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Do you believe that the voices of the dead can be recorded? That’s the topic of today’s show. We play EVPs and get analysis by paranormal investigators Lisa Krick and Nicole Tito who share some of their most chilling examples!

You can find their website at ghostly-voices.com

Thanks Nicole and Lisa!


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JIM HAROLD: Do you want to hear a creepy EVP? Here’s one.

INVESTIGATOR: What are you going to perform tonight?


JIM HAROLD: That sends shivers down my spine. That’s just one of the EVPs we’ll hear tonight on the Paranormal Podcast with Lisa Krick and Nicole Tito.

[intro music]

This is the Paranormal Podcast with Jim Harold.

JIM HAROLD: Welcome to the Paranormal Podcast. I am Jim Harold, and I think today’s subject is one of the most fascinating when it comes to ghosts and the world of the supernatural.

Today we have two great guests. We’ve spoken with them before, and we’re going to talk about the subject of EVP. I think it is so fascinating. Our guests today are Lisa Krick and Nicole Tito. They are part of Ghostly Voices, and they’ve been teaming up for a while now and investigating and collecting EVP. And what’s fun and exciting – today we actually have several examples that we’re going to play and have both of them talk to us about them and what they’ve heard.

We’re glad to have Nicole and Lisa back on the show. Thank you both for joining us today. I appreciate it.

LISA KRICK: Thanks for having us, Jim. We appreciate it.

NICOLE TITO: Thanks for having us.

JIM HAROLD: Let me ask you – and you can tell us individually your stories – how did you get into EVPs? What started it all for you?

LISA KRICK: Well, for me, I think what you get into chooses you; you don’t choose it. The first group I was in, and Nicole was in as well, was the Ghost Research Society with Dale Kaczmarek. I started, and then a little bit later Nicole started, and we just sort of naturally gravitated toward each other. We’re like, “What do we want to do? What do we want to see?” We just found that we do very well with audio, and we work very well together, and we tend to get some – not always Class A, but we tend to get some really great EVP evidence.

That has been our go-to time and time again that we just fall back on because it works so well for our personalities and our whole situation. That’s my story.


NICOLE TITO: I agree with Lisa. I think it really matters who you work with and how you work with them. Me and Lisa just found each other, and when we were doing a lot of audio, we would sit in the location with our audio recorders and get really good stuff and just play off of each other’s questions.

I still like to keep it simple sometimes with EVP. We’ll just go in with a recorder, sit somewhere, keep it to a couple minutes, and we usually get results I would say almost in the first couple minutes, like first five minutes. I just navigated towards audio, and I love it. When I listen to it I can hear things better than watching videos for hours on end. So that’s how we started with the whole EVP and audio work.

JIM HAROLD: I believe you guys do investigations and things, but is EVP your number one thing for both of you?

NICOLE TITO: For me, I would say yes.


LISA KRICK: I’m probably gravitowarding – “gravitowarding”? That’s a new word.

JIM HAROLD: I like it.

NICOLE TITO: I like it too.

LISA KRICK: [laughs] I’m probably gravitating more toward using dark mirror scrying and things like that. I’m getting more into my spiritual side and using different things. I still do audio, but it’s not my go-to thing anymore.

JIM HAROLD: That’s interesting. One thing that I know you do is the Estes Method, which is a little bit different wrinkle on EVP. We have some samples of regular EVP, traditional EVP a little bit later in the show, but talk to us about the Estes Method, because I hear people saying it and I’m sure people out there are hearing people talk about it all the time, but maybe people aren’t clear on exactly what it is. If you could explain?

LISA KRICK: Sure. I’ll just put a precursor in here and say that as I’ve been working the Estes Method and had an audio recorder on to just play the session, I have not gotten any EVPs during my Estes Method sessions. I think that Nicole may have, but nothing comes through on my audio, which I find really interesting. I’m not sure if other groups have had that instance as well, so I’ll just throw that out there for maybe future discussion for other groups.

But the Estes Method was brought about from Estes Park, Colorado at the Stanley Hotel. There were three people hanging around together. They were investigators and they wanted to switch it up a little bit because their audio sessions were getting a little boring, a little “Who are we here with tonight? What’s your name? What are you here for?” It does get routine and boring, and you need to mix it up and always make it – I won’t say entertaining, but try to keep yourself excited about what you’re doing because I think that helps, too. The higher your vibration is, the better information you’re going to get.

So these three people said, “What can we do to mix this up? Okay, let’s try sensory deprivation. It’s been around for eons, but let’s try to do it in our day.” So they got a blindfold so that they wouldn’t be able to see anything, and they got headphones which cover your ears so they wouldn’t be able to hear anything, and they hooked one person up with a blindfold and the headphones. That person is called the receiver.

They will sit and plug their headphones into a spirit box, and they were the only ones, originally, that could hear the spirit box and were getting the answers from the spirit. The other person – because it was a one-on-one thing – is called the operator, and this person is asking the questions. You put the blindfold on the receiver so that they can’t lip-read, so that they don’t know what you’re asking, they have no idea what you’re asking. They’re just spouting off answers hopefully in the same vein that the spirit does. So if spirit says, “Get out!”, then I would expect the receiver to say, “Get out!” instead of just “Get out.” So you know the inflection the spirit is coming across with.

That in a nutshell is the Estes Method. You wouldn’t think it would work, but gosh, it does. It’s very cool. And we really like to use it. We really work well with the Estes Method.

JIM HAROLD: Nicole, your thoughts on it?

NICOLE TITO: I was very skeptic at first, I’m not gonna lie. As Lisa had said about capturing EVPs, I have only captured one EVP that I know of while doing the Estes. It was interesting; it was a remote Estes. During the pandemic, we actually did a couple sessions where Lisa would be in a haunted location and I would be back up in northern Illinois with my husband, Al, and we would put her live on our TV screen. Our other investigator, Jim Williams, would be in northern Indiana, and we would be asking questions. I might be under, being the receiver in Illinois and Lisa is under wherever she was at.

One of the sessions we did get an EVP captured in my house, which is not haunted by any means, and it said, “Watch.” One of us heard it in real time. And it’s none of us. You can tell because we’re all talking, and I did record that session, video record it, and it is on the website. It’s not us. It’s interesting because after “Watch,” about three seconds later, there’s some interference – and again, that could just be technical – and then Lisa says something like, “It’s coming!”

She’s in a haunted location listening to the spirit box, and obviously there was somebody with her to pull her out. But it was interesting. I did not think it was going to work, and we’ve been getting really good results.

LISA KRICK: That was Randolph County, wasn’t it?

NICOLE TITO: I believe so. Yeah, I’m looking at it right now. “Watch,” yeah. And then there’s disturbance and then you say, “It’s coming!” Creepy. [laughs]

JIM HAROLD: That’s amazing to me that you use this remote way of doing this. That’s pretty remarkable. So your theory is that the spirits – distance is no impedance to them at all, right?

LISA KRICK: It doesn’t seem like it would be, does it? It’s like, “How does that work? That can’t work.” But I have psychics tell me all the time, it doesn’t matter where you are. You don’t have to be there. You can just manifest it yourself.

NICOLE TITO: And if you think about it, Lisa technically was at the haunted location, so you’re the “receiver,” I guess, of that spirit energy or whatever you want to call it. The skeptic in me is like, “Huh,” but it worked a couple times, so I’m like, there’s something to it.

JIM HAROLD: We’re talking all about EVPs with Lisa Krick and Nicole Tito on this edition of the Paranormal Podcast, and we’ll be back right after this.

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JIM HAROLD: We’re back on the Paranormal Podcast. The subject is EVPs. Our guests are Nicole Tito and Lisa Krick.

Now, we have some samples you sent along. These are not Estes; you made that very clear to me when we were talking earlier. You said you want to make sure that people understand it. In some ways it might be even more impressive, in a way, that this is the actual possibly voice of the being. I have them pulled up here from the several you sent. Is there one that you would like to start with? I think people are going to love hearing some of these.

LISA KRICK: I think start with the first one.

JIM HAROLD: Yes, this is a good one. The Lincoln Theater. Can you explain a little bit about the Lincoln Theater?

LISA KRICK: There’s a paranormal convention every year called American Hauntings; Troy Taylor puts it on. It used to be in Decatur, Illinois at the Lincoln Theater. It was an old vaudeville theater that then turned into a regular theater. Very historic. It was a place where it was purported, but never proven, that Harry Houdini performed there. So we were always trying to get a hold of old Harry Houdini.

After we listen to the clip, then I’ll explain actually who we found out that it may be.

JIM HAROLD: All right, let’s listen to this clip. I’m going to actually play it twice and then we’ll get your comments. Here it is.

LISA: …who knows us here with us to protect us?

NICOLE STRICKLAND: What are you going to perform tonight?


NICOLE STRICKLAND: What are you getting ready for?

JIM HAROLD: Let’s play that one more time.

[EVP repeats]

JIM HAROLD: That to me is extremely clear, but I’ll let you all explain it.

LISA KRICK: I will just say Class freaking A. Class freaking A. [laughs]

NICOLE TITO: This is probably our clearest one, yeah. There’s three investigators in the room right now. We were in a small dressing room underneath the stage. It was myself, Lisa, and another fellow investigator out of San Diego, Nicole Strickland. You can hear Lisa at the beginning. Then Nicole Strickland asks, “What are you going to perform here tonight?”, and that loud male voice that says “Magic” is none of us.

An interesting thing is all three of us had our recorders on. Mine caught it the loudest, which is from this clip. Nicole’s caught it, but it was quieter. We were sitting on opposite sides of the room. And Lisa had her recorder on voice activation mode and it didn’t capture it.

LISA KRICK: Womp-womp-womp. [laughs]

NICOLE TITO: But this is probably our clearest ever of all the EVPs we’ve captured. So we love playing this for people. And there was nobody else in the room besides the three of us.

LISA KRICK: Basically, if we had heard somebody say “Magic,” we’d have cracked up because it would’ve been funny. We’re not very strict when we do our EVP sessions; we’ll cut up and have a good time with it. So none of us heard it, and the interesting thing is that I sent this to one of my friends who is a nonbeliever and he works in radio, and he sent it back to me and goes, “I don’t believe that’s a spirit voice. It was more clear than any commercial work I do.” I said, “Well, we did send it to someone and it didn’t register on human voice.” It was like below the range of human voice, which to me was very cool.

We also had another friend who is into the paranormal, and years later she was going through our website and she goes, “Hey guys, that ‘magic’ EVP. I want you to listen to this guy’s voice and tell me if you think it sounds sort of the same.” She sent us a clip of this guy that you may or may not know, and we heard it and I got chills. I got total body chills and I went, “That’s it”—Harry Blackstone.

JIM HAROLD: Oh, Blackstone, yeah, who was one of the great magicians. Everybody thinks about Houdini, but Blackstone was a very, very big deal in terms of magic.

LISA KRICK: And he did perform there, and he was probably honked off because we kept calling him Houdini.

JIM HAROLD: “I’m not Houdini, I’m Blackstone!” It is so good I want to play it one more time. This one creeps me out, and he has such a forceful voice, like “Magic”—I can’t do it. Here it is.

[EVP repeats]

NICOLE TITO: And if you hear, it’s even talking over Nicole Strickland asking the question because she kind of stops midsentence – it amazes me. Just to reiterate, Lisa did say we’re not strict, but we are strict with tagging. So if there was somebody joking around or somebody whispering, obviously it’s not a whisper – we tag everything during our EVP sessions. I can attest it was just the three of us, the three girls in the room.

JIM HAROLD: That’s awesome. I think that may be my favorite. You have another one from the Lincoln Theater from 2016. Can you set that one up?

LISA KRICK: I’ll let you set this one up.

NICOLE TITO: Thank you. This is a little bit later. The Lincoln Theater – I love it. It’s such a vibrant location. We always get a lot of good things there – audio, visual. With this one, this was earlier on in the night. It’s interesting when you go down – the bathrooms are downstairs, and there’s not a lot down there, but it’s always kind of a creepy area. You always feel like you’re being watched.

In this clip, I’m going to set it up. You’re going to hear my cousin talking about there’s a line for the bathroom, but you’ll hear something before that that wasn’t there. I don’t want to say too much because I don’t want to give it away. We can talk about it after. But listen in the beginning, and then there was somebody coming down the stairs to use the bathroom, another investigator, and my cousin was just joking with him because we were down there conducting an EVP session.

JIM HAROLD: Okay, here it is.

CHILD’S VOICE: You’re not supposed to be here.

COUSIN: There’s a line for the bathroom.

INVESTIGATOR: Is there really?

COUSIN: I’m kidding.

JIM HAROLD: One more time, and listen closely.

NICOLE TITO: Yeah, at the beginning.

[EVP repeats]

JIM HAROLD: Okay, I heard it.

NICOLE TITO: Yeah. We think at the beginning it sounds like a little girl, and it almost sounds like she’s saying, “You’re not supposed to be here.” There were on children on this investigation. It gives you the chills. Again, it was just myself, there were two other investigators, and we were just sitting down doing an EVP session down there because it’s a spooky area.

JIM HAROLD: Yeah. What I heard was (imitating high-pitched little girl voice) “You’re not supposed to be here.” Let’s play it again.

[EVP repeats]

JIM HAROLD: That’s creepy in its own way.


NICOLE TITO: Yeah, and it almost seems like as you hear it, it kind of fades in and out. It’s interesting. It’s very sing-songy.

LISA KRICK: It comes across in a childlike way. “Not supposed to be here.”

JIM HAROLD: And that’s scarier than sometimes adult ghosts. Child ghosts, that’s kind of frightening and, ooh, spooky stuff. Next up, you have one – I looked at it and said, “Is that Edinburgh or ‘Edenborough’?” Over in the UK it’s “Edenborough,” but we’re going to be – I think did you say Iowa or Idaho?


JIM HAROLD: Iowa. It’s going to be Edinburgh just like in Ohio we have “My-lan,” Ohio – or you have Milan, Italy. [laughs] We’re in Edinburgh now; tell us about Edinburgh.

LISA KRICK: Edinburgh Manor – gosh, this had to be at least 10 years ago. It’s a really cool place. I think it’s called Scotch Grove, Iowa.


LISA KRICK: It’s an old – was it a poor farm at one point or just an old folks’?

NICOLE TITO: Poorhouse, yes. It was an old poorhouse. 

LISA KRICK: It had a women’s side and a men’s side. It was a very cool place to investigate. They do have public investigations, so if you’re ever in Iowa, whoever’s listening, go to Edinburgh and check this place out for yourself. But where we got this particular audio piece was in the basement. There’s a whole story around this that we’ll share with you after you listen to the audio.

JIM HAROLD: Here it is. We’ll play it twice.

ERICA: Oh, Eric’s in there.


ERICA: You know there’s a fleshie down there. There has to be.

VOICE: A fleshie.

ERICA: Now you’ve got **** over there banging around.

JIM HAROLD: Here it is again.

[EVP repeats]

LISA KRICK: This one’s hard to hear, probably, without headphones.

JIM HAROLD: Yeah. I heard it. So tell us what we were supposed to hear.

LISA KRICK: You heard “a fleshie.” After Erica, who is the one who said, “I know there’s a fleshie down there” – which is what we call live people – there were probably, gosh, I don’t know, maybe 10-15 people on this investigation, and there were probably six or seven of us in the basement at the time. We were over where the maintenance worker would have his little workbench and stuff. We were looking down a hallway, and somebody moved and Erica said, “Oh, it’s a fleshie.” Then right after that, there’s a whisper that says, “A fleshie.” So that was pretty cool.

NICOLE TITO: And the banging in the background – oh, go ahead.

LISA KRICK: While we were standing down there, I think there were maybe three guys down there. Three guys, four girls, something like that. We’re all standing in a circle, and the maintenance man was said not to really have very much liking for women, and especially women with foul mouths, which I tend to have on investigations. So I was trying to be nice, but I couldn’t help it – you’re in a dark room, you get amped up and you start dropping the bombs.

So we had an EMF detector stuck behind a pipe on a wall, and the guy evidently got so disgusted with me, the spirit did, that he smacked that and flung it across the room. One of the guys screamed like a girl, and the other one jumped up and went down into like a karate chop stance. I thought all of us girls were going to pee our pants laughing at these guys because they were so – we’re like, “Really, guys?” [laughs]

JIM HAROLD: Wow. Next up, Whispers Estate. Tell us a little bit about the place and what happened.

LISA KRICK: Whispers Estate is in Mitchell, Indiana, and Indiana is where I hailed from before I moved to southern Georgia. This was an old doctor’s residence. There have been documentaries done on it. Rosemary Ellen Guiley was in a documentary. I think Keith Age was in it.

JIM HAROLD: One of my favorites, Rosemary Ellen Guiley.

LISA KRICK: Yeah. She did a documentary I think with the Booth brothers about Whispers Estate. Basically, the story is there was a doctor who lived there with his wife, and they had a daughter but it’s not known whether she was adopted or whether she was their flesh-and-blood daughter. But it was around Christmastime and she came downstairs to look at the lights on the tree, and her nightgown caught on fire and burned her to a crispy muffin. She didn’t die immediately, and they took her upstairs and she was on morphine for like three or four or five days, and she held on and died upstairs.

They call it Whispers Estate because you don’t even need audio. You can hear whispering everywhere. I mean, wherever we would go in this location I’d be like, “Do you guys hear that? Can you hear that?” Everybody’s like, “What?” I’m like, “How can you not hear this?” So this was one of the audio things that we got from Whispers.

NICOLE TITO: To just set it up really quickly – I won’t give it away, but it’s going to sound a little muffled. I actually thought I turned my audio recording off and I stuck it in my hoodie pocket, but apparently I didn’t. So I was walking around with it on, and you’ll see what we captured.

JIM HAROLD: It’s kind of a happy accident. Here it is.

NICOLE TITO: [laughs] It was.

[Muffled walking, talking]

[Sound of laughter]

JIM HAROLD: All right, one more time. Let’s take one more listen to that.

[EVP repeats]

JIM HAROLD: There you have it. What did we hear?

NICOLE TITO: AT the beginning it sounds like children laughing.

LISA KRICK: It sounds like a doll to me. I don’t even know what kind of –

NICOLE TITO: I disagree. I think it’s a child. It sounds like a child laughing to me. And we were walking up the stairs at this point. It ran by us or was running by us. But yeah, I think it sounds like children, “Hee-hee-hee-hee-hee.”

LISA KRICK: That’s creepy.

JIM HAROLD: Yeah, creepy and pretty clear. Let’s listen to it one more time.

[EVP repeats]

JIM HAROLD: Yikes. [laughs]

LISA KRICK: And none of us said anything in the background about it, so you know we didn’t hear it.

NICOLE TITO: And there were no kids. And none of us sound like that.

JIM HAROLD: We’re talking all about EVPs with Lisa Krick and Nicole Tito on this edition of the Paranormal Podcast, and we’ll be back right after this.

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JIM HAROLD: We’re back on the Paranormal Podcast. The subject is EVPs. Our guests are Nicole Tito and Lisa Krick.

Can you tell us – I want to get back to some of them, but talk to us a little bit about the methodology you guys use for traditional EVPs. What kind of recorder do you use? You talked about tagging. Explain to people what that is. Just a little 101 primer, just a couple minutes about collecting EVPs and how you do it in a technically good way, following good practice.

NICOLE TITO: Sure. I have a couple recorders. I’ve always found the best and clearest – I used an Olympus. I started off with a DM-420 and now I have a newer model. I also have a Sony. They’re just audio recorders, so recorders you would buy for school or for work or things like that. I have three different ones. I will say I was very scared when I bought a new one – a lot of times they say you put your energy on devices – that I wasn’t going to capture anything. But that was not the case.

What Lisa and I like to do, we’ll decide where we want to go; we’ll sit down, turn on the audio recorder – I don’t like to walk around with it unless I absolutely have to because if you move your finger or, as you heard from this one, if it’s in your pocket or even if it’s around you on a string, it can get that noise, that [crackling sound] noise. So I always try to put it down somewhere stationary. It’s just clearer.

And we always introduce ourselves. Whoever is going to be in that session, we’ll just say our names, where we’re at. A lot of times we’ll put the time as well, just to make sure we’re all on the same page and things like that.

And we like to tag any ambient noise. For example, the Edinburgh clip, if you listen to it there’s a lot of banging in the background because it was a windy day. So we’ll try to tag things that we don’t want to mistake in the future as something demonic. Not only just the environment, but if somebody yawns, if somebody gasps, if somebody’s stomach sounds like a demon rumbling, we’ll tag that.

Depending on how the location feels, we shoot for staying under 10 minutes. Again, if it’s active or we’re getting things that we hear in real time – so not technically EVPs, but we’re getting some environmental things happening or maybe the devices that we have are going off or somebody feels something, we might go a little bit longer. But I feel like relistening to sessions that are over 10-15 minutes, you might miss something. So we try to keep them minimal, and just to be able to get to different locations in the area as well. Just to scope things out.

That’s my methodology. I’ll defer to Lisa for what I missed.

LISA KRICK: Nope, you didn’t miss anything. The only thing I would say that we do that maybe others don’t is we’ll say, if you’re going to sit in a session with us, do not whisper. If you have something to say, even if it’s to the person next to you, say it in a normal tone of voice because when you whisper, I’m going to think it’s a ghost later. And that’s going to really irritate me when I go, “Whose voice is this?” and then I come to find out it’s a fleshie and not a spirit. [laughs]

JIM HAROLD: I like that, “fleshie.” [laughs]

NICOLE TITO: Yeah, it’s catchy.

LISA KRICK: That’s Erica’s term, so we have to credit her.

JIM HAROLD: I like it a lot. I hope that I’m a fleshie for a long time. That’s my goal, but we’ll see what happens. Now, we can get back to some of the EVPs here. You have one from July of 2018 at the Monroe House. What happened there?

LISA KRICK: The Monroe House is in Hartford City, Indiana. It originally came to light as a haunted place through Paranormal Lockdown with Nick Groff and Katrina Weidman. I watched that and I went, “Hey, that’s in Indiana! I can get there.” I contacted the owner, Eddie, who is a really great guy, and he walked us around, gave us the history. The first time I go to an investigation, I do a private investigation with just my team, and then I’ll see about bringing people from the public in. But the first time, I want to see if the place is legit. So we do a private.

This was the time when we did the private, and we had so much freaking activity in this place. It was bonkers. But in this instance, we were all upstairs. It was originally a single-family dwelling that was made into a duplex and then a triplex, and the triplex was actually an upstairs apartment. That is the only place where the working bathroom is. You have to go upstairs and into that apartment area.

So we were all upstairs, and most everyone was in the room that I call the puppy room and other people call the doll room. It’s actually the living area upstairs. There were two of us girls – because you know we have to do everything in pairs – in the bathroom. In the EVP, without giving it away, you will hear one of the guys say, “Oh hey, Jim, I thought you were in the bathroom,” and then Jim says, “No, I wasn’t in the bathroom.” And then I come in and go, “No, we were just in the bathroom.” And then you hear what you hear – and nobody heard it.

I still, when I take public groups into this location, I go, “Listen, everybody thinks that the bathrooms are safe. Bathrooms are not safe in this location because this perv…” [laughs] We’ll just leave it at that and let you play it.

JIM HAROLD: All right. Here is that EVP from the Monroe House. We’ll play it twice.

INVESTIGATOR: Jim is in the bathroom.

JIM: No, I’m not. I’m right here in the kitchen.


LISA: We were just in the bathroom.

VOICE: I was there too.

[Muffled sounds]

INVESTIGATOR: Sorry, that’s me doing this, Nicole. Sorry.

NICOLE: Oh, that’s okay.

JIM HAROLD: Yeah, that’s creepy in multiple ways. Here it is again.

[EVP repeats]

JIM HAROLD: Well, there you have it.

LISA KRICK: What’d you hear?

JIM HAROLD: “I was in there too.”

NICOLE TITO: Yes he was.

LISA KRICK: Yep. He’s a creepy dude. At one point in its history it was a blind tiger, which means a place that you can go drink during Prohibition, and they had some girls in there as well that you could partake. So we think that this dude is the one who actually went to get the talent from the town and bring the girls in and keep them there to run the business. Does not like women.

NICOLE TITO: And the more you do EVP, the more you work with people, you start to know their mannerisms, their voices, so it gets easier and you can relisten and be like, “That is none of us.” That’s what’s exciting when you get those finds when you’re back home, listening to this a week later. You start to know people, what they sound like. It makes it fun.

JIM HAROLD: So the more you do it, it’s like almost anything else – you become more confident in separating the wheat from the chaff.

NICOLE TITO: I believe so.

LISA KRICK: Absolutely.

NICOLE TITO: Especially if you’re tagging everything and you know what’s paranormal versus not. Definitely.

JIM HAROLD: Mineral Springs Hotel. I’m going to play it and then you can tell us about it.

NICOLE: You have any last things to tell us before we go?

MALE VOICE: No, get out!

JIM HAROLD: One more.

[EVP repeats]

JIM HAROLD: Pretty clear to me. Somebody – well, you tell me.

LISA KRICK: Somebody’s not happy.

JIM HAROLD: Yeah, somebody’s not happy. Tell us about it.

LISA KRICK: Go ahead, Nicole.

NICOLE TITO: This was our last session, and that’s me asking the question, “Do you have any last things to tell us before we go?” There’s a male voice yelling in the distance. We think it says, “No, get out!” I did capture this – this is both on my audio recorder and I did have a camera nearby, a Sony Night Shot shooting down the hallway. It was captured on both. It’s clearer on the recorder, so I’m assuming it’s closer to my recorder. But yeah, it was not very happy.

We have other EVPs from this location that are a lot more vulgar than this, and that’s why we didn’t share them. This location doesn’t like me. [laughs]

LISA KRICK: Nicole – Mineral Springs has this pool and we’ve been getting a lot of stuff through the Estes Method in the last couple of years there. Do you think that this is George, from the pool?

NICOLE TITO: I think it might be, and he does not like me. They don’t like me there.

LISA KRICK: He does not.

NICOLE TITO: I always get the f-word to me. It does not like me. [laughs]

JIM HAROLD: Well, that’s not very nice. But if you think about ghosts –

NICOLE TITO: And we don’t really taunt. That’s just not me, and that’s not Lisa and I. We never provoke or taunt. It’s interesting just the reaction.

JIM HAROLD: I guess it’s like real life for fleshies. Some people mesh, sometimes people have – I know I’ve worked at places and I walked in the door and somebody immediately hated me, and I thought to myself, “What did I do to them?” And sometimes the truth is you don’t have to do anything. There’s just unpleasant people who like to dislike people for whatever conceived reason they have.

Next up, Nemacolin. What is Nemacolin?

LISA KRICK: It’s called Nemacolin Castle and it’s in Brownsville, Pennsylvania. It’s a really cool place that sits right on the – oh my gosh, I’m going to butcher this word – Monongahela River. Is that how you pronounce It?

JIM HAROLD: Monongahela, I believe.

LISA KRICK: I knew I would slaughter it.

JIM HAROLD: It’s a hard one. It’s one I had to think about for a moment before I said it.

LISA KRICK: Yeah. So it sits right on the river, and it was originally a home trading post, and then it got bigger and bigger and bigger. I honestly don’t know much more of the history about it. One of our good friends, Renee Kruse, who lives out there, was on the board, and she would run investigations there and invited us out one year. This was a long time ago, too. We were with Dale and Rosemary and Renee and some other people and investigated here and got this one.

JIM HAROLD: All right, here it is.

MALE VOICE: Help me.

JIM HAROLD: Pretty clear. Let’s play it again.

[EVP repeats]

JIM HAROLD: So tell us what you heard.

NICOLE TITO: This was captured on my video camera, and we think it sounds like a male voice saying, “Help me!”

JIM HAROLD: That’s what I heard.

NICOLE TITO: No one was in the room at the time, and interesting enough – this was about five minutes after I had a change – you know the old school way of changing the actual disc in the camera of the Sony Night Shot? I had walked out about five minutes prior, and the background noise, we’re in another area, so there was nobody – and I can attest to that because we had the camera shooting in the room and nobody had walked in or out. It sounds like a male voice. To me, it sounds really sad. Just the “Help me…”

JIM HAROLD: Yeah, it’s a pretty sad situation. I’ll play it one more time in case somebody didn’t hear that.

[EVP repeats]

JIM HAROLD: That’s pretty clearly, to me, “Help me.” Definitely it does sound sad, I would agree with you. The last one is one we actually just did a show on, Waverly Hills. The Waverly Hills Sanitorium. Talk to us about this one. That would seem to be a place that would have a lot of great EVPs.

LISA KRICK: We’ve had some really interesting things happen at Waverly. We’ve been there more than once, and we’ve actually researched and found out doctors’ names and nurses’ names. We like to trigger things by creating scenarios. Nicole actually is a doctor, and one of our group was a nurse, so they made rounds one night. We stood in the hallways and watched what would happen when they made rounds.

I don’t remember if this is from that, but we did that, and we wheeled somebody on the gurney from the morgue to the death tunnel to see what kind of reaction we would get. This is a great place to do those scenarios, to see if it can trigger anything. I will let Nicole tell you what surrounds this audio.

NICOLE TITO: This clip is we were sitting down, doing an EVP session. We were on the fourth floor operating room, and there were a few of us in there. Lisa, you weren’t with me at this time. It was me, Nicole Strickland…

LISA KRICK: I was outside chasing a bat. [laughs]

NICOLE TITO: Yeah, I think you were because we have bloopers from that. And another investigator, Dave Gus, who unfortunately passed away several years ago. But yeah, it was just the three of us: me, Nicole Strickland, who was part of our “Magic” EVP we played earlier, and we were just in the operating room, sitting down and doing an EVP session. Again, somebody didn’t like something I was saying. You’ll hear it.

JIM HAROLD: All right, here it is.

NICOLE STRICKLAND: Out of the corner of my eye I just saw something move by you, but I don’t know if that was a reflection of light from the outside. It was like really [muffled].

[shushing sound]

NICOLE TITO: I think this area I don’t know.


NICOLE TITO: There’s people outside the room.

JIM HAROLD: All right, if you didn’t hear that I’ll play it again. The chuckle was me, so that’s my fault. But there’s something else in there. Listen closely.

[EVP repeats]

JIM HAROLD: Sounds like somebody thought there was too much talking going on.

NICOLE TITO: Yeah. The “shhh…” was not myself or Nicole, as you can hear me and her were both talking because she thought she had seen a shadow. As you know, at Waverly that’s commonplace as well, shadows coming out of everywhere. And then that beeping you hear, that’s actually a Geiger counter that was created by another individual who unfortunately just passed away that was part of Ghost Research Society, Stan Suho. We used to bring that to locations as well. He created that. But yeah, that “shhh” was not heard in real time, and me and Nicole were being too loud, I guess, in the OR.

LISA KRICK: I think the OR nurse was like, “Ladies, I’m going to have to ask you to leave.” [laughs]

NICOLE TITO: Which kind of makes sense because in an OR, it’s serious situation. And here’s me and her, “blah, blah, blah.” We tend to be loud, as you can probably tell. [laughs]

JIM HAROLD: But in a good way.


JIM HAROLD: These are very impressive, very interesting, and I’m sure that people listening to this are going to want to know more and learn more about what you guys do and how they can connect. So the question would be, how can they do that?

NICOLE TITO: You can come visit us at ghostly-voices.com. We have all our evidence up there. I do want to stress that you don’t always get an EVP right away when you go to a location. This is years of Lisa and I being out there. As you heard, some of these are from like 2009. So don’t get discouraged, but come listen to our evidence. We’re revamping our website to make it a little bit cleaner and modern. You can send us a message through there as well. We’d love to hear your clips, too, especially with Estes. This is a really interesting and groundbreaking new form of communication, and I’m excited to be working with Lisa in the future on this.

LISA KRICK: I love working with the Estes Method and I love tweaking it. Every time we do it, we do it a little bit differently. First we did it vanilla with the one-on-one; then we stepped it up and did it with two receivers and one operator, so Nicole and I would be under while somebody else was asking the questions. And then we did it two on two, and then we did it – I’ve actually done what I call the triple-double, stealing from baseball, where three people are under and listening to their own spirit boxes and two people are asking questions.

And then we did it remotely. We mix it up every time we do it. I’ve even started taking dirt or something from a haunted location – like we did this in Edinburgh. This was a really cool thing. We were at the Mineral Springs Hotel and we were doing the Estes Method and it was the end of the night. I’d had a public event in there, and Nicole and her husband were there helping me. At this point everybody else had got to try it, so Nicole and I went under.

I don’t know if I was, but I didn’t feel like I was getting anything, so I just reached back and grabbed one of my plastic bottles of dirt from a haunted location – not knowing what it was because I had blinders on. So I pull it and I’m holding onto it, and I start crying. I don’t know why, but I started crying and I’m like, “No, no, no, no, no, no.” I don’t know why I said that. But then you hear Nicole on the other side go, “Stop crying!” And she has no idea why she’s saying it because she doesn’t know I’m crying.

So I like to take the Estes Method and tweak it and make it our own, and I would encourage other groups to do that. Think outside the box. How can you make this your own? How can you make it work for who you are and what you believe in?

JIM HAROLD: I’ve got to say, very impressive work that you all have done, and I hope that everybody does check out your website. Give us that address one more time.

NICOLE TITO: Sure. It’s ghostly-voices.com.

JIM HAROLD: Well, it’s been a lot of fun. I’ve really enjoyed these EVPs and talking with you both and getting your expertise on this. Lisa Krick, Nicole Tito, thank you both for joining us on the program today.

LISA KRICK: Thanks, Jim. We appreciate it.

NICOLE TITO: Thank you.

JIM HAROLD: We appreciate Lisa and Nicole. Check them out for sure. We thank them for bringing us such interesting EVPs. And I thank you so much for tuning in. If you love what we do, please follow or subscribe on the app of your choice.

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We thank you so much. We will talk to you next time. Have a great week, everybody, and as always, stay spooky. Bye-bye.

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