Quiz Contestants! Signup Here! Win Great Prizes!

Please sign up to appear on our Paranormal Quiz show with Jim and Dar! If you are selected, we’ll be in touch and you’ll have the opportunity to win great prizes! Complete the form below and we’ll be in touch!

NOTE: Please sign up only if you can meet the following:

  1. A webcam (built in is OK). You can use the one on your modern computers, smartphone or tablet.
  2. A mic (built in is OK). You can use the one on your modern computer, smartphone or tablet.
  3. A location in your home that is quiet and has a STRONG wifi or a wired connection. If you have poor connectivity, unfortunately the system will not work properly. Please ONLY sign up if you have reliable connectivity. Poor connections ruin the game for the viewers and other contestants.

Please wear headphones or earbuds during the show to decrease echo.

We don’t list these requirements to be mean but to make sure we have an enjoyable experience for our contestants and viewers.

We’ll need about 75 minutes of your time on the evening of the broadcast. Thanks and we’ll be in touch!

    I agree to be recorded and consent that my story be used for a Jim Harold Media program and any subsequent derivations of the program (recordings, books, etc). I am 18 years of age or older. I consent to a record being kept of my submission and to being contacted by Jim Harold Media in relation to my appearance.