Madelyne Hilker

Did Robert Johnson Sell His Soul At The Crossroads? – By EM Hilker

It’s an old, old story. The shadowed, dusty crossroads sit lonely in the sultry, oppressive summer night, seemingly waiting for the young Black man who now arrives. He holds a guitar in one hand and a mostly empty bottle of whiskey in the other. He does not stumble as he walks, but looks about warily…

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Shadow People by EM Hilker

I am going to tell you a story that happened to my dad.  Just to give everyone a little bit of backstory: my parents pretty much live in the middle of nowhere. They live on a lake in what I would call the boonies. The surrounding area is all wooded state land, and you have…

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Aural Death Omens by EM Hilker

I got into my bed and I turned out the light, and I started hearing someone whistling. I don’t remember the tune, I just remember whistling. It was clear. I could hear it everywhere. In my mind, and since we lived in a two story apartment, I remember imagining a man walking across above us…

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