Promote The Shows – Use These Flyers!

One of our loyal listeners, Sandy, has created a great flyer so you can promote the shows if you’d like.  Please print out and post these in appropriate places (bulletin boards, coffeeshops, bookshops, etc) to share the free shows with others and spread the word!

LINK TO FLYER (Right Click To Save To Your Computer)

These would also be great for those of you who are in paranormal organizations and want to let your friends know about the shows, you can hang them up in your cubicle at work, share them at conferences…use your imagination (but be respectful and considerate when posting them).

I’d like to spread the word big time this summer and this really helps.  Thanks!

Send me a pic with you posting the flyers and thanks Sandy!

LINK TO FLYER (Right Click To Save To Your Computer)

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