UFO Coverup

UFO Report Roundtable – Disclosure Or Coverup – Paranormal Podcast 686

Three tremendous UFO experts join us to share their thoughts on the upcoming US government UAP report. Peter Robbins, Ryan Sprague and Micah Hanks share their thoughts on the report and what it means for mankind! FOLLOW THE PARANORMAL PODCAST ON APPLE PODCASTS – SPOTIFY – GOOGLE PODCASTS or wherever you get your podcasts! Thank…

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Mirage Men with Mark Pilkington – Paranormal Podcast 168

Mark Pilkington joins us and shares his immersion into UFOlogy and lore that he undertook to write his latest book (available at Amazon.com): Mirage Men: An Adventure into Paranoia, Espionage, Psychological Warfare, and UFOs He theorizes at times that US intelligence agencies may have promoted the notion of ETs and aliens…take a listen for a…

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