Ghost Box

Brandon Alvis of Ghost Hunters – Paranormal Podcast 653

Brandon Alvis is the Paranormal Technician for the smash TV show Ghost Hunters. He is also an award winning filmmaker and a writer. We talk about his philosophy of investigation, how some supposed ghost tech doesn’t work, and his words of encouragement and caution for potential investigators out there. –THE BOX OF ODDITIES– Check out The…

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Ghost Box – Paranormal Podcast 495

The Frank’s Box or Ghost Box is the subject The Paranormal Podcast in part one with guests Chris and Paulette Moon. In part two, Kristy Robinett joins us to talk about messages from our loved ones who’ve passed on. You can get their brand new books at Amazon: Ghost Box: Voices from Spirits, ETs, Shadow…

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Something Unseen with Stephen Hill – Paranormal Podcast 193

Imaging being a normal person with no strong interest in the paranormal and then one day finding that you have the ability to directly communicate with the dead who have not crossed over.  That is author Stephen Hill’s story and he shares it with us along with some compelling EVP samples. Check out Stephen’s book…

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