John B. Alexander

Reality Denied – Paranormal Podcast 513

Many strange things happen in the world that can’t be explained by “rational” explanations. We talk to John B. Alexander about his experiences with the weird on this edition of The Paranormal Podcast. In part two, Cyndi Dale talks to us all about chakras! You can find their books at Reality Denied: Firsthand Experiences with…

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UFOs: Myths, Conspiracies, and Realities with John B Alexander – Paranormal Podcast 189

Dr. John B. Alexander is not only a Ph.D. but also a retired Colonel in the US Army. Dr. Alexander has had a life long interest in UFOs.  Neither a “debunker” or a “true believer” he says that UFOs are real and a phenomena worthy of considerable study.  We discuss his work on this edition…

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