Thieves In The Night – Paranormal Podcast 548

Author Joshua Cutchin talks about fairy lore and children. It was a common fear in olden days that your child could be abducted by fairies. We discuss the history and how it ties into current day subjects like supposed alien abduction. You can find Joshua’s book on the subject at Amazon.com: Thieves in the Night: A…

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Professor Says Fairies Are Real & He Has The Pictures!

UK Professor John Hyatt Rossendale says he has captured real-life fairies with his camera and is mounting an exhibit of these photos to share his findings.  Has the Professor stumbled on to something or has he just had one pint too many?  You be the judge. Link: Manchester Evening News (with story & multiple photos)…

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Dark Fairies with Dr. Bob Curran – Paranormal Podcast 161

Is Tinkerbell your idea of a fairy?  Well, the reality of what fairies are really like is quite different according to this week’s guest Dr. Bob Curran.  Dr. Bob returns to the Paranormal Podcast to talk about the folklore surrounding fairies and how they are definitely not all sweetness and light.  Check out his latest…

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