Chip Coffey

18th Anniversary Special – Part 1 – The Paranormal Podcast 791

Paranormal superstars headline this episode of The Paranormal Podcast!  Josh Gates, Chip Coffey, George Noory, Brad Steiger, Rosemary Ellen Guiley, Linda Moulton Howe, Stanton Friedman, Ian Punnett, Loyd Auerbach, Richard Syrett, Micah Hanks and many more are part of the first half of our 18th anniversary spectacular. In this first half of our anniversary special…

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Chip Coffey On Exorcism Live and Dr Robert Davis on UFOs – Paranormal Podcast 404

Psychic Chip Coffey joins us to talk about his career and his upcoming TV special Exorcism: Live! In part two, Dr. Robert Davis joins us to discuss the question of whether we should believe in UFOs. You can find more information on Chip’s upcoming special at You can find Dr. Davis’ book at…

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The Haunted House Diaries – Paranormal Supercon – The Paranormal Podcast 400

Ghosts, aliens and holes in space and time highlight the new book by William J. Hall. We discuss The Haunted House Diaries on part 1 of this week’s Paranormal Podcast.

You can find Bill’s book at The Haunted House Diaries

Thanks Bill!

In part 2 of this mega-sized show, we share interviews from July’s Paranormal Supercon in Erie, PA. The event was produced by and it was a good time. Enjoy!


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