Jim Harold's Crime Scene

Retail Gangster – The Story of Crazy Eddie – Crime Scene 205

New Yorkers remember the wild TV ads of Crazy Eddie, a very popular electronics chain in the 70s & 80s. Investigative Journalist Gary Weiss joins us to talk about the real Eddie Antar and his machinations to separate customers from their dollars in a, not always, honest way. You can find Gary’s book on the…

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Inside The Mind of John Wayne Gacy – Jim Harold’s Crime Scene 199

John Wayne Gacy murdered AT LEAST 33 young men. Most he buried in his basement. This “killer clown” is one of history’s most infamous serial killers. We have a truly disturbing conversation with journalist Brad Hunter about this monster. You can find Brad’s recent book Inside the Mind of John Wayne Gacy: The Real-Life Killer…

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The Forever Witness and DNA – Crime Scene 193

A 30-year-old cold case solved within two hours by a citizen scientist using a laptop and DNA data is the subject of this all-new edition of Jim Harold’s Crime Scene. Our guest is Pulitzer Prize winner Edward Humes. We discuss this fascinating case and the recent book on it. You can find The Forever Witness:…

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