Robert Johnson

Did Robert Johnson Sell His Soul at the Crossroads – Unpleasant Dreams 7

Did bluesman Robert Johnson sell his soul to the Devil himself? That is the legend of the crossroads and we explore it on this edition of Unpleasant Dreams. — Cassandra Harold is your host. EM Hilker is our principal writer and researcher with additional writing by Cassandra Harold. Jim Harold is our Executive Producer. Unpleasant…

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Did Robert Johnson Sell His Soul At The Crossroads? – By EM Hilker

It’s an old, old story. The shadowed, dusty crossroads sit lonely in the sultry, oppressive summer night, seemingly waiting for the young Black man who now arrives. He holds a guitar in one hand and a mostly empty bottle of whiskey in the other. He does not stumble as he walks, but looks about warily…

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At The Crossroads of Synchronicity – Campfire 471

Maybe the WILDEST show we’ve had…a series of remarkable coincidences and synchronicities that have been unmatched in the 10+ years of the show. Jim freaks out. Enjoy and tell a friend about Jim Harold’s Campfire today! -RAYCON- You want to listen to your favorite music, shows and podcasts…not someone else’s. That’s why you need great wireless earbuds!…

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