2013 Alignment of Chaos with Miceal Ledwith – Paranormal Podcast 178

Author and theologian Miceal Ledwith explains why there is real cause for concern, and hope, when it comes the 2012 era.  Also, he talks about what he calls our “Hamburger Universe” view of life and how he believe it is an outmoded way to look at the mysteries of the universe. Thanks Miceal! –PROGRAMS 90…

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The Choice and 2012 with Mike Bara – Paranormal Report 173

If 2012 is a world changing event there isn’t a whole lot we can do about it, right? Wrong, says tonight’s guest Mike Bara. Mike says each of us, as part of humanity, can actually shape what happens in the 2012 era and transition the world into a better age.


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The Great Waves of Change with Marshall Vian Summers – Paranormal Podcast 130

Do you feel that the world is changing in ways we can’t even imagine?  If so, our guest tonight agrees with you.  Marshall Vian Summers believe that we are facing Great Waves of Change that will impact us in very real and inescapable ways. Check out his book on the subject at Amazon.com: The Great…

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2012 – Paranormal Podcast 76

We visit with Stephanie South the biographer of Jose Arguelles. Mr. Arguelles is the man who first introduced the notion of 2012 and its implication into mass culture.  Stephanie talks about Jose, the year 2012 and its implications for us all. You can check out Stephanie’s book at Amazon.com: 2012: Biography of a Time Traveler:…

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