Cinema Symbolism – Paranormal Podcast 411

Was Back To The Future a retelling of Egyptian mythology? Our guest, Robert Sullivan IV, says that this classic movie and many others have hidden occult symbolism. Fascinating stuff! Take a listen! You can find his book on the subject at Amazon.com: Cinema Symbolism Thanks Robert! –PROGRAMS 90 DAYS OR OLDER ARE AVAILABLE AT JIM’S…

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Politics And The Occult with Gary Lachman – Paranormal Podcast 113

Author Gary Lachman talks about the connections between the halls of power and the “other world” which pre-date the typical discussions about the Founding Fathers.  It is a fascinating discussion of how occult thought has permeated politics. Find Gary’s book on the subject at Amazon.com: Politics and the Occult: The Left, the Right, and the…

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