Weird News Radio

Weird News Radio Is On The Air!

My new show on this week in the weird is now up and available at and on iTunes.  I am co-hosting with the Emmy Award winning Kate Botello (of Tech TV/The Screen Savers fame).  Please check it out.  I think you’ll like it!

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Weird News Radio Launches June 1st!

I am thrilled to announce that starting on June 1st, I will be co-hosting Weird News Radio with Kate Botello.  As many of you know, Kate is an Emmy award winning broadcaster who achieved national prominence at the TechTV cable network where she co-hosted Extended Play and The Screen Savers.

Each week, we’ll cover the weirdest and wackiest news out there in our new audio podcast.  Join us starting on June 1 for Weird News Radio.  

You’ll find the show at, in fact, there is a sample there right now!  Check it out today!

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