Please Help Us Expand

I have been thinking long and hard about introducing new features to the site. My ideas are these: Some form of video (possibly a transmission of the show taping via UStream) A second podcast (with a separate feed) that compliments our topics here An email newsletter If we do these it wouldn’t be all at…

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Jim Harold’s Emporium of Paranormal Delights!

Our new gallery of curiosites.  Check it out click here

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Promote The Show – Enter To Win A Grab Bag of Free Paranormal Books!

UPDATE:  Thanks to everyone for their participation, the contest was very popular but for now has ended.  Stay tuned to hear who the winner is…and there just might be another contest in your near future.  Thanks again! ——— We wanted to get folks excited about promoting the show so this is what we devised.  We…

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Spreading The Word

At The Paranormal Podcast, we don’t have those big marketing budgets but we do have something much more important…you!  We want to spread the word about the show but we only have one way to do that…you!  Do you see a trend here? If you enjoy the show, please tell 5 friends who you might…

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Welcome To The New Home Of The Paranormal Podcast – Pardon Our Sawdust

Welcome to the new virtual home of the Paranormal Podcast!  We like it, but let us know what you think! We have forwarded the current RSS podcast feed to a new feed…now in theory, this should be seamless and not impact longtime listeners.  So, if you have any problems with not being able to get…

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Ghost Girl at asked us to do an interview concerning the program a few days ago.  Lo and behold, this morning I woke up and found it posted!

So, if you want to know a bit about little of the method behind the madness here at The Paranormal podcast check it out at

Happy weekend to all and thanks Ghost Girl!


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