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:35
Hey, thanks, Jim. It’s good to be back on. I’ve been following you and just just really love the show. Excited to be back on with you. Um, this happened, oh, gosh, my niece. Now she’s getting ready to graduate from high school this year, she was probably about three years old. So we’re going back a few years like you, like you said, this happened. My brother, his wife, and my niece all living there in Nebraska, and just happened on a Saturday afternoon. My sister in law had to run to the store to grab something. My brother, he’s at home. It’s a Saturday, like I said, and you can probably relate to this. Jim. He’s worked hard all week. It’s you know, winter’s day, I think he’s he’s probably shoveled some snow, you got all the honey dues done. And that couch is just kind of beckoning. So he and my niece are left at home. And he, he has guys happen to do when they get on the couch and it’s comfortable. He he goes off. Sometime later, I think we all have to some degree or another this this sense within us where we can regardless of what state of sleep or paying attention not paying attention we’re in. We can sense when someone is there. There’s a presence there or someone is watching us. My brother wakes up from his nap on the couch. And my niece, three years old is standing right there by the edge of the couch. And she’s just kind of smiling at him. She’s real close to him smiling at him. And he’s trying to figure out what’s going on. Right? And she says those three little words to him. She just looks at him says those three little words. And you got to remember they’re at home alone on the weekend. She looks at him. He’s just woken up from his nap. She looks at him and says in this way. It’s watching you. Oh, and yeah. And so he starts to I don’t know what sort of clinical terms we could use personally, he starts to maybe feel a little freaked out. And

Kelly 1:22:55
as he’s trying to

Unknown Speaker 1:22:58
determine what’s going on. Exactly. She just kind of continues looking and smiling. And she she says to him again. It’s watching

Kelly 1:23:06
yoo hoo. And she

Unknown Speaker 1:23:12
I can’t figure out what the hell’s going on. Well, she kind of moves to the side.

Kelly 1:23:18

Unknown Speaker 1:23:21
my brother and his family has this that they have pug dogs for Christmas that year. My folks got them this. It’s cute. It’s ugly. Cute. It’s this little I think it was carved out of wood. This little pug upside about black wood, really dark wood. Of course, they had giant heads. This dog’s heads eat like, twice speak. And they had the thing sitting by the front door. Well, the nice my niece was she was afraid of that dog sitting by the door. It was just it was kind of aimed towards him. And so she was she had to alert him and wake him up and tell him that that dog was was what was looking, but for a few seconds there. I mean, and just when he conveyed the story to me, it just it’s kind of hair raising when you’re alone. Yeah. And a charm. You know, it’s kind of like a poltergeist. It’s kind of like the little girl in the TV set. Yeah, exactly. Because

Jim Harold 1:24:11
little kids can be scary. Sometimes I’m here remember when my oldest daughter now she’s. She’s graduated college last year. But when she was little, I remember one time where she was half asleep. And we heard her stirring. And I went to the steps and she was standing at the top of the steps and she was like, half awake, half asleep and she was just staring at me. And she was freaking me out. I’m like, Oh my gosh, she’s gonna kill me, isn’t she?

Unknown Speaker 1:24:42
Yeah, yeah. It’s like you said and sometimes and you know, Jim and I and you’ve done this on some some some of your parallel podcasts. Sometimes kids, I don’t know if I can tell if I’m saying I have maybe a key to to other regions or places that Maybe adults don’t or they see things. Yeah, I

Jim Harold 1:25:03
believe that’s possible. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Because if you believe there’s a veil, you know, they’re closer literally, they say, you know, people who were at the end of their lives are closer to the veil. Well, depending on your belief system, wherever they’re, they’re closer to the veil to just the other direction. Right, right. Yeah. And many times, you know, you hear these stories of kids who see ghosts and things or talk about these reincarnation stories or anything. And you ask them a few years later, and they won’t know what you’re talking about.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:33
Exactly. Yeah. Yeah. It’s IT service. Like you’ve mentioned certain stages of life. It just seems like there’s maybe a portal or or there’s some sort of more established connection.

Jim Harold 1:25:45
Yep. Absolutely. Absolutely. So. So you had a story, a scare and a little bit of a chuckle?

Unknown Speaker 1:25:53
Yeah, yeah. After the initial, what in the world is going on here? Yeah. Yeah.

Jim Harold 1:25:58
Now I understand you also have a podcast. So give us about a minute of what it is and where people can find it.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:04
Sure. We are available. Our name is the Walkman whispers we touch on mostly pop culture. And we’re about the same age I think, Chip. You know, when you were a little kid in the 70s, and then growing up and coming of age and 80s we touch on pop culture, movies, TV shows, music videos. It’s called the Walkman whispers and it’s available where wherever find podcasts are sold. It’s, it’s a little bit of Festivus KISS concert and attractor pole rolls into one.

Jim Harold 1:26:36
Oh, man, that sounds like a good time. That sounds like a good time.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:39
I do that with with April, Chad and Nat and we just we have a blast with it.

Jim Harold 1:26:45
I hope everybody will check it out and give us the name of it one more time.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:49
It is the Walkman whispers. Excellent. Well,

Jim Harold 1:26:54
Greg, thank you. And thank you for being a part of the

Unknown Speaker 1:26:57
campfire. My pleasure, Jim, keep up the great work.

Jim Harold 1:27:00
Thank you so much for tuning in to another edition of campfire. I certainly appreciate it. I wanted to tell you about a couple of other podcasts you may have interest in. We’ve started a new podcast called You won’t believe what happened to me. That’s with my wife, Dr. Harold. And you can check that out on the podcast app of your choice or at Jim And basically that’s like campfire without the supernatural just wild stories that have happened to people. Wild non paranormal stories. We’ve had someone who had the hitchhike experience from hell. We had another person last time last show that the first episode, who really her dad found out how small this world really is. We’ve got celebrity stories coming up. And just a lot of interesting, interesting things, some harrowing near misses, with criminals. Just Just a lot of different things have happened to people that are very strange. As strange as anything is you hear on the campfire, but they just don’t involve the paranormal. Like my house got shot up by an AK 47 for example. That’s uh, you won’t believe what happened to me story. So first of all, you can check it out wherever you get your podcasts and Jim Harold calm. And if you want to submit your own story of a non paranormal but yet amazing story, just go to won’t That’s won’t And you can record a synopsis there very easy right from the website. And tell us tell us about your story. And then season two of unpleasant dreams with Cassandra Harold just debuted this Monday. And wow, what a story that was it was the story of Tara Sita Basa, a woman who was murdered and seems to have affected justice from beyond the grave. It is an amazing story. It’s been featured on a lot of programs and podcasts and things and we thought we wanted to do our treatment of it. And I thought we did a darn good job. So check out unpleasant dreams. That again is on all your podcast apps and also at Jim Harold calm and I will say for those of you who listened last year, thank you. And this episode we just did I think it’s the best one we’ve done yet. So thank you so much. Do please check that out. And thank you so much for tuning in today at the campfire. We’ll talk to you next time. Have a great week everybody. And as always, stay safe and stay spooky.

Campfire Announcer 1:29:40
Bye bye. You’ve been listening to Jim Harold’s campfire. Tune in again next time for more stories of ordinary people who have experienced extraordinary things