Women In Black

The Black Diary – Paranormal Podcast 538

Men In Black, Women In Black and Black Eyed Children are the terrifying subjects of this edition of The Paranormal Podcast with our guest, Nick Redfern. You can find his new book on these subjects at Amazon.com: The Black Diary: M.I.B, Women in Black, Black-Eyed Children, and Dangerous Books Thanks Nick! -GAIA- The Paranormal Podcast is…

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The Women In Black – Paranormal Podcast 442

You’ve heard of Men In Black but have you heard of their female counterparts? Nick Redfern joins us to talk about the mysterious Women In Black. You can find his new book on the subject at Amazon.com: Women In Black: The Creepy Companions of the Mysterious M.I.B. On part two, Joshua Shapiro joins us to talk…

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The Women in Black: Companions of the MIB – Nick Redfern’s “If it’s weird, it’s here”

It’s no secret that, for the past year or so, I have been working on a book on the subject of the Women in Black – the lesser-known companions of the Men in Black. But, make no mistake, encounters with the WIB absolutely proliferate. And, just like their male equivalents, the WIB are chilling and…

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