Nigel Kerner

Ghosthunting Roundtable – Man Machine and Aliens – Paranormal Podcast 403

We host a ghosthunting roundtable in part one of this week’s Paranormal Podcast but part two is even scarier. Author Nigel Kerner joins us and discusses transhumanism and the notion that aliens may be using technology to establish dominion over humanity! Thanks Ohio Ghost Hunters and Nigel! –PROGRAMS 90 DAYS OR OLDER ARE AVAILABLE AT…

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Of Souls and 2012 with Nigel Kerner – Paranormal Podcast 227

One of our most popular guests ever, Nigel Kerner, returns to talk about the significance of 2012 and our souls.  We discuss the concept of the “Singularity” and science’s attempt at immortality which Nigel feels may have a more sinister motive. You can check out Nigel’s website at –PROGRAMS 90 DAYS OR OLDER ARE…

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Grey Aliens and The Harvesting Of Souls with Nigel Kerner – Paranormal Podcast 169

Aliens are not our friends or so says this week’s guest Nigel Kerner who is joined by his colleague Dr. Andrew Silverman on what may be the most provocative Paranormal Podcast ever. If you think the aliens are here “to serve man”, think again — they are here to get one thing…listen to the show…

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