State of UFO Disclosure 2024 and Kona Blue – The Paranormal Podcast 829

Are we any closer to UFO disclosure in 2024? What in the world is Kona Blue? We talk to Chrissy Newton from Chrissy is also the host of the Rebelliously Curious podcast which you can find on your favorite podcast apps or on YouTube here: Thanks Chrissy! PRE-ORDER JIM’S NEW CAMPFIRE BOOK HERE:…

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Are UFO Disclosure Forces Gaining Ground? – Guest: Nick Pope – The Paranormal Podcast 790

Are the forces in favor of UFO/UAP disclosure gaining real ground? Nick Pope, of Ancient Aliens fame, answers that question and reveals some reasons why powerful forces wish to keep the truth hidden. Its all on this edition of The Paranormal Podcast!  TRANSCRIPT We utilize human transcription which is more work-intensive than automation. As a…

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UFO Roundtable Summer 2022 – Pope – Robbins – Hanks – Paranormal Podcast 740

UFOs are everywhere in the news it seems and we have three of the greatest thinkers on the subject on this week’s edition of The Paranormal Podcast. Nick Pope, Peter Robbins and Micah Hanks join us to discuss the latest developments and their expert opinions on where we are headed in relation to UFOs and…

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The Navy, A Rock Star, and UFOs by Ryan Sprague

The sordid history of UFO investigations by the U.S. Government dates all the way back to the beginning of the modern UFO era. After reports of UFOs being sighted over the Cascade mountains by a pilot named Kenneth Arnold, the term flying saucers had been coined and had permanently been placed into history. Several other…

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