A Letter From The Beyond – Campfire 542

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A beloved relative reaches out from beyond the grave with the power of the pen. This and many more incredibly spooky stories on Campfire!

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Jim Harold 0:00
Is it possible for our loved ones to communicate with us from beyond even to the point of writing us a message? Well, it happened to one of our callers today. That’s up next on The Campfire.

Campfire Announcer 0:27
Welcome to our gathering tonight. Here we share stories of ordinary people who have experienced extraordinary things. Sit back, relax, and warm yourself by Jim Harold’s Campfire.

Jim Harold 0:40
Welcome to The Campfire. I am Jim Harold. So glad to be with you once again. And we have a great show for you today. And what we do here is we share spooky stories of the supernatural, and we hope that you will enjoy what we do. But first, some important business at hand. We have a belated spooky shout out and Happy Birthday. Catherine wrote us, and said, “Hi, I totally forgot to ask you if you can do a spooky shout out for my dad. He turned 71 on February 15th, and we’ve listened to you since 2016. I get my love of the spooky from him and enjoy your podcast so much. His name is Tim, from his daughter and his sons Theo and Hamilton.” So Tim, Happy belated birthday. Spooky shout out to you and stay spooky. And if you want to get a family member, a friend, or maybe even yourself, a video personalized spooky shout out from me, you can do that. Just go over to cameo.com/TheJimHarold that’s cameo.com/TheJim Harold just did a couple of them yesterday. I absolutely love doing it. It’s a great way to connect with the audience. It could be a happy birthday, happy anniversary, happy retirement, happy whatever, or just a word of encouragement go to cameo.com/TheJim Harold to get yours. And a quick note of apology to Rob and my friends from Ireland. Rob took a little bit of umbrage at the fact that I offhandedly said that Ireland, or implied that, Ireland was part of the UK. Now I know that. I know that the Republic of Ireland is its own independent, proud country, as it should be. But I just had a slip of a tongue during this call. Obviously, I was confusing the Republic of Ireland with Northern Ireland, and Northern Ireland is part of the UK. So my apologies, Rob and all my Irish friends. We always like to clear things up when we make a mistake, and I certainly did. So I hope you’ll forgive me, and I’ll do better. And let’s start doing better by getting you a great Campfire story.

Next up on The Campfire is Eric from South Dakota. He told me that the windchill tonight, as we record this story, is minus 30 degrees. (Laughs). So I’m in Cleveland, Ohio, I will stop complaining when we get ten, five, maybe zero. Those are like our coldest days. And he just kind of laughs at it probably and says, “Oh, a heat wave!” But– so I applaud his hardiness, and I applaud him coming on the show. He has a story to share for us and appreciate him being on the show. Eric, thank you, and please tell us what happened.

Eric 3:32
Yes, thank you, Jim, for having me. If it’s okay, I’d like to start with a quick shout out to my 11 year old son.

Jim Harold 3:40
Oh sure.

Eric 3:40
Landon. Yeah, his name is Landon. He listens to the show with me on a very regular basis, and he loves it almost as much as I do.

Jim Harold 3:48
Oh, cool. Well, Landon, spooky shout out to you. Thank you for listening, Landon, and stay spooky.

Eric 3:55
Alright. Well, my story starts in 1989, October of ’89. I was about 11 years old. I didn’t have any paranormal, supernatural, issues or experiences in my life that I can remember, up until that time anyway. In October of 89, I had the unfortunate situation where a brother passed away. It was very sudden and tragic and unexpected. And it was just kind of a rough, rough deal.

Jim Harold 4:27
Sure. And- and as I said before we hit record, again, my sympathies for that. Even though that’s been a long time, that’s- that’s, you know, very hard thing.

Eric 4:37
Yeah, I appreciate that. But after- after that happened– and that occurred in my house, so… And we lived in a very old farmhouse in the middle of, almost, in the middle of nowhere. What wasn’t another house within about a mile. And after- after my brother’s passing, my family and friends we noticed things started happening in my house. Objects would move. To– a friend of mine was waiting in my house after one of my high school basketball games and he heard voices. Water would turn on. I had a, you know, classic big red barn. I had a basketball court up there, my ball bounced by itself, things like that. So obviously, this was long before the days of shows like this, or ghost nation or anything like that.

Jim Harold 5:28

Eric 5:28
So, a friend of mine that heard the voices in my house had a book. If I remember it, the book was how to see a ghost, or how to catch a ghost, or something along those lines. So we thumb through the book, and that’s where we learn to, you know, get a room in the house as dark as possible. So if you see any movement, you know, possibly paranormal. So that’s what we did. We got my- my room as dark as possible, and it was darker than dark, you literally couldn’t see your hands in front of your face. Um, unbeknownst to me, my friend of mine had a notebook on him. In which he wrote the question, “What do you want?” And, you know, he– because he had had experiences in my house and was familiar with it. So we turn off the lights, just kind of hanging out. Kind of laughing at ourselves for thinking we’re being pretty silly. My friend of mine fell asleep. Instantly when he fell asleep. We heard writing on his notebook.

Jim Harold 6:21

Eric 6:21
Very, very slow writing. Seemed like it was several minutes. So I tried to wake him up. And this is literally two, three minutes later, very difficult time waking him up. When I was able to, we noticed on the notebook, underneath the question, “What do you want?” was the word “life.” Well, keep in mind, the room was extremely dark, it would have been almost impossible to write legibly on this.

Jim Harold 6:44

Eric 6:46
So we decided to ask the question, “Why?” Why, you know, why life? Why is that what you want? Looking back at it, question’s probably pretty obvious. So we– the scene replays itself: we turn the lights off, we get it extremely dark. We’re just, you know, chatting, shooting the breeze. He falls asleep again: starts writing almost immediately. And this time, it seems like he’s writing for 5, maybe 10 minutes. It’s really slow, deliberate writing. Wake him up, turn on the lights. And underneath the word life was written “10/30/1989.” And that was the day my brother passed away.

Jim Harold 7:26
Oh, my.

Eric 7:28
My- my friend of mine was obviously aware of my brother. He didn’t know the exact date. So I instantly questioned him. I’m like- I’m like, you know, “Hey, man, that’s not cool. You can make fun of me, but don’t make fun of my family” type of thing.

Jim Harold 7:38
Sure, yeah.

Eric 7:40
And he was adamant. He’s like, “I’m not messing with you. You’re my best friend. I wouldn’t mess with you” or something like that. So we noticed that the handwriting– that we noticed that was different. My friend of mine was very artistic, very good at drawing and painting, and so his- his handwriting was the same way very artistic, kind of flowing. Well, the handwriting on the notebook was very- very different. Very slight, stylized, cursive writing. Very different. So I remembered we had some of my brother’s old homework from school. And so we looked at that. And I’m- I’m not a trained handwriting expert. But to my eye, it was– the handwriting was almost an exact match to that of my brothers.

Jim Harold 8:31

Eric 8:32
So I don’t know if it’s called a ghost or a spirit story. But fast forward to the fal– just this last fall, I was telling my oldest son this story for the first time. And so I got ahold of my buddy from high school, and he remembered the story, and still to this day insists that there’s no funny business, and that he wasn’t trying to just poke fun at me. And uh. And uh. Yeah.

Jim Harold 8:59
And that’s the thing where, you know, we talk about ghosts or wherever, and it’s spooky, scary, but sometimes it can be something different, something very poignant. Now, what did you take from that? I mean, did you think of it as a positive thing? Did it bother you? I mean, I’m sure it bothered you on some level, but with some time and space, what are your thoughts on it?

Eric 9:23
Yeah, I mean, I mean, looking back at it, this was probably– this probably occurred in the winter of ’96-’97. Somewhere in there. So yeah, it bothered me. Um, you know, but it made me realize that, you know, maybe there is something after, you know, after we go. And, you know, it took me a while to kind of get over it. But now I- I look at it as, you know, it’s a part of my life, and it’s a good story that I get to share. That’s about it.

Jim Harold 9:56
Well, it is a remarkable story, and a powerful story. And I thank you so much for sharing it tonight on The Campfire, Eric.

Eric 10:03
You’re very welcome.

Jim Harold 10:04
Becky is on the line from Ohio. O-H-I-O. And we’re so glad to talk to her tonight. And she has a really interesting dream story. And if we have time, she has another one. So we’ll get through the first one and see where we’re at. Becky, welcome to the show. Thank you so much for joining us. And please tell us this amazing dream story.

Becky 10:27
Well, thank you so much for giving me the opportunity. Um, this started– this was around 2014. And it just simply was just me pulling– I was turning right into a parking spot. And as my front left bumper went past the right rear bumper of the van that was on my left, I just, all of a sudden, stopped and had this voice that said, “You hit that car.” And I was like “Crap, I think I hit that car.”

Jim Harold 11:00
And that’s- that’s in a dream. It’s in a dream.


Becky 11:02
Yeah. Um the voice also said, “Look at the rearview mirror.” And I looked at the rearview mirror, and they had all their stuff hanging from it. And it was just swaying back and forth. And I was like, “Oh, crap, I hit this car.” Um, woke up. Yeah, I mean, and that was it. Was just this really simple dream, woke up, and I told my husband like, “I just had the weirdest dream.” And I told it to him. And fast forward. Yeah, I don’t know, maybe a few months. And we were working Saturday. He and I work in an automotive shop. And I went, he continued working, and I went to go pick us up some lunch. And, lo and behold, I’m pulling to, on the right, into a parking spot. And there was a van on my left. And as I just pull in, I think, “Oh, crap. I think I just hit that van.” And I hear in my head, again, “rearview mirror.” And I’m like, “Oh my god, are you kidding me?” And I look. Same stuff hanging from the rearview mirror, just swinging like crazy. And I was like, “I just hit this car.” And it was the exact same van the exact same parking lot. Everything.

Instantly. I called my husband like, “So I’m gonna be late. I just hit a car, just like in the dream. So I’m gonna wait for the person to come out.”

Jim Harold 12:22
Oh, wow. Wow.

Becky 12:24
Yeah. And at least I mean, I hope they weren’t. I mean, of course anybody hits your car, you’re gonna be upset, but I hope they weren’t too drastic. No, she was actually pretty cool.

Jim Harold 12:34
Wow, I gotta tell you, I mean, and the thing is, is that if you had a dream, maybe you had an accident or something, and then you had an accident, and it wasn’t detail for detail you might say, “Oh, well, just a weird coincidence.” But the fact: parking lot, same orientation, same turning direction, same van, same stuff hanging from the rearview mirror. You- you totally had like a precognitive dream.

Becky 13:00
Yeah, yeah, that’s how I felt. I just– I still can see it very vividly. Anytime I think about it.

Jim Harold 13:06
Wow. Well, I mean, it’s gotta make it a little worrisome, though. If you have a dream, you’ll– maybe the next dream will be a good one, you hit the lottery. Maybe even go in that direction?

Becky 13:18

Jim Harold 13:18
Well, I certainly hope so. I know you have another story for us. And please tell us that one.

Becky 13:23
Thank you, um, we, we have a seasonal campsite. And if anybody knows anything about glamping, as we like to call it, glamorous camping. It’s very convenient. You know, especially if you are having alcohol, you know, adult beverages, you know. You don’t have to drive. You just go from campsite to campsite. And so, you know, we were just having, you know, our Sunday funday. It was just my husband and I and our- another friend, a couple of ours. And we were just havin’ an, you know, just you know, a couple adult beverages, and the husband, he puts his aluminum bottle down, and he screwed the lid, you know, maybe you know, good full turn. And he just put it down. It was a nice, cold day. So there is no built up of any pressure or anything. And it was empty. Um, and, all of the sudden– there was no pop. There was no noise, no anything. The aluminum can did not move. The lid came right up, straight up, didn’t flip, didn’t turn. Lands straight down. As if somebody literally had just picked it up and placed it down.

Jim Harold 14:33

Becky 14:34
And we kinda looked at each other. We’re like, “Alright, that was really weird.” And I don’t know why I asked him this. But I said, “Um, has anybody just passed away that would want to say goodbye and have one last drink with you?” And he and his wife looked at each other. They looked back at me, and he said, “Yeah, my uncle just passed away three days ago, and we were supposed to go have a beer together.”

Jim Harold 15:00
Oh, ohh.

Becky 15:02
Yeah, so we- we did. We had a toast on behalf of his uncle.

Jim Harold 15:06
That’s very cool. It’s very cool indeed. Well, Becky, thank you so much for joining us tonight on The Campfire, and always great to talk to fellow buckeye. And please call us again if you have any more stories.

Becky 15:21
Awesome, I will. Thank you so much.

Jim Harold 15:23
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Campfire Announcer 2 17:23
Keep up to date with everything at the Spooky Studio. Sign up for Jim’s free newsletter at Jimharold.com/newsletter. Now back to another great Campfire story.

Jim Harold 17:37
Next up on The Campfire is Lina from Los Angeles. She’s been on the show before, and actually she just recently recorded a story for our upcoming podcast, You Won’t Believe What Happened to Me. So you’ll have to tune into that, and if you get a story, please go to wontbelieve.com and submit yours like Lina did. But right now Lina is going to tell us a different kind of story. That story she told us over there was a kind of a happy, pleasant story. This one. Not so much. Lina, welcome to the show. Welcome back. Thank you for joining us, and tell us this Campfire story.

Lina 18:11
Hi, Jim. Well, I know that you love head scratchers. And this is quite a head scratcher. It’s haunted me for over 30 years now. I still can’t explain it. Nobody can. So hopefully, you might have an opinion. Okay, so this happened, like I said, about… well, it was 1990 September. And one night, or I guess early morning, I woke up suddenly just you know, completely awake like you sometimes do. And I was wondering, well, was it a noise? You know, did- did our daughter call for me or something? And I just had woken up, I was completely alert. Not at all groggy. And I listened, and I couldn’t hear anything. And I thought, “Okay, well, you know, whatever.” And, “Well, since I’m awake anyway, I’ll go check on her. And I’ll use the restroom. And I’ll, you know, go back to bed.” So that’s what I did. But I happened to look over at the clock on my husband’s side of the bed, on the left side. And it said exactly three o’clock. So I get up, I check on our daughter, and she’s fine. I went to use the bathroom, went back to bed. And I looked over at the clock again, and it’s exactly 3:03. And I thought to myself, “Oh, they were right.” Because I had just read an article in the paper earlier that week about why the lines are so long in women’s restrooms at different events, is because women, on average, take three minutes. So I thought, “Okay, so they were right.” So that shows that I was actually really awak.

Jim Harold 19:43

Lina 19:44
And so I’m slipping back into bed, getting comfortable. And all of a sudden, I’m paralyzed from the shoulders down. And I didn’t know what was going on. I was- I just- I couldn’t move anything except for my head. And I didn’t feel any pressure on me or anything, it was just, I just couldn’t move. And I tried to get my husband’s attention, because I thought, “Well, maybe I’m having a stroke or something.” And he was, of course, laying on his left side away from me, and I couldn’t touch him. I couldn’t reach him. And I tried to call, you know, say something, and I couldn’t talk either. But you know, at most, I was making like this little squeak that I could barely hear. And then I became aware of something on my right side. And I turned my head, and there’s this figure of a monk wearing this, you know, like the classic monk robe with the hood over its head. And it wasn’t completely transparent. You could sort of see through it, but I mean, I could see enough for the detail. I could see that it looked like it was like a charcoal gray robe. I could see the folds in it, I could see the weave, which was kind of like a rough weave. It was belted. And the only thing I remember thinking was like, “Don’t look at the face. Don’t look the face. It might be a skull.”

Jim Harold 21:14
Oh my.m

Lina 21:14
Which is- which is really funny. If you look at my– around my house now, I do Day of the Dead art, so there’s skulls all over the place. But I really didn’t want to see what the face was. And then at that point, it took its hands– kind of like when when you’re doing like a swan dive, I guess, where your hands are put together almost like in prayer. And he reached over me. And I looked at the hands, and they were, you know, human hands and the fingers were long, very thin. And he plunged them into my chest, like around where my heart was.

Jim Harold 21:50
Oh, my.

Lina 21:51
And I felt like like a buzzing electricity kind of a feel.

Jim Harold 21:56
So it’s like his hands went through your- your flesh.

Lina 21:59
Yes, exactly.

Jim Harold 22:01

Lina 22:01
Just like- like- like it just, yeah, just pushed him in there. And I could feel my organ’s displaced. I mean, I could feel them being moved aside for whatever it was that was that it was doing. And, of course, I’m just looking at this going, “What’s going on,” and I couldn’t speak. I couldn’t scream. But of course, I was terrified. And so in my- in my head I’m praying, “Please, Jesus, take this away, you make it go away.” And when I did that, it like removed its hands, and then started walking away, and vanished. And then I was suddenly released from the paralysis. And I was just left wondering like, “What is going on?” And I thought at this point, “Well, there’s no point in waking up my husband, because it’s all over now. What can he do?” And oddly enough, 20 minutes later, I fell back asleep again. So the next morning, I wake up, and I’m getting the family ready. You know, we’re all going to work and to school. And I went to my daughter’s room. And while she’s having breakfast, I’m pulling out her school uniform. And I suddenly realize there’s like a gouge taken out of the middle finger of my left hand. And I was saying, “Well, where did that come from?” Because this wasn’t just like a scratch. This was a, like, a gouge. It was like something had taken a piece out of it. And it started to hurt at that point. And I looked at it, and it looked new. But it also looked cauterized; there was no, like, tearing. And there was no blood or anything. And I was just, “Where did this come from?” It was shaped like an eye. And yes, I went, and I looked in the bed like, “Well, there’s no blood here. You know, maybe I, you know, with my nails, maybe I gouged myself.” It’s like, “no.” And I couldn’t figure it out. But like, we needed to get to work and school. So I said, “Well, I’ll think about this later.”

Jim Harold 23:58

Lina 23:59
So you know, I never did– was able to figure it out. It’s like, “Well, what was all of that about?” Okay, so about about five weeks later, it kind of happens again, except this time when I woke up, I was already paralyzed. So it was like classic sleep paralysis. And there again was the monk character. And this time, though, it’s like he stood at the side of the bed. And then he walked to the foot of the bed, and he climbed on my– on top of my legs, kind of straddled my legs. Did the same thing with his hands, where like they were in prayer. And then he plunged them into my abdomen. And I could really feel, like, all my other organs being displaced. That whatever it was that he was doing, it was just like, I don’t know what he was doing, but it’s like I could feel it. I could feel that electrical buzz. And again, I couldn’t say anything, couldn’t move. And I started praying again in my head for it to go away. And again, he just kind of like calmly removes his hands, you know, get– you know, steps back off the bed, and starts walking away, and vanishes.

Jim Harold 25:07

Lina 25:08
And so I’m just– I don’t know what’s going on.

Jim Harold 25:11
Well, I was gonna ask you if you thought there was any possible medical component of that, and I was reminded of that, because just a couple of weeks ago, or maybe about a month ago, we got an email from a medical student out there. And I think I actually read it on the on the show, where they said, when people have these kinds of things, be aware that it could be a medical situation, and sometimes it can even be life threatening. And she, this was Flora, and she specifically said she’d heard accounts where people have a crushing weight on their chest or something: impending doom. And it can actually be a heart episode, a heart attack, or congestive heart failure, or something. Now, she- she said, she doesn’t believe that all of those kinds of experiences are necessarily heart attacks, but that people should know if they have something like this, they should immediately– in her words, she said, “They should immediately head to the ER if they have such an experience.” So did you think there was any medical component of this? Or did you have medical issues after this? Or?

Lina 26:15
No, no, that’s just it. Like I said, and I didn’t feel any kind of pressure on me. It was just, you know, just I was suddenly paralyzed, where I just couldn’t move. And then as soon as the entity was gone, I was fine. But I get- I get, you know, just to complete the story here. Again, the next morning, I’d completely forgotten about the second episode, you know, where I found that gouge my finger, until I went again, to get my daughter’s uniform. And there it was, again, in the exact same spot, the same gouge in the same spot on my finger.

Jim Harold 26:50

Lina 26:51
And in the same way where it looked like it was cauterized, and that was, you know, kind of like, I was never able to explain it. It’s like I still have the scar. But it never happened again, and it never happened before. And I’ve had my heart checked since then. And you know, it’s been fine.

Jim Harold 27:09
Yeah. Wow. Wow. Wow, what an experience.

Lina 27:13
I mean, the one time, I did post this was on this website called the “Shadow Lands,” where people could actually comment on what- what their theories were. And some people thought it was either from sleep paralysis, or it was an alien thing. That they’d come to take a sample? I don’t know.

Jim Harold 27:31
Well, I don’t know. You know, I don’t know, I couldn’t say but necessarily wouldn’t be. I mean, that is such a strange experience. That I mean, an alien is as good of explanation as anything else. I mean, or, you know, and I do believe that sometimes things like this can be medical, but- but seems like that may not have been the case, in your case. So it’s one of those– really, you said at the beginning, it is a head scratcher. And I always feel badly when people have stories like this, and I don’t have answers for them. But it is fascinating to think about it and know other people out there have very strange things happen.

Lina 28:09
Yeah, it’s like, yeah, I kept thinking that there might be some sort of answer the– I mean, the only thing that’s happened since then medically… I think it was– it didn’t have anything to do with my heart. It was, I got pancreatitis. You know, this was a few years ago, but nothing.

Jim Harold 28:30
Well, I’m glad. That’s good news. And thank you so much for sharing this unique experience, and if anybody else has had something like this, please do, do let us know. And thank you so much, Lina, for always calling in with your stories. And we appreciate it.

Lina 28:44
Okay, great. Thank you for having me.

Jim Harold 28:46
Danika is on the line from Arizona. She found out about us from the great Coast to Coast AM. We always appreciate them. And Danika is going to tell us about when she used to go to haunted locations, and the strangeness that ensued. And we’re so glad to have her on the show. Danika, welcome, and thank you for joining us today. Tell us your story.

Danika 29:10
Yeah, thanks for having me, Jim. So this story takes place in around 2000. And it’s when I lived in Maine. And it took place at a location called Pineland Farms now, but initially it was called Pineland Hospital and Treatment Center. I just– a little backstory on the location: it opened up in 1908. And the first name of the location was “The Pineland Home for the Feeble-minded” to kind of give you an idea–

Jim Harold 29:41

Danika 29:41
–what- what place this was. It housed children and adults with mental and physical disabilities, as well as, mental illness and the campus is over 200 acres. So it’s a massive property. So, at this time, I lived with my best friend and her family. And we were going to haunted locations. So we were really interested in the paranormal and wanted to have some sort of experience. And we ended up looking up locations around us in Maine that we could go to late at night, because we were foolish, and–

Jim Harold 30:19
— and young

Danika 30:21
–and young, right, and have one of these experiences. And we stumbled upon Pineland, because it had just been bought. So it had been closed due to abuse, and another company bought it. And they were going to turn it into some sort of a Golf Resort, or we didn’t know what they were going to turn it into. But they were going to do something amazing with the property. And we thought, “Okay, this is kind of our last chance to get out there.” So we picked the night that we’re going to go. For some reason we dress all in black, I have no idea why, that just seemed appropriate. Grabbed a couple flashlights, got in her car, and we drove out to this location, which is at least a 45 minute drive into the middle of nowhere. So this property, like I said, 200 acres, is huge. There’s no residents- residential property around it. And when you come across- upon the property, the main part of the campus, there’s two side streets that go down and either side, to go further into the property to the back buildings. So we decide that we’re going to park our car on the far left side across from that side street, and then get out and go into the property. So we parked the car, and we’re getting ready, and we get out of the car. And this is, you know, probably midnight, one o’clock in the morning, mild fall night, no wind. We get out of the car. And I swear to the powers that be, the moment we step on to the pavement and shut the car doors, it sounds like we’re surrounded by dar– barking dogs. Now, it wasn’t like they were close up beside us. It was like they were out in the– like somebody down the street had dogs that were barking, but they were– it was completely surrounding us. And we’re kind of looking at each other, and we walk towards the property. And we cross that side street, and the minute we stepped foot onto Pineland properties: silence. It was like they completely stopped. And Carrie and I looked at each other, and we kind of smiled at each other. We’re hoping for an experience. And this is, this is, like, starting off really great. We’re spooked, but in that fun way. And we start to go into the property and explore.

Jim Harold 32:35

Danika 32:35
Now a lot of the buildings were completely locked up. And we’re kind of looking for some way to get in without breaking anything. And we come across this building that has a board leaned up against the- the foundation, and there are windows beside this board. So we go over and we pull it. And there is a window that’s open that leads down into the basement of this particular building. And it wasn’t a very long drop. So we do end up going into that building and walking around. It was really spooky. The property– that basement, the floors, and the walls were covered in tile. So I can only assume that that was either where residents shower or maybe they, you know, hydrotherapy. But I remember getting this really eerie kind of calm feeling while I’m walking through this, this- these basements in these rooms.

Jim Harold 33:34

Danika 33:36
It’s strange, because I was amped up. And I’m also kind of afraid of the dark. So I should- I should have been really, you know, kind of freaking out. And I also got really sad. And I just felt like the energy in there was really heavy. And, you know, knowing the history, and what went on there. You can understand why, but I remember walking around and actually saying out loud, which sounds crazy now, but at the time it made sense. Like, “I’m just- I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry.”

Jim Harold 34:05
Yeah, sure. I mean, just think about these poor, poor people.

Danika 34:10
Yeah, and what they had to go through, and you know, nobody was advocating for them

Jim Harold 34:14

Danika 34:15
It’s- it’s devastating. And so we end up seeing a stairwell, and we walk up. And the only other thing in that building that was strange was one of the landings, there was a mural that was painted of the whole property. And they obviously had allowed residents to add to this mural, and I just remember seeing, like, soaring above the property in this mural was this eagle painted, but it had a person’s face instead of an eagle’s head.

Jim Harold 34:42
Oh my.

Danika 34:44
And Carrie– like, we’re like, “This is- this is messed up. Like this is weird.” And there wasn’t anything really else in that building. So we end up going down, and- and climbing back out. We’re walking- we’re looking for another building to kind of go into, and we see this area that is– they’re obviously developing it. And there’s caution tape all around it. So there’s caution tape around the building, and you know, a little bit around the ground where they were digging stuff up, or doing whatever they were doing. So we end up stopping right by this caution tape. We were so close, right, I could reach out and grab the caution tape if I wanted to. And it’s just the standard yellow caution tape. And we’re talking about, kind of, what we just experienced. And what we’re going to do next. I don’t remember exactly the conversation. But as we’re talking, all of a sudden, this caution tape starts zigzagging back and forth.

Jim Harold 35:33
Well, that’s weird.

Danika 35:35
Right? Like violently zigzagging back and forth. And I remember being– my body was just filled with that cold, like, terror feeling. This is not natural. This is not right. And I’m looking at it. We don’t– we’re not saying anything. And I look at Carrie– the- my friend and I go, the only thing I could think of to say is, “Do you see that?” Which obviously she did, but that’s the only thing that came out of my mouth. And the moment she said, “Yes,” the caution tape starts violently going up and down. So it moved from side to side, like someone was shaking it side to side, to somebody now moving it up and down, up and down, up and down. And terrified, I don’t know what– I’m frozen to the spot. And the only thing that I could think of to do was I just screamed, “Stop.” And the moment I screamed, “Stop,” it, like, stopped on a dime.

Jim Harold 36:30

Danika 36:31
Completely still. I think Carrie and I gave each other a half a look, before we just ran to the car.

Jim Harold 36:38
I’ve seen enough, I’ve seen enough.

Danika 36:40
And we’re running towards the car, we’re running towards the property. And once again, you know, to the powers that be, I swear the moment we stepped off of a Pineland property onto that side street, the dogs start barking. And the dogs are barking, and I just remember thinking, “Please, God, let the car be unlocked.” I just maybe I’ve seen too many horror movies. But in my mind, I was like, “The car is going to be locked when we get there, and no one’s ever going to hear from us again.” We, thankfully, we get to the car, it’s unlocked, we get in. She, you know, quickly get the key, the engine, and we’re driving down the street. And we probably didn’t say anything to each other for three minutes: just sat there in silence. And then we erupted in nervous, “Oh my goodness. Can you believe this just happened?” laughter.

Jim Harold 37:23
Oh, yeah, I gotta tell you, that’s the thing is that, particularly with a place like that, with that kind of history, and I mean, again, I’m not telling anybody who’s listened to my shows anything at all, that they don’t know. But these kinds of places would seem to be super ripe for hauntings, because, you know, even if you don’t believe that ghosts are sentient, that they’re more of kind of like an imprint that they’re a replay of some type, I think the thinking is, among people I’ve talked to, is the idea is that a place has a lot of energy, so it can almost supercharge it, and you’re getting the remnants of that. Even if it ghosts aren’t, quote, sentient. But whatever was moving that tape had to be sentient, because it responded to your speech. What you said. When you said, “Stop,” it stopped.

Danika 38:12
It did. It did. And you know, thinking back over the years about that experience, I remember, like, the feeling that I get is we were there looking for a paranormal experience. However, we were respectful, and in a sense to whatever happened there– And I, you know, I think when I was down in the in that basement and saying, “I’m so sorry.” And I look back, and I don’t feel like what happened at the time was meant to–like I don’t think it was angry or wanted to harm us.

Jim Harold 38:45

Danika 38:45
It kind of felt playful, and like, “Let’s give them what they want.”

Jim Harold 38:48
Interesting. Interesting.

Danika 38:50

Jim Harold 38:50
And I gotta tell you, it’s just– my heart goes out to those folks who were so mistreated in- in places like that for many, many, many years. But Danika, thank you so much for calling in with your story. Thank you for your support. I know you said that you love the show so much that you became a Plus Club Member.

Danika 39:08

Jim Harold 39:09
So folks, folks, check that out. JimHaroldplus.com. We’ve got a great sale going on. And I thank you very much for joining us and sharing this Campfire story tonight, Danika.

Danika 39:22
Thank you. Stay spooky Jim.

Jim Harold 39:23
Stay spooky.

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Campfire Announcer 41:50
You are listening to Jim Harold’s Campfire.

Jim Harold 41:54
Kandi is on the line from Denver, Colorado. And we’re so glad to have her on the show. She says she’s been listening quite a while and wanted to share this head scratcher and I love head scratchers, you know, Kandi. So, can’t wait to hear this one. Tell us- Tell us about your grandpa.

Kandi 42:11
Yeah. Well, first of all, little history. We have a very old house, and it goes back to– we find paperwork around the 1870s.

Jim Harold 42:22

Kandi 42:23
And so it’s been around, and it’s been a lot of different things. And, you know, my- my grandpa in the early 1990s? 1990s, yes. I was hoping I said that right. He came to visit us. And he, you know, we- we hardly have ever gotten any history from him about anything regarding World War II or anything he ever did. And so he starts looking around our house. And looking around the neighborhood. He’s standing outside. He’s looking around. And then we had, at that point, just uncovered– we’re always uncovering things or house. And we had uncovered a little shrine that– it was actually in the bedroom he was staying in.

Jim Harold 43:14

Kandi 43:14
It still have the wax and- and everything from candles burning. And so, he gets excited. And he’s proceeding to tell us that, and I’d never known this, that he was an ambulance driver in World War II. And he had been sent from the war to Denver to- to just do some rehab. And then they would send him home, and he said a number of other soldiers did the same thing.

Jim Harold 43:42

Kandi 43:46
But upon looking around our house, he realizes– he, you know, he had also looked across the street where we had a big Elitch’s Six Flags Theme park there–

Jim Harold 44:00

Kandi 44:01
–and he recognized the name, “Elitch’s,” and he proceeded to tell us that Elitch’s was a place where the big bands would go and play.

Jim Harold 44:12
Oh yeah, like the Glenn Miller type bands and that kind of stuff.

Kandi 44:15
And Glenn Miller actually was THE band staying there when my gran- his favorite stay next door– and to our place. And he said that the guys and him would go across the street and ladies would meet him over there, and they’d dance and- and just do a little bit of R&R, you know, before going home. Some of them were more serious, some were able to do things like that. And so my grandpa’s just incredulous, and he’s telling us, “I stayed in your house.”

Jim Harold 44:50

Kandi 44:51
And he stayed in our house before my dad was ever even born, or I was ever even around. And so I would say that’s a pretty good head scratcher.

Jim Harold 45:03
I think so. Talk about a coincidence. So your family didn’t own this house. This is a house that you bought in later years.

Kandi 45:10

Jim Harold 45:10
And by then your grandpa comes back, never having seen the house, and realizes he literally stayed in the same house decades later.

Kandi 45:18

Jim Harold 45:20
Earlier- excuse me. Earlier

Kandi 45:21
Yeah, yeah, later and earlier. And so just to kind of back that up a little bit. So you know, we really didn’t have any history on our house until that point, because we- we really hadn’t had the time or anything, because of children’s stuff, to check it out. But an older couple comes by, and they knock on our door. This is like a year after my grandpa had been here. And this couple was quite a bit older than us. And they said that they had lived in our house in the 1960s, into the early 70s.

Jim Harold 46:01

Kandi 46:01
And they loved our house so much that they went and did a whole class at the library, Denver Public Library, and found out all the history on our home.

Jim Harold 46:13

Kandi 46:15
So that’s when they backed up my grandpa’s whole thing on him staying at our house, they said that it had been used for rehab. And then they also said that our house had been a TB research clinic.

Jim Harold 46:33
Oh, for Tuberculosis. Oh, okay.

Kandi 46:35
Yeah, yeah. So it was an old mansion back in the day, but they had cut it up into different sections. So the section beside us was the place for the big band stayed. And then when- when it was used for TB research, then it was used for holding the patients. And then they had them both combined at that point. And so it was pretty crazy. And just to kind of go a little deeper with this whole thing, the older couple that gave us that information– I mean, this whole house just goes round and round with that. They– we had asked them what they did and- and then they were talking to us about, you know, what we did. And so it turns out that he was an artist, and she was an opera singer. And then we all were baffled, because then I told him that my husband was an opera singer, and that I was an artist.

Jim Harold 47:49

Kandi 47:49
How often does that–?

Jim Harold 47:50
Yeah, yeah.

Kandi 47:52
And- and so during that whole conversation, they say, “Well, have you seen him?” And we said, “Well, who’s him?” And they- they call him the same thing that we call– you know, we kind of see this soldier kind of hanging around the house a lot and doing all kinds of things. You know, nothing- nothing is ever hurtful and nothing is ever scary, but it’s enough that you kind of go, “Okay.”(Laughs).

Jim Harold 48:23
Yeah, that’s probably– maybe from when it was the rehab place.

Kandi 48:28
Yes, yes. And so I was trying to segue all that in to tell you about that. Because they said, “Oh, yes, we saw the soldier too. And you used to have stairs in the house. But we took the stairs out, because we would see the soldier, and feel the soldier way too much on the stairs, so nobody would use the stairs.” And, and so we told them about little things that happened. Primarily when I started asking, you know, the ghost to kind of take a break–

Jim Harold 49:05

Kandi 49:05
–was when I had my second child, and she would just smile, and hold her arms up, and “dah dah dah,” and laugh, and she would do that to what we weren’t seeing, but I’m sure it was him.

Jim Harold 49:19
Oh man. So she wasn’t saying, “dah, dah, dah” to her dad? She was saying, “dah, dah, dah” to the ghost. That means, she was seeing him a lot. It seems like to me.

Kandi 49:28
Yes, yes.

Jim Harold 49:28
And the thing is, is that, you know, it’s really interesting. I’m always interested in the history of buildings. You know, just yesterday, we have a great– I’m from the Cleveland area, and we have a great gentleman who’s on Twitter- Twitter, who puts out pictures from our Cleveland Public Library: historic pictures. He put one up yesterday for Presidents Day, and it was of former President Nixon, of all people, doing a parade down one of the main drags in Cleveland, and I was able to see the storefronts, and I- I always heard of the one store, but I could never place where it was on that street. And I said, “Thank you for posting this. Now I know where that particular store was.” I’ve always been fascinated, like looking at a neighborhood, like now, and then looking back even in the 70s, or the 60s, or earlier, it’s fascinating to me how many times have changed. So it’s really remarkable. You know, it sounds like the house didn’t have stairs. I’m sure you guys did some renovations, previous people, and he was able to recognize it. And that’s really remarkable that he was able to recognize it, and say, “Yeah, this this was the place.”

Kandi 50:36
Uh, huh, and well, and it was because of the Six Flags Theme Park still named “Elitch’s.” And- but I was going to tell you, too, that our house does– since you just mentioned in history of houses. We had found out through all the paper works through the library, that the multimillionaires that built our house originally. He built it. And he was the owner of Mademoiselle Magazine.

Jim Harold 51:07

Kandi 51:08
He started all the parks and recreation places around Jim Morrison Park and Red Rocks. And he had hung out with Teddy Roosevelt, and Teddy Roosevelt, apparently, had stayed here.

Jim Harold 51:22
How cool is that? What a nice little bow to tie it all up with. Well, Kandi–

Kandi 51:26
Yeah, there you go!

Jim Harold 51:27
Thank you so much for a great story and a great head scratcher.

Kandi 51:32
Great. Well, thank you.

Jim Harold 51:33
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Follow Jim on Twitter and Instagram at The Jim Harold and join our Virtual Campfire Facebook Group and virtualcampfire group.com. Now back to _The Campfire.

Jim Harold 54:05
Tamara is on the line from Vancouver, Canada, and we’re so glad to have her on the line. She said she’s been listening for a couple of years, and she said, “Hey, I think it’s my turn to put a story back into the pot.” Which I think is great. So if you listen to the show, and you enjoy it, one way that you can support us is sign up at JimHarold.com/campfire and tell your story just like Tamara did, or is going to. Tamara, welcome to the show, and this is a cool story. Please tell us about it.

Tamara 54:36
Thank you so much for having me, Jim. Um, yeah, so my mom passed away in 2016. And prior to her passing– I haven’t had the best of luck when it comes to love and dating, and she really wanted to see me, you know, find somebody like a boyfriend or a husband and settle down. But unfortunately, she didn’t stick around long enough to see that happen. But about a year ago, I started to date a guy that was sle– seemingly very perfect for me. And, you know, he had a really good job. He was super handsome, really, really lovely guy. And we were dating for only about a week. And we had plans to do something on a Friday night. And leading up to that day, my mom kept coming into my dreams, like every night, and she was constantly in my thoughts. And just, there were signs of my mom sort of like everywhere. And before I left for work on that Friday morning, I said to my roommate, “You know, I don’t know why, but I keep thinking about my mom, and she keeps popping into my dreams. And I feel like she’s trying to tell me something, but I don’t- I don’t know what. I can’t figure it out. But it’s- it’s significant enough that, you know, I just–” Anyways, so I go to work, and a couple hours into my shift, I see a phone call come in from the guy that I was supposed to go out with later on that night. I was at work, so I couldn’t accept the phone call. So I just hit decline. So it would just go straight to voicemail. And a couple minutes later, I get a text message from him. And he says, “Hey, I’m really sorry, but I have to cancel tonight. I just tried to call you, but it was strange, because it went to some other voicemail. It wasn’t yours. With some other lady on the line, and she said her name was Carolanne.”

Jim Harold 56:57

Tamara 56:59
Funny thing about that is that: number one, and he didn’t even know that my mother had passed. And two, he didn’t know that her name was Carolanne.

Jim Harold 57:07
Dun, dun, dunnnnn.

Tamara 57:11
Yeah, so I’m sitting there, and I shared an office with a couple of people. And I just freaked out, and everyone was, “What- what’s going on? What’s wrong?” And I told them the story, and I just about fell off my chair. And I said, I got to take this call. So I call him, and I said, “What did you just say?” And he goes, “Yeah, I’m really sorry. I gotta cancel tonight. But it’s really strange. I just tried to call you, but I think it was the wrong number, because it was some other lady on the line. Yeah, she said her name was Carolanne,” and- and I said, “No, you didn’t call the wrong number, you called my phone number. Because I saw the call come in, I hit decline. Are you sure that you heard the name ‘Carolanne’?” and he goes, “Clear as day. It was absolutely not you. It was some other lady’s voice. And I promise you, her name was Carolanne.” And I said, “That’s my mother’s name. She died in 2016”. Now this guy was a medical professional, and very scientifically-minded and didn’t really believe in this stuff, I don’t think. And he just went silent.

Jim Harold 58:17

Tamara 58:18
Absolutely silent. He just said, “What?” And I said, “Yeah.” So…

Jim Harold 58:22

Tamara 58:23

Jim Harold 58:24
That’s– now did it work out with him, or it didn’t work?

Tamara 58:27
It didn’t, unfortunately, we’re still friends. He’s- he– Yeah. Didn’t– lots of reasons. But a lovely person. But yeah, I think my mom trying to say something like, “Don’t screw it up, buddy or (Laughs).”

Jim Harold 58:44
But what are the chances? I mean, you know, could have been her name was– this– If it were a wires crossed situation, because weird things happen with telecommunications, the name could have been Britney, or it could have been Susan, or it could have been any of a thousand names.

Tamara 59:00

Jim Harold 59:00
But Carolanne? Which, you know, if it’s Carol, or it’s Anne, that– those are, relatively, common names. But together, I mean, what?

Tamara 59:08

Jim Harold 59:10
Again, I– people will complete my sentence here, too much of a coincidence to be a coincidence.

Tamara 59:16
Exactly. I thought so too.

Jim Harold 59:18
Very interesting. Well, thank you so much, Tamara, for sharing this very, very cool Campfire story.

Tamara 59:26
Absolutely. Thanks for having me, Jim.

Jim Harold 59:29
Jordan is on the line from Florida, and we’re so glad to speak with him today. He’s been listening for a few years, and we appreciate it. And he’s going to take us back to his college years. Tell us something strange that happened. Hey, Jordan, thank you for joining us and appreciate it. Calling in from Florida today, and tell us what happened.

Jordan 59:49
Hey, Jim, thanks for having me on. Yeah, so this happened my freshman year of high school. I had a few friends that had invited me to experience and explore this abandoned asylum that was, you know, a few hours from campus. And at first I was a little hesitant. I was like, “I don’t know how I feel about this.” And the day of, I just kind of was going back and forth. I texted him, I was like, “Hey, I don’t know if I’m gonna be in. Like, I have homework or whatever.” But I was just a little bit nervous. Because I’d never done anything like that before. But eventually, I was like, “You know what, they’re probably never going to go back. I might as well check it out.” And after the fact, and after the trip, I did a little bit of research, and it’s the DeJarnette Asylum.

Jim Harold 1:00:36

Jordan 1:00:37
In Staunton, Virginia, which I guess is a children’s asylum that was used in, like, the late 1800s, early 1900s. But I didn’t know that going in. So we went. And just to all- all of your listeners, I would advise, you know, against going to any abandoned places, because most of them are private property.

Jim Harold 1:00:58

Jordan 1:00:58
We’re- we’re lucky enough to not run into anyone, but it’s definitely not something I would do.

Jim Harold 1:01:04
Yeah, it’s not it’s not legally safe. It’s not physically safe. You know, and it’s, you know, I would agree with that. I mean, but you said you were young, and you guys were looking for- for some excitement. So I don’t want to be too harsh on you. But I don’t– You’re right. It’s not a good idea. With age comes wisdom.

Jordan 1:01:25
Absolutely, Jim. But anyway, we went, and we were exploring, and I just I remember, it was oddly peaceful in there. Because I had kind of gone with the expectation of like, you know, I was a skeptic, you know, nothing’s gonna happen. So we’re wandering around is pretty quiet, and then went through a night and nothing really happened. So I was like, “You know what, I’m gonna push my luck a little bit.” So I went down to the basement, and I went into like, a dark room. And I just kind of sat, and I didn’t say anything. I didn’t call out to anything. But in my mind, I was like, “Okay, if something’s gonna happen, it’s gonna happen. It’s not, it’s notm and I can kind of be at peace with myself.” So sat there for maybe two, three minutes, and then nothing happened. So I was like, “Okay, cool.” So I get out of the room, I go back upstairs, rejoin the rest of the the- the people that were with us. And they were like, “Where were you,” I was like, “I was just exploring,” didn’t tell them what I was doing. And as I was walking down the hallway, I was just walking in, as my hand went back, I felt the very distinct and real feeling of a small hand grabbing my third and pinky finger.

Jim Harold 1:02:36
Oh, boy,

Jordan 1:02:36
It was almost like– it was someone had like, grabbed it, and then they– it slipped off. Like they tried to grab it, but they couldn’t hold on. So I felt like the initial grip, and then the hand sliding off. I kind of turned around, kind of looked around, and was like, “Okay, that’s- that’s a bit odd.” But I didn’t think much of it. And it’s like, “Okay, well, that’s- that felt like something touched me. But, you know, there’s probably like a wire or maybe some water, or dust, or something.” I kind of looked around, and no one was behind me. The rest of the group was in front of me, because I just rejoined them. And I kind of, I didn’t say anything at first, and they kind of rejoined, and then we were driving our way back, like, “Oh, did you have a good time?” I was like, “Yeah,” I was like, “I think something touched me. But you know, I don’t know.” And some of the girls were like, “Oh, oh, shut up.” Like, “you’re just trying to scare us.” I was like, “Okay, maybe.” And went back and went back to my dorm room. And my roommate at the time, he was like, “Oh, how was it?” Because he knew where I was going. But he didn’t go. Like, “Oh, it’s cool.” Like, “nothing really happened.” He’s like, “okay, cool.” So I went to bed, didn’t think much of much of it. And I was a little bit like, “Oh, maybe I’ll have like, a weird dream, just because it was like, you know, going to a spooky place or just thinking about it.” But I slept normally. And I wake up the next morning. And it was a Saturday, because we went on a Friday night. So it was a Saturday morning, so we woke up fairly late. And I was the first one up. My roommate was still asleep. And I look over– and our room was set up with my bed was against one wall and his bed was the other wall, but it was lofted. And he had his desk underneath. And on his desk he kept an hourglass, like- like a sand timer.

Jim Harold 1:03:16

Jordan 1:03:30
And it had shattered overnight, to the point where the top part of the globe was shattered in half. And like the bottom part was, like, still intact. And I saw it. I was like, “that’s weird.” I- I don’t remember hearing anything overnight. And so I got him up. I was like, “Hey, did you hear your hourglass breaking overnight?” He’s like- he’s like, “Well, no, did you break it?” and I was like, “No, I had no reason to do that.”

Jim Harold 1:04:48

Jordan 1:04:49
Then we- we’re both engineers, and we’re just kind of looking around the room, shaking the bed around, trying to see if there was anything that we could, you know, explain the broken hourglass, and we couldn’t. And he looked pretty freaked out when he saw the hourglass, but I was like, “I don’t know, like, if I hit it or maybe the pencil fell or something on the desk fell,” so I wasn’t I wasn’t even thinking about the night before. And then a few days went by. And we were just sitting doing homework and he looks over. He’s like, “Did anything happen at that asylum?” And I was like, “Oh, well, since you’re asking me,” I was like, “Yeah, I had felt like, had like a small hand touch me and didn’t really think anything of it.” And he’s like, “Yeah, so you know how you normally talk some at night, like, you’ll usually mumble?” I was like, “Well, yeah.” He’s like, “Well, that night, I woke up, and it was around, maybe, one or two? And you were talking in a different language.”

Jim Harold 1:05:42
Oh, boy.

Jordan 1:05:43
I was like, “What?!” He’s like, “yeah,” he’s like, “I don’t know what language it was.” He said it was either Latin, or Finnish, or Russian or something. But he can usually parse out what I say, because I usually speak pretty clearly. Like he’s- he’s told me about just funny things that happened, like where I’ll say like, “Give me the taco,” or “Where’s the cheese?” just random stuff.

Jim Harold 1:06:09

Jordan 1:06:10
But he said, “That night,” he was like, “it was very clear.” And it was fairly loud. But you were, you were talking a different language. And I asked him about it the other day, I called him up. I was like, “Hey, do you remember anything about that night?” just before I came on the show. And he was like, “Oh, yeah, you were like, shaking while you’re like saying, whatever it was in the other language.”

Jim Harold 1:06:34
Oh, gosh.

Jordan 1:06:34
It sounded Eastern European, because I learned German after the fact. Just on my own. He said it was like, “It was almost like you’re speaking like some dialect of German or something.”

Jim Harold 1:06:46

Jordan 1:06:47
But that was before I even started learning the language. So yeah, and nothing like that ever happened again. I talked in my sleep, and nothing ever, quite similar to that experience.

Jim Harold 1:07:02
Wow. That’s really something. I gotta tell you that– and it’s interesting, because we’ve had calls on this session of taping, because we do– recording I’m dating myself “taping,” recording. And we don’t tell people what to call about. And we had another call about a haunted asylum today.

Jordan 1:07:24
No kidding?

Jim Harold 1:07:25
And then we had another person who had something whispering in their ear speaking in a strange foreign, hissing foreign language. That’s the- nobody– that she didn’t understand. So just- just kind of funny how the show decides it’s going to produce itself sometimes. But wow. So what do you think? Do you think that you did experience something, and you repressed it? Or do you think you subconsciously experienced something? What do you think?

Jordan 1:07:53
Um, so as far as the experience in the asylum, I think it could have been, you know, a number of anything. It could have been a ghost, it could have been something demonic, like, I’m a- I’m a Christian so I believe, you know, a fair bit of paranormal experiences, like a form of spiritual warfare.

Jim Harold 1:08:09

Jordan 1:08:11
And I do believe that, you know, what, it could have been, something tried to attack me, because I was fairly early into my faith. And, you know, thankfully, I think- I think God protected me, because I haven’t experienced anything since. But, you know, who knows? And as far as the language thing, I’ve- I took a little bit of Latin in high school, and I’ve listened to a little bit of foreign music, just kind of spice things up sometimes, but nothing ever to the point of being able to speak it semi-fluently. Now, unless it was just a subconscious thing. Like where someone could just kind of think about things they’ve heard or something and just replicate it, but who knows?

Jim Harold 1:08:55
That is strange, Jordan, that’s very strange. Well, it’s a mystery. I thank you so much for sharing the mystery with us today on The Campfire.

Jordan 1:09:05
Thanks, Jim.

Jim Harold 1:09:05
Next up on The Campfire: she’s been on just recently, glad to have her back, Amanda from Ontario, Canada. And she’s going to take us back to 2016 and a funeral. And she’ll take it from there. Amanda, welcome back to the show. And please tell us what happened.

Amanda 1:09:24
Thanks so much for having me, Jim. Yeah. 2016, I met this guy at work. And we started dating. And I thought it was very strange when he asked me to attend his stepmother’s funeral. I’m not good with funerals. I know nobody’s really good with funerals. But for me, it’s- it’s a very empathic process to go through.

Jim Harold 1:09:52

Amanda 1:09:53
I’m like one of those people that walk in, and I feel everything that’s been in the funeral home in the last few months, or a year, or whatever, and I’m just like, “Eugh.” Can’t handle it. Anyway. So we he asked me to go to the funeral for his stepmother. They had a very strange, blended family. So this was him, his younger brother, and his father, and then all of his step and half siblings from the woman who had passed away. So it’s quite a big, quite a big event.

Jim Harold 1:10:24

Amanda 1:10:25
So we go, and I’m very uncomfortable, because it’s people I don’t know. It’s family. So I decided, I said to him, “You know, you stay with your family, I’m going to stay in the back. Because I feel like that’s more appropriate for me.” And his, I believe it was his stepbrother, it may have been his half-brother, but I’m pretty sure it was a stepbrother, got up to say his eulogy. And I remember him telling the story about when him and his mom were, believe they were salmon fishing, and he was telling the story about how she– I believe she was trying to land the fish on the boat. And as he’s telling the story, the whole room starts to fade in black, like when you’re getting tunnel vision, or you stand up too fast.

Jim Harold 1:11:17

Amanda 1:11:17
And all of a sudden, boom, the whole room is like that, okay. So the whole room absorbs this black shadow. And all of a sudden, from behind him, this white light starts, like an aura, starts glowing. And I’m looking around the whole funeral area. And I’m like, “Is anybody else seeing this?” And it was like watching a movie, everybody else was interacting with him telling his story: some were crying, some were, you know, laughing through the tears, which was beautiful. And I’m sitting here going, “Nobody else sees this?” She, the woman, who had passed, stepped out from behind her son and was laughing. She had the most purest look on her face. Now, it wasn’t like a real person. It was like a white glow with- with a very human feature face, like I could see her. And I’m looking at the casket, and I’m looking at this apparition and I’m thinking, “Oh my goodness, this is the same person. This is her. She’s with her son. This is amazing,” right. I’ve never seen this before. I’ve been to more funerals then I’d like to admit, but I’ve never seen this before. And she’s laughing, and she has her hands on her shoulder. And she’s like any proud mother would, right? She’s standing behind him. She’s looking at him. She’s smiling. She’s laughing, and she is glowing, because he’s telling the story about his mom. And then as soon as it was over, it was over. It just was over. Everything went back to normal. Except for me, because I was like, “What just happened?” So at the end of everything. Unlike my last story where I couldn’t tell the person, I told him what I’d seen. I approached him and I said, “Hey, you know, I know we don’t know each other. And I’ve only been dating your brother for a short amount of time. Please, please, please don’t think that I’m trying to be inappropriate. But your mom was with you, when when you were telling that story about her laughing, or about her for catching this fish. She was standing behind you laughing,” and he’s like, “You know, kind of- kind of wondered if she was there.” He’s like, “I felt really warm and really happy.” He’s like, “The happiest that I’ve felt since that moment.” I said, “Well, I feel like maybe she was giving you the feeling of that memory again. But like, I just want you to know that she’s here with you. She loves you. She loves all of you. And she’s really happy to see you. And she’s really happy that this was one of your favorite memories. And you know, don’t forget her right, like, keep telling these happy stories, keep remembering her in this light. And, and she’ll always be with you.” And he was so happy. And so, like, grateful that that I was there. And I felt like that was my whole reasoning for even being there in the first place. Because very shortly after that funeral, him and I separated. We never spoke- we never spoke to each other ever again.

Jim Harold 1:14:22
You stole the words out of my mouth, because I was going to ask you if you guys were still together, and I’m assuming from what you said that you weren’t.

Amanda 1:14:30

Jim Harold 1:14:30
And I was going to ask if you thought that was the reason you were brought there. So we’re on the same wavelength.

Amanda 1:14:34
I honestly felt like that was, yeah, I felt like that was the only reason that him, and I were ever to meet.

Jim Harold 1:14:39
Yeah, because, to be honest with you, you know that’s very awkward when you’re– when you’re dating somebody, and it’s been a while for me. But (Laughs), but- but, but the point being that when you’re trying to introduce yourself to somebody’s family, in the perfect instance, that is a very awkward thing to do. Let alone–

Amanda 1:15:01
And that’s probably the worst time–

Jim Harold 1:15:03

Amanda 1:15:03
–to introduce yourself.

Jim Harold 1:15:04
Yeah. Because it’s like, you know, I could speak– I could frankly hear people saying, “Well, who is this poser? We don’t know her,” you know, “she’s trying to ingratiate herself.” And did you ever meet the woman?

Amanda 1:15:17

Jim Harold 1:15:18
No, see? That’s what I’m saying.

Amanda 1:15:19
No, she– yeah, well see. And this- this is part of- this is why I don’t like funerals, too, is that she had been passed for probably a week when her funeral was held. So it was very, it was past her time. She should have gone.

Jim Harold 1:15:37

Amanda 1:15:38
A few days before that. I don’t want to be graphic I don’t want to be disrespectful–

Jim Harold 1:15:41
No, no, I get it. I understand what you’re saying.

Amanda 1:15:43
But because the family was so huge and so blended, it was very hard to get everyone in

Jim Harold 1:15:48
Everybody together, yeah. It’s one of those things. I mean, I’m assuming that even though you were not exactly thrilled to be going that you’re glad you had that experience, you’re able to share that with the family.

Amanda 1:16:01
I did, because you know what, after I said that to his brother, it seemed like the entire family just embraced each other. It was like, it was the weirdest thing to watch 50 or 60 people just all be in this ball of love. And I was like, “Wow, this is– I’ve never been to a funeral like this before.” Gonna keep saying it. So it’s weird. Yeah. And I just- I just think about that. And it felt like everyone, everyone, was very accepting of what was going on in that moment. Right there. It was so weird, like beautiful, but weird.

Jim Harold 1:16:42
Indeed. Well, Amanda, thank you for sharing. This is a very unique experience, but very powerful indeed. Thank you for being a part, again, of The Campfire.

Amanda 1:16:53
You’re welcome. And you’ll hear from me again, I’m sure.

Jim Harold 1:16:55

Amanda 1:16:57
All right. You have a great time.

Jim Harold 1:16:59
Next up on The Campfire is Jeff from San Francisco. He and his wife listen to The Campfire religiously. So Margarita, thank you very much and stay spooky to you. And Jeff is going to tell us about someone named Kevin. Jeff, welcome to the show. Thank you for joining us. And thanks so much.

Jeff 1:17:21
Jim, thank you. This is very exciting to get to share this story with The Campfire family. So I live in San Francisco, and been here for a couple of years. And I moved to Hollywood back in 2010. And it had been a really hard search. Nobody would accept my applications. And one day, I found this building. It was about 110 years old, in the heart of Hollywood. I’m talking Santa Monica. Beautiful neighborhood, extremely quiet despite being in the middle of all of the Hollywood chaos.

Jim Harold 1:17:57

Jeff 1:17:58
And the building manager was super cool. He asked no questions like, “Hey, sure, warm body, you’re welcome.” And we signed the lease within five minutes. And I was moving in that night. It was about 10 o’clock at night. And I was lugging some boxes and some guitars. And I walked up to the second floor where my apartment, new apartment, was. And I saw this gentleman, and he was entering into his apartment, and he was carrying a bunch of containers of food. And I said hi to him, he introduced himself to me. And within the span of two minutes, he explained how he was helping to take care of the elderly residents in the building. And in return, they would cook him these delicious meals. And that was the very first time that I met Kevin. And over the next seven, eight years, we would always be bumping into each other, whether I was coming out of my apartment, or if we were outside. And the way that the building was structured– in Hollywood, there are all these alleys behind these really ancient buildings. And I would oftentimes come in through this back alley, and I would always bump into Kevin there. Kevin was a person who had had a really rough past. And he’d worked really, really hard to turn this entire life around. And Kevin was one of those people where he had- he literally had like a sparkle in his eye.

Jim Harold 1:19:32

Jeff 1:19:32
And when he would talk to you, he would listen to you with his entire heart. His eyes would just absorb everything. He was just one of those very special people. And over the years, I learned about how he had been living on the streets. He’d had various substance problems, but he’d conquered all of those, and he was so proud of it, that he’d gotten himself into an apartment, and he had established himself in Hollywood. And Kevin was a picker. And so what Kevin would do is that he had this amazing ability. He knew all of these fancy Hollywood studios and certain neighborhoods where people would throw out these incredible treasures, something to me, like, “How could anybody ever throw it out?” People would get rid of expensive guitar pedals or comic book collections. Kevin would find them in the- in the dumpsters, and then he would sell them on impromptu garage sales in front of our building. So Kevin was just- he was like the heart of the neighborhood. And at one point, Kevin started playing guitar, I play guitar as well. And he was always proud to tell me, “Hey, I learned this piece.” And I was like, “Kevin, that’s amazing. I don’t even read music, you’re- you’re doing so awesome.” It was just a really cool course of his life. And he would always share various stories about things he would see when he was out picking at night. He’d always have some kind of kind of an adventure. There reached a point where a new company bought our building, the old owner had passed away. And this conglomerate, this big company, bought the- our apartment building, sent in a new manager and to kind of set the new rules and set the new tone. And one of the things that that involved was raising the rents.

Jim Harold 1:19:38

Jeff 1:19:41
And Kevin was super, super stressed out about this, because he had– he received a certain amount of money per month. And he was able to supplement that with his picking. And he just had a– he had everything under his control.

Jim Harold 1:21:41

Jeff 1:21:42
And the- the new management company was was one of those faceless companies, and they kind of send a person like, “Hey, you got to do this. This is how it is. If you don’t like it…”

Jim Harold 1:21:51
Yeah, yeah. No- no heart. No heart.

Jeff 1:21:53
No, and it broke my heart, because I had watched Kevin, build himself up, and reach this amazing point of his life. And so one day, he was really excited, because he came across this amazing haul of– it was some of the coolest guitar pedals that I’d ever seen. Apparently, some musician had thrown them all out. He found all these really cool, original comic books. And he was showing them to me. He was so proud he’s like Jeff, “You’re not going to believe what I found tonight.” And I said, “Kevin,” I said, “I know you’re stressed out about the rent. I’ve got a computer. I’ve got an eBay account. Why don’t you let me help you, and we can sell all this stuff on eBay.”

Jim Harold 1:22:42

Jeff 1:22:42
And he said, “Oh,” he said, “That would be super cool. That would be amazing.” And something happened between then. I’ll still never know to this day, but that was on a Wednesday or Thursday. And I didn’t see him after that. And I know that our building manager had come by, and they had a conversation. At least that’s what the talk in the building was. They’d heard some some raised voices. It was a very emotional conversation. I wasn’t in the building. And so that Friday, I remember this distinctly, I came home. I walked into the building. And right at the top of my stairs, I saw something I’d never seen before. It was a bottle of vodka that was on its side. And some– there was still some some liquid there. And there was a container from 7-11 with some chicken wings. Half-eaten, just it looked like somebody had been having a party. And there was– it’s Hollywood, after all. We had a lot of party people in the building. And I figured maybe somebody got a little, you know, too rowdy and they dropped it on the way out.

Jim Harold 1:23:46

Jeff 1:23:47
But what’s– the reason I mention the specifics of what I saw, I got this really eerie feeling. And ever since I’ve been a little kid, I’ve always had an open mind to the other side or whatever that represents. And I got, Jim, I got this chilling feeling when I looked at this really innocuous bottle of alcohol and some- some chicken wings. It felt ominous. That’s the only– I can think back to the exact moment that I saw this and it- it almost gives me chills now just to think of it. And I thought, “How weird that I would have this this bizarre feeling,” right? And I- in the back of my head, I was like, “I wonder is that? Is that Kevin? Was he?” The idea that popped into my head–

Jim Harold 1:24:34

Jeff 1:24:34
–is that Kevin had some kind of a last hurrah. So I didn’t really pay any mind to it. So that weekend began, and when I came out of my apartment that Saturday night, I smelled something. It’s Hollywood. It’s summer. There’s no air conditioning in the building. And– but there was something in the back of my mind that knew that something wasn’t right, but I still– it wasn’t something that concerned me. The next day, my curiosity got the better of me. And I started to get very worried. So I walked down the 20 feet, and I started knocking on Kevin’s door. Heard nothing. The fan was running, the TV was on, but the smell got stronger. And it was an unmistakable smell. And so I immediately called the building manager, the very one who, a day or so prior, had a really terrible fight with Kevin. And I said, “Hey,” I said, “I just want to do a wellness check on Kevin.” I said, “I- I think something may have happened to him.”

Jim Harold 1:25:40

Jeff 1:25:41
The building manager came out, maybe like 10 minutes later, he had the emergency key. And he looked at me, and he was somebody who walked around with a lot of bravado. And he looked at me and he said, “Hey, stay here.” And another person heard some commotion, they came out he said, “Your– Can you stay here?” He kind of like he wanted backup, emotional backup.

Jim Harold 1:26:02

Jeff 1:26:02
So he began to pound on the door. He said, “Hey, I’m coming in.” He turned the key open. And then he said, “He’s- he’s passed away.”

Jim Harold 1:26:12
Oh, my.

Jeff 1:26:13
And he had passed away that- that weekend. And within- within, you know, a half hour, there was– the coroner arrived. It was straight out of a movie. They– the police arrived, and they actually put caution tape over the door. And it was- it was sealed. After they- they removed his body. I was the first one to see this. And I was so shaken. I walked out just to get some fresh air. And as I sat outside, all of the residents, it was a very small building.

Jim Harold 1:26:50

Jeff 1:26:50
–as each of them came in, I– they asked me, “Hey, is everything okay?” And I let them know. And so it was a– it was a very– it affected me in a very, very deep level. Because we’d always have these great conversations, and a lot of those conversations would– took place in this back alley. So um, life, as it does, moved on. But I’d had a real dark cloud over my head just of sadness. I just, I missed Kevin, I miss talking to him. And I was so hopeful for what his life was about to be. And so I was starting a new job. And that required me to fly to New York. And so I had to get up one morning, and I was– I had Kevin on my mind. It was about seven in the morning. And so I had to sit, take some trash out. And as I went down our stairs to go out the back door, I bumped into somebody, there was always a lot of traffic. And I said, “Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry.” Because I hit them pretty hard with the door, and I didn’t hear anything. And I slowly open the door, they opened outwards, and there was nobody there. And I didn’t get the chills. I didn’t feel anything else. I was more curious. I was like, “That’s weird.” And I looked down. And I saw there was a rubber piece under the door. And I saw there was a rubber doormat, and I immediately began to explain, “Oh, that must have curled up somehow. I did– I didn’t see it, and that the rubber, pulling the door, made it feel like I was bumping into someone’s body,” even though, it felt like the unmistakable feeling of a hollow core door hitting a human body.

Jim Harold 1:28:36

Jeff 1:28:37
Like somebody’s chest.

Jim Harold 1:28:38

Jeff 1:28:39
That was why I immediately started apologizing, because I thought it might have hurt one of the elderly residents, you know, seeing them. So I went out, there was an elaborate system of a chain that I had to undo to get access to the garbage, the dumpster. Threw the garbage away. And, Jim, I put the lock on, and as I was putting the lock on, my eyes drifted up to the door, and my heart stopped. Because there was some morning mist on the door, and there was a handprint right in the mist

Jim Harold 1:29:14

Jeff 1:29:15
–of the door. And there was nobody else in the alley. There was nobody else there. And I, without thinking, I said, “Kevin, is that you?” And I was overcome with this feeling of peacefulness. That black cloud of sadness that I’d had, it felt like it evaporated, like when the sun comes out. And all the gray clouds go away. That was the feeling that I had. And I- I’m like, “I have to take a picture of this for my own sanity” and took a picture of the– it was very clearly a human handprint just about the level of where someone would be if they were stopping the door or had their- their hand up against it. And I went back in and I, for the year or so later that I lived in that building, I was never able to recreate that feeling of– I tried folding the door- the doormat. I tried every variation to try to recreate that, to try to make it seem like that the door would have hit the plastic or the rubber, and I was never able to do that. And I– part of me likes to think that it was somehow Kevin saying like a last goodbye to me. Just because when I think about the piece, that was– it was like I was– just a washing over me something I’ve never felt before in my whole life. And after that. I felt a lot more at peace with Kevin’s passing.

Jim Harold 1:30:59
So you really, it seems like, you had a connection there from beyond with Kevin.

Jeff 1:31:05
Yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s uh, it felt very special. It didn’t feel scary. It felt more- just lots of- lots of good love energy. Lots of just really special energy.

Jim Harold 1:31:18
And it’s really interesting that people that come into our lives, not just maybe those that are part of our family or long term friends. But people who may– we only have a short time with, but they make a real connection, a connection that will last into the beyond. And it sounds like that kind of connection. Jeff, thank you for sharing your story tonight on The Campfire.

Jeff 1:31:43
Thank you so much, Jim.

Jim Harold 1:31:44
Thank you so much for joining us today on The Campfire, I appreciate it. And you might notice a theme on our calls. I notice it more and more. That people call in with their stories. And they’ll say, “My friend so and so told me,” or “My wife, so and so told me,” or “My partner so and so told me,” or “My boss, so and so told me,” and that tells you how people find out about the show, listen to the show, and not only listen to the show, but contribute these amazing, amazing stories. Now, if you’ve listened this far, you love The Campfire. That’s pretty obvious. So if you love The Campfire, and you want more great stories, well, the key is to tell friends, because that spreads the word. It gets us more listeners. And oh, by the way, it gets us more great Campfire stories. So please tell a friend, show a friend. We’re getting back to life now where we can actually see people and be around people. Thank goodness. And we’re not quite there, yet. But we’re getting there. And you know, you can show a friend on their smartphone say, “Hey, ya never listened to a podcast? Let me show you this spooky one. And this is my favorite, Jim Harold’s Campfire.” And it’s basically on all the apps now. You got an Android, you got a iPhone, it doesn’t matter. It’s on all the apps. So it’s very easy. Pretty much any audio app they have on their phone, they can listen to The Campfire on. So please do show a friend, tell a friend, post on social media, that helps too, share shows, and rate, review, and follow. Those ratings and reviews help so much, because what happens is other people like you, who don’t know about The Campfire are looking for something like this. And then they find your review, and say, “Hey, I’m going to check out that show.” More listeners, more stories. It’s a virtuous circle. So please do help us out. Also, if you’ve listened this long, but you say “Jim, you know, I need more Campfire.” If you’re not a member of my Paranormal Plus Club, you need to check it out at JimHaroldplus.com. There you click on the banner with my face on it, and you’ll get all the details how you can get over 500 archived Campfire episodes. You can get over 700 archived Paranormal Podcast episodes. Plus exclusive shows that have never been on the free feeds with topics like ghosts, and UFOs, and spirituality, and just in general, mysterious stuff. And that’s all at JimHaroldplus.com, JimHaroldplus.com. Plus, if you use one of our money saving promo codes for our current sale, you can get your first month in the club for only a buck. Or you can get your first year in the club for only $49.99. I think that’s the best deal. A year of content for $49.99. Can’t beat it too. There’s well over 2,000 episodes in the Plus Club, altogether. So do please check it out. Thank you so much. We’ll talk to you next time. Have a great week, everybody. And as always, stay safe, and stay spooky. Bye bye.

Campfire Announcer 1:34:57
You’ve been listening to Jim Harold’s Campfire. Tune in again next time for more stories of ordinary people who have experienced extraordinary things