Shapeshifters – Good Juju – Paranormal Podcast 598

Shapeshifters have been present throughout history…John B. Kachuba joins us to talk all about them! In part two, Najah Lightfoot talks to us about Good Juju! You can find the books we discussed at the publisher sites and at Shapeshifters: A History Good Juju: Mojos, Rites & Practices for the Magical Soul Thanks John…

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Shapeshifters – Paranormal Podcast 502

Shapeshifters are the topic with Nick Redfern in part one of The Paranormal Podcast this week. In part two, Jim Willis talks to us about Supernatural Gods. You can find both of their books on the subject at Shapeshifters: Morphing Monsters and Changing Cryptids Supernatural Gods: Spiritual Mysteries, Psychic Experiences, and Scientific Truths Thanks…

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