Poll: JimHarold.com Insiders’ Club – What Do You Think?

As longtime listeners may know, my ultimate dream is to make this program and associated projects a full time job capable of supporting myself & my family.  Advertising will play a role but that can’t be the whole picture, and I am adamant that my existing shows remain free.

However, I had an idea that has worked well for other podcasters and I wanted get your thoughts on it.  Would you be interested in a JimHarold.com Insiders’ Club where you could get extra content for about $10 per month?  Let me stress, THIS WOULD NOT IMPACT THE CURRENT SHOWS which would remain free and as they are. It would just be a way for those who enjoy the shows to get more!

As an Insiders’ Club member, you would get additional content.  Here is what I am thinking:

  • 10 Extra Episodes Per Month, 30 minutes each…it might be called Paranormal Podcast Plus
  • 1 Email Newsletter Per Month with Interesting Articles and Paranormal Tidbits
  • Maybe another thing or two I think of and that you suggest
  • The estimated cost for all of this would be $9.95 per month

This is just an idea and nothing is imminent.  Whether I decide to pursue this will rely on the most important thing, your reaction.  I’d love to do this full time for you guys, for myself and my family but to do that I’d need a strong reaction.  Please let me know what you think with the poll below.  Thanks!


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