UFO Roundtable

UFO Roundtable 2021 – Paranormal Podcast 710

We do our annual roundtable review of UFO news and what a year 2021 was! Our guests are Peter Robbins, Cristina Gomez, Micah Hanks and Ryan Sprague. What a great group and chat! Enjoy! You can find their work at the links below: Cristina HERE Ryan HERE Peter Robbins HERE Micah Hanks HERE -RAYCON- Raycons are my wireless earbuds…

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UFO Roundtable with Micah Hanks and Ryan Sprague – Paranormal Podcast 624

Micah Hanks and Ryan Sprague join me to talk about the last year of UFO news…from the “Tic Tac” UFO flap to snake like object reports. We review the weird, wild year of 2019 in UFOlogy. You can both of these gentlemen’s fine podcasts on all the major apps and their websites. Somewhere In The…

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