Return To Sender Resident Deceased – Campfire 537

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A mailman’s encounters customers who’s real addresses were no longer on this earth, plus much more weirdness on this all-new Campfire!


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Jim Harold 0:00
It’s one thing when your house is haunted. But what if you encounter ghosts multiple times when you’re just trying to do your job? We’ll talk about it on the Campfire.

Campfire Announcer 0:24
Welcome to our gathering tonight. Here we share stories of ordinary people who have experienced extraordinary things. Sit back, relax and warm yourself by Jim Harold’s campfire.

Jim Harold 0:36
Welcome to the campfire. I am Jim Harold. And this is the place where you hear real stories of the supernatural from everyday people who have experienced strange things. So we’ve got a power packed show for you today. But first, a couple of pieces of feedback from our audience. First of all, Cass emailed us and said, Hey, my husband Andrew, and I, they joined around the campfire for a few years now. But they said, and Cass says that every Thursday we get into bed and listen to the new episode, you’re a household name here, and Cass would like a special shout out for Andrew’s birthday on February 3. And we aim to please So Andrew Happy Birthday and stay spooky. And thank you both for listening, Cass and Andrew. We have another email from a listener. And I thought this one was important. Now first and foremost, we do not give medical advice on the shows. If you want medical advice, go to a trusted medical professional. Or if you find yourself in a situation a dire situation call 911 By all means. This came from listener Flora though, and I thought it was a reasonable request. So I’m going to read you what she wrote. Flora said Hi, Jim. I’m a medical student. And while I generally love your podcast and the paranormal, I’m always looking for rational explanations. I am currently in the middle of our cardiology unit. And some of what we are learning about reminded me of things I’ve heard on your show. If you could, I would really appreciate it if you could share this because it just might save a life. One not so common, but well known paranormal experience is waking up in the middle of the night to find an old hag or other terrifying entities sitting on your chest. In the accounts I’ve heard people have described their crushing weight on their chest terror, feelings of impending doom, difficulty breathing and shortness of breath. All of these symptoms could also be due to a heart attack. And congestive heart failure can lead to hallucinations. I’m not saying that all old hag encounters are actually heart attacks. But I would really appreciate it if you could share this with your listeners and warn them that they should immediately head to the ER if they have such an experience. And of course, I would also mention 911, of course. So we don’t give medical advice. Seek out trusted medical professionals. And if you feel you’re in distress call 911. But we thought this was a reasonable thing to share from Flora, so Flora thank you for your input. And you are here to hear spooky stories and boring. We’ve got some great ones for you this week. So here we go. Chuck is a returning caller. He is back on the show from New York. We’re so glad to speak with him again. And he has two interesting short stories for us. And those are kind of workplace stories, which I always love. Chuck, welcome back to the show, please tell us what happened.

Chuck 3:38
Now. Thank you, Jim, for having me again, appreciate it. So the two short stories that I have are some couple of weird experiences that I had at my job. So my mailman and the first experience happened when I was in my first year delivering mail. I was covering for another carrier while they’re on vacation. And while I was delivering mail to this one street, there’s this one particular house that my experiences stem from. And I’ll deliver mail to this house and mailbox and you know, eventually be full. After a couple of days, the mail would be gone in and this continued for like about a week or so. Right? And one day I was I was walking up to the mailbox. And right before I got to the mailbox, that door opened in this younger female probably late teens early/20s answered the door. And I handed the mail to her and she said you know thank you, shut the door and that was it. Over the next couple days while delivering the mail to the same house. And on that street, a neighbor that lives directly across from this house saw me walking up to deliver mail again and she kind of yelled out, you know, that house is vacant. And I’m like, what do you mean? So I walked over to talk to her and said, what what do you mean? And she says, that house is vacant, and has been for months. And I guess, sure, like about six months or so prior to that. A female in that house, a younger female, was murdered by her boyfriend. So ever since then, you know, the family moved out. The house has been vacant ever since. And so I thought that, you know, that was pretty disturbing. So I went home, and I was pretty intrigued about it. So I went home that night, and I did a Google search on that specific house. And sure enough, there was a murder that happened there. Young girl was murdered by her boyfriend. And what was really odd about it, though, was the girl that took the mail from me that day matched the description of the girl that was murdered,

Jim Harold 5:53
Oh man, so you literally may have handed mail to a ghost.

Chuck 5:58
Yeah, yeah, it gets better. But after that, yeah, going back down that street. Obviously, skip that house didn’t deliver any more mail there and it was vacant, nobody would show up ever again. But shortly after that, I took mail from another carrier that went on vacation and did their route for a bit. And while I was going up the one side of the street, this is my second story, by the way. Crossing over, I happen to look up, and I see this elderly woman, probably in her 70s or 80s, standing at the end of a driveway, as I’m crossing the street, getting her mail ready. And when I got there, I said hello. And she just gave me the weirdest, creepiest smile. And I just, it just gives me chills even thinking about it to this day. So I walked up to her, said, Hello, how are you doing? Again, get this creepy smile. But her mouth opens like she’s going to tell me something. And it’s moving like she’s talking. But there’s no sound coming out at all. And I’m like, this is very odd. And so I try not to think too much about thinking maybe this woman has, you know, some Alzheimer’s or something. So I you know, gave her the mail and turned to walk away. Saying, you know, have a nice day. I walked about five, maybe 10 feet, I got this feeling to look back. I look back and she is gone. Now, the driveway is about 50 At least 50 feet long. And I know this house, I have delivered mail to this house before. And she would literally have to run within like five seconds. Go around these hedges going to store the front door which makes noise because it’s it’s rusted and it’s metal one of those metal, storm doors. And I heard nothing. I heard nothing, no footprints, footsteps, nothing when I turned and when the regular carrier came back, I happen to ask him, you know, does a female elder elderly female live at this house? And he kind of smiled and said, No, but I have a feeling I know where you’re going with this. So well I delivered mail to this elderly lady. It just gave me creepy smile and talk or she’s trying to talk but nothing came out. And I figured maybe it’s you know, one of the residents and he said no, there’s no elderly female that lives there. The only man that there’s a man that lives there with his child. But he was taking care of his mother. And she died in the house. So Yeah. Needless to say, it was creepy. But those are my two short stories of delivering mail to the afterlife.

Jim Harold 8:59
Well, you know, it makes sense that, I mean, you guys and women kind of see it all. And first of all, kudos to what you do, especially we just passed the holiday season here. And too often we take the mail for granted or just We only say things when we can complain. And so thank you and all of your fellow postal carriers for what you do appreciate. It’s kind of not appreciated, I think sometimes. But I would think yeah, you would think of health care workers seeing a lot of strange things, but I guess in your line of work, you come as much as anybody in contact with the public multiple times over the day. So it would make sense that a postal carrier would see you know, almost more than anybody.

Chuck 9:14
We get to you know, know our customers and who lives in what houses and everything. So if there’s something that stands out like that, we know that you know, this person doesn’t live there, whatever it is, it stands out even more.

Jim Harold 10:03
Great story indeed, Chuck, thank you for what you do. And thank you for returning to the campfire to tell us this story about the ghosts who took the mail. Thank you, Jim. Well, I love it on the campfire when we can get both sides of a story a tremendous story involving two head scratchers. On episode 521. Brad called in and talked about an incident that happened, kind of double head scratcher, when he was sitting waiting on a boat waiting on a ferry with his kids. And he met a woman named Annie. And two incredible coincidences happen. But I dare say they were not coincidences, too much of a coincidence to be a coincidence. But that’s just the beginning of it. There’s more to it. And guess who’s on the line from Olympic Peninsula? Annie is on the line. And she’s gonna tell us as Paul Harvey used to say the rest of the story. Annie Welcome to the show. Thank you for joining us and tell us the rest of the story.

Annie 11:05
It’s a pleasure to be on. Thank you, Jim. Okay, so I will start with a little bit of context for you and jump right in the we have time for everything. My basically this synchronicity was very meaningful for me, because about almost exactly a year before it happened. I’d had another weird synchronicity and was basically in doubt, and this situation kind of confirmed some things for me. Um, so basically, my dad had sent me a book, the year before that he used to read to me when I was a child, and that book is Where the RedFern Grows by Wilson Rawls. If you haven’t read it, there’s gonna be spoilers here, but it came out in the 60s so, that’s your problem. That’s a very sad book, but it’s basically about this little boy who in his relationship with his animals with his dog, and, and his dogs are killed in kind of a traumatic way when he’s out with them in the woods. He comes across a cougar and his dogs protect him from the cougar and one of them ends up being killed. And you think the other one is okay, and she ends up dying as well. And basically, he sent me this book, and I have multiple cats. And one of them I’ve had since I was a teenager. He was 19 years old, very sweet, sweet cat, and was basically our Protector. And he would go out every morning and do his little routine sitting on the deck and walking the perimeter. So one day, I woke up to him screaming basically outside, and I just bolted out of bed from a dead sleep, didn’t put shoes on just ran straight outside. And he was in the mouth of a giant cat, which are common over here. It’s the Olympic Peninsula. But it’s not something you plan on. And basically he ended up being okay, I was able to chase the Cougar away. And he lasted another couple days and then passed away. So it was exactly what happened in the book. And it was it was just very weird. My dad’s never sent me any childhood books. And that was just a weird coincidence that that happened exactly the way it had happened in the book. So, I’m basically this cat he had. He had big goofy eyes. And I I like a lot of old music. I used to study all the films, and I’m a fan of Louis Armstrong. So I would often sing him Jeepers Creepers. Um, you know, Jeepers Creepers…?

Jim Harold 13:55
Yeah, yep.

Annie 13:58
Um, so I often doubt these little signs that I get sometimes, and kind of feel like a crazy person. You know, sometimes I’m kind of a spooky Mulder of the group of people, you know, from the X-files. Yeah. Mulder was always the spooky one. And I’m kind of that person. And so I often would just question Am I crazy? I really wanted some sort of confirmation from the world that they’re interesting coincidences that we should pay attention to. So this day, the day that Brad called in about, I was going to go pick up my friend from the ferry and the ferry schedule during the summer is super wacky. It’s often late. It’s kind of loosely on a schedule we’ll say that. So I didn’t quite know what ferry she was going to come in on. So I drove about an hour To the ferry, listening to ancient mysteries, because I love that one of yours.

Jim Harold 15:04
Oh, thank you. Yeah the Plus Club. Thank you.

Annie 15:07
Yeah, of course. And basically, I had the song Jeepers Creepers in my head all day. From the moment I was doing dishes like planning to go to the ferry on my drive over. And then I was wandering around the little art museum they have there and was just talking the song to myself. And then I wound up at the ferry. She eventually texted me that she ran and caught this ferry that was running late right before it left. And so I walked on the ferry, and I stood on a bench because it’s very busy that day, there’s a huge line of people waiting to get on the ferry, to go to Seattle. And so to be out of the way, I sat down on the bench and was just kind of playing on my phone. And this guy sits down next to me and is playing with his kids. I think there were like three little kids with him. And you know, they’re just goofing off. And then he starts singing Jeepers, creepers. And I just like, froze. It was like, do I say something? And of course, of course, they say something. So I said, I’ve had that song stuck in my head all day. And then he sat down next to me and started singing this bizarre song. And then, of course, he was telling us kids Oh, that’s so weird. We need to call Jim Harold. And I was like, I love Jim Harold. I listened to all of his podcasts.

Jim Harold 16:34
That’s wild. That is wild. Yeah, I just think it just, you know, it’s, that one falls into that category. And you’ve heard me obviously, you listen to a lot of the shows. You’ve heard me say too much of a coincidence to be a coincidence.

Annie 16:49
Yes, yes. And it for me, it was so meaningful that it was a stranger that, that came out with this, that if it were someone else that I knew, I’d be like, Okay, you’re around me enough to pick up on little things that are in my life. But the fact that it was a stranger, it was completely out of the blue. I didn’t know what ferry I was, I was gonna be waiting for and all these weird little things had to happen for him to be there and meet for me to be there at the same time.

Jim Harold 17:19
That was an incredible synchronicity. Now, here’s another little one that the audience would know about. We talked about your cat Romeo in the story. And just as we were getting ready to call, I got a call about my dog, Teddy, who had to go in as we record this today, and have a procedure and the call was that he’s okay. But that was just another little synchronicity to add on the on the top there of beloved pets. And luckily, luckily, word is he’s gonna be just fine. He’s just fine. But but the thing is, is that just I just thought that was kind of weird to like yet another synchronicity to me down. Yeah. So that calmed

Annie 18:02
So that calmed me down before the phone call to hear you say that your dog is okay. And just that other little thing.

Jim Harold 18:09
Yep. He was very calming and waited on the line while I talked to my vet, so well, I gotta tell you, I really, really appreciate it. Annie. Great story. Glad to hear the words getting out there in the Olympic Peninsula. And I thank you so much for being a part of the campfire today.

Annie 18:29
Thanks for having me on. Take care.

Jim Harold 18:32
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If you love that campfire Be sure to check out the paranormal podcast where every week Jim interviews experts and authors about strange mysteries. Find it for free. Wherever you listen to this podcast tune in to the paranormal podcast today. Now we return to Jim Harold’s campfire.

Jim Harold 20:42
Next up on the campfire is a return caller. James is on the line from North Yorkshire, England always good to hear from our friends over in England in the UK. And he has two family stories, these ones from the Second World War and wow, are they amazing, amazing stories. James, welcome back to the show. And thanks for joining us. Please tell us these stories.

James 21:08
Thank you so much for having me again. Yeah, so this the first story, my oma, which is my Dutch grandmother, she wrote me a letter just before she died telling me this story. She was always a little bit concerned. She was very religious, and I’m spiritual. I didn’t assign myself to any religion. And she told me this to to persuade me. And now my oma was a very serious lady as well. So it’s coming from her, it’s even even more convincing. And my, my grandmother was in Holland, and in the Netherlands, and obviously in World War Two, they’re occupied by the Germans. And she she joined the Dutch resistance. And she was fighting, fighting back internally. And she got caught. And she was assigned to went to court and was found guilty of espionage. And she was posted in the orange Hotel, which is in Scheveningen, which is it was nicknamed the orange hotel because all the Dutch Resistance were placed in there. And then from there, she was taken by train to Dachau, the concentration camp. And of course, she saw many horrors there. And for the war, and before she she’d lost all her siblings, she had four siblings, and they’d all passed away. And she was in her room. And she was she was praying. And she said she wasn’t praying for herself. She was praying for her parents, because she said she was the only one left and she didn’t want them to lose all her all her children or their children. And she said the room just completely lit up completely white. And a figure walked in, which she she assumed was an angel. And just told her, she said, Just wait, if you wait two days, you will be liberated two more nights and, and two more nights. And she was liberated and rescued. The the allied forces came into camp and rescued her and it was closed down. So amazing to come. But I can’t really put enough emphasis on how much to come from this person. You know, what a serious person she was. And to tell a story like that must have taken a lot for to to tell.

Jim Harold 23:17
It really. It’s amazing. Because how do you describe that? I mean, there’s two explanations. I want to be very clear. I don’t believe the first one. Either your grandmother was making this up, which I do not believe, or it was something supernatural. I don’t know. Any other explanation for that. And I have no reason whatsoever to believe that it’s anything but true. So I mean, how do you assuming it happened, which I fully believe it did happen. How else do you explain that other than the supernatural? I mean, I don’t know. I don’t know. What do you think James?

James 23:57
No, obviously, this is scenario a situation of high stress and anxiety and the horrors that that she witnessed. It was, you know, some of the worst that they ever see in a lifetime. So of course, that could be that in terms of the stress related apparition that is to deal with mental health, but, you know, you would have, you would have thought there would be other times that it would appear that rather than just the one time, that, that that would occur and would remain afterwards potentially as well, but but also to hit the nail on the head. You know, when she was convinced that that that was what she was told him what happened because she was told that, you know, she really believes in it put more more into her own religious faith.

Jim Harold 24:38
Yeah, that’s amazing. That’s an amazing story. And do you have a second one about your granddad again, related to World War Two?

James 24:48
Yes. So my my grandfather was English and he was in the reconnaissance group who went over, were the first in everywhere and they were sent over to Holland, into Arnhem. And the film of bridge too far is about about this. This piece of military history. And he was always proud of that film, because there was loads of tanks lined up on the side of the road. He always says one of those actors was playing him.

Jim Harold 25:15
That’s so cool. That’s cool.

james 25:17
Well, yeah, they were in a church just outside Arnhem, in a little village, I can’t remember the name, but they were taking taking turns on guard duty.And he was, he was stood on guard duty with all of the troop while while everyone else slept. And it was dark, but there was a moon and you could just see, you know, the outlines of people. And they sent a man entered the graveyard and started running across the graveyard. And he was told to stop or the other shoot, and he continued to run, and they warned him again. And obviously, you know, the last thing they want to do is kill someone. And he always, you know, he said that, and he said, but at the same time, you know, if this was an enemy, they their lives were at risk and, and his friends, and this man had run and just ducked down behind a gravestone. And they gave him one last warning, and he still didn’t come out. So they opened fire on the gravestone. And in his words, they, you know, blew it to smithereens. There wasn’t there was nothing left of this gravestone. And when they went to investigate, there was no one there. And he said, there’s absolutely no place that this person could have gone anywhere else in the graveyard. It was it was behind that gravestone. And he said, I don’t believe in ghosts. He always told me this story was one of those where he didn’t believe in ghosts. But there was this one time when this thing happened. And he he couldn’t explain it.

Jim Harold 26:40
You know, the thing is, is that and those are the stories that really get to me when somebody it. I don’t want to say it lends more credibility, because I think that believers can have great credibility. But one says I don’t believe in it, but I know what I saw. And there was one time that really perked my ears up. And the other thing I’ll say, I just want to say this as a general statement, and I feel strongly about this. Your grandmother, your granddad, they were part of I don’t know if they call it the same thing over in the UK over here. We call it the greatest generation. And, you know, I just none of us could do the things that we do if they had not made the sacrifices that they made. And as time passes, I worry that people forget about that. And it My goodness, I know we have problems. I mean, the the pandemic’s a horrible thing that these people, you know, they couldn’t work remotely, they couldn’t fight a war remotely. They couldn’t use Zoom. They had to go out and risk their lives to save the world. And I just, I just feel so strongly about that. And I think I thank them via you for their sacrifice and everything they did for their, their countries and what they had to fight through it. Really, it’s, it’s amazing. And to all of our world war two generation out there, whether they’ve passed, there’s still some left. Thank you for everything that you did. And thank you, James, thank you for sharing these remarkable stories. I will say this, James has a podcast. James, can you give us about a minute about your podcast?

James 28:11
Thank you, Jim. Thank you for thanking my grandparents as well. They’re my heroes as well. Yeah. It’s the it’s the Fortean news podcast. Basically, I look at the news every single day, research the news and then deliver it. In an episode. It’s full of humor, the news and we’ go into deep into everything, interview people as well. It’s currently rated five star on Apple and it’s been player FM’s, put it at the top 10 Fortean podcasts for 2022 as well. So we’ve just teamed up with the Fortean Film Festival as well, which is going to be an amazing event. So yeah, come and listen, people seem to like it. So thank you very much, Jim.

Jim Harold 28:45
Well, congratulations on that. And thanks for being on the campfire know you have more stories. I know you’ll be back. So thanks so much, James. Thank you, Jim. Take care. Jeff is on the line from South Carolina. You know, when we share these stories, of messages from loved ones, a lot of times they’re very poignant and very sad. And then sometimes they’ll be a little bit of humor brought into it even though the message is just every bit as meaningful, or whatever it might be. But it always means so much. It’s very specific. We find to people really means something and the story that Jeff has shared with me and I’m gonna share with you. It’s a very personal one. And it’ll give you a little smile too. Jeff from South Carolina is on the line. Welcome. Thank you for joining us and tell us this very cool contact story.

Jeff 29:36
Hi Jim, thank you for taking my call. When I was growing up, we spent a lot of time in my grandmother’s house. And she had this little saying when she thought somebody was pulling her leg or you know, telling her stories he thought wasn’t true and it was all crap. But she didn’t say crap it was beep

Jim Harold 29:57
my mom said the same thing. So that makes two of them.

Jeff 30:01
So we, my youngest daughter was born in 2010. And she was about a year old, had just turned one in April, this was in June of 2011. And we had went over to my grandmother’s house to visit her. And I helped her install a ceiling fan and she let Catherine, that’s my daughter, ran around and in her house while I did the ceiling fan. And even though my grandmother lived in the same town as us, I’m ashamed to say we didn’t visit her as much as we should have. And she only saw Catherine basically on holidays, birthdays, you know, maybe four or five times a year. Yeah. And so she didn’t. She didn’t babysit her she was in she was 80 when she died. And so she didn’t see Catherine a ton. She saw her enough to, you know, to have pictures made with her every once in a while, things like that. So, we I installed the ceiling fan for her, she played with Catherine, I was there about an hour. And she said you have to bring the baby back over to see me. You know, soon. So okay, we’re going to the beach for about a week, and when we get back, I’ll bring Catherine to visit you again. So when we got to the beach on Saturday, it’s about four hours from our home, was in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. And we were staying on a oceanfront house and the cell phone reception is not very good. So it was we got there on Saturday, this was on a Sunday evening, my mom called and said, We found granny at home, she was unresponsive. We took her to the hospital. They admitted to the hospital, she needed fluids, she was very dehydrated. But they say she’s gonna be okay. And you know, you don’t need to come home, everything will be fine. And, you know, we’ll let you know if anything’s happening. So I said, Okay, if you’re sure that everything’s fine, we’ll stay here. You let us know we can do anything. So we went on and did our normal vacation stuff. We went to bed that night. I woke up during the middle of night about three o’clock in the morning. And I just knew something was wrong. And I don’t know how I woke up and I just knew something was wrong. So I woke my wife up. I said, I think I think something’s wrong with granny. But I didn’t want to call home because it was in the middle of the night. Right. So we get up the next morning. And I still haven’t heard anything from anybody. But I said, I think I think something happened to granny. So I went and checked Facebook. My cousin had put something on there like you know, having gained an angel, you know, one of those things that people put when somebody passes away. I was right. She did pass away. But I still hadn’t heard anything from home. So we’re sitting there eating breakfast. It’s a big, common area in the house. And our little Catherine year and a half comes running out of the out of our bedroom going Oh crap. Oh crap. Oh, crap.

Jim Harold 33:09
Except she wasn’t saying. She wasn’t saying crap. She was saying that other word.

Jeff 33:15
Yes. And I said, Catherine, what are you what are you saying? She’s giggling and laughing, Oh, crap, and run all around the room. And my wife looked at me and she said anything with her. granny used to say, like, is exactly what she used to say. And Catherine and never said that before. She did that for about an hour. And she was laugh like she was talking to her friend hold her hand up her face, and Careless Whisper. And after that hour, she never said it again. Bout two or three hours later, I got the call from home, you know, from a mom saying that she had passed away.

Jim Harold 33:47
Oh, my. Wow.

Jeff 33:49
And Catherine, of course does it remember that. She’s almost 12 now. But my wife and I knew exactly. You know what she was doing. So we thought that was just a cool story. I think granny came to visit there one last time.

Jim Harold 34:04
I think so. I think so. And the thing is, is that and I just and I don’t know if it’ll be on this show. So if you hear this, and you don’t hear the story, folks I’m referring to but we just had another caller today. And it was a very specific kind of effect the caller right before you/ It was a very specific thing. And I do believe that past loved ones use very specific things, things that wouldn’t mean anything to anybody else. But to you they mean everything. And I believe that happens. And this is a very strong example of that.

Jeff 34:38
And Catherine even wrinkled her nose up and made the same facial expression that my grandmother would do when she said that, that phrase and she you know, and I’ve had dreams in the dream thing about knowing that something had happened. I’ve had that happen a couple of other times, with other relatives will they’ve passed as well. And and it’s amazing. You found out later that that that when I woke up that morning, that was the time she had passed was 3:15 or whatever it was. She had passed it that time.

Jim Harold 35:12
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Jim Harold 38:07
Next up on the Campfire is Amanda from Ontario, Canada. And I know from talking to to our intrepid assistant Maddy that there the big snowstorm up that way. There was in Ohio too, but I think the Canadians do. Our snowstorm is there like slight gust so so But Amanda is here and she is going to tell us about a story. She said she’s had a lifetime of paranormal experiences. But this particular one has just stuck with her for years. Amanda, welcome to the show. And thank you for joining us and please tell us your story.

Amanda 38:45
Hi, Jim. Yeah, we got about two feet snow up here the other night. It came down pretty good. Yeah, we’re pretty hardy. I don’t know how we deal with it. So it was about 2013 that this this happened. I was working for A woman who was cleaning houses. And we were in this home in Hamilton. I don’t know if that’s too much information to give out. But that’s but willing what I’m good what I’m willing to give out. Okay, so the first time I went into the home, it’s got a funny little layout. So you’d like go into the kitchen, and the kitchen would split off to two sections, the basement and then the rest of the main floor. So my first time, I went down to the basement, and I was in like, the back corner of the house, and I was cleaning, and I was working with another girl. And I remember saying to her, like, Do you maybe feel a little weird down here? And she’s like, No. I said, okay, cool. So I went upstairs. And I was back in in one of the rooms. And I was told that there was a specific room we were not allowed to go into, and that was this woman’s room. So I believe her daughter was now staying in this room, so I was backing out of one room and kind of going into the hallway, with this room in it, and my foot kind of went into the back room, and I felt like, Get out. You’re not allowed in here, get out. So I stepped out and kind of did a little a personal apology. And then I kept going on with my day. And I found myself back in the basement again later on in that day. And I said to my to my boss, he was there. I said, there’s something weird about this basement that I don’t like, it’s giving me a very weird feeling. And she said, Oh, well, are you sensitive? And I said, Yeah, I’m, I’m sensitive. I’ve had a lot of paranormal experiences through my life. And she said, well, then maybe this is the time to tell you that the woman that used to live in his house, took her own life. And I said, Oh, okay, so can you explain to me why that left corner of that basement is freaking me out? And she said, Well, that’s where all her stuff is. I said, okay, yeah, that’ll do it. That’ll, that’s enough for me to feel stuff. So her stuff is still in the house. Okay, fine. So we ended up leaving the house that day, and we came back for another cleaning session, I believe it was a month or two later. I can’t really remember the the details of the times because it was so long ago but I remember going in. And I was with the same two people I was working with before my boss and my other coworker. And this time was much different. This time was very heavy. And I remember walking into the living room after feeling like she was talking to me. So I went into the living room. And there’s this big poster in a frame on their living room that is basically like a memorial to this lady. Which is understandable. So the daughter lives there with her grandparents now. And the mother has passed away. So there’s a memorial on the wall with everything that about her mother. And it’s beautiful. It’s absolutely beautiful. And I’m hearing in the back of my mind Birthday, birthday birthday. And I’m like, what is this birthday? I was like, It’s not my birthday. I don’t know anybody who has a birthday. So I’m looking at the poster board. And it’s a couple days before this woman’s birthday. And I thought okay, that makes sense. So as I go through the house and doing some more cleaning, whatever I keep hearing Birthday, birthday birthday, I was like what is going on? Something’s not right. So I go into the room again, and I’m looking, and I’m saying okay, like your birthday is in a couple days. And then I hear no. Her birthday. And went Oh boy. What is that? And listen, it has happened before in my life, where I get these little messages. But this is pretty prominent. So I took a minute. And at this point, my coworkers looking at me and they’re like, are you okay? It’s no, I’m not okay, I need to go step outside. So I stepped outside. And I remember being warm. Maybe not like summer warm, but I remember it being a little warmer than it probably should have been. And I remember going back into the house, and I was freezing cold. And the girl said, like what is going on with you? I said, I don’t know what is happening in this house. But I think this woman wants me to talk to her daughter.And they said why? And I said, Well, I keep hearing birthday. And I looked at the board on the living room wall and it’s not her birthday. It’s a couple days from now and they said oh, my boss said no, it’s her daughter’s birthday today. I said no, it can’t be. It can’t be so I went down in the basement again. And I told my boss I don’t want to be down in the basement so I just need you to go down there tidy Have two bottles that were on a bar, and then come back up. And I said, fine. So I went downstairs and I started tidying the bottles on the bar. And these big pair of eyes showed up in my third eye. And I don’t know if any of your listeners or you or anyone you know, have had this happen, but it is so weird. When someone else steps into your, your third eye, I don’t know how to explain that. But it’s like, a veil goes over top of your eyes. And you see something that you can’t explain. It’s basically I just see her eyes and her eyes were looking so deep into me that even now today when I close my eyes, and I’m talking to you right now, I’m telling you, I’m looking at this woman’s eyes, I can see them. And she said, You need to tell her happy birthday. And I instantly said I’m sorry, I cannot. She’s 13. And she doesn’t know me. How am I supposed to go upstairs and tell your 13 year old daughter that her mother says Happy Birthday. And now I’m a mother. And this sits with me, this is something that I haven’t been able to get over because as a mother, I understand her need for her daughter to know that she’s looking after her. But as a stranger, well, me, I’m a geek for this paranormal stuff. So if somebody on the street came up to me and gave me a message from my past loved ones, actually, yes. But this girl I don’t know anything about her.

Jim Harold 46:34
And you don’t know what kind of psychological damage that’s gonna do to her. She’s been through enough at this point. And plus, you’re doing your job, you’ve got a rational thing going on, too. So that, I mean, I empathize like you said with that mom on the other side, but it kind of puts you in a tough spot.

Amanda 46:51
It does. And now her daughter would probably be 20 or 21. So if she ever heard this podcast, like, I wish that somewhere on the other side of this, I hope she hears this. Because I’ve held on to that for so long that I wish I could say to her, like your mom gave me a message to give to you. And now that it’s seven years later, I feel like she might be able to handle it a little better, eight years later, right?

Jim Harold 47:20
Right, you never know. I mean, we had an instance where total strangers met up, and one was humming a song. The other one was thinking about. And then, and we’ve had both people call in and independently, and the one said, I’m gonna have to call Jim Harold Campfire. And the person’s like, Oh, I love Jim Harold Campfire, you never know. Listening. You never know. Young lady is listening. And if she is, hopefully, you know, several years tour, but that message might get to her. \

Amanda 47:56
If she’s listening. I will say that the woman I worked for her name was Barb. And if she recognizes that name, which I’m sure she will, that hopefully will put the connection together. She doesn’t need to know who I am, of course. But if she knows that, you know, she had her house cleaner had a lady once working for her that had this message for her mom. If somewhere down the line, she hears that that will make me very happy.

Jim Harold 48:25
Yeah, and these podcasts are up for a long time. So we still have our shows up from 2005. So hopefully, I don’t get hit by a truck. This will be a year or so hopefully, hopefully this will be up for many years and somewhere down the line. She’ll hear it Amanda, thank you for being on the show and sharing your Dampfire story.

Amanda 48:48
Well, thanks for everything you do. Jim and I will call back because I do have a lot of stories.

Jim Harold 48:53
Very good. Thanks for listening. Thanks for telling your story and stay spooky.

Amanda 48:58
Stay spooky, Jim. See you.

Jim Harold 49:00
Elmen is on the line from the city of angels, Los Angeles, California. And we’re so glad to have him. He’s only been listening a couple weeks and he has already called in and I really appreciate that. And he is going to take us back to his childhood. And he actually told me that he talked to his family to confirm some details to make sure he got the story straight, which I appreciate. And there are three incidents that he believes are connected. Elmen, welcome to the show as a new listener and as a new storyteller and tell us what happened.

Elmen 49:33
Okay, so, though, all my mom told me was we were going to some sort of festival about it to a school about maybe less than a mile away, but for a two year old. That’s that’s the long distance. Um, and it was like a festival of some sort. I think it was my sister’s. She said they were getting some sort of sort of award at their school and I got lost, and she couldn’t find me. And then they called the police. Well, first school security, and then the police. And it kind of went crazy looking for me. And then out of nowhere, I show up to the house and my older sisters there. Hmm. And my older sister, she says, you know, everyone’s looking for you, you’ve been gone for, you know, this X amount of time. Um, you know, how did you get here? And I said, my response was an angel brought me. Yes, yes. And this whole time, I always thought I was like four or five, because I have a memory of it. And, and then this morning, I just, like I said, I wanted to call just to make sure. I spoke to my mom, and she remembered everything. Now this is like 35, 36 years ago. So, um, but you know, they still remember it. And they told me I was only two years old. So it’s pretty, you know, creepy in a way. So this is how I remember it. I remember that I was out of out of an event. I was with my mom. And then I was like, in this field, I was alone. And I was in like, in a, like a big grassy field with tall bushes. And I was with other children. No adults were present. None. It was just me. And I don’t know, maybe about 15 other kids. I mean, we were all around the same age. I remember maybe some little older give or take. The only adult that was there was a lady, a blonde lady. She was young, she was pretty, but she was an adult, maybe in her 20s or something. And she basically kind of was giving us a tour around the area that we were in, we were and for some reason, the first thing that comes in my head was we were at a renaissance fair, I don’t know why, but that’s how I feel it and, and we were going through all these houses, and the kids, we were all playing and, and having a good time and so on. I remember being mesmerized by the fireplaces. And, and remember, I live in Los Angeles in the East LA area. So no houses look like this. Oh, and, um, you know, I was mesmerized by everything. And then out of nowhere, as I was going out the door, I remember just kind of like transporting to my house. Yes. And my mom, I was speaking when I spoke to her before I came on here this morning. And, um, she gave me a pretty good insight. She was telling me something that she remembered there was a mark on me like some sort of symbol on me, but she can’t remember. And and, you know, she gave me some good insight that maybe, because when I you know that these kids were all lost kids. And you were in probably somewhere else, another dimension or something. And this person was bringing kids back home or something you know. Right? And it’s just, it’s weird how I remember something at two years old. I remember that, you know. And a similar incident happened to me again, at a theme park. I was at Magic Mountain. And there was a kid, and he was a little older than me. And he was an adult. And the same being I got and the funny thing is, every time I’m getting lost, it’s like, I feel like I was gone for days, like days, not not minutes or hours. I always felt like I was gone for this very, very long time. And my mom said on the phone today, she said, you know, you were actually only last for a few minutes. Right? And so, but doesn’t make any sense that a school, probably close to a mile away. And I’m only two and a half years old that I would get to my house within minutes. But then again, this is a long time ago. So I can’t you know, I can’t say that she knows for sure how long everything took. But yeah, well, anyway, going back to Magic Mountain. I remember seeing Dean, I was with somebody and this whole time everybody’s looking for me and this kid who was maybe a teenager, I thinke he was a little older than me. And he told me to stand right here. And I remember that and then I was like, okay, and he walked away and he didn’t disappear or anything crazy like that. But he did walk he told me to stand there. And he walked and as he was, you know, fading out because you know, he’s getting further and further away. Then my mom grabs me by the shoulders. It’s like we’re we’re you and you know and I just feel that. So I don’t know that somehow that I, these incidents that keep happening to me with these people are like, we’re all connected or something. I can’t really explain it too much. But I’ve had so many, you know, things happening to me. Whether, you know, I feel like whether they’re sometimes angels sometimes, you know, something bad, but there’s always seems to be some sort of presence.

Jim Harold 55:30
Now, this, did, I mean, you said you’ve had other experiences, did this kind of thing subside? Once you reached adulthood? You don’t remember anything in your adult years that kind of links into this, just the three and just, that’s a lot, but simply the three childhood experiences of this type?

Elmen 55:49
Well, yes, see, what happens is ever since, Well, I can’t say ever since but in my, my adulthood, um, my wife would be the one that first people tell you that everywhere I go, not everywhere, and it’s overexaggerated, but a lot of places that I go, I A lot of times, oftentimes, I’ll always get stopped by people who asked me Do I know you? Like, as if we knew each other at one point or another? As some now sometimes it, You know, it’s, it’s happened, I’ve had jobs, of course, and I work and, and, you know, you meet people and coworkers, but, you know, half the time, I don’t know who they are, but they know who I am. And like, or, you know, they claim to and, you know, it’s just, you know, that happens to me a lot. And, you know, and no, things weird things happen to me. Things that can explain all the way up to today, pretty much, you know, always things happening. And like I said, they’re not always good. You know? I don’t know. I don’t do you remember? A thing called the Ben- or Brightwater Project?

Jim Harold 57:03
Are you talking about the bad I was thinking? No, I don’t think so.

Elmen 57:09
It was. It was a it was basically a UFO report. I think that happened in England.

Jim Harold 57:15
Oh, the Bentwaters. Yeah. Yeah. I thought that’s what you meant. But I wasn’t sure. And then I thought maybe you meant something else. So So yeah, the RAF Bentwaters Yeah, that that explains it? Yeah.

Elmen 57:29
I was about to Air Force. Uh, you know, I guess pilots who ran into, you know, not right into but you know, had an encounter. And it just, you know, this is an example is that, you know, I had to go to work in Denver, Colorado, had to do something. And I didn’t know what at the time, but I met the the one of the Air Force that I happened to at the airport, and him and I he just like, start, he start talking to me, out of nowhere inside the plane as if he knew me. And, you know, he’s like, talking to me all this stuff. And I had no idea what the Bentwater project or that report was.

Jim Harold 58:08
And it’s also it’s probably better known as because Rendlesham was the, the British Air Force Base. A lot of people know it by I mean, Bentwaters was the Air Force Base, but it’s better known to UFO folks as the Rendlesham Forest incident.

Elmen 58:24
Ah, you know, you know, and he, he had a connection with me and thought that he knew me and even gave me a book. The book was called glimpses of other realities. And you Yeah, and I didn’t know who he was until I was watching, I think, I don’t know if it was ancient aliens or what show was about UFOs. But he popped up on the TV and I was like, talking like I met him. He said he knew I met him at the airport.

Jim Harold 58:51
Interesting. That’s very interesting. Well, it is a small world. And it’s interesting how people connect, we had recently a call where somebody had connected with a fellow fellow listener through another coincidence, and it just not how people connected is interesting. Elmen, thank you so much for joining us. I appreciate it. Thank you. Thank you for sharing your story tonight on the Campfire and welcome aboard.

Elmen 59:18
I appreciate it. Thank you so much for having me. Thank you.

Jim Harold 59:22
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Jim Harold 1:01:58
Next up on the campfire is Lenin and we’re so glad to have him. He’s been listening for several years now. And a special shout out to his sons, Andrew and Anthony, who have also become big fans of the show. So that’s, that’s pretty cool. I love when I hear about that. And Lenin is going to share with us, well, he says that he has maybe the most compelling picture of a ghost you will ever ever see. He’s going to tell us all about it. Lenin. Welcome to the show. And please, please tell us about this ghost.

Lenin 1:02:30
Hi, Jim, very excited to be in your show a longtime fan. Yes, I work at a hospital in Michigan. And I’ve been there for a long time, 20 plus years. And I had this coworker, we both were in IT. And before she was in IT at the hospital, she was an IT and the army. And this plays into the story as well. She was no-nonsense kind of person, she didn’t have the time for BS and that kind of stuff, you know, not only because it was her personality, but also because she was in the army for a long time. So it just was the kind of person that she was, you know, she didn’t tell stories or jokes or things like that. Which makes me believe her. I believe her when she tells me the story that happened to her sister directly. So one day, we’re talking about paranormal stuff. And she looks at me, and I can tell that she wants to tell me something but she’s not sure if she’s gonna tell me or not. So I thought you want to tell me something, just tell me because I, I’m, I’m open minded. I’m kind of a believer. I believe that we don’t know everything there is to know. And there might be things yet to discover. So she starts telling me this story that happened to her sister. Um, her sister had gotten a house, an older house, in Bay City, Michigan. And she was only, she had her kids. And she had four kids, I believe. Anyway, anywhere from five to 12 or 13. I’m not sure. But there were four kids. The way the house was laid out, it was a two story house with the main bedroom downstairs in the main level, and a few rooms in the second floor and this is where the kids had their rooms and the mom will stay in the main master bedroom on the main level. Okay. So they move in. And the story goes that after a few weeks, not too long after they move there, the kids start experiencing silly get creepy things, like the way the house was laid out, I guess there was like a long corridor upstairs and the rooms were on either side, two rooms on each side and things started with just they will let hear out somebody walking up steps in the middle of the night going back and forth in the corridor between all the rooms or knocking on the doors, things like that. And they will tell this to her sister. But her sister didn’t pay much attention to them. I guess. She has the same personality of my friend my coworker which is now retired I don’t I haven’t talked to her in a long time. And things escalated from there soon enough, they will hear like somebody was trying to open their doors you will see a knob kind of going back and forth. And then what started happening is it the this thing this ghost spirit or whatever it was, started getting more and more aggressive. It started with their their covers on their beds getting pulled out from them and they will drum down the stairs screaming to her mother and I guess she thought it was like kind of like a mass hysteria kind of thing right um, but this has started happening often it off whether it be started becoming an issue. Quite often all the kids were sleeping in their mom’s bedroom because they will refuse to sleep upstairs. And things yet escalated even more. After a few weeks, they started seeing a lady and the lady will talk to them. The lady will tell them that this was her house and the day to get out that she didn’t know them that that she didn’t know what we were doing to her house. But they needed to leave now and she will scream at them. The straw that broke the camel’s back is our one night they she says my sister’s my my coworker’s sister claims that the kids come down absolutely crazy. Screaming yelling crying very upset. Because now this lady has a knife in her hand. And she’s walking around threaten them that if she if they only she’s gonna kill them. That broke the camel’s back. And at that point, the story goes that the mother takes the camera. I don’t know if it was a phone camera or a camera camera. She goes upstairs it starts walking around the room snapping pictures to see if she catches anything because there’s nothing now upstairs everything looks fine. So she walks around snapping pictures. And she actually does catch something in one of the pictures on my coworker finishes the story, telling me I can send you the picture and you tell me what you see. So she emails me that picture and I see a lady I see a woman right in the center of the picture. She looks like a woman for the most part. She hasn’t looked transparent she hasn’t looked all pale. She has, she looks like a normal lady. So I started looking for a ghost the background in the shadows. I change the contrast and the picture and I do all sorts of things. And I think I see something in the back but I’m not sure I don’t really see much, ane she goes, you don’t see the lady in the picture? That’s the ghost. And I almost fell off my chair. This looks like a normal woman in front of the picture and I thought maybe it was her sister taking a picture in front of the mirror right or something? She says no that does not my sister at all that’s the lady that all the kids kept saying saying they were seeing.

Jim Harold 1:09:32
You sent me a copy of the picture and basically the picture has a woman in it and the woman looks as alive as you or me but you’re saying that’s, because usually when you look for a ghost you’re looking for like some kind of misty figure that’s kind of subtle. There’s nothing subtle about this figure, it it looks just like a live human.

Lenin 1:09:52
Correct. Yeah, I That’s why I couldn’t believe it. But again, this woman this this coworker of mine, she doesn’t send BS around, she’s not that she hasn’t had that personality. So that that makes me believe that, she believes what she’s telling. And I believe, and this is the craziest picture of a ghost I have ever seen because he doesn’t even look at dogs. He looks like a person in the center of the picture. Some things look kind of strange. Did you look at your fingers are all elongated? Yeah. And, and they arms have some, like some spots that look like the skin is bubbling up or something? I think they’re out there. I used to look close, but other than that she looks like a person in this come back in the middle of the pictures.

Jim Harold 1:10:46
Wow, that’s something else

Lenin 1:10:48
They ended up moving out of the house not long after that. But before they did, they, as they have the neighbor that had been living there for a long time. And they show this picture to her. And, and without telling her anything else. None of the ghosts or at all or the haunting or anything. And she said that the lady in the picture look like a much younger version of the woman that used to live in their house that die. Now I don’t know if she died in the house. She died somewhere else. But she did say the neighbor said that they look like a much younger version of the lady that used to do that. There is some confirmation there as well.

Jim Harold 1:11:33
Well, there you have it. I know we talked about we’re gonna see if we can’t get that posted to the virtual Campfire group. And have you posted there we can never guarantee when that when we put that out there. But folks, take a look there and see if that shows up. But we really appreciate it Lenin in what a story and what a picture. Thank you so much for being a part of the Campfire and also a big shout out again to Andrew and Anthony. Lina is on the line from Los Angeles. And we’re so glad to have her back on the show. She had a great story with us a while back and so glad to have her back on the show. And this time she’s going to tell us about a workplace ghost. Lina, tell us what happened.

Lina 1:12:15
Yes. Hi, Jim. Yeah, well, I’ve had experiences, I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s something to do with the military. I don’t know what. I’ve been a federal employee for pretty much all my working life. And I always had experiences there, maybe. I don’t really know why. But in any case, this one was at the army recruiting battalion in Los Angeles. And when I started working there, it was sometime after the LA riots, and the building had been damaged. So when we started working there, we were working out of trailers for about four or five months, when we moved back into the original building. We started it, like nobody had told me anything about it. They had been all been working there for a long time. I was the newbie, right? And in when I started going using the the women’s restroom, I noticed that sometimes when I was in there, it sounded like somebody would walk in. And like either sigh or cough or you could hear, you know, like, it just sounded like somebody was in there, but there was no one in there. Except for myself. I always made sure that there was no one else in there. And so this happened all the time. And I was thinking, well, this can’t be my imagination, because I keep hearing somebody walk in. I hear rustling of skirts, and I look underneath the stall. I don’t see any feet. You know, so it just got to the point where this was just like a regular occurrence. And one day I just walked back into the office. I said hey, does does anybody else hear somebody using the as I said, Yeah, we yeah, we have a ghost in there. So I really want you to know is like yeah, no problem. So it just got you I got to talking to you with one of my co workers and she had actually seen it one time and she had walked in and she pushed the door open and one of the stalls and she saw this woman kneeling by the toilet like he had been sick. I you just kind of looked at her. And you know, so I was always hoping that I would get to see her as well. But that never happened although the noises continue that and we just kind of accepted it. Okay, well, you know, there’s someone in here Well, several months later the same employee who had seen her and I we both ended up getting picked up at a new a new job at the same place at the Air Force Base, which is where I work now. And I think is about two weeks before we were due to leave. And it was at the end of the day, and we were in the restroom, and we were talking, we were at the, at the sinks, and we were talking to each other, you know, we were really excited about leaving there, because we weren’t really happy there at the army recruiting battalion. And so we were really excited about leaving and starting a new job. And at that point, I turned around to grab a paper towel that was in the dispenser behind me. And as I did that, I saw this woman peering at me, she was just, it was there was a, like a little corner table that was kind of like, at eye level actually is kind of, I guess, where you put your purse, and this woman was leaning on it with her on her elbow. And she was just peering at me. And she looked, let’s see, I was in my 30s at the time, and she looked about in her 60s and she was wearing this cream colored blouse or could have been addressed. I only saw her from the waist up and had little flowers all over it. And I really thought it was somebody that had walked in there that we hadn’t noticed, but that was impossible, because the door was right behind you, we would have noticed anyone else walking in. So I just like turned around, I did a double take. And she was gone. And I told my friend, I think I just saw our ghost and described it, she goes, yep, that’s, that’s the same one I saw. And so I just got kind of got the impression, really, that she knew that we were aware of her. And the look of concern, I think was the fact that she knew we were leaving. So, you know, maybe she just it may be disturbed her that we weren’t going to be there anymore. But in any case that that was our one.

So basically, she didn’t want you to leave. .

Annie 1:16:53
I think so Yeah. Because we know we talked about her a lot. And my friend had seen her. And like I was always aware of her. So I just yeah, maybe she just knew that. And, you know, she just kind of liked the idea of having somebody that you know, was aware of her.

Jim Harold 1:17:16
Right, right. Well, that makes a lot of sense. That makes a lot of sense. Now, um, so do you, do you think I mean, so it was? Was it just that person? Do you think or were there other other entities there? Or do you think it was just her?

Lina 1:17:32
That was the only one that I’d heard about? I mean, everyone seemed to know about it. So, I mean, it could have been, that building was old. And afterwards,years later I was I was curious about it. I was trying to look up and see if I could find any information about it. The recruiting battalion had already moved to a different location, and I think it was it turned into a body shop. So I don’t know, I couldn’t find any information about, you know, what had been there before. Anything that may have happened. But that’s the only one I knew about.

Jim Harold 1:18:07
Interesting. Interesting. Now, I know you said you had some other stories. Can you share one more with us before you go?

Lina 1:18:15
Sure. Okay, well, like I said, before, I worked at the army recruiting battalion, I worked at the Long Beach Naval Shipyard before it closed. And I had a few little experiences there. I worked in the technical library, where they kept like technical manuals and blueprints for the ships. And so it was pretty quiet and pretty boring in there most of the time. One time, though, I was, I was doing some filing. And I felt this really cold beam to my right. And it was just, it was very distinct. You could feel the temperature change from where I was sitting to where this beam was, it was just ice cold. And so I said, Okay, well, if there’s somebody here, you know, it’s really boring. You’re welcome to stay and observe, but there’s nothing very exciting. And yeah, and I went about my business and it followed me around. So I said, Okay, so I figured there’s somebody there, but other people had told me who also worked there a long time that yeah, there there seemed to be somebody there in the technical library in the vault section. And that was the first time

Jim Harold 1:19:26
No, go ahead. Finish your thought

Lina 1:19:29
Okay. Well, now now saying so. That was the first time I’d encountered it. But I think as it got used to me being aware of it, it started to play pranks. There was this one day, we had two desks that face the service window. We kept the door closed normally because we had secret and confidential manuals and other documents there. So there was a service window, and we had two desks that kind of faced each And I sat at the back desk so I wouldn’t have my back towards the the service window. And one day, there was a customer that came up. And I walked around my desk and I walked around the other desk. And I banged right into this open drawer that was in the other desk that didn’t get used. And I was saying, Well, how did that come open? Because it was very difficult to pull those drawers open. And okay, well, maybe, I don’t know, maybe, you know, just see some weird thing that happened. And I closed it. Closed the drawer. And then I went about, you know, I helped the customer. And then I went back to my own desk. A few minutes later, another customer came up. I walked around my desk, walked around the other desk and banged right into that same drawer that came open and said, Well, how did that come open with because that’s never happened before. So maybe we just wasn’t locked well enough. And so then I went and I helped the customer, went back to my desk. And then the second, no the third time, I did that, this next customer that came up, I walked around the desk, and I looked this time and again, the drawer was pulled out. And I closed it helped the customer and then this time I made sure that I locked it. I actually took the key and I locked I said okay, there’s no way it’s going to come open once it’s locked. And then I went back to my desk, the next customer came up and I went up there and again, the drawer was pulled out, that same as like, okay, so I help the customer and then I had to talk say look, you know, I’m getting hurt here, my knees all or my shins all banged up and bruised. Now, you have to stop this or you get out of here. And after that no more. It didn’t come open again.

Jim Harold 1:21:48
And I’ve heard that before. You know sometimes you people guy, you got to get nasty or anything. But sometimes I’ve heard if you just say hey, you’re you’re causing me problems here. They go away. I’ve heard that before. Well, Lina, always a pleasure to speak with you. Thank you for sharing your story. And you said your daughter is a big fan. So let’s give her a shout out. What’s her first name?

Lina 1:22:09
Her name is Gabby.

Jim Harold 1:22:11
Gabby, thank you so much for listening to the campfire know us. You love it when your mom comes on and tells a story. So there you go. Thanks a lot, Gabby. And thank you Lina.

Lina 1:22:22
Thank you, Jim.

Jim Harold 1:22:23
Brittany is on the line from Kentucky. And we’re so glad that she joins us. She says she finds the Campfire calming. And we’re glad that she does. She’s gonna tell us a story about some strangeness that ensued when she visited a friend. Brittany, welcome to the show. And I sure want to hear more about this strange visit.

Brittany 1:22:44
Yeah, so my friend in Richmond, Virginia, she owns a spiritual shop. And is it okay if I do a little, little plug for her? It’s the Green Cauldron in Richmond, Virginia. Okay. And so when I went to go visit her, me, she invited a friend over and we’re all excited. We’re gonna watch that new conjuring movie, The Conjuring 3: The devil made me do it. And so, you know, we had all the kids there, they’re running around, and we start watching the movie. And this isn’t a spoiler. So at one point in the movie, Ed and Lorraine Warren, they go to visit the on a previous priest, and he had collected a bunch of satanic artifacts. And once it got to the point in the show, where they go down to see the room, as a storm started showing up. I’m like, well, that’s weird. And so we just keep watching. And we had a fan on, a little box fan, in the corner of the room, and it fell over. Like, that’s weird. So I just picked it up. And so we keep watching, and all of a sudden front door blew in. And we just kind of look at each other. Maybe someone didn’t shut it all the way, you know, kind of explain it away. So we just shut that and though, the whole time the storm is picking up outside. Her boyfriend at the time was walking around. I’m like, Isn’t it supposed to is there? Is there gonna be a tornado? And he was like, No, it wasn’t even supposed to rain today. So we just kind of like kept watching the movie. And then all of a sudden the power went out. And we just kind of looked each other I was like what the heck, it was like flickering. And so I kind of scream roll out because we’re kind of making a joke out of it. You know, like, eff off you but I said the word and the power came back on. That’s why I really was like what the heck is going on? Yeah, and then and then the fight lights are flicker again. And they turned off. So she lit some white candles and started burning some sage. And the storm was just going crazy outside. And once she started lighting sage and walking around the house, that’s when The storm kind of died out. We’ll come to find out. It was a tornado, it was a mini tornado that went through just in her neighborhood.

Hmm, that’s strange. So So what do you think was going on?

I don’t know it. It’s one of those things where it’s just a head scratcher, you know, like, is the ball related? Like, too many coincidences thing? Yeah.

Jim Harold 1:25:25
Well, I think about, you know, and it was a tragedy. I don’t know if there was any huge damage done with this particular tornado. But I know you think about the Mothman sightings. And then the Silver bridge collapsed in West Virginia in the late 60s. So, you know, that, who knows, you know, maybe there is some connection there.

Brittany 1:25:46
Yeah. But we drove around her her little neighborhood and it was just in that housing complex right, right where we were, you know, some, some trees had fallen down. I think they knocked down a power line. And then, in front of her shop, she had a small wooden sign, it actually got blown across the road and smashed. You know, thankfully, you know, no one was hurt. His main part, I guess, was the power was down for a while.

Jim Harold 1:26:17
Well, very strange. Indeed. Well, um, something to think about. And head scratchers. I mean, these things that quite kind of make it go hmm. And you certainly done that for us tonight, Brittany, and I appreciate it. Thank you so much. And thank you for being a part of the campfire. Next up on the campfire, we have a return caller, I love it. When callers come back, it means that I didn’t scare them off. But it also means that they have a great place to share their stories. And seriously, we appreciate that. And Nikki is on the line from Colorado. She’s been on before, and she wanted to do a bit of a recap of things that went on in her last apartment and some other thoughts. Nikki, welcome back to the show. Glad to have you back on the show and tell us your campfire story.

Nikki 1:27:04
Sure, thanks. Thanks, Jim. Thanks for having me back. Um, I wanted to recap a few things that happened in my last apartment because they kind of carry over. And the some of the things is like I came home one day and the stove burner was on it was a burner I hadn’t used in weeks. One night, I was taking a shower, and the bathroom door slammed shut. And when I got out of the shower, one of my shoes was missing, it was just gone. One night, I was laying down to go to sleep, I just lay down and there was a finger that firmly went down my back. That was very frightening. Um, the the most frightening thing that happened though, was right before I moved out. I, I could not only hear them, but I could feel a solid figure standing behind me. I’m walking into my bedroom. And then it leaned with its knee down to my back and pull the covers up over my shoulders. Oh my goodness. Yeah, that was pretty scary. But shortly after that COVID hit and my daughter came into town and moved in with me and we got a two bedroom. It’s in the same complexes as the last apartment. It’s just in a different building. Um, some more strange things happen in this place. And it happened, like immediately, like, within a couple days after we moved in. I’m in my bedroom. And I hear something that sounds like a towel in the kitchen. Mm hmm. And when I go and look, it was a stack of books that had been on the counter that had fallen on the floor. The thing that was so curious is they landed exactly as how they were stacked on the counter.

Jim Harold 1:28:54
That’s weird. Now, going back to that other apartment. I mean that that’s pretty spine tingling, no pun intended. What did you think of was?

Nikki 1:29:05
You know, I so many things happened there. I really wasn’t sure like things would move and they they made it obvious that they put him in a new position, you know that they were that they were trying to get my attention. I don’t know, I’ve I I kind of leanlean towards the psychic mediumship gifts in the way that I’ve studied that I’ve done some practicing. And I’ve also almost every place I’ve lived and had some sort of haunting activity.

Jim Harold 1:29:37
I don’t mean this as an insult. But do you think that in some ways, maybe it’s not the place that is haunted but in a way you’re haunted?

Nikki 1:29:45
Oh, yeah. I think they’re attracted to me because they know that I that I can communicate with them and that I can hear them. And I think that they choose me because, you know, they think that I can communicate with them and you No and I could if I really wanted to, but I’ll be honest, it’s a little on the frightening side indicate with something that you’re not quite sure you can get rid of. So

Jim Harold 1:30:10
Now you have this book situation, the new apartment. Was there anything else at the new apartment?

Nikki 1:30:15
Yeah, um, we started hearing knockings, there’d be like three knockings in a row lightly. Like with the knuckles, you know, I’m just trying to get your attention, you’d hear that. On the doors, as well as in between the walls you’d hear like in between rooms. Um, let’s see, I would hear somebody say Mom, you know, my daughter’s with me, but she wasn’t around, she’s either asleep or at work. Um, the thing that was so crazy is I started hearing things in my bedroom. And one of them was, it was a little disturbing. I’m surprised it didn’t scare me more to be honest. But there was a really low growling in my left ear. And it sounded like it was from I’m imagining just like a small dog or something or some, some animal that’s right next to me, like on my pillow. And it’s just growling deeply in my ear. And then I would hear voices, you know, in my room, like one of my going ha, right in my ear, I would hear big things like making motion moving around my room. And then I would look there’d be nothing there. Um, I constantly felt stared at, there was always something looking at me, I never felt alone. Um, and then. But like the stove here turned on one day, as well. I was getting ready to cook something. And I noticed that the burners already on Well, I don’t cook stuff every day. So you know, it was notable that, that I know, I didn’t do it. One day, I went into my bathroom, and there was a marking pen, like a dry erase marker, just standing on the counter on its end in my bathroom, you know, I didn’t put that there, it just kind of appeared. Um, one night I was I was laying in bed and this was around, like, when I was hearing the the large movements around my room and something jolted my bed while I was laying in bed enough to make me jump up and look, look behind me. And it’s one of those new beds that’s really tall and sthick I can’t even do that, when I when I try, right, you know, I just try to, you know, just doesn’t do anything. I’m like, things would fall off the shelves, but they would land in ways that wouldn’t really be possible. But it’s almost like something picks them up and drops them. But the way they landed. But, but the thing is, is I just finally started getting tired of it, you know, and I took, take my psychic medium to training and, and do something about it. And one night when the growling was going on my ear, I’m just shut up. And I’m like, You know what, you’re no longer welcome here, it’s time for you to leave, you just have to go. And I had brought down the white light, you know from from the universe. And I said, Now is your time believe, you know, this is your chance you need to go. And I held the white light open with with some energy and and I couldn’t tell them they necessarily left I couldn’t feel if they had or not. But since then I’ve only had a couple things happen. We’ve heard a few random luck things. And I have heard me being called mom from something, you know again. But other than that everything else has stopped and it feels peaceful. I no longer feel like I’m being stared at I feel alone when I’m in the house alone. It’s just greatly improved. I feel like whatever was being a menace here has left.

Jim Harold 1:33:52
That’s interesting. So you kind of called it off. And it seems like to this point at least it’s working.

Nikki 1:33:59
Yeah, it’s been over a year and so far, it’s been pretty quiet. Well, I think we’ve only had two or three. In fact, two or three things happened since then. And they’ve been so minor that they’re just negligible and you know, you just don’t even concern yourself once.

Jim Harold 1:34:12
And I’ve heard that before that people can say to the spirits Okay, knock it off. I remember the famous writer Brad Steiger, who probably wrote more books about the paranormal and supernatural than anyone. Unfortunately, he’s passed since since we had that conversation, but he said one time he was trying to work on something and he sensed that there was something bugging him. And there was things going on in the room and stuff. And he basically said in so many words, knock it off. I’m trying to work and it left him alone. It left him alone sometimes. Sometimes you just have to say enough is enough. Well, Nikki, thank you so much for calling in for being a return caller on the campfire.

Nikki 1:34:54
Thanks so much for having me, Jim. Oh, we

Jim Harold 1:34:56
Oh, we made it through another power packed edition of The campfire. And thank you so much for joining us today. Now, one comment I made during the course of the program here, I just wanted to clarify a little bit. I was talking about the folks in James’s called the World War Two generation, the greatest generation and everything that they’ve done. And they did not have the benefit of working remotely. And I listened to that. And I think there’s a lot of truth to that. And I don’t think we can ever praise that generation, enough for everything they did to save the free way of life. So hats off to them. But I also want to say not everybody had the opportunity to work remotely either during this COVID crisis through the pandemic, many essential workers have been out there driving trucks, serving food, stocking shelves, manufacturing, delivering food to those who have the luxury of ordering food, or working from home, or whatever it might be. So I think what I was trying to say is a large amount of people today, like me, white collar folks have the luxury of working remotely during a tough time. And while that has its own challenges, it’s nothing like being in a bomb shelter. But it’s also nothing like what our essential workers have had to face during the pandemic, which is the idea that you have to work anyway. Because the world needs to continue to run people need food, people need the transit system to run people need airplanes, to fly, whatever it might be, these essential workers are in their own right heroes too. And I know that in the early days of the pandemic, I used to make a point of saying that a lot, and I haven’t said enough. So I just want to get that across that there’s some Greatest Generation alive now, all of those essential workers who have done so much for all of us during this, this terrible time. And just wanted to say that, if you’ve gotten this far, I assume you really enjoy the show. So please make sure that you have followed or subscribed on the podcast app of your choice. And please take a minute or two to rate and review us it helps so much. You know, people say it doesn’t matter. But it does matter. Because then people who are looking for another spooky podcast, they see those ratings, they see those reviews. And it serves as kind of a social proof that yeah, this is the one I should check out because we know there’s a million and one shows that tackle the paranormal. I still think we’re one of the best. And if you’ve listened through this whole show, I’m guessing you do too. So please, rate, review, follow, subscribe, whatever your podcast app calls for. And of course tell a friend too. And if you’ve listened to the show, and you say, I can’t get enough, Jim, I need more. I need more content. I need more campfire. I need more stories. I’ve got good news. Go to Jim Harold that’s click on the banner at the top of the page. It’ll take you over to a page where all the deets are, you know, I’m cool. I’m hip. I’ve got to talk in, you know, the lingo. Actually, it’s probably like outdated by now. But anyway, you get the idea of the details are at that page. Once you click on that banner with my smiling face, and we’ve got a great deal you can get your first month for a buck, and you get a great deal on a yearly subscription as well. So go over to Jim Harold click on the banner, check it out and you will get access to over 500 campfire shows that are no longer on the free feeds hundreds of paranormal podcast no longer on the free feeds. And guess what? Exclusive shows episodes, all about the paranormal, every aspect of it that have never been on the free feeds. And that’s the one thing I think people forget about the plus club. There’s all that extra shows that have never been on the free feeds, talking about the kinds of things we talk about on the campfire. So I hope you’ll check it out. Thank you for joining us once again. And as always stay safe and stay spooky. Bye. Bye, everybody.

Campfire Announcer 1:39:14
You’ve been listening to Jim Harold’s campfire. Tune in again next time for more stories of ordinary people who have experienced extraordinary things