Frequently Asked Questions – Plus Club

Thanks for your interest in our Plus Club! Here are the answers to some FAQs.

How much content can I get in the Plus Club that isn’t available on the free feeds?

In short, a lot! Over 2,300 episodes including the classic Campfire back catalog of over 550 episodes, the Paranormal Podcast back catalog of over 700 episodes and hundreds of exclusive episodes of our other Plus shows that have never been on the free feeds.

You have two versions of the Plus Club. Which one should I pick?

If you listen on an Android, Windows, Amazon or Chromebook device then get the classic Libsyn version using our Spooky Studio App. Get it HERE

If you love listening via Apple devices then you can choose either. Here’s how to know which is for you:

Scenario A: You listen to all of your podcasts in Apple Podcasts on an Apple device, love the seamless Apple Podcasts experience and don’t listen anywhere else than the Apple version. Get it HERE

Scenario B: You love your Apple device but prefer to listen via the standalone Spooky Studio App and/or want the option to listen with non-Apple devices and browsers then the Libsyn version is your choice. Get it HERE

Both are great, the choice is yours!

Does paying for one version of the Plus Club give me access to both versions?

No, it does not. We ask that you choose ONE system based on your preferences on how you wish to access your podcasts and Plus content.

I am a member of the classic version of the Plus Club. Do I have to switch now? Am I missing out on any content?

Absolutely not!

If you are happy with the classic version experience keep rocking it! You are not missing out on any content. New content is released to BOTH platforms.

There are no changes with the classic version powered by Libsyn. They have been with us since day one and are tremendously valued.

I am honored and thrilled to be adding a dynamic new option into the mix with the greatest tech company in the world, Apple.

I am a paid up member in one version in the Club and want to switch from one system to the other. Can I get prior payment in one system transferred and credited to the other?

No, these are two totally different systems powered by totally different companies (Apple and Libsyn) and there is no “credit” to transfer between the systems or mechanism to do so. Of course, you may end one membership and then switch to the other if you prefer but we recommend the below method to prevent any “double paying.”

In this case, the best thing to do is cancel your membership in system A and use that system until the end date of your subscription and then switch to system B once that first membership has completed. Here’s an example of how I would do it:

For example, let’s say that I am in system A and want to switch to system B. Today is October 25th but my paid up membership is through October 31st. I would go through system A’s cancelation process prior to October 31 while continuing to use system A through October 31st as system A would continue to be fully functional through that end date.

Then, once system A’s membership concludes I would join system B on November 1st. That way I am paying for only one membership at any given time and still seamlessly switching.

Will my favorites, saved podcasts and progress from one system be saved to the other if I switch?


I need playback or billing support for the classic Libsyn version of the Paranormal Plus Club. Who can I contact?

Most questions can be answered via Libsyn’s knowledgebase HERE.

You can also contact Libsyn support HERE.

Note, Libsyn Support will not be able to help you with the Apple Podcasts specific version of Plus.

I need playback or billing support for the new Apple Podcasts version. Who can I contact?

Please contact Apple at

Note, Apple Support will not be able to help you with the Libsyn version of Plus.

I have noticed some differences between specials offered in the two versions. Can I use an incentive offered in one system, like a free trial (Apple) or first month for 99 cents (Libsyn), in the other system?

No, each system has its own pricing structure and one is not applicable to the other. There is no way to make the offers universal. We love to provide incentives for new members but they will differ.

Any specials we promoted on our shows, emails or websites prior to 9/29/22 were specifically for the classic Libsyn version and do not apply to the Apple Podcasts version.

Is Jim eternally thankful for you, his loyal listeners? Can I get in touch personally with Jim?

Yes, thanks for visiting this page and your interest in the Plus Club! If this page does not answer your question, you can always contact Jim HERE.

OK, my questions are answered! How do I join?

Go HERE for the Apple Podcasts option.

Go HERE for the classic Libsyn option.