Richard Syrett

Rock n Roll Twilight Zone with Richard Syrett – Paranormal Podcast 532

Rock ‘n Roll has long been rumored to be in league with the darker forces. Is this true or just paranoia…or maybe a bit of both? We discuss the strange cases of Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Buddy Holly, Bobby Fuller, Jimmy Page, Robert Johnson and more in this interview with Rock ‘n Roll Twilight Zone…

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Conspiracies and Science in Ghosthunting – Paranormal Podcast 522

Richard Syrett of Coast To Coast AM fame joins us on The Paranormal Podcast to talk about conspiracies, the paranormal and his new podcast, Conspiracy Unlimited. In part two, Sharon Hill talks to us about the use or misuse of science in ghosthunting. You can find Richard’s new podcast on Apple Podcasts, wherever fine podcasts…

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Richard Syrett and Jim Marrs on Conspiracies – Paranormal Podcast 406

Radio host Richard Syrett and author Jim Marrs join me to talk conspiracies. I thought it would be an interesting post-Halloween change of pace on this edition of The Paranormal Podcast! You can find Richard’s site at You can find Jim’s most recent book at Population Control: How Corporate Owners Are Killing Us…

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