moon landing

One Giant Hoax For Mankind with Bart Sibrel – Paranormal Podcast 100

Most of us believe that man landed on the moon, but tonight’s guest Bart Sibrel says we are among the multitude who have been fooled by an elaborate hoax. Bart tells us about his documentaries, theories, inconsistencies in video shot from the moon, and about some mysterious footage that he has found that he says…

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The King of Conspiracy Journalists, Jim Marrs – Paranormal Podcast 67

We interview the preeminent conspiracy writer in the world today, Jim Marrs.  His books have included volumes on the JFK assassination (the one that Oliver Stone used as source material for his movie), 9/11 and much more.  Although our discussion isn’t really paranormal in nature it is scarier than any ghost story you’ll ever hear. …

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Jim’s Paranormal Video of the Day #2 – Buzz Aldrin Meets The Aliens

A fascinating clip I found on YouTube.  I would love to give a nod to the documentarian but I can’t find a credit.  Anyhow, this video tells how the Apollo 11 crew encountered much more on their journey than moon rocks.  Did they encounter “little green men”?  As always, the decision is yours! If you…

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