Weird Lights – Campfire 536

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Weird lights, an incredible visit from a dead relative in a dream and much more on this all-new Campfire. Enjoy!


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Jim Harold 0:00
Strange, otherworldly lights highlight this power packed edition of the Campfire.

Campfire Announcer 0:22
Welcome to our gathering tonight. Here we share stories of ordinary people who have experienced extraordinary things. Sit back, relax and warm yourself by Jim Harold’s Campfire.

Jim Harold 0:33
Welcome to the Campfire. I am Jim Harold and so glad to be with you. And what we do here is we share true stories from real people, everyday people, about their strange experiences. They could be ghosts, they could be hauntings, they could be creepy cryptid creatures, or as in today’s show strange lights. But rest assured they are true. And they are fascinating. And we’re so glad to be with you whether you’ve been listening for years, or this is the first time we’ve tuned in, or you’ve tuned in. So we appreciate it very much. And we would appreciate it if you listen to the show and you love the show, new listener, longtime listener, that you go on the podcast apps, make sure to rate us, make sure to review us if there’s a place to do that. And tell a friend, it all means so much. That’s how we get the word out. We don’t have the big budgets. So if you enjoy what we do with these free podcasts, the number one thing you can do to help us is help spread the word. So please do that today. And people are here for the spooky stories. And we will not disappoint with this first real gem. Scott is on the line from Missouri. And the one thing that I love is when people share stories that happened to them a long time ago. And–many times in their childhood. It just shows to me that the impression and importance of those stories, and I love it when people are kind enough to share them. Scott’s been trying to get on the show since last summer. So he deserves an extra, extra star for his efforts. And we’re so glad to have him on tonight. And he’s gonna tell us about something that happened when he was oh, eight or nine years old. Scott, welcome to the show. Thank you for joining us. Thanks for your perseverance. And please tell us your story.

Scott 2:27
Well, thank you for having me, Jim. And just want to say that I began listening to the great Art Bell back in the 1990s. And my favorite broadcasts were always the Ghost to Ghost AM shows.

Jim Harold 2:40

Scott 2:41
And I want to thank you for carrying that mantle well into the 21st century. And just giving me at least an hour’s worth of entertainment every week.

Jim Harold 2:52
Well, thank you so much. Anytime that you have your name mentioned in the same breath with Art Bell, I mean, he is–and I won’t count this against your 10 minutes you got (laughs). But I just want to say something real quick, you brought it up. To me, Art Bell is the Johnny Carson of kind of this genre, whether it’s radio or podcast, it’s really a variation of the same thing. And anybody who sits behind the mic and does this owes a great debt of gratitude to Art Bell because he basically–I know there were Long John Nebel and people like that before him, but he basically invented this stuff. So thank you Art, and–

Scott 3:34
What a great comparison, Johnny Carson.

Jim Harold 3:36
Yeah, really, really. So Scott (laughs), I won’t count this against your time. Go ahead and tell us your story. But thank you very much, that is more than I could ever ask for. Thank you.

Scott 3:47
Well, and I appreciate the way you introduced this, because this is something that has stuck with me my entire life. I’m 53 years old. And I would say this would be a formative experience in my life as to how I approach my–my place on the planet. My existence owes a lot to this experience. And to set it up, I grew up in a community called Lake St. Louis, which is about 60 miles west of St. Louis. And we moved out there in about 1975. And so this was a nice Lakeside suburban community. But at the time, it was still fairly rural. And the house that we lived in, was–there was a field to the side of the house. And at night, the stars were very bright because as I said it was still fairly rural at the time. And so my grandma–I grew up with my grandma in the house–and she would sometimes take me outside and we would look at the stars. And so that’s what we’re doing this evening, and I assume this took place around 1977 Because I just said we moved there in 1975. And a house went up in–on the field next to our house, I would assume about 1978. So it was right in there, I was probably about eight years old. So anyway, this night, we were out looking at the stars. And there was a garage to the side of our house, we were standing probably 10 feet in front of this garage, and the field went up at a slight incline–and–for about 150 yards, I would say. And at the top of this field, to the right was another house, to the left was a row of trees coming down bordering a road. So we–she was standing there, and I had walked out in past the garage out in towards where the backyard was. And she was looking up at the stars. And I remember her, she was looking for the North Star. And I remember her distinctly saying, “I wish Bob was here, because he knew all of these things.”

Jim Harold 6:13

Scott 6:13
And Bob is–he, Bob was my grandfather who passed away a couple of years before I was born. So as no sooner did she say that, when my attention was drawn to a beam of light that appeared over the top of the field, and moved down across the field over the field. And it alighted next to my grandmother.

Jim Harold 6:42
Oh my.

Scott 6:43
And this was a like–`a shaft of light, a literal beam of light. And I didn’t think to look at its exact origin. Because I was so transfixed and fascinated by the fact that it had come down over the field. And right next to my grandmother. And I immediately noticed that this was an odd light, because it was a shaft, it was a literal shaft of light. And I will say it’s like, if you look at, you know, the long halogen lights that they used to be in like desk lamps or overhead lights long rod?

Jim Harold 7:25
Yep, yeah.

Scott 7:25
It was–it was just–it was like that. The–in that it was, it had distinct board, you know, it had edges. And it was as white as if you would look into that light. But there was no halo effect about it. And what, and that was weird enough. But when I saw it next to my grandmother, it stopped right at her. And she was standing in front of the garage. It didn’t light up the garage. It also didn’t light her up.

Jim Harold 8:02

Scott 8:03
It was the strangest, and I–and my brain was trying to wrap itself around this. And I could, you know, you immediately search for an explanation in your mind to see when something like this occurs. I had no, absolutely no explanation for this. Now bear in mind, I was only seven or eight years old.

Jim Harold 8:20

Scott 8:21
But even at that age, I knew that this was a unique experience. So the whole time she’s talking. I’m not–I don’t hear what she’s saying. Because my mind is being blown. And it must have been about 20 seconds. And then it moved past her. When it moved past her, I didn’t see it light her up at all. I just saw it move past her. And it’s started to come towards me. This whole time, it’s in this beam form over the hill, over the slight incline.

Jim Harold 8:56
Hmm. Yeah.

Scott 8:57
And, and I noticed–and I not just noticed, I witnessed that it is not shining past a certain point. It’s never shines past this point. It’s–

Jim Harold 9:09
It almost sounds like a self-contained rod of light.

Scott 9:13
That’s a great way to put it. That’s exactly how I would describe it, a self-contained rod of light. And so I knew it was light, even though it didn’t light anything up, and it had no halo effect. That was the other odd thing.

Jim Harold 9:26

Scott 9:27
So it moved on a line towards me at about a walking pace. And at this point, I’m just like, just rooted to the spot. And I don’t know what to expect when it gets to me. So it comes towards me and it moves in front of–it moves in front of me. And I must have turned, but all I remember is it moving in front of me. And I remember thinking in my head, because I’m thinking with the Mikowski’s house that’s up on the hill, and I’m thinking, well, maybe someone has a flashlight or a car pulled in, if someone up there is shining a light, this is going to blind my retinas as it moves and as I look into it, because I was–as it moved across me, I was prepared, preparing to look into this light. Well, it moved in front of my face, and I could feel it. And I was–when I describe this story to people I say, Well, if you’re in a dark room, it’s pitch black, but you move your hand in front of your face–

Jim Harold 10:39

Scott 10:40
—you, you can feel the presence of it, you can’t see it, but you can feel it there, a solid object. And this light felt solid. And as I looked into it, it was just pure white light. It didn’t blind my retinas. It was just pure white light, and it was solid. And it–as it moved in front of my face, it just disappeared, was gone.

Jim Harold 11:14

Scott 11:14
And so I, I said when it was gone, and I said, “Mamaw, what was that light?” And at that point, she stopped what she was doing. And she said, “Let’s go in the house right now.” And so I thought, oh, boy. We get inside the house. And she says, “Now I want you to tell me exactly what you saw.” So I proceeded to tell her what I saw. And she said, “Well, until you said something, it didn’t even–I didn’t even think about it. But once you said what was that light,” she–what she describes is, is that she was looking for the North Star. She mentioned Bob, and then at that point, she recognized a pillar of light appear next to her.

Jim Harold 12:09

Scott 12:10
And she said it was about six feet tall. And it was rather opaque. And it was a pillar of light. And it was just right next to her. She said in her brain, she recognized it as strange, but she felt comfortable with it. And didn’t really–didn’t even–it didn’t, until I registered, till I said something, she didn’t think anything of it. But once I said it, she recognized it was very odd. And she said that she recognized this thing next to her for about the same time that I saw it next to her. And then she said it was just gone. So yeah.

Jim Harold 12:47
And well, here’s my question. Was it Bob?

Scott 12:52
This is what I’ve always wondered, I have no idea what it was. You could say it was. So we might call this headscratcher. You could say it was a ghost story if you’re inclined to believe that. Or from my point of view, it kind of had an–a UFO vibe. Because it was–so this thing, what I’ve taken with it. My grandma, honestly, she would like–I’m surprised she never said that it was Bob or that it was an angel. She’s very religious. She never read into it, anything. She just said was very strange. Me, personally, for me, what it has done for me is–that experience opened–and I’m a very skeptical person. I’m a very scientifically minded person. I believe that, you know, we have to you know, our daily lives are governed by our rationale which is given to us by the scientific method. But this experience revealed to me that there is an intelligence because this was intelligently controlled. There’s an intelligence at work that is in control of physics, that humans I don’t believe have mastery of. There’s something else.

Jim Harold 14:22
Yeah, I’m sure there’s something else. What a story.

Scott 14:25

Jim Harold 14:25
Go ahead.

Scott 14:26
That doesn’t frighten me in any way. I think it fascinates me. But I think a lot of people who are super skeptical are very religious, and that that is a dogma that is very similar. I think they’re very afraid of it. And for me, this wasn’t a belief. It’s–it’s, and I don’t know what it was, but I know that it was a thing. So I’m not frightened by it. I’m fascinated by it. And it’s you know, I guess it’s just something that keeps me listening to you, to your show, because the paranormal is, is, you know, there’s, there’s no end to the wonder involved.

Jim Harold 15:09
That’s absolutely right. And the thing is, is that I think you hit it on the head. This world is a lot more mysterious than any science or even any religion would have you believe, I think. And to me, it’s always been–I know we’re running a little long, but I just want to make this point. To me it’s been something in terms of faith–actually increases my faith in things like a higher power, or things that we don’t understand, because just too many people of goodwill have shared stories with me over the years of strange things that have happened to them that really, you know, hit that head scratcher category, kind of like, really show that there is indeed something else. Scott, thank you for coming along on the journey and sharing really this classic Campfire story.

Scott 15:56
Thank you, Jim.

Jim Harold 15:57
Kaitlyn is on the line from Cleveland! Cleveland rocks, yes. And so glad to have her on the line from my hometown. And thank her so much for tuning in. She said that she found the Campfire at the beginning of the pandemic, and she became a Plus member. We thank her for that. And she’s listened to every episode of the Campfire. So that’s dedication. Kaitlyn, thank you so much for all of that support. And I understand you have a story about your great aunt, and I really appreciate it. Could you please share it with us tonight?

Kaitlyn 16:28
Yeah, thank you. So growing up, I was very close with my great aunt. She was somebody who babysat me a lot. I was by her house pretty often when I was younger. And as I grew older, into my teenage years, she became you know, like the person that I confided in the most. And I just was super, super close to her. She ended up passing my senior year of high school, a few weeks before graduation. So that was, that was pretty rough. And I remember helping clean out her house soon after she had passed. And I had taken a few things just to kind of, you know, remember her by. Playing cards was, you know, one thing that we did a lot. So I took some cards. I took one of her old fashioned ceramic Christmas trees that I still put up. And then I also took this hanging seashell decoration. The only way to describe it is it looks like kind of like a chandelier, I guess. But it’s made out of seashells, I think she might have gotten it from maybe a cruise or something. But I just–one of those things that I always remember seeing there. And so it’d be cool to have. So I had taken it home, and I had hung it up. I was living at home still at the time, up in my room at my parents house.

Jim Harold 17:38

Kaitlyn 17:39
And it was there for you know, quite a few years. And at one point, I was like it’s getting kind of dusty. This is a few years down the line. And I took it outside and hosed it off on the back patio. And you know, like dust came out and maybe a couple of spiders and all that kind of fun stuff. And as I moved the seashell chandelier to hang it to dry, there was something on the ground that kind of caught my eye, was glistening in the sun. And I went and looked at it. And it was a little pendant of a little girl praying. And I thought that was super, super odd. Because you know, it’s been in my room for years at this point,

Jim Harold 18:17

Kaitlyn 18:18
And I went and took it to my mom. And she was kind of flabbergasted. And she asked, you know, where I got it from, and I, you know, told her what happened. And she said that my aunt had given me that pendant, it was on a necklace when I was probably like four or five, maybe six years old. And she thought that we had lost it. She hadn’t seen it in years. And it was, you know, so long ago that I didn’t even remember it at all. So there’s no explanation for it, you know, as far as we know, it was lost. But it turned up in something that was hanging from her ceiling and then was in turn hanging from my ceiling. So not sure how I got there.

Jim Harold 18:57
I have an idea. It was your aunt.

Kaitlyn 19:01

Jim Harold 19:02
You know, maybe she found a way, or maybe, you know, some way engineered a way that it would be there as a remembrance of her in the recognition of you. I think, I think those things are only possible. I think that sometimes–and I’ve told some of the stories on the show, some of the things have happened to me. I think people on the other side sometimes have the capability to make things happen.

Kaitlyn 19:27
I agree.

Jim Harold 19:28
I mean, I had that instance, I talked to, about on the cruise ship of all places. You mentioned a cruise ship–that happened to me and my uncle and the strange coincidence that happened. And if you’ve listened all the episodes, you’ve obviously heard it, so I won’t–I won’t bore everybody with it.

Kaitlyn 19:43

Jim Harold 19:43
But I think that they have an ability to like, pull strings and make things happen. And in a way that would be significant to you because your aunt probably knew you would mention that to your mom and obviously that would be meaningful. So who knows, maybe you guys did lose it. And maybe somehow she engineered it to be returned from the other side. I think that’s just a great story. And, again, I–you had to find that comforting, I would think.

Kaitlyn 20:12
Yeah, yeah, I was–I remember it being like, just one of those days and I was cleaning my room just to kind of, you know, get my head straight, and there it was.

Jim Harold 20:21
Well, there you have it. Well, Caitlin, love the story. Go Browns, maybe next year (laughs).

Kaitlyn 20:27
Maybe next year.

Jim Harold 20:29
That’s, you know, being from Cleveland, watching the Browns, sometimes, it’s more scary than the scariest Campfire story (laughs). But I only–it’s either laugh or cry. But Caitlin, I really do appreciate that poignant story. Thank you so much for being a part of the Campfire tonight, and such a loyal loyal listener.

Kaitlyn 20:49
Thank you. Good night.

Jim Harold 20:50
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If you love the Campfire, be sure to check out the Paranormal Podcast, where every week, Jim interviews experts and authors about strange mysteries. Find it for free wherever you listen to this podcast. Tune in to the Paranormal Podcast today. Now we return to Jim Harold’s Campfire.

Jim Harold 23:08
Next up on the Campfire is Gina from the Chicago area. And she’s been listening since the lockdown and has become a Plus member and is a faithful listener. So we do appreciate it. And tonight, although she has many stories, tonight, she wants to share a family story. And I think these are some of the most powerful stories we hear on the show. Gina, welcome aboard. Thank you for joining us. And please tell us your story.

Gina 23:34
Thank you so much, Jim, I am so happy to be here. I just love your podcast.

Jim Harold 23:39
Thank you.

Gina 23:39
I chose this very simple, very short story because to me, a lot of us have what we consider visitation dreams from relatives, and then we try to explain it away. We just say, “Oh, I miss them, maybe it’s just a dream. I’m making it up, I’m just imagining it.” But to me, this story proves that it actually is a visit from our loved ones and not just us dreaming. So let me give a little background because the actual story is maybe 60 seconds long. So I think it would help if I just gave a couple minutes background on it though. This actually happened in the 1960s. This is my uncle on my father’s side, and my father was the youngest of nine. His–their parents were immigrants from what was Austria-Hungary at the time but then became Czechoslovakia. And they were salt of the earth, stoic, very conservative, Catholic, quiet. The least dramatic people you could imagine. They were not fanciful. They were not superstitious. They would never have intentionally talked about something paranormal, or ghosts, or anything like that. So the fact that my grandmother, which is my dad’s mom, told this story to every one of her children the next morning after it happened, the next day after it happened. And that this story has come down. It’s never been changed. It’s never been altered.

Jim Harold 25:05

Gina 25:06
The fact that she said it really means a lot because everyone knows how she is and how sensible she is. So the the story is my Uncle Joe, so this is my dad’s older brother Joe. First of all, when he was alive, everybody if you mentioned his name, they said he–Joe is a saint. Joe is a saint. And they didn’t say it euphemistically, they really meant Joe is a saint. Joe fought in World War II, came back, opened a tavern, and never had a lot of money, and would give the shirt off his back, if a stranger came in and said, “Oh, I wish I had a bus ticket to go visit my relative,” he would take the last money in his pocket and give them, you know, to buy a bus ticket. He was literally, everyone said a saint.

Jim Harold 25:55

Gina 25:56
He was passed before I was born, but I feel like I know him just from everyone keeping him alive. He was just an exceptional, exceptionally good man. So Joe died at age 37 from a brain aneurysm and–or I’m sorry, I think it was brain cancer. He left a young wife and three small children, very small children. His wife was very close to Joe’s mother, her mother-in-law. So not long after Joe passed, maybe a year, maybe a year and a half. She met another man. And you know, as she should, she was very young and had three little young children in the 1960s. Of course, she wanted to remarry. But she was so close to her mother-in-law, my grandmother, she wanted her permission.

Jim Harold 26:44

Gina 26:45
So she said, “Mom, can I bring this man by for dinner? Can–can you have dinner with us? Can you meet him and get to know him? I really want your approval if this is the next man I’m going to marry.” So that’s unusual right there. Like what? What widow asks her, you know, dead husband’s mother for her approval on her next husband? But that’s what she wanted. She was so close to my grandmother. So my grandmother, of course said, “Yes, yes. I’d love–I’d love to have him for dinner. You guys can come tomorrow.” Then my grandmother goes to bed that night. And she says that she has a dream. Now, she never actually said dream. She said Joe came to me last night. So we don’t know if this actually was a dream or if she was just in her bedroom and this feel–felt like it actually happened to her. But she said that her dead son Joe walked into her bedroom, sat down next to her on her bed, put his hand on her hand. And they just sat together for a few minutes and said nothing. There was no telepathic communication. There was no verbal communication. But she just felt the love from him. She felt how okay he was, and just wonderful being in his presence again. And that was it. Then he got up and left. So one unusual thing that really stuck with her after this brief experience with her dead son–

Jim Harold 28:11

Gina 28:11
–Is that he was dressed like he would never dress in real life. Joe was as casual as you get. He owned a bar. He was in jeans, a casual shirt, and like a leather jacket.

Jim Harold 28:23

Gina 28:23
He only owned one suit for weddings and, you know, church or whatever, he–he just never dressed up. But the Joe that came into her bedroom had a really swanky, like nice suit on. Colorful patterned tie, a hat with a colorful band on it, and a, you know, a handkerchief in the pocket of his jacket. And she noticed this because she knows her son and he would never have dressed this way. So she woke up thinking, “That’s odd.” You know, I’m sure she explained it away as, “Oh, I must have been dreaming. Oh, why would I have dreamt him wearing these clothes that I know he would never wear?” So later that evening, Joe’s widow, her, you know, daughter-in-law comes in with this new man that she wants to marry. And wouldn’t you know, he walks into her front room of her house and he’s wearing exactly the same outfit that Joe was wearing in the dream.

Jim Harold 29:19

Gina 29:19
Down to, down to everything, the color of the tie, the type of suit, the hat, the band on the hat, everything. And it all became so clear to her that was Joe obviously saying, “Yes, I approve. You know this, this is going to be her next husband.” And she immediately told my aunt and several other of my dad’s siblings that, that very next night after this gentleman left because she just couldn’t believe this. She told them right away. And I got this story right in front of my Aunt Jane who was told that very night so–and then this story has never changed, even though this is back in the 60s. You know, it’s a simple short story. There’s not much to get wrong. so it stayed the same, and it’s just so beautiful to me because to me, that proves it. I mean–

Jim Harold 29:19

Gina 29:20
–she was a psychic woman, you know, even that man probably didn’t know what he was gonna wear. It had to be Joe visiting her. How would you possibly have known what that man was going to wear?

Jim Harold 30:18
Yes, yes.

Gina 30:19
Oh, yeah, yeah. So just, and then if there–if you have two more minutes, there’s another actual story about the same uncle.

Jim Harold 30:25
Yeah, go ahead.

Gina 30:25
So Joe is already passed. It’s the same uncle, this Joe. And there’s a great aunt. She wasn’t that old, though. I think early 70s. And she was in the hospital having a very routine procedure. I think this was like in the late 60s, early 70s. Very routine procedure. She was–she was in, she was going to spend one night, and then go home the next day. So my dad was the one who was supposed to come pick her up the next day. He waited till after the procedure was over. He goes into the hospital to see how she is. She’s sitting up. She’s eating, she’s talking. He said, “Hey, I’m glad it went so great. That’s wonderful. They say they’re going to release you tomorrow. I’m going to come pick you up the next day. I’ll be bringing you back to Mom and Dad’s and you’ll stay with us for a little bit.” And she very chipper, very healthy and everything had an easy procedure, no problem. She said, “Oh, no. I’m going to be dead tomorrow.”

Jim Harold 31:18

Gina 31:19
And he said, of course that, oh, she must be on medication or she’s being you know, silly or dramatic.

Jim Harold 31:25

Gina 31:26
“No, no, of course you’re not everything went well. They tell me they’re releasing you tomorrow. I’ll be–I’ll be here to pick you up.” And she said, “No, Georgie.” That was my dad’s name. She said, “No, Georgie.” And she touched his hand. And she said, “Joe came to me last night. He walked into my hospital room wearing a bright white suit. And he said it’s my time, and he’s gonna come get me tomorrow.” And my dad was touched, and he was emotional. But he didn’t want to show it. He didn’t want to show her that he might have believed it. And he said, “No, you’re–it was a dream. You’re fine. I’m gonna come get you tomorrow.” And my dad went home, and she passed away that night.

Jim Harold 32:07

Gina 32:08
So that was the second–second appearance by Uncle Joe who everyone considered to be a saint. So we just always feel, in our family, like he’s watching out for us.

Jim Harold 32:18
I guess so. And the thing is, is that, you know, that thing about the suit at first I thought, Oh, well, that’s just showing he’s dressing up fancy to go to a wedding. But then when you doubled back and said, “Oh, the–the would-be-husband dressed in the same exact suit and all the accoutrement and that,” that was amazing.

Gina 32:41
Yeah, and you know what I thought about it? And here’s what’s beautiful. Is in that dream, he would have come in and sat on her bed and said, “I approve of this man, I think it’s great. I think she should marry him.” That wouldn’t have meant as much because she could still explain that away.

Jim Harold 32:57

Gina 32:58
She could still say, “Oh, I just dreamed him saying that. I wanted him to say that. So I just dreamed it.”

Jim Harold 33:02

Gina 33:03
But this was powerful. This was like, it had to be Joe, how could he have known? How could I have known that that man would be wearing that suit? So by not saying anything, and just wearing the same clothes as that man, it was so much more powerful and convincing.

Jim Harold 33:20
Yeah, it was like–

Gina 33:20
And she’s the kind of woman that would have needed that convincing because she’s the type that would have explained away everything. You know, it’s just a dream.

Jim Harold 33:27
It’s the ultimate validation. The ultimate validation.

Gina 33:31
Yes. Yeah. So that’s why I chose that story.

Jim Harold 33:34
Well good choice. I know you have more stories. If they’re anything like that one, we do want to have you come back. Gina, thank you for being a part, tonight, of the Campfire.

Gina 33:42
Thank you so much. It was my pleasure, Jim.

Jim Harold 33:44
Kelly is on the line from Michigan, and her and her daughter, Taylor, like to listen to the Campfire when they go on road trips. So Taylor, stay spooky. And Kelly, thank you so much for joining us. I understand you have a story that–well, part of it goes back to 2000, and then you get a kind of family aspect to it. Welcome to the show. And please tell us what happened.

Kelly 34:08
Well, thank you for having me. Yeah, so the year was 2000. And it was the summer that I graduated high school. I was coming back from my boyfriend’s house, which he’s now my husband. And he lives about a mile from where I grew up. And it’s a rural area. We lived on a private road. And there was a few other houses on the road. So I was coming home. It was like 11 o’clock at night. It was obviously dark, summer. And I’m coming up the road, and I see lights at a tree line. That’s just before my mom and dad’s house where I grew up.

Jim Harold 34:52

Kelly 34:52
So I stopped the car. And I wait because I figured it was a neighbor on their four wheeler, um, coming through because the kids would drive four wheelers up and down the road, and it was late.

Jim Harold 35:04

Kelly 35:04
So I just sat there waiting. And I could see the light coming up along the tree line, and it took a few minutes for it to finally break the tree line and come to the road where I was sitting in the car. And there was no four wheeler. It was a light, a ball of light, about the size of a basketball.

Jim Harold 35:26

Kelly 35:26
And it hovered about four feet off the ground. Um, it was solid, but it was transparent at the same time. It had multi-colored swirls of light pastels that kind of swirled around it in the light. And it was moving, slow but steady, and very smoothly. It wasn’t–it wasn’t like erratic or moving around really quickly or all over the place, it was just real smooth and steady. And I sat in the car, frozen. Um, cuz I didn’t know what it was. I was only 18 at the time, scared to death. And it started passing in front of the car. And it came to just above the hood in height. And it just kept moving real steady along. It crossed the road. I watched it cross into the neighbor across the street’s yard, and just kept on the same path, followed their tree line. And I sat in the car frozen watching it until it disappeared into the woods, which was quite a way. So I probably sat maybe for 10 minutes watching it.

Jim Harold 36:52

Kelly 36:53
And then as soon as it was out of sight, I floored it, sped into my parents driveway, and raced into the house, scared to death because I have no idea what I was looking at.

Jim Harold 37:06
That’s frightening.

Kelly 37:07
I’ve told it to a lot of people like–yeah, it wasn’t–Looking back now, I mean, it was beautiful. It wasn’t, it didn’t seem dangerous or evil or anything, but it kind of seemed like it was just minding its own business doing its own thing. But it was definitely on a path.

Jim Harold 37:25

Kelly 37:26
Um, yeah, I’ve talked to many people throughout the years, trying to figure out what it was. I’ve heard like, people say like ball lightning. But that, from what I understood, it doesn’t move really predictable.

Jim Harold 37:40

Kelly 37:41
Um, I heard people say, well, maybe it was a cluster of lightning bugs or something. But no, it was like, it was kind of solid looking. So, um, so yeah, so 20 years go by, you know, I’ve had this experience. And, um, I am visiting my husband’s uncle who owns an antique shop, where we live now. And just chatting with him. And I tell him my story. And his jaw just drops. He’s like, “Are you kidding me?” And I’m like, “This is what happened. I don’t know what it is. Do you know what it is?” And he’s like, “My great grandmother would see them.” Well, my husband’s family farm is maybe about two, three miles from my home where I grew up.

Jim Harold 38:33

Kelly 38:34
And this is back in 1975ish. He remembers his grandmother calling them at night, waking them up about these orbs in the garden. And she would describe them like I just did. They would just be there in the garden. And she would sit up at night and watch them.

Jim Harold 38:54

Kelly 38:55
Um, but he said he’s never seen one. You know, and then my husband’s uncle and I sat and talked for a little while trying to trying to figure out what it could be. He had some ideas of maybe, um, it was lanterns from the Underground Railroad, because the there’s a home in our area that is from the Underground Railroad. But that house is north of where I grew up, and the light that I saw was heading to the west. So that wouldn’t really make a lot of sense. There’s, um, there’s some Native American ancestry in the area too, but I’m not sure what it is. So I’m really hoping that somebody will hear this and maybe they’ve seen one too. And maybe they know what it is.

Jim Harold 39:49
Well, I can tell you, it’s just amazing to me, that, you know, you saw it and then your ancestor saw it in the mid 70s. We’re talking about difference of 25 years.

Kelly 40:01

Jim Harold 40:02
And for it to have that continuity and that consistency. I mean, it would have been one thing if you would have seen it, that would have been amazing. But then to have somebody see it a quarter century earlier and, you know, not only see it but kind of really impress how impressive it was on everybody. I mean, I think that’s really amazing. If you get any answers, let us know. And certainly if anybody has an answer out there and a similar story, please come on the Campfire and, and share it. We thank you so so much for joining us tonight, Kelly. Thank you again.

Kelly 40:33
Thank you so much for having me.

Jim Harold 40:35
Jim Harold’s Campfire is brought to you by America’s number one meal kit HelloFresh. And they really earn that reputation on quality, on taste. And another area where you might not realize is in terms of economy. Did you know HelloFresh is 72% cheaper than a restaurant meal of the same quality? And you can save, on average, over $65 per month when you order HelloFresh instead of grocery shopping? Now that’s more money to put towards those other 2022 goals of yours. And that’s part of the reason we absolutely love HelloFresh, but that’s not the only reason. You know HelloFresh has great variety. They offer 50 menu and market items to choose from every week including veggie, calorie smart, family friendly, and gourmet options, providing plenty of variety. Recipes like Hibachi Sweet Soy Bavette Steak and Shrimp bring restaurant quality meals right to your kitchen, with their White Cheddar Wonder Burgers. Ooh, they make it easier than ever to skip the takeout. And we absolutely love HelloFresh here at the Harold household. Just the other night we had their Pub Style Shepherd’s Pie, just impeccable. Fantastic. That is just one great recipe that we have enjoyed over the years with HelloFresh. It saves us time. It makes it fun to prepare the food, it saves us money. We love it. You’ll love it. So we’ve got a great deal for you. In fact, the first time I saw this, I thought this is such a great deal, this cannot be right, but it is. It is, go to and use code campfir16 for up to 16 free meals and three free gifts. Yes, it’s true. Go to and use code campfire16 for up to 16 free meals and three free gifts. We love HelloFresh and every time we get that box, we’re happy, and they prove why HelloFresh is America’s number one meal kit. And we thank HelloFresh for their support of Jim Harold’s Campfire.

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Follow Jim on Twitter and Instagram @thejimharold and join our virtual campfire Facebook group at virtualcampfire Now back to the Campfire.

Jim Harold 43:07
Next up on the Campfire is Andrew from Washington D.C., our nation’s capital, now you can’t see it but I am in full salute. But (laughs) just kidding. Anyway, Andrew has got a series of stories from his mom’s childhood home. She grew up in Philadelphia and shared a wall I guess with a Catholic Church and some real strangeness ensued, and he is going to tell us all about it. Andrew, welcome to the show. Thank you for joining us. And please tell us what happened.

Andrew 43:37
Thanks, Jim, for having me.

Jim Harold 43:38
Thank you.

Andrew 43:40
So yeah, this takes place back when I was a kid. I’m 30 years old now. But it’s back in the 1990s. So I probably would have been six or seven at the time. At this point, it was a family trip. Probably one of many family trips up to see my grandfather up in Philadelphia, at this point he was in a retirement home. So as a way to save some money, young parents. Mom, Dad put us up along with my cousins in my mom’s childhood home. So interesting thing about that child at home is that my grandfather used to run his dentist’s office out of the first floor.

Jim Harold 44:17

Andrew 44:17
So the first floor of the home was entirely reception, waiting room, dentist’s office, and then just an office room for papers, and then all the living spaces above it. The second floor was kitchen, dining room, owner’s bedroom. And then third floor was all the children’s bedrooms. So this particular time, we were at the house, and I went exploring because I was a little bored. And I went down into the old dentist’s office, specifically the waiting room. So I go to the waiting room. I think at this point, my grandfather had been retired for probably five or six years at this point. It was kind of like he closed up shop one day, and that was it. So I went down, I sat on kind of one of the seats that was in the waiting room and I picked up a, I think it was an old NatGeo magazine that had been sitting there again for probably five or six years. Covered in dust, but really cool, right?

Jim Harold 45:13

Andrew 45:13
I’m six, like discovering like things that had been stuck in time. As soon as I pick up the magazine, I flip it open. I hear what I can only describe as, like a dog running up to greet me.

Jim Harold 45:29

Andrew 45:30
You know how I mean, I think you have dogs.

Jim Harold 45:32

Andrew 45:32
I’ve seen your show enough.

Jim Harold 45:33

Andrew 45:34
You know what that sounds like, right?

Jim Harold 45:36

Andrew 45:36
Where a dog is like running with its nails on a hardwood surface, that little tick, tick, tick. So I look down. I don’t see anything. But I’ve like I’ve heard this noise run up to my feet. I’m like, that’s weird. So I go back to looking at the magazine and I hear the tick, tick, tick, run away. I’m like, what is that? And then again, I hear tick, tick, tick, run up to me, put the magazine down and nothing’s there. And I wait a minute. And I hear it run away. Happens a third time. At this point, I’m like, freaked out. Put the magazine down, and I run back upstairs to like, find my parents. It’s important to note it this time, though, the reason why this was extra strange is the floor is carpeted. So I shouldn’t have been able to hear like what sounded like hard dog’s nails on a carpet, right? You’d expect them to be like hard surface. Upon telling my mom, and I just heard she’s like, “Oh, that’s probably the ghost of Pierre,” who was their childhood poodle. At the time Pierre was alive. The floors were linoleum, not carpet, and he used to run to greet the guests in the waiting room.

Jim Harold 46:44
(Laughs) That’s cool. That’s pretty cool.

Andrew 46:50
Yeah, I like that one. Because it’s like it’s a ghost story, but isn’t necessarily gonna keep anyone up at night.

Jim Harold 46:56

Andrew 46:56
It’s just a little fun.

Jim Harold 46:58
Right? I like that when there’s kinda like a more playful kind of energy too, and it seems like that’s the case.

Andrew 47:05
Yes, for sure.

Jim Harold 47:07
Now I know that you said you had some other stories that you could potentially share. So in the time remaining, is there another one you would like to share? I think you have one about sleep paralysis?

Andrew 47:19
Sure, yeah. So this is this one’s definitely a lot more spooky. At the time, this is college. Study abroad, I ended up landing myself an internship in Germany. And I was really struggling to find a place to stay. So I ended up renting–especially like a furnished place, it was a little difficult to come by. So I ended up renting a couch to sleep on from this very nice German guy named Turin, who was about my age, also had an internship at the same company I was interning at. And he didn’t really tell me a lot about the place. I knew it was like in Bad Cannstatt which is across the river from Old Stuttgart. And the price was right. And I’m like, I can’t really find anywhere with a bed. So we’re just going make do with me renting this couch. So fast forward a couple months into, like living there. And Turin was basically going to see his parents, like he was going to be gone into the weekend. But he offered me was like, “Hey, if you want to, you can sleep in the bed, rather than the couch, where you’ve been sleeping over a couple of months now.”

Jim Harold 48:30

Andrew 48:31
And I was like, “Okay, yeah, that’s great.” So I wake up at, I don’t know, probably three, four in the morning. Typical sleep paralysis, I can’t move anything. And I have this like, oppressive feeling, just like anxiety because I can’t move anything. I look into the doorway. Silhouetted is kind of what appeared to be a gargoyle. Like I can’t really describe it any better than that. Think like four foot tall, something that has wings, and just like overwhelming sense of dread. And this, you know, noise like ruffling feathers. But I can’t see anything. I just see the silhouette of it, right?

Jim Harold 49:17

Andrew 49:18
My heart is beating like, a million miles a minute. I can’t move anything. As soon as I’m like, I don’t know. It could have been a minute, two minutes. Who knows? The gargoyle or whatever this thing is moves, like flutters–

Jim Harold 49:34

Andrew 49:34
–in an instant to the foot of the bed. It is now backlit by the streetlights that are coming in the window.

Jim Harold 49:39
Ohh you’re giving me shivers here. Oh, a gargoyle, ugh.

Andrew 49:42
It’s awful. Like honestly, I don’t think I’ve been that panicked in my life. Again, it’s like I can’t move anything but my eyes. At this point, I just decided to like close my eyes and hope it goes away. I think I fell back asleep. I’m not really quite sure, but I woke up. I don’t think I told my like roommate once he came back, what had happened, because it was just so freaky. But it wasn’t until after I’d moved back to the states that I was like, just trying to like, relive a little bit, do like Google Street View of the apartment that I had rented that I realized that that apartment was on the floor above a funeral home.

Jim Harold 50:25

Andrew 50:27
That had never been communicated to me, before I rented. It never came up during the time that we were there. But it was like after the fact I’m like, crap, I wonder if those two things are connected at all. There were no other like, scary things that happened. But other than that, sleep paralysis incident. But yeah.

Jim Harold 50:48
My goodness. Gargoyle. Oh, that had to be, you know, people have talked about the old hag and different things they see when they’re in sleep paralysis. Now, is that–is that something, and you may have mentioned, if I missed it, is that something you’ve dealt with a lot during your life? Or was it a one time thing?

Andrew 51:04
I think that was the one and only time I’ve had sleep paralysis, where it’s been like, spooky in that same way, where I saw something. Like if I had seen stuff a couple other times, where I’ve woken up not able to move anything, but not in the same like paranormal, paranormal way.

Jim Harold 51:23
Wow, that is wild. That is just wild. The gargoyle. Ooh, you gave me, gave me chills.

Andrew 51:28
Honestly just it was the sound of the fluttering feathers.

Jim Harold 51:31

Andrew 51:32
With all those horror movies about like birds.

Jim Harold 51:35
Oohh. Well, thank you for giving us a shiver. I appreciate it. We really love talking to all of our listeners, especially when they’ve got great stories. Andrew, thank you for joining us on the Campfire.

Andrew 51:48
Thanks, Jim.

Jim Harold 51:49
Georgina is on the line from England. We love to hear from our English listeners, and we appreciate it. And I don’t know if we’ve ever had a story like this. It surrounds the happenings during a bachelorette party, and I think that’s kind of neat. So I can’t wait to hear what happened. Georgina, welcome to the show and tell us what happened.

Georgina 52:09
Thank you so much. Thank you for having me. So yes, like you said it’s my friend’s bachelorette party. It’s about four years ago. We went to Brighton, which I think most people might have heard of it. It’s a seaside town in the south of England.

Jim Harold 52:22

Georgina 52:22
And this, so we were–we had the kind of first, most of the weekend. We had Friday and Friday night and Saturday. Absolutely fine. We’re having fun, having a few drinks and everything. The house was a really, really old townhouse. So lots of–lots of floors, and we were staying–I was staying in the basement with the bride’s mum, the bride’s sister, and one of the other ladies, and most of the people went home on the sat–on the Sunday, but about five or six of us decided to stay for the Sunday night as well. And we just ended up having a really quiet night, relax, played a few board games, drank some tea, very English. And then we all went to bed. And the way the basement was laid out was it was split into two rooms. And both of the rooms had bunk beds in, and in the room next to us was one of the bridesmaid’s mum on her own. And then there was still me, the bride’s mum, and the bride’s sister. So the evening before I hadn’t realized because I kind of had a few drinks, but I was in the top bunk and there was a light, a green light from–it must have been a fire alarm. But in the darkness it was really bright.

Jim Harold 53:40

Georgina 53:41
And I couldn’t sleep because of it. I just could not. I was like can’t believe I haven’t noticed this before because it was, when I closed, you know when you close your eyes and you can still see the light because it’s so bright?

Jim Harold 53:50

Georgina 53:52
So anyway, I just couldn’t sleep, couldn’t sleep. About three o’clock in the morning. I hadn’t even got close to dropping off to sleep. I heard kind of like a whisper at like, you know an urgent whisper when you’re trying to wake one person up but not the rest of the house?

Jim Harold 54:08

Georgina 54:08
So it was like, it was like, “Mum,” so whispering like that and I kind of sat up and looked around. I thought it was the girl–the bride’s sister who was in the room with us, waking her mum up. So I sat up, put my glasses on because can’t see much without my glasses, looked down and she was sound asleep, absolutely sound asleep and I was like “That’s strange.” Laid back down. About 10 seconds later, I heard again, “Mum, Mum,” and I thought that, sat up again. I thought it must be the lady in the next room. Her daughter must be waking her up, didn’t think there would be anything strange I literally just thought she must have come downstairs to wake her mum up. I thought, oh, I hope everything’s okay. Eventually dropped off to sleep. The next morning, went up to breakfast and I said to the lady whose daughter was waking her up, “Oh, are you okay? I thought I heard your daughter waking you up last night.” She said no. And then I said to everyone else, “Did anyone else, did someone come in, you know, and was talking last night? Or what happened?” And everyone said, “No, no, nothing happened, didn’t hear anything.” It was only then I thought, oh, that’s quite strange. And then the bride came down and she’s very spiritual. She’s, you know, very open minded, very sensitive to things. And her mum said, “Oh, George thinks that she had a ghost last night.” And the bride said, “Oh, yes, I saw one.” So I said, “Are you joking?” “No, I’m–someone sat down on the edge of my bed last night when I was trying to get to sleep. But I just told them, ‘go away, please. Not tonight,’ very casually.” And I said, “Oh, what time was this? Do you think?” She said, “I’m not sure, maybe about two, three o’clock in the morning.” And there’s no way I can say it was at the same time or near the same time because it was such a long night. And I wasn’t sleeping but it was very interesting to notice that, you know, we both had these encounters on the same night, and I didn’t even know mine was paranormal at the time.

Jim Harold 54:39
Hmm. That’s–

Georgina 55:32

Jim Harold 55:41
And the thing is the the collaborate–collaboration or, collaborating stories, where you have the experience, and someone else had the experience. You know, it reminds me of a story. And I don’t know if you heard it, because it was way back on the show, but we put it on a lot of best of shows, especially for Christmas and things, about a family that was staying at– it sounded like a mansion for Christmas. And the one guy saw somebody in a tuxedo, two men in a tuxedo, walking down the stairs. And, you know, it was just an odd series of happenings. And they said the phrase, “Oh my, what–” I think it was one person walking down the stairs. “Oh my, what a mirror image we are, my love.”

Georgina 56:58
Oh, yes.

Jim Harold 56:59
And that reminds me that story because it was the same kind of thing. And then the next morning, other people said that they saw something shulking about, so. So yeah, I mean, when you get that backup from another person, that’s really great.

Georgina 57:11
Yeah, but that was it. I didn’t even think it was anything really paranormal until she said, you know, the lady said, “Oh, no one came into my room. And I didn’t hear anything. I was asleep throughout the night.” And then the bride said that and I thought, oh, it was–I just think I’ve actually had something a bit strange then.

Jim Harold 57:32
Yeah, yeah. Very interesting. Indeed. Very interesting. Indeed. I know you said you had another story that’s just happened the last few days. And it ties into this and has some similarities.

Georgina 57:44
It is similar. Yes. So I was, I have, I have had quite a few experiences. But in the last kind of four years, these are the only two ones because I’ve lived in a different place. But I was at work the other night and I work for the ambulance service in England. And we were on the ambulance station. And it was just me and my crew mate there, no one else. You can hear the garage doors opening, closing when other vehicles come in and when other people come in. So there’s no way for people to come in without you knowing. My crew mate had gone out to have a cigarette. So he was outside of the building. And I’d gone into one of the rooms off of the main room to see if my extra uniform had been delivered. And I sort of stood there looking at a list of names on paper. And I heard someone, a female come in and go, “Hello,” like that. And I thought “Oh, someone’s come back from their break.” I came out, there was no one there. So I walked outside where my crew mate was. I said, “Who just came in?” And he said, “no one’s come through there.” And I said, “No, someone came in and shouted ‘Hello.'” And he said, “No, no one’s come through there,” It’s like a, you call it, I guess you call it like a shotgun hallway.

Jim Harold 58:59

Georgina 58:59
And so you can see straight down the middle of this station. And no one can kind of come in through it without seeing down there. And he said “No, no, no one’s come through there.” And I just could hear, clear as day, someone shouting, hello, as if to kind of say like, hello, is anyone home. And I thought that was really strange as well, because I don’t know if it was just some residual energy or something, or some sort of time slip. But it was so clear. And after that I was just jumping at every single noise (laughs).

Jim Harold 59:32

Georgina 59:32
And I kept hearing other things, but lots of people have said they’ve heard kind of strange things in that station because obviously it’s quite high energy, high emotive, and I think there must be some residual energy going on in there.

Jim Harold 59:50
Yeah, that sounds like there very well might be. Well, Georgina, thank you so much for joining us on the Campfire tonight. I appreciate you being a part of the program, calling all the way from England. We appreciate it.

Georgina 1:00:04
Thank you for having me.

Jim Harold 1:00:06
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You are listening to Jim Harold’s campfire.

Jim Harold 1:02:51
Well, we love workplace stories. And Kerrie is calling in today from Virginia. She said she found the show when she was just randomly kind of surfing the net, and somebody was suggesting podcasts. And she checked out the Campfire and she’s been listening for four years. She’s a plus club member. And see folks, that’s the way it works. You gotta spread the word. And then we get to hear great stories like this one we’re going to hear. And Kerrie is going to tell us strange happenings when she used to work as a bartender. Kerrie, thank you so much for joining us today. I appreciate your support and tell us what happened.

Kerrie 1:03:29
Thanks, Jim. So yeah, so this is probably about four years ago, it was my first bartending job. And it was a very cool, kind of little speakeasy joint that was in the basement of a restaurant. So we served old school, classic cocktails, and it was really small and only sat about 20 people at a time. So real small, we had a little light at the top of the stairs, when it’s green, you could come down, when it was red you–we were full and you had to wait.

Jim Harold 1:03:54
Oh neat.

Kerrie 1:03:55
So the building is, it’s really cool. It’s on the Historic Register, I believe, dates back to the mid 1800s. And I believe it used to be a grocery store. So it’s been a lot of different things over the years. And of course, when I started working there, everyone told me it was haunted, and people would hear noises, and the bar manager told me he would always stay very late even after everyone else had left, and he would hear footsteps at night. And I also heard a story about, you know, we had, at the very back of the bar, it being small, when you were at the bar, if you looked straight back across the room, there were two bathrooms. So just very very simple, straightforward bathrooms, a toilet, a sink, and the doors latched with like a little hook and a latch. And you know, I worked there for a while and nothing had happened and nothing’s paranormal has ever happened to me anyway. I heard lots of stories from everyone else, but I’m like, well, if something happens, that’s cool. If not, it’s a neat place to work anyway. And so we were just on a regular night, I don’t remember, it was maybe like a Thursday or a Friday, not–just a random night. And we would take turns there, small staff too. So we would kind of take turns, you know, being the main bartender and kind of going to guests on the floor and asking if anyone wanted more drinks or their check, or just seeing how people were doing. And it was my turn to do that. So I was making rounds. And this one guy stopped me and he said, “Hey, um, you know, so we’ve been knocking on that bathroom door, and somebody has been in there for a while, but they’re also not answering.”

Jim Harold 1:05:40

Kerrie 1:05:41
And so I was like, “Oh, okay, well, hopefully, no one’s passed out. So let me let me see what we can do to get the door open.” He said thank you. And he also called me ma’am, which I thought was just so weird. Anyway, so we, I think we tried opening the door with a credit card, just like in the movies. And I think we broke the credit card.

Jim Harold 1:06:03
Oh, boy.

Kerrie 1:06:04
So I can’t remember exactly how we got the door open. But when we got the door open, sure enough, no one was in there.

Jim Harold 1:06:12

Kerrie 1:06:14
Yeah, no, nobody was in there. So we kind of looked at each other. And we were–and my bar manager was like, “See, I told you, the door locks sometimes, and there’s no one in there.” And we were trying to think about, well, okay, maybe, but again, so the door’s latched with just a little hook and eye. So we started thinking about what kind of parameters would there have to be like, what exact set of circumstances would the door lock by itself and have it not be a ghost because it’s this little janky hook and eye, so like, somebody would have had to be in the bathroom, leave. And they would have had to, like, the latch would have had to just stick upright, just so and then the door would have to slam just so for the latch to fall into the, to the eye and lock it.

Jim Harold 1:07:04
Interesting. Interesting. So it’s not just something that went shut by itself. Somebody did it or something, did it?

Kerrie 1:07:11
Yeah. And you know, you couldn’t really play a prank because there was nowhere to go. That–that bathroom did have an outside window, but it was a really small window and it had a mesh grate over it. So it’s not like you could, you know, lock the door, throw open the window and climb it out.

Jim Harold 1:07:27
Yeah, yeah.

Kerrie 1:07:28
So no way in, no way out.

Jim Harold 1:07:31
So I’m guessing you think it’s haunted?

Kerrie 1:07:36
I think so. It never, so it never happened again, but actually a few weeks later, the latch broke. I think somebody pushed on the door too hard and broke it. So we switched up the lock. We changed it to like a little slide bolt. And you know, tossed the old lock away. And then the last strange thing was one night, before service, I was sweeping the stairs that came down into the bar, in the latch part was sitting in the middle of the stairs.

Jim Harold 1:08:08
Hmmm. Interesting (laughs).

Kerrie 1:08:13
And we had–it’s not like we never swept the floor, we had swept since it had happened, and you know, no latch anywhere. And then just so suddenly that one night, I’m going to sweep the stairs and there’s the latch just sitting there in the middle of the stairs. It was very strange.

Jim Harold 1:08:27
That is strange. And I just think it’s neat to work at, or live in or whatever kind of a historic place that has a history. It’s almost like to me when you walk in a place like that, you can almost feel it. Did you feel that way?

Kerrie 1:08:44
Yeah, the building definitely had a really interesting energy to it. And I will say about that bathroom like the–generally the bar, like the bar itself, it was all exposed brick, and so it felt very warm and cozy. And when we had service, we would dim the lights and we had lots of little candles, and it was a very cozy atmosphere. But that bathroom, and I attributed it most of the time to it being an outside wall.

Jim Harold 1:09:09

Kerrie 1:09:10
But the the little other bathroom that was next door and that was pretty much identical. That bathroom was always very, very warm and they shared–the ceiling was exposed a little bit so you could kind of see that they shared a ducting system in that bathroom where the lock–where it locked itself was always very cold.

Jim Harold 1:09:27

Kerrie 1:09:29
So is that the sign of it being paranormal, who knows, but it–that–it was always pretty cool. And I didn’t like that bathroom. I never used that bathroom I didn’t like that bathroom.

Jim Harold 1:09:40
Well, Kerrie, thank you very much for sharing your story about the haunted workplace and we really appreciate it. Thanks for being a part of the Campfire tonight.

Kerrie 1:09:50
Thanks so much, Jim.

Jim Harold 1:09:51
Next up on the Campfire is Sandy from Maryland, and we’re so glad to have her on the show. And she has a story of surrounding her dog, very interesting indeed. Sandy, thank you for joining us. And please tell us your story.

Sandy 1:10:07
Thank you for having me. So one evening a few years back, my son was out with his friends, and it was late in the evening, and we were in our bedroom, my husband was asleep, the dog was in the room with us. And our door was shut. And we heard the–it was late, probably like one in the morning. And I think we hear the door open, someone come up the stairs, and walk past our bedroom to get to assumed his bedroom. And my dog is up too, so she heard it and she’s standing facing the door wagging her tail, because she her buddies home now. And so I kind of yell out to my son quietly, you know, “Hey, let’s let the dog out. She’s waiting to see you.” And he doesn’t respond. And after like the second time I like got up out of bed, open the door. I’m like, “I called you,” and not–there’s no one there. So I go to his room, and there’s nobody in the room. Now I’m thinking maybe he went back out real quick. And so we go out the window, and the dogs following behind me, wagging her tail. And I look out the bedroom window and his car isn’t there.

Jim Harold 1:11:08

Sandy 1:11:09
And this was like, he couldn’t have left, it was literally a minute. So I was just like, I didn’t know what it was, hurried up and came back to my room and brought the dog in with me and shut the door and waited till we heard him a few hours later actually come in.

Jim Harold 1:11:26
Hmm. So what do you think was behind that?

Sandy 1:11:30
I don’t know who came by to visit. But they obviously weren’t earthly and um, but it obviously wasn’t anything malevolent because my dog was wagging her tail,

Jim Harold 1:11:43

Sandy 1:11:44
And if she heard noises that she you know, or someone she didn’t know, she let us all know, she would bark and growl. And then a few months afterwards, my husband was in our–our empty bedroom, which we used as a computer room, and he’s listening to his music. And the same thing happened. I was working till like seven at night. And he said the exact same thing happened to him. The dog standing wagging her tail, he takes his headphones off. And, and he hears somebody walk past the door. He’s like, okay, so he goes the let her out and goes to say hi to my son. And the same thing happened. He looked out the window, he’s not here and the dogs running all over, like looking for him. And he’s not there.

Jim Harold 1:12:26
You know, it’s an interesting point. Because I think sometimes we tend to think if there’s anything about it’s all gonna be–I think we fall into the trap of thinking, “Oh, it’s gotta be evil and demonic and that kind of thing.” And I think a lot of that’s the TV shows. But it would seem to me that ghosts or spirits or whatever they are, they’re probably like humans. There’s a whole range. And yeah, you’ve got some pretty demon like people out in the world. And you’ve got some really, really nice ones. And I would like to think that the same is true in the spirit world, that there’s a range. And doesn’t mean that it doesn’t maybe scare you a little bit. But it doesn’t necessarily mean everything is a demon.

Sandy 1:13:06
Right. Yeah. And she was–she, like I said she was wagging her tail. She was happy. And like I said, if she heard even something in the yard, she would growl. And so my husband thought, well, maybe his dad stopped by.

Jim Harold 1:13:18
Oh, that’s cool. That’s cool, fun. Well, Sandy, thank you for taking time and sharing your story tonight on the Campfire.

Sandy 1:13:25
Thank you for having me.

Jim Harold 1:13:27
Next up on the Campfire is Michael, from my neck of the woods, northeastern Ohio. So cool, a fellow buckeye. And he’s going to take us back to some of his younger years. He lived in an old farmhouse built in the early 1800s. And you could pretty much guess the rest, but I don’t know if you can. This is pretty wild. Michael, welcome to the show and tell us what happened.

Michael 1:13:51
Oh thanks for having me. Well, you know, it all started in my child home, my childhood home, I lived in, like you said, Northeast Ohio. It was in a town–a town called Johnson near Kinsmen. The house was built in the 1850s, 1860s I believe. It was a little farmhouse. There were lots of, a lot of history of pretty much the people that were there. So we kind of knew what happened or what had happened in the past. But basically, what happened was one day, I was pretty much just laying in my bed, my bedroom. You know, there was, basic night, nothing special. And I’m sitting there and pretty much just laying there. I’m like 9, 10 years old, I think. I got my TV on kinda low. And I’m sitting there, and I hear kinda like footsteps, it sounds like at first.

Jim Harold 1:14:59
Oh boy.

Michael 1:15:00
And I’m sitting there listening to it, and it’s a two story house, so somebody’s upstairs you know, you can hear anybody walking around, plus old and creaky floors, creaking houses, you know, moving bones. So you can hear anybody moving around. So I’m starting to hear footsteps, and you know, I’m listening to it and all of a sudden, it goes from footsteps above my bedroom to like, like with upstairs, to running hoof sounds like a, I don’t really know, it sounded like a horse, truthfully.

Jim Harold 1:15:38

Michael 1:15:40
Literally, who’s clumping down my steps. And then into my basement, and I hear like, a door slam behind it. I don’t really know what type of whatever it would be. But there was a lot of different, I guess you could say beings around the house. But something in me knew it wasn’t good. I don’t think it was a horse. You know what I mean?

Jim Harold 1:16:14

Michael 1:16:15
To me, it sounded like, oh my god, that is–10 year old me is like, why does that sound like a horse running down my stairs? I end up calling my brother who’s upstairs sleeping. And like, “Do you hear that?” He was like, “Yeah, like, I have no idea what that is,” he’s, you know, mid 20s. So the next day, I was kind of frozen there for an amount of time, you know, go to sleep, wake up. Next day. I told my mom, but she kind of like, knew more, more so about it, all these different experiences that she had in the house. Different almost poltergeist things. One specific one that she told me about was that like I said, in the beginning, we had kind of knew, not knew, but like read about the people that lived in there before. It was like a farming family. And one of the little boys, one of the sons of the father and the mother had gotten killed with an old-time like potato picker machine.

Jim Harold 1:17:16
Oh man.

Michael 1:17:18
So my mother had had that dream and in the morning she woke up, went into the kitchen. And she said it was like everything was ripped out of the cabinets, you know, tables on the side, chairs flipped over. And she said there was a–potatoes, like, in a pyramid, levitating.

Jim Harold 1:17:38
Oh, man!

Michael 1:17:39
And yeah, as soon as she looked at they all just fell. Just a lot of crazy stuff in that house. But, you know, short and sweet story, nothing I guess too crazy. I didn’t see anything. Just that crazy, I know what I heard type situation. Never had anything else happen since then. It was that one time, but it was, it was quite a time.

Jim Harold 1:18:01
Well, I don’t know, but hearing basically what sounded like a horse running through your house. And having a pyramid of levitating potatoes. That’s, that’s pretty wild. That’s pretty wild.

Michael 1:18:13
It was interesting. It was–living in that house definitely made me a believer of other worldly entities for sure.

Jim Harold 1:18:24
Well, Michael, very interesting. Indeed. Thank you so much for joining us and sharing that story tonight on the Campfire.

Michael 1:18:32
Thank you for having me.

Jim Harold 1:18:34
Next up on the program is David from Arizona. And he found out about us from the great Sstonishing Legends. So if you haven’t had an opportunity to check them out, they are a great podcast. Please do check out Scott and Forrest over there. And David is going to share a story that was from his teenage years and some strangeness then ensued. David, welcome to the show and tell us what happened.

David 1:18:59
Hello, there. Thank you, Jim. Yeah, this story is one I only told out loud maybe 10 times, to maybe 12 different people. Took place like you said, when I was 18 years old, which was a little more than 18 years ago now. At the time, I was not in Arizona. I was living in the Northwest, Washington state. And it was an afternoon in the springtime. I had just taken a friend home from school. It was an unusual thing. Didn’t often take this friend home, but another ride fell through or something like that. And nothing unusual happened, I arrived at their home. I was feeling maybe a little bit of that senioritis I wasn’t trying to get right to my schoolwork, so I chose to hang out at their house for a little bit that afternoon. Get out of the car on the driveway. It was split level home, one where you–if you go through the drive, down the driveway through the garage door, you end up on the bottom floor of the house. And we went up the stairs to the front entryway there, the funny way we entered. Their family dog was there, very old dog at that point, maybe a teenager itself. Patted it on the head, we went up several more steps, entering into their dining room there.

Jim Harold 1:20:23

David 1:20:24
The kitchen had an adjoining dining room. My friend’s mom was there, we stopped and started chatting with her. And we talked for maybe 15, 20 minutes, having a cordial conversation. And that conversation began to turn towards family matters or other things that I was not able to weigh in on, I felt a little awkward. I stood on the edge of that conversation for maybe two, three minutes. And then my social awkwardness was unbearable. And I looked for something to entertain myself with. I looked around, and on the floor, I found a fairly new tennis ball, kind of a germaphobe, I wouldn’t have picked up a dog toy or something if it was worn and slobbery.

Jim Harold 1:21:06

David 1:21:05
So fairly new, picked it up and bright, yellow green that you expect from a fairly new tennis ball. And I started tossing it around, bouncing it off the floor, generally just kind of being obnoxious. Just looking back. And I think I realized at the time I was being a little obnoxious, I kind of drifted away from the conversation in the kitchen. Bounced it off the floor once where it hit the edge of my foot, bounced down a hallway that connected to the dining room there, and at the end of that hallway was two bedrooms, and a bathroom. I watched the ball roll to the end of this hallway and stop. I looked at it for a moment. Taking note of the fact that both the bedroom doors were ajar, maybe I could fit a fist through there, but not much more. And the bathroom door was shut. Ball was resting on the corner of a Persian rug. You know the type that’s tightly woven and it’s got earth tones like maroons, reds, browns, tans.

Jim Harold 1:21:07

David 1:21:07
And this bright green tennis ball sitting on the corner it was plainly obvious for everyone to see. I stared at it for a second, thought maybe I should stop being so awkward and rejoin the conversation. So I turn 90 degrees to my right, two steps back to the periphery of that conversation, where I stood awkwardly again for two minutes where I could not contribute to the conversation, and decided maybe my first inclination to occupy myself elsewhere was the right one. I’ll go find that ball again. I turned 180 degrees, two steps back to the entrance of the hallway, through 90 degrees to my right, looking down the hallway, no ball. Nothing caught my attention out of the ordinary at this point. You know, there’s six animals in the house. Three of those animals are humans and they’re all accounted for.

Jim Harold 1:22:54

David 1:22:55
They had two juvenile cats. They’re all energy, a few hours a day sleeping mostly, most of the energy is expended at night. As anyone who has a cat knows.

Jim Harold 1:23:06

David 1:23:06
And of course, that geriatric dog that we saw on the way in the house, so I figured I’m here for entertainment’s sake, this ball, if it’s gonna lead me to a cat even better. I walk down the hallway, looking for any evidence of the ball, nothing. Lean in towards the mother’s door and peering into the crack. II’m standing by the ajar door listening. Make a few sounds to indicate, you know, little squeaks, clicks, and things cultivated to try and catch cat’s attention nothing listening. So I look over. Take two half steps. From the mother’s door to my friend’s door. Those two half steps take me basically directly where the ball had been last I’d seen.

Jim Harold 1:23:06

David 1:23:52
Listening on a friend’s door. Same deal. Listen, make those quick squeaks, nothing. Say to myself, “Okay. Well, I didn’t want to do this, but I’m gonna have to kind of get more into these rooms to try and find this ball.” I don’t want to be caught looking around in these rooms. So I got to make it quick. Put my right hand on the frame of the door, swung the door open with my left hand, looking around making those same cat sounds. Nothing. Pull the door ajar. Okay, work up enough courage to go to the mother’s door and do the same thing, put my right hand on the frame of the door lean in with my left hand holding the door handle. Same thing, looking around. Any evidence of the cat or the ball, nothing. And at this point, I’d lost interest. And a bizarre thing happened, during the first retelling of the story later that night. This point was made to my mother. I was still going through shell shock. There was like a strange, it’s almost like–it’s hard to describe. It’s as if there was another voice in my head where the first one, my internal dialogue had the impression, Okay, let’s go out here. I should stop being so strange and go back into this conversation, I don’t wanna be caught looking around these bedrooms. When I’m in this guest house, I have only been in this house maybe six times before, I knew the parents, I knew all the animals, but it’s not like I was family in that sense. It would have been awkward, didn’t want to have that conversation. But at that moment, when I thought to myself, well, this ball’s not here, might as well wrap it up. There was an insistent second voice it was almost like–it was almost like it was making a suggestion to me. I mean, it was still in my internal dialogue voice. But it wasn’t, it didn’t feel like it was mine. And it said, No, this balls not here, but it should be. And you have to prove that it’s not. I said, yeah. Yeah, that’s right. I need to prove this ball’s on here. That it couldn’t have just disappeared. So I pull the door ajar. Kind of think a second. I got it. Alright, well, I discounted the dog. Let’s go take a look, make sure that’s not the that’s not something I’ve overlooked. I take four steps down the hallway, the whole time looking at the floor, nothing there. As I’m entering in the dining area, I’m looking underneath the table and looking at the stools that are there on the kind of bar area between the kitchen the dining area. Looking under everything, I’ve looked into the kitchen, as I entered the dining area, I’m looking in between the legs of the two people still talking. And now I’m in the dining area, look over the landing at the dog still passed out on the floor exactly where I’d last seen it. No ball, no evidence of anything, it’s ever moved. It’s and old lumbering dog, I figured it’s impossible for it to be in this equation. So okay, spin back round, walk down the hallway. Again, looking for the ball, don’t see anything. And this time I quietly, but quickly open the door in my friend’s room, straight across the room, sort of fluff the sheets, trying to get the cats moving if they’re in the sheets, or if to dragged the ball under the bed, nothing. I’m on the floor on my hands and knees. Looking under everything, around everything. Any evidence of balls, tennis balls, cats, don’t see anything. Stand up. A closet, I’m looking in there. Don’t see anything. Just get back out in the hallway, close the door to about where it was before. And think well, even though I’ve looked at this floor in the hallway, from standing height, maybe I need to be on the floor. Maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me. So I get down on the floor just above the level, you know, just my face is parallel with the floor. Looking around looking for any contrast. Maybe my eyes are just unable to see this vibrant yellow green tennis ball for some reason. I don’t see anything, stand back up. Finally worked up the courage to walk into the mom’s room again, quietly because I don’t want to be caught doing it. Swing open the door as fast as I can. Straight across the room, fluff the bedsheets, trying to get flushed cats out if there any any on the floor, looking around. Because we go into science class, we got matter, atoms. Everything’s tangible. This ball kind of just disappeared, there has to be some explanation for it, and I don’t find anything in my search through the mother’s room. Stand up. Quickly pull the door ajar. Looking at the floor, the hallway again. Nothing too. I said well, maybe my eyes are so deceiving that I can’t even see the contrast. Even being on the floor level. It’s impossible to see. So, really I am swinging my leg like a pendulum over where had last seen the ball, you know, foot just above the surface that carpet. Maybe if it’s there, but I can’t see it. My foot will impact it. It’ll kick it across the room. And know if it’s still there. Nothing. And now I’m given another thought, sort of still trying to come up with another method of finding this thing, can’t come up with anything. So put my arm on the doorframe of the friend’s room again, lean in, just kind of waiting for inspiration to strike, to give me another avenue to find this thing. And I don’t find any inspiration. As I’m sitting there. still mulling over my optionsm, I hear that sort of secondary internal dialogue again, say, “I guess it’s not here. You’re not going to find it.”

Jim Harold 1:29:27

David 1:29:28
To which my normal internal dialogue, it seems like we have a dichotomy in my head. My normal internal dialogue just says, “Yeah, I guess you’re right I guess it’s just not here.” So take a half step backwards, pulled–with my left hand, pulled the door of the bedroom, back to where it was, pivot on my left foot and step with my right foot directly onto a tennis ball.

Jim Harold 1:29:54

David 1:29:55
I’m looking down the hallway. I can figure based upon what I’m seeing where my foot is it’s exactly where I’d last seen that tennis ball. Every hair on my body is stretching out towards the sky, it wants to shoot into space. And as I, in one motion, I turned to look and pull up my right foot, and see just as plain as day, a vibrant, yellow, green, tennis ball. In the instant, my eyes make contacts with that tennis ball. I laid out a very unflattering screech, or scream, whatever you want to call it. I launched down that hallway. Flew into the dining room, shaking my arms, eyes, watering, blubbering, all sorts of nonsense. Jumping up and down. My friend, friend’s mom, they’re both red. They’re asking me, you know, “What happened? What took place? Are you okay?” I told them as briefly as I could. And they said, “Don’t worry about it.” Yeah, they brushed it off completely. “That stuff happens in this house all the time. Doors open, doors close, lights turn on, turn off, we hear footsteps, things go missing. You can’t find it. Until you ask for that thing to be returned. At which point you’ll find it in the place you expected to kind of in the first place.”

Jim Harold 1:31:12
Well, that’s wild.

David 1:31:15
One of the most emotional things he told me, which has stuck with me to this day is that they both had a sort of knockdown dragged out argument where they were screaming at each other. They concluded it, went to opposite ends of the house, the mother in her bedroom, my friend on the front porch, and they had only been in their separate locations shortly. When the desktop radio, one of those 90s CD player cassette AM/FM combos that you expect.

Jim Harold 1:31:44

David 1:31:45
It was turned on at full volume, not listening volume, it was the break your eardrums, break the speaker’s volume. Both of them are unamused, confront each other in the center of the house, accusing each other of having turned it on. And they both claim not to have done. And at least not physically. Neither of them did do it, you know?

Jim Harold 1:32:07

David 1:32:08
They were unfazed by it. But for me, it was an exceptional experience. One that I’ve never forgotten. And it’s a story I typically come out with, on a rare occasion when someone really wants to nail me down on the issue of, “Have you ever seen ghosts?” I’ll tell them, “No, but I have experienced something.”

Jim Harold 1:32:27
Well, you know a lot of people, we’ve–a lot of times we’ve had this on the show here. The idea of that, that things go missing for maybe more than just misplacing. Maybe there’s something else at play actually, the thought was kind of coined by Mary Rose Barrington, the lead author in her book, JOTT, we’ve talked about many times. So thank you for sharing your story of a JOTT, David, and thank you for being a part of the Campfire.

Andrew 1:32:59
Thank you very much, Jim.

Jim Harold 1:33:00
All right. Bye, bye. Thanks so much for tuning in to the Campfire. I appreciate it and hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Here’s a quick note. If you are maybe new to the shows, or you’ve been listening for a while, say “I would like to get that back catalogue of all those great shows. Where is it?” Very simple. and on my Spooky Studio app, and the way that you get access to that back catalogue of hundreds of Campfire shows going back to 2009, Hundreds of Paranormal Podcast episodes going back to 2005, and hundreds of plus shows exclusive to the club that have never been on the free feeds. “How do you do that, Jim?” Well, I will tell you. Go to, click on the banner, and it’ll take you to a page with all the details and a special deal for you for my Paranormal Plus Club. And people seem to love it. We get great reviews from people who are members, and you literally have thousands of episodes to listen to. So check it out at, we’ve got a great sale going on. And I think you will enjoy it. Also, please as we said the beginning of the show, tell a friend, spread the word, rate, and review. We thank you so much. We will talk to you next time. Have a great week everybody, stay safe and of course as always, stay spooky. Bye bye.

Campfire Announcer 1:34:24
You’ve been listening to Jim Harold’s Campfire. Tune in again next time for more stories of ordinary people who have experienced extraordinary things.

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