Thomas J. Carey

Roswell The Ultimate Case Closed – Talking with The Psychic Lawyer – Paranormal Podcast 645

The Roswell Case is closed according to this week’s guest Thomas J. Carey…he says, the evidence is in and it is a cover up. You can find his book on the subject at Amazon: Roswell – The Ultimate Cold Case In part two, we talk with The Psychic Lawyer, Mark Anthony. You can find his…

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UFO Secrets Inside Wright Patterson – Paranormal Podcast 591

Most of us think of Area 51 when we think of a potential storehouse of UFO secrets. However, Tom Carey says that Wright Patterson was the original Area 51 in terms of UFO secrets. We talk about his new book on the subject which you can find at Amazon: UFO Secrets Inside Wright-Patterson: Eyewitness Accounts…

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Roswell Slides Case NOT Closed – The Paranormal Podcast 393

BREAKING NEWS episode here! Research and author Thomas J Carey joined me on an interview recorded on Tuesday, August 4, 2015 to say that the “Roswell Slides” case is NOT closed.

Tom is uniquely positioned to talk about this as he is one of the original researchers who introduced the world to this controversial story.

As most of us, I thought this story was over and the slides proven to be bogus but I was fascinated by Tom’s backstory, passion and explanation that more work is being done to figure out exactly what the slides are showing and that the jury is still out.

Carey says the final tale has NOT been told and that in his view that the image may still be prove to be that of an alien. He largely discounts the online photographic analyses that label the slides as a hoax.

While I lean toward the idea that the slides are simply misinterpreted images of entirely terrestrial origin, I was happy to provide Tom the opportunity to give his side of the story as one of the main researchers behind the scenes on this story.

To the best of my knowledge, we are first on this story. If long-time listeners notice that I am a bit quiet on this episode, Tom was so forthcoming that I let him give his side of the story without a lot of interjection.

Note, the claims and assertions shared by Tom are his and do not necessarily reflect my own.

Thanks Tom!


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Inside The REAL Area 51 – Paranormal Podcast 301

Thomas J. Carey talks to us about Wright-Patterson Air Force base, which he considers to be the “real Area 51”. What role did Wright Patterson play in the Roswell crash? Are alien spaceships and even alien bodies housed there? We talk to Tom about these fascinating questions.


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