Video: Michio Kaku on Gliese 581g

Physicist Dr. Michio Kaku talks about astronomers hitting the “jackpot” with the recent discovery of Gliese 589g…the planet that is the most earth-like ever discovered. Dr. Kaku calls it the “Holy Grail”…see more in this great clip.
Source: Fox News/Michio Kaku’s YouTube Channel

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UFO Press Conference Coverage Recap and Video

A fantastic recap of this week’s news as it relates to the September 27, 2010 National Press Club UFO Press Conference. Also, I have included the most complete video I can find of the event (Source: YouTube/CNN). I can’t take credit for the recap below, I was sent this by someone in the UFO community…

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UFO Press Conference at National Press Club

Today, a major press conference was held at the National Press Club regarding UFOs and members of the US military who have witnessed UFO phenomena. Below are some high quality clips from the event.

Two of the major participants in today’s event were past guests on the Paranormal Podcast. If you want to hear their stories in depth, we go into major detail in these two audio interviews. Here are links to both:

Jim Harold/Robert Salas Interview (Aug 2010)

Jim Harold/Robert Hastings Interview (March 2009)

As promised, below are clips from today’s event. As soon as I can find the full press conference, I will post it here as well.

Source: CNN

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Colorado Cattle Mutilation Investigation did this very interesting video investigation on cattle mutilations.

Warning: Contains Graphic Images of Mutilations.


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Poll: Insiders’ Club – What Do You Think?

As longtime listeners may know, my ultimate dream is to make this program and associated projects a full time job. Advertising will play a role but that can’t be the whole picture, and I am adamant that my existing shows remain free. CLICK HERE TO TAKE THE POLL & TELL JIM WHAT YOU THINK!

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The Paranormal Podcast Mug Is Here!

The Paranormal Podcast Mug is here. Get your drink on & support the show! Your purchases are appreciated.

View more personalized gifts from Zazzle.

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Child Remembers Being A WWII Pilot

Child recalls a previous life as a pilot killed in World War II. This is one of the strangest stories I’ve ever heard. I’d love to have this family on The Paranormal Podcast.


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Retired FBI Agent Brings Out New Info On JFK Assassination

A retired FBI agent brings new info to perhaps the greatest mystery in history, the JFK Assassination

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Jim On “Meet The Talkers”

A big thank you to Matty Staudt and Stitcher Radio…had the chance to sit in with Matty on his weekly “Meet The Talkers” show spotlighting podcasters…Thanks Matty & Stitcher.

Link To Meet The Talkers Episode

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Jim Joins The Conversation

Podcaster extraordinaire Dan Benjamin had Clayton and myself on his popular program, The Conversation. For those who missed it click on the post title for the direct link to the show where we talk with Dan about the reason we explore this often taboo subject — the paranormal!

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