Big Book Contest Two! Promote The Show!

UPDATE: The contest has ended.  Thanks to all who participated.

This was so popular last time we did it we are doing it again.

We wanted to get folks excited about promoting the show so this is what we devised. We have quite a few paranormal books here at the studios that we are finished with but that are in great condition so we thought we’d have a little fun once again.

Here is your assignment should you choose to accept it:

1. If you enjoy The Paranormal Podcast and/or Jim Harold’s Campfire and are 18 or older go right now and do something tangible online to promote it…post a blurb about on applicable online communities (Twitter, Facebook, myspace, online paranormal websites) where folks into this topic matter connect (no spamming please)

2. Email your friends (who are into the paranormal) a note about the show with a link to (again, no spamming)

3. Tell your friends who you actually interface with in person (imagine that in this day & age)!  I know a lot of people enjoy paranormal radio & TV shows but don’t even know that programs like The Paranormal Podcast and Campfire are available free of charge on the net!  Log them on, burn them a CD, show them the way!

4.  Click on the ShareThis link under our show posts and spread the paranormal goodness!

4.  Keep your promotional activities legal, ethical and please act within the guidelines of good taste and common sense.

5. Send an email to with the subject “Big Book Contest 2” and a description of what you did to promote the show(s)

Voila!  You will be entered in a random drawing to win a grab bag of assorted paranormal books courtesy of The Paranormal Podcast that will be shipped to you at no cost.  Sorry, but due to the realities of shipping we can only extend this to our US listeners. You MUST be 18 or older to participate.  The deadline is 12am (US ET), May 11th.

Finally, even if you don’t promote the show you can send in your note and we will still enter you in the drawing — but that wouldn’t be any fun, would it?

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