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SPOOKY STUDIO BOOK GIVEAWAY: Through Spring 2022, we are going to be trying something new for our email newsletter readers in the US! Our shelves are overloaded with great books on the supernatural, spiritual, the paranormal and so forth. We have good news. We want to share the wealth! But, you must be signed up to this newsletter. 

Here are the rules:

  1. The weekly drawing is completely random and will be drawn from a list of our current email Harold’s Happenings email list subscribers. To be eligible, you must be subscribed to our email list. You can subscribe HERE
  2. The email newsletter is completely free and no purchase is necessary to participate in this contest.
  3. Your mailing address must be located in the United States. Our apologies to our international friends but shipping costs make international participation cost prohibitive.
  4. If your name is drawn and you are in the US, we will send you a list of books to choose from. The list will be first come, first served and if a title has been picked before you reply you will have an opportunity to draw a different book.
  5. You must respond within 14 days of email notification of your name being drawn. If not, you will forfeit the book and it will be awarded to another winner.
  6. All determinations are made by Jim Harold Media LLC and are final
  7. You agree that Jim Harold Media LLC may use your first name (and state level location) in promotions and social media if you win the contest.
  8. You can only win once within a 90 day period.

The first two drawing will be held on Monday, March 14, 2022 and will be held every Monday through Spring of 2022. We wish you good luck with this book giveaway and be sure if you are not on the Harold’s Happenings email list to get on it HERE and good luck!