Thomas Carey

UFO Secrets Inside Wright Patterson – Paranormal Podcast 591

Most of us think of Area 51 when we think of a potential storehouse of UFO secrets. However, Tom Carey says that Wright Patterson was the original Area 51 in terms of UFO secrets. We talk about his new book on the subject which you can find at Amazon: UFO Secrets Inside Wright-Patterson: Eyewitness Accounts…

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Witness To Roswell – Paranormal Podcast 84

Think you’ve everything there is to know about Roswell?  Think again.  Listen to tonight’s program with Roswell expert extraordinaire Thomas J. Carey.  He is is the co-author, along with Don Schmitt, of Witness To Roswell which is soon to be released with an updated edition.  Tom talks about alien bodies, reverse engineering and supposed strong…

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