Shadow People and Hauntings – Jim Harold’s Campfire 620

Multiple shadow people stories, another poltergeist and dopplegangers. Plus, some hauntings thrown in for good measure. This edition of Jim Harold’s Campfire is NOT for the faint of heart!


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Announcer 1 (00:00:15):

Welcome to our gathering tonight. Here we share stories of ordinary people who have experienced extraordinary things. Sit back, relax, and warm yourself by Jim Harold’s Campfire. 

Jim (00:00:26):

Welcome to the Campfire. I am Jim Harold, and so glad to be with you today. We have some great Campfire stories for you, and what we do here, if you are new to the game, is we simply have everyday folks come on and share their strange stories of the supernatural. We cover things like ghosts, hauntings, doppelgangers, which we have a doppelganger story today, Poltergeist, UFOs, head scratchers, things that are possibly supernatural, but defy explanation and so much more. And I hope that you will enjoy great Campfire stories like this one.

Ledy is a brand new newly minted listener. She found out about us from “Two Girls, One Ghost”, so be sure to check them out as well. And Ledy is calling in from Austin, Texas, and she’s not fooling around because this is a great story. Ledy, I am so glad you found us, and I’m so glad that you jumped right in and said, Hey, I’ve got a story too. Please tell us what happened. 

Ledy (00:01:35):

Yeah, thank you so much, Jim. I actually decided to try to tell the story to you because I just revisited with my friend who this story happened with, and we were sharing it with another friend, and we all just sat there and he was like, it’s a really weird story. And after listening to your podcast, the head scratcher, and that’s totally what this story is. It happened about 2019. At that time, I had met my friend, we started dating kind of a thing. We were just friends. And then in 2019, I moved in with him. So we started doing Krav Maga, which is a kind of self-defense type of training. So he would always, we lived in a three bedroom house. He would try to scare me or pop out of nowhere to try to see if I would defend myself as things came down to it. And ever since we met, there’s always been creepy things happening around us. I’ve always had things happen to me since I was a kid, but with him, we would always feel like it was either we were jumping timelines or something was going on and we couldn’t really know where it was coming from or what was happening. But this one night, I don’t know if you watched Tenet, that movie Tenet. 

Jim (00:02:57):

I know the movie. I’ve not seen it. No. 

Ledy (00:03:00):

So there’s a weird premise to the story about being able to travel in time, but you have to go backwards and everything is literally backwards. So he started talking about it. Ever since we met, he’s always tried to teach me about entropy and everything, about it. He doesn’t believe in ghosts, which is wild, but he believes in everything else in the universe. So this one night we were, I’ve always liked him with a shaved head, which not a lot of people enjoy on him. So I kept on begging him and I was telling him, maybe you should shave your head. And he’s like, yeah, I’ll think about it. So then the way that our house was set up was the master bedroom was at the end of the house near the backyard, and then there was a little hallway to go into the bedroom. And then from the bedroom there was you take a right into the bathroom. 

Ledy (00:03:49):

So when you come out of the little hallway, it’s just the open living room, and it was an open space. And then there was the island and our dining room table, there was a couch in between dividing the living room and the kitchen. So this one night we had been just playing music, having a couple drinks, and just having a good time. So I go into the bathroom. As I’m coming out of the bathroom to take a left out of the bathroom, he’s standing right there, and I was like, oh my gosh, what are you doing here? And I just thought it was part of him trying to scare me or try to get me to respond, but he wouldn’t say anything to me. And I was like, okay. So he started backing up and I walked towards him and he just had this weird, creepy smile all teeth, which he usually doesn’t smile like that. 

Ledy (00:04:41):

So it was a little weird. So he started walking backwards and I’m like, why aren’t you talking to me? What’s going on? And then as he’s doing that, he starts, we get out of the bedroom and then he starts turning off all the lights. And I was like, what are you doing? So then he goes down the hallway towards the other bedrooms, and at this point he’s turning, he doesn’t turn around, he’s just walking backwards, and then it’s all dark on that section of the house. The only light I had was a little hallway that led into the bedroom, and I just stood there and I was like, listen, I’m not going to come after you. I know you’re trying to scare me. You’re going to pop out of one of the bedrooms or the bathrooms. And on that side of the house, there was the two guest bedrooms and a bathroom. 

Ledy (00:05:24):

So I just stood there and I was like, I’m not doing this. I’m not coming for you to scare me. So then I just tried to walking around, pretend that I opened the backyard, for him to think that I went out there and for him to come out and nothing happened. And I was like, “Mark, come out. I’m not going to come after you”. And we were playing music at that time, and the music was fine. Everything was going as it should be. And then I walk around the living room and I keep on calling him, and I was like, Hey, okay, I give up. I’m not coming after you. So as soon as I come behind the couch, I’m about to go around the kitchen island, I feel something, grab my ankle and I completely lose it. I start screaming, I fall down to the ground and he’s like, “what took you so long?” 

Ledy (00:06:13):

And I’m like, what are you talking about? And he said, “I haven’t been sitting here since you went to the bathroom waiting for you to come out to scare you.” 

Jim (00:06:21):

Oh man.

Ledy (00:06:22):

And I was like, no, you haven’t. I’m like, no. And I was like, nuh. And he goes, Ledy, I’ve been sitting here. And I’m like, no, you haven’t. You came to the bathroom and you were standing right there. And he’s like, what are you talking about? So to this day, we both have talked about it, and I was like, you’re not joking. Right? Again, he doesn’t believe in ghosts or anything like that. So I was like, you’re not trying to play a trick on me and make me believe that it’s something that happened that didn’t happen. He goes, no, I promise. I heard you go to the bathroom. I hid by the kitchen island and I just waited for you to come out, but you never came out. 

Ledy  (00:06:58):

And I was like, you didn’t hear me calling for you? And he goes, no, I didn’t hear anything. I just thought you were still in the bathroom. And then the crazy part about that was later that night, after everything was done, we went to bed. I have always been raised, I’m Hispanic, but my mom has always closed all of the doors. And when I met him, I used to tell him, I was like, you need to close all the doors. And he’s like, “What? Are you afraid the Boogeyman is going to come out?” And I was like, I don’t know what my mom has seen in the closet, but you have to close all the doors. But then that night, the way that our bedroom was set up, our bed was next to this huge window, and then directly next, or I guess across the bed, was our bathroom door. 

Ledy  (00:07:40):

And he’s always left it open. And I was like, no, you have to close it. So this night we went to bed. I’m laying closer to the window and I remember he left the door open to the bathroom and I kept on thinking, I was like, okay, I’m just going to sleep and just don’t make it a big deal. In my dream, I woke up to see that the door was open, and as I lifted right next to Mark, there was the other Mark, the one that apparently was in the bath…, 

Jim (00:08:06):

Oh man!

Ledy (00:08:08):

It was the weird, the wildest thing. And I was like, and that other Mark had a shaved head, and I was like, what is going on? So I woke up and I told him, I was like, something weird is going on. And he’s like, yeah, I don’t know what it is, but I mean, that was in 2019 and we talked about it again recently and he’s like, yeah, I didn’t do anything. I was sitting by the island and nothing happened. I didn’t hear anything. So it was a complete head scratcher and I have no idea what happened. 

Jim (00:08:36):

Well, that was my question. Do you have a theory? Do you think there’s an alternate timeline? Do you think that was in some, I mean, some people believe that, some people think it’s a trickster manifestation of evil. Any pet theories or you’re just at a total loss? 

Ledy  (00:08:55):

From my experiences with him, we have both had experiences. We felt like driving. He loves cars. And before we met, he said he was at this accident and he felt like he died, but jumped timelines because all of a sudden the scene was gone. He was in his bedroom and he was fine. So ever since I’ve met him, I’ve felt like there’s either we’ve jumped timelines together, we were meant to find each other. It was super weird how we met and our worlds are intertwined. We’re both from California, but we’ve been in Texas. But I have a theory of it being either his doppelganger that I come to encounter or just, I don’t know, just a slip in the timeline of, I don’t know. The thing is I interacted with it, if it would’ve just been my dream, I would’ve like, oh yeah, it could have been just a glitch in the matrix. The thing was that it was physical. I saw him and it was him, and it was the weirdest thing 

Jim (00:10:03):

That is strange. I will say this. I mean, I have a saying, and since you’re relatively new to the show, you may not have heard it, but I always say reality is much stranger than we give it credit for. I mean, I think we fall into this idea that ghosts are dead people and so forth and so on. I think some of that may be true, but I also think that things like this doppelgangers, which has come to the fore many times on the show, more so than I ever realized existed before I got into this. These kind of things, there’s something else going on. And I think that just reality itself is just much weirder than we think it is. I mean, we’re going to have a show on The Paranormal Podcast, maybe by the time this airs, maybe it already aired, about time travel and things like retrocausality. Can you do something now that will impact the past? 

Jim (00:10:56):

So the point is I don’t think things are quite as linear as we think they are. And I think there’s a lot more to it than we can see and experience, except sometimes I think we do see and experience those other things. And maybe that’s the kind of thing is what you are describing. Ledy, welcome to the show. Thank you so much for joining us and everybody out there, if you’ve been listening for weeks, months, years and you’ve not shared your story, please let Ledy be your example. Sign up at Now, if you hear this and at that particular time, submissions are paused, just come back in a few weeks because they will be open back up, not sure when this is airing. So they may be open as we speak. We periodically pause them as we get an influx of stories, we catch up, then we open it up again, Ledy, thank you so much and Stay Spooky. 

Ledy  (00:11:50):

Thank you so much, Jim. Have a good one. 

Jim (00:11:52):

Emma is on the line from Music City USA Nashville, Tennessee, and we’re so glad to have her on the program. I appreciate it. Thank you so much. And tell us about your dad’s house because it seems like a place where very strange things happen. 

Emma (00:12:09):

Hi, Again thank you so much for having me here. And I’m really excited to tell this story. It’s not something I bring up super often, because there’s a lot to be said, but so when I was a child, I always had this weird feeling in my dad’s house and he sort of poked fun at me for it. And he was like, oh yeah, it’s the Boogeyman, they’re going to get you. But I was like, no, I really think it might be the Boogeyman. And so it was just the only place that I would ever get sleep paralysis. I always felt really spooked when I was alone there, and I didn’t necessarily feel that way at other people’s houses. And one thing my dad showed me when I was a kid was that he had this lamp and he kept it in the attic most of the times, but he told me he had won it at a poker game many years ago from somebody whose grandfather or great-grandfather had made it back in the days when doctors were just doing weird things with cadavers like in the 1800’s. 

Emma (00:13:16):

So this lamp had at least two skulls that were a part of it. There was a top, I know there was a top part of it that is the skull. Then there’s a skeleton hand holding it up connected to another skull at the bottom. And I guess I sort of always thought maybe it wasn’t real, but it definitely was. I’ve confirmed that a few times with him recently. And so that was just always there and I knew that. But as I got older, I never really let go of the feeling that something was off about the house. And as my own personal interest in the paranormal grew, I was kind of on the lookout for it a little bit. And my dad was always sort of like, oh, whatever. But eventually he started getting to the point where when I had gone off to college, I think maybe the fact that I had left, he felt like he could sort of tell me these things. 

Emma (00:14:17):

But he told me that things have always sort of happened in the house that he has noticed. One thing, I hd this Pirates of the Caribbean alarm clock from when I was a kid, coincidentally, it’s also like a skull on crossbones, fake this time. But he told me that he was sort of unpacking some of my old things and I’d left it out and it was unplugged and in the middle of the night it started going off. And what it says when it goes off is, in the little Pirates of the Caribbean voice, “Deadman tell no tales”. So he even sent me a video of it and I was like, well, that’s pretty odd. I have to give it to you. Maybe you finally believe me a little bit. And so I was home actually visiting from college and nobody was there the day that this occurred. 

Emma (00:15:11):

And it was the middle of the day, broad daylight. I was just sitting on the couch watching tv, eating some cereal, not really setting the scene to expect anything spooky to happen. And my sweet cat Porsche, she’s normally, she’s an older girl, she’s very calm, and she got out from my lap and started hissing at this table with a drawer in it right next to the couch. So I got up to see what she was looking at because she normally doesn’t do anything like that. I thought it was probably a bug and I didn’t see anything. But she started just cowering away from it, which again, I’ve never seen her do. And I was looking at the table and the drawer in it just slammed open so hard, it almost slammed itself, back shut again. And I just ran out of the house without my keys or my phone or my shoes. 

Emma (00:16:11):

And I waited probably 30 minutes just outside before somebody else got home and I could go back in the house again because I just wouldn’t go back in without anybody else there. 

Jim (00:16:23):

Don’t blame you.

Emma (00:16:25):

No, I still don’t regret that. But I told my dad and he kind of looked at me and he was like, yeah, there are really weird things that have been happening. He didn’t seem that shocked, I guess is what I’m saying, that a drawer slammed open by itself. I was like, what’s been going on? So I went back to college and the next time I came back I had a friend with me just to kind of get to where the lamp ended up. I asked my dad about the lamp and he told me he got really shifty about it. When we were in the car with my friend, he seemed like he didn’t want to say. So when we did get home and it was just me and my dad, I was like, what happened to the lamp? Why didn’t you say anything? And I think because he didn’t want to come off as being openly superstitious, even though I think that he is. I love you, dad. 

Emma (00:17:31):

He definitely is. He just didn’t want to come off, I suppose, in front of my friend. But I asked him what he ended up doing with the lamp, and he told me that he had buried it, which is something apparently he thought about doing for a long time because he just sort of felt that that was the right thing to do anyways. But I think that the amount of things that were happening sort of amping up, made him expedite the process. So he did bury the lamp and he told me he did funeral rites from a few different faiths to sort of, since he of course doesn’t know who that person or two people potentially were, to try and cover what they might have been in life. And I think that the house is hopefully, I haven’t heard anything from him since. I’ve had a few other experiences of my own since then. I used to live in a house in college that had a grave in the backyard. So there are interesting moments there, but I don’t really think that anything else has been going on in his home. So I hope hopefully it seems like that sort of alleviated some of that energy that was happening in the house. 

Jim (00:18:50):

I mean, when the drawer opens by its own, that’s got to be quite a shock. 

Emma (00:18:55):

It was because I had always sort of believed in ghosts up to that point. It was something I was interested in, but that element of skepticism still hung with me. And whenever something would happen, I thought that I saw something or felt something, I was able to write it off. I was able to rationalize it, even if it was something that I did feel was happening, I would try to rationalize it anyways. But that was the first thing that ever happened right in front of my eyes, broad daylight. There was no way I could possibly rationalize it. It was so loud and fast, and it just, I can’t figure it out. To this day,  I did end up looking in, around the drawer. There’s no way that that could have happened on its own. 

Jim (00:19:45):

Yeah, I’ll tell you, it’s one of those things where seeing is believing. You can believe something intellectually, you can say, yeah, I think there’s something to it, but when you see it, there’s something different about that. Seeing is indeed believing. Thank you so much for joining us today. I really appreciate it, and thanks for being a part of the Campfire and Stay Spooky. 

Emma (00:20:11):

Alright, thank you so much, Jim. 

Jim (00:20:13):

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Announcer 2 (00:22:37):

If you love the Campfire, be sure to check out The Paranormal Podcast where every week Jim interviews experts and authors about strange mysteries. Find it for free wherever you listen to this podcast. Tune into The Paranormal Podcast today. Now we return to Jim Harold’s Campfire. 

Jim (00:22:53):

Molly is on the line all the way from New Zealand. She found out about us from Christine and Em with an assist from her friend Nicola, who told her about the show. So thanks to all of you for telling Molly about the show and now we can hear her stories. And the first one is about her mom. Molly, thank you for joining us all the way from New Zealand. 

Molly (00:23:16):

Thank you. So my mom, she passed away maybe about just over a year and a half ago. 

Jim (00:23:23):

I’m sorry. 

Molly (00:23:26):

Thank you. So one night I had gone to bed, but I wasn’t sleeping very well, because obviously I was very upset. And then all of a sudden I just felt the room change a little bit and I usually sleep on my side. So I had my back to the other side of the bed. I felt all of a sudden, like someone sit on the bed next to me and I have very long hair and I usually kind of lay it over the pillow, so all of a sudden someone was stroking my hair and it smelled familiar like my mom’s perfume. So you think when you would wake up in the middle of the night and you felt someone sit on your bed that you’d be freaked out. But no, it was super comforting and I think it was her. 

Jim (00:24:13):

Well, it sounds like it was. It makes all the sense. And, the kind of a telltale sign is I think you mentioned she stroked her hair in life when she was here and then that smell of that perfume. I always think that’s interesting when there’s scents. And it sounds like to me she certainly came back to visit you and I’ve got to believe that’s a great comfort to you. 

Molly (00:24:34):

Yeah, well, she’s come back. I mean, these are all different stories, but she’s come back a couple times sometimes in dreams, sometimes, yeah. And something else. Yeah. 

Jim (00:24:45):

Now when you have the dreams, are they kind of those more real than real experiences? That’s what I’ve heard. When people have these dreams of past loved ones when sometimes it seems like it’s more real than real, is that your than waking life? Is that your experience? 

Molly (00:25:02):

Yeah, I mean, I’m pretty sure with that one I was actually awake, but I have definitely had dreams that seemed extremely realistic that when I woke up I was like, well, that kind happened, but it seemed like it really did. 

Jim (00:25:12):

You had mentioned when we were talking offline that a door seemed to open for you with experiences after your mom passed and you had another story from when you were here in the States. 

Molly (00:25:23):

Yeah, so I was in the States September last year, and my friend Elise and I, we went on a massive California road trip and we ended up in Yosemite National Park because I’d wanted to go there for a very, very long time. So I talked her into going hiking with me for three days, and we were staying at the Wawona Hotel, which is the oldest hotel in the park. And I’d had a bit of trouble sleeping, apparently. Some say it’s the altitude, but yeah, it may have also been the jet lag because I’d just come from Europe. 

Molly (00:26:01):

But so I was trying to get to sleep in Yosemite National Park, and we were in the oldest hotel in Yosemite, and something weird happened, and the next day my friend said to me, apparently the hotel we’re staying is haunted. And I was like, yeah it is. And she’s like, oh, what happened? And so the night before I’d been trying to get to sleep and the room is, just like the hotel rooms, this little box and there’s two beds in it, there’s a sink in the corner, and I look in the corner and there’s this kind of shadow of a guy just standing there. And I’m like, oh, cool, awesome. So I kind of just made my boundaries very clear and was like, no, absolutely not. No way. You’re not coming towards me. And it kind of came towards me a little bit and I was just like, no, what did I say? 

Molly (00:26:52):

I said, absolutely not. And then it kind of just disappeared. So yeah, I thought that was a bit creepy, a bit weird. And luckily I was able to go to sleep. But anyway, when we got out of the park, I decided to Google it. I didn’t want to freak myself out by Googling it when I was there. And turns out that there was a small plane crash near the hotel in the twenties, and that a male figure of the pilot who was injured and unfortunately killed in the crash, wanders around the property and people see him from time to time. So yeah, I think it was that pilot. But yeah, it was a pretty weird experience. Anyway, 

Jim (00:27:34):

It’s interesting. And yeah, that’s quite a story, especially when you can go back and get the affirmation and look at the picture and say, oh, that was the guy. But the other thing that was interesting is you told it no, and it didn’t go any further. It disappeared. And I’ve heard that before. Now I’m not talking about super malevolent spirits or anything like this, but I’ve heard sometimes if spirits are being pesky or whatever, it’s simply a firm no, go away and they’ll listen. Apparently. 

Speaker 3 (00:28:06):

Yeah, he was just kind of there. I think I definitely heard from Em on, “That’s Why We Drink.” They used to be a paranormal investigator, and they were like, I would just be like, no, absolutely not. You’re not doing this. So I was just like, I didn’t really know what to do. So my panic brain was like, okay, okay. Just say no. 

Jim (00:28:23):

There you go. You handled it perfectly. Molly, thank you so much. I know it’s a very, very early hour over there in New Zealand as we record this in the afternoon here in the States. So thank you so much for getting up early or staying up late and being a part of the show. 

Molly (00:28:42):

Thanks, Jim. 

Jim (00:28:43):

Stay Spooky. 

Molly (00:28:45):

Stay Spooky. Bye. 

Jim (00:28:46):

Hey, it’s Jim here, and I wanted to tell you about a couple of things. We’ll get right back to the stories I promise. First of all, I wanted to tell you about an in-person event. I’m going to be at on October 6th in Kent, Ohio at the Kent Stage. It’s called “Webcast: A Night with Paranormal Podcasts”, and there’ll be Greg and Dana Newkirk. They’ll also be ****, and then little old me from “Jim Harold’s Campfire” and “The Paranormal Podcast”. It’ll be a great time. I hope to see you there. The doors open at 6:00 PM and it will be Friday, October 6th. And for tickets and more information, you can go to That’s Also, I wanted to tell you about a couple of free podcasts. You may have missed a happy belated birthday to my daughter Cassandra, who is the host of “Unpleasant Dreams”, that is the podcast where she reads classic horror stories, think Lovecraft et al. 

Jim (00:29:49):

So if you like that kind of thing, she does a fantastic job. And I’m not just saying that because I’m her dad. It gets great reviews on all the outlets. Check it out wherever you get your podcasts. It’s called “Unpleasant Dreams”, and the host is Cassandra Harold. And then finally, please do check out the free podcast, “You Won’t Believe What Happened To Me.” That also is a family affair. That’s me and Dar Harold talking about weird news and also weird stories from our callers, non- supernatural things that have happened to people, but they are pretty incredible and sometimes actually scarier than a ghost story. So please check out “Unpleasant Dreams” and “You Won’t Believe What Happened To Me”. They’re both free podcasts and you can find them wherever you find the Campfire. Thanks. 

Tiffany is on the line from Florida. We’re so glad to have her on the show. She’s a Plus Club member, a big supporter, and we appreciate it very, very much. She’s also the founder of a paranormal investigation team. She’s going to share her scariest experience she’s had so far, and then she has another story for us as well. Tiffany, welcome to the show. Thank you for joining us and tell us what happened. 

Tiffany (00:31:02):

Well, hi Jim. Thanks for having me on. I’m really excited to finally get on here. 

Jim (00:31:07):

Thank you. 

Tiffany (00:31:08):

As you said, yes, I’m a paranormal investigator. I have a team, and I wanted to call in because I thought everybody would really like to hear the scariest encounter I’ve had so far. 

Jim (00:31:21):


Tiffany (00:31:22):

So this was at a haunted jail. Can I say the name of it? 



Tiffany (00:31:30):

Okay. Alright. It’s the old Gilchrist County Jail. It’s up in Trenton, Florida, which is pretty far north. And this was one of my earlier investigations that I did. And of course, this one had to be a doozy. So we got there, it’s a small jail, two levels. It’s got about 10 cells, I would say. And this happened just a little bit after we got set up. We were just about to start investigating and we were walking through the main room and there was just five of us there in total. And so it was two other investigators in front of me. And then my husband and one of our other friends who’s now on our team, were behind me. And we were walking through the main room and you go through a little corridor, and if you look to the right, there’s the stairwell that’s going up to the second story. And we’re walking through that area, and I happened to turn to my right. And at the top of the stairs there is a huge shadow figure walking across the top of the platform on top of the second story. 

Jim (00:32:56):

Oh my!

Tiffany (00:32:58):

And it filled up pretty much the whole area. There was a window behind it, and it literally covered up the entire window, and it was huge. And I screamed and I ran, and everybody’s like, what’d you see? What’d you see? Of course, nobody else sees it. And I saw it walking from the left side to the right side. Maybe it was going into one of the other cells. There was one there. And like I said, it was the second story. It’s not in a really populated area. There was just a really big field out in front of it with nothing there. So I don’t feel that there was anything that could have been casting a shadow like that. And it was definitely on the inside of the building. I am pretty darn sure it had to be a shadow figure. It’s that whole blacker than black, darker than night, just no light in it whatsoever. Oh, man. 

Jim (00:34:11):

I’ve heard people describe it as a whole cut out of the universe. Is that kind of the way it was? Like the void? 

Tiffany (00:34:17):

Yeah, just like that. The darkest black that you can think of. And then just even darker than that. 

Jim (00:34:25):

Wow, that’s spooky.

Tiffany (00:34:25):

It was wild. And I’m telling you, we were like five, 10 minutes into the investigation, and that’s the first thing that happened.

Jim (00:34:36):

Now, different people are different. Some people would run away. I would run away, I’m a chicken. 

Tiffany (00:34:42):

I didn’t. 

Jim (00:34:43):

That’s why I was going to say…

Tiffany (00:34:44):

 I did not. 

Jim (00:34:45):

Some people run toward it. You’re  the kind of person that runs toward it. 

Tiffany (00:34:47):

Not exactly. I didn’t run up the stairs towards it. I ran a little bit forward, and I did actually scream because I had never seen one before, but I didn’t leave. I stayed the rest of the night, in fact, until about 2:30 in the morning, and that was about 8:30 at night. 

Jim (00:35:06):

Wow. That’s pretty wild. That’s pretty wild. And I assume that you just continue investigating. You want to see more, you want to find more. 

Tiffany (00:35:15):

Yep. I did. I wasn’t really too keen on running into that again, but I did want to see some other things. And that is the one and only shadow figure that I have seen to date. And it was scary, but I am not opposed to seeing another one now that I’ve kind of grown in my investigative practices and whatnot. 

Jim (00:35:46):

And I said you had a second story, but I was reading where you said the figure was on the second story. Do you have anything real quick? Anything else you want to share with us? 

Tiffany (00:35:54):

Oh gosh, I, well, I can actually tell you about one that we just did an investigation a couple of weeks ago at one of the most notoriously haunted houses in Florida. 

Jim (00:36:06):

Sure. Tell us.

Tiffany (00:36:07):

It’s the May Stringer house in Brooksville. 

Jim (00:36:10):

Tell us. 

Tiffany (00:36:11):

And there is, they’re open all the time for paranormal investigations. So if somebody’s interested, they should look it up. It’s wild. There is a room, it’s one of the children’s rooms. There was a little girl named Jesse May that did unfortunately pass there when she was about three years old. And we had our boo buddy, which I have affectionately named Clarice. And it’ll ask questions looking for a response. It’ll say things like, what’s your favorite color? Or My favorite food is cookies. What’s yours? So here when you think that there might be a child there, and I was going over audio just last week, and I was listening to the pieces in that room, and the bear says, do you have any brothers or sisters? And in the tiniest, tiniest little girl voice you hear, “sister”. 

Jim (00:37:18):

Ooh, Oh boy!

Tiffany (00:37:20):

It was insane. I had to send it to one of my other really good friends that comes on investigations with me. She was there that night and she called me and she was just absolutely freaking out. So we do think probably, I mean, everything’s still a theory. You can’t say a hundred percent, but I feel strongly that it was probably that little girl that did pass. She did have two older step sisters that did live in the house with her according to all the historical records. So I feel pretty confidently that’s who it was, but that shows some strong intelligence. 

Jim (00:38:02):

Yeah. Well, Tiffany, it sounds like you guys are getting results. I certainly appreciate you being a part of the Campfire and being a big supporter of the shows. Thanks for sharing your story and Stay Spooky. 

Tiffany (00:38:15):

Absolutely. You too. 

Jim (00:38:17):

Mandi is on the line from Texas, and she’s a podcaster too. She’s going to tell us about her show at the end of the call, but first she is going to tell us about some strange experiences when she moved into her home and the weirdness that ensued. Mandi, welcome to the program. Thank you for joining us. Tell us what happened. 

Mandi (00:38:39):

Hi, Jim. Thank you so much. So my boyfriend and I actually moved into this house about three years ago. We are currently renting, but it was a very bad situation that we had been in, and we needed to get out of the place that we were in immediately. So it was a quick turnaround. We found it. We moved in within about a week. It was perfect. So we did notice that here and there, we would notice odd things, especially shadows out of the corner of our eye. And of course, whenever we would turn, nothing would be there, but even our animals were actually, would stare into the front room just and stare. It was very, very creepy. Yes. So one day I was in my bedroom and I was walking out into our hallway. I noticed that, and it happened so quickly. So a shadow figure ran past our door into my office, which is right next to our bedroom, and it was slightly hunched over, so it was dark enough for me to be able to tell that it was a shadow. 

Mandi (00:39:48):

It was hunched over, and I knew that it was running. 

Jim (00:39:51):


Mandi (00:39:52):

And it was terrifying. It made my heart stop and everything, and I was trying to give it the benefit of the doubt, and I was trying to debunk it, and I’m like, you know what? Maybe John got up, maybe the window had a shadow, caused a shadow, something. So I walk out into the living room and John is sitting on the couch and I said, “Hey, did you get up at all and go to the kitchen or anything?” And he says, “No, I’ve been sitting here.” And I said, “You didn’t go get a glass of water?” And he goes, “No, I’ve been sitting here. Why? What’s wrong?” I said, “I swear that I just saw a shadow figure run past our bedroom into my office, and it was kind of hunched over, but I swear I saw that.” And he says, “oh, you see him too?” 

Mandi (00:40:42):

And it was just disturbing. How could you not tell me that? That’s such important information. We would’ve moved already had I known. And then we started talking about all of the different experiences that we’ve had. And they weren’t super crazy experiences. He never had something run past him before. That was just me. I’m the lucky one. But he would tell me that he would see things out of the corner of his eye, and it was always shadow figures. And of course our pets would always look into the front room. There was something there, but of course we couldn’t see anything. But at that point, we kind of came to the conclusion that if our cat and dog aren’t worried about it, then I’m sure that we’re fine and we have nothing to worry about. That was nice, at least whenever we came to that conclusion. Like, okay, well if they’re not scared, then we’re not scared either. 

Jim (00:41:39):

You’d mentioned one incident to me offline, and it seemed like a particularly scary one. 

Mandi (00:41:45):

Yes. So I was actually taking a shower, and of course, it’s always horrible whenever scary things happen in the shower because it’s a very small space. But I was taking a shower, and of course I have shampoo in my hair, so it’s in my eyes, and I get this horrible feeling that there’s someone looking at me and it’s jarring how heavy this feeling is. And so I’m rushing and I’m trying to get the shampoo out of my eyes, and I can’t do it because I’m getting flustered. And at that point, I didn’t even wait for all the shampoo to get out of my eyeballs. I was okay with blindness at that point, and I just opened up my eyes, and of course there was nothing there, but it was so incredibly heavy, that feeling. I knew that if I opened up my eyes that there would be somebody standing there staring at me and showering with my eyeballs open, which is very difficult to do. But somehow, and luckily that’s ever happened again, but it was horrible. 

Jim (00:42:49):

Oh, yeah. And I understand from what you said that things have kind of calmed down. 

Mandi (00:42:54):


Jim (00:42:55):

So at this point, do you think maybe these shadow people, whatever they are, they’ve come to accept you and say, well, they’re here. They’re not going away. We’re not scaring them away. 

Mandi (00:43:08):

I mean, I would hope so. We’ve been here for a few years already, and we watch a whole bunch of horror movies, and we read horror books. And I mean, that’s not all we watch. We’re not crazy people. But there, we watch all kinds of stuff. But I think it’s come to the point where they’re like, well, if anybody accepts us, it’s probably going to be these people and they don’t seem to be causing any issues or changing anything. And maybe they were worried that we wouldn’t take care of the house because I mean is, I don’t know how many renters were in this house before us, so maybe they were just concerned, but now they don’t have any reason to be concerned. They see that we take care of things, that we look after everything. And so maybe they’re put at ease at the fact that we’re relatively good people. 

Jim (00:44:02):

Well, that’s kind of cool. I’m glad that you guys have had kind of a detente of sorts. It was like, we’re not going to, you don’t mess with me. I won’t mess with you, kind of thing. 

Mandi  (00:44:11):

Right, exactly. 

Jim (00:44:12):

So let me ask you, you mentioned off air that you are a podcaster. Can you give us about a minute about the podcast and where people can find it? 

Mandi  (00:44:22):

Absolutely. Thank you. So our podcast is “Everything Scary at 3:00 AM” and we review horror movies and video games and things like that. Usually the way that I introduce it to folks is if there’s a scary movie that you want to watch, but you’re too scared to watch it, our podcast is the best one to listen to because we walk you through the entire thing. And if you’re like me and John, and you look at an actor and you’re wondering where you know them from, we actually break all that down for you also. And then we rate it at the end. 

Jim (00:44:53):

Very cool indeed. Very cool indeed. Mandi, thank you so much for joining us. Continued success with your podcast, and thanks for sharing your Shadow person story. 

Mandi  (00:45:05):

Thank you so much, Jim. 

Jim (00:45:06):

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Announcer 2 (00:47:45):

Want the entire Campfire archive going back to 2009 plus much more? Get in on Jim’s Plus Club at Now, back to another great story. 

Jim (00:47:55):

Margaret is on the line from the Boston area up in Massachusetts, and we’re so glad to speak with her. And she’s going to talk about a Cape Cod house she bought in 1994, and well, some strangeness that ensued. Margaret, welcome to the show. Thank you for joining us. I know you said you didn’t know how you found me, but the important thing is that you found the show, and I really appreciate that. So please tell us your story. 

Margaret (00:48:24):

I’ve always been interested in ghosts, even back in junior high. People used to kid me about it. I wanted to talk about it, but I never wanted to see one, and I never had an experience. And then in the early nineties, about 94, we bought a summer house on Cape Cod, and it was in a nice area. It was just a few houses from the beach built in about 1930. And one night it was just my daughter and I in the house. My husband and the two boys were somewhere else, and I was having a fine sleep, but I woke up suddenly and I looked at the clock and it said it was two o’clock, and I was trying to figure out why I suddenly woke up, and then I heard footsteps on the stairs, and the stairs were right outside my bedroom door. And it didn’t frighten me. 

Margaret (00:49:28):

Actually, it made me mad because I thought my daughter had gone downstairs to watch TV in the middle of the night, and she was 12 years old. So although she had never done it before. So I jumped out of bed and opened up my bedroom door and looked out in the hallway. It was just a small hallway with four doors going into it, and there was nobody there. I really thought I was going to be confronting her. And so I opened up her bedroom door and quickly as if, okay, she’s in there. And she was sound asleep on the second bed from, so it wasn’t as if she could have jumped into bed and pretended she was asleep. 

Jim (00:50:20):


Margaret (00:50:21):

And I was really startled and puzzled, and I kept thinking, okay, if I looked in the bathroom, nobody there looked in the other bedroom, nobody there, and went back into my room and climbed up into the bed and just feeling very puzzled and running through my head. Yes, I heard those steps. There’s no carpeting on those steps. I heard it. And so I reached up over my right shoulder where there’s a light that you can turn off and on the light is on the other side of a king size bed. So it’s not like you’d reach out to turn it off and on. You do it with the light switch. And I went to turn it on, and the light switch was in the on position already, but the light was not on. And so I thought, okay, I must’ve fallen asleep. And the light went out because I usually had things to read. So I crawled over to the other side of the bed and clicked the light and it went on. 

Jim (00:51:36):

Like someone had turned it off.

Margaret (00:51:38):

Right! Like something had been, yeah, exactly. Something had turned it off. So I was lying in bed, and I don’t know, I just felt very, just very puzzled. And I guess the idea came into my head that this was paranormal. And so I didn’t say anything out loud, but I started having a conversation one way, and I said, look, you need to go and we love you. I don’t know why I said that, but I did, but you need to go and you can’t stay here anymore. And half my brain was thinking, if anybody could read your mind, they would think you were out of it. But I did that for a little bit. And then very weirdly, the whole thing felt peaceful, which I found strange. And then I went back to sleep, which still makes me wonder. 

Margaret (00:52:47):

And that was my first experience. Now, it wasn’t the last in the house. Maybe, oh, it could have been a year later. I can’t remember. But I had gotten up to go to bed, and I walked across the living room and there was a bridge lamp hanging over, a wicker chair, classic Cape Cod decor. And I wasn’t touching the wicker at all. I knew I wasn’t. And I leaned over and just as I did that, the chair started making a racket. It was like somebody was squeezing it or I don’t know. It was not one, just really a lot of noise. And then I grabbed the arms and I said, stop it. I’m going to bed. 

Jim (00:53:47):

So it almost becomes like it all has a personality. 

Margaret (00:53:52):

Yes. And then the last time we owned the house for about 12 years and maybe longer. Anyway, we were packing up. We had had a lot of work done on the house, and we were sitting in a family room eating sandwiches, and it was the week before we were moving out, everything was getting organized for move, and suddenly the door to the basement slammed three times in an even bam, bam, bam. I looked at my husband and he looked at me and he had that look like, whoa, whoa, whoa. This is crazy. And so I went over to look, I had to go around the corner. And the weird part about it’s, it was probably the only door in the house that if you slammed it, it would’ve latched, none of the other doors closed properly. It was old. 

Jim (00:54:59):

So that shouldn’t have done it by itself. 

Margaret (00:55:01):

No. And I kept thinking, wait a minute, was there a draft? Well, if there was a draft, it would’ve slammed at once, and there wasn’t any particular draft. So I just looked at it and it was about six inches open, and I went back, sat down to eat my sandwich, and did it again. Bam, bam, bam. And at that point, my husband said, we’re out of here in a week. And so that’s my experience in my Cape Cod house. 

Jim (00:55:41):

The thing is that, was there any history behind the house, anything that would’ve led you to believe that there could have been a haunting? Because it definitely sounded like, and it was kind of like, I’m going to send you off one last time with a little extra scare. But I mean, it sounds like it was pretty intentional. 

Margaret (00:56:00):

Well, it’s interesting. Of course, I told everybody and his brother about my experience, and one neighbor said to me, the previous owner’s wife never stayed in that house by herself. Her mother stayed with her most of the time. And when the mother died, she never stayed again by herself. And then on top of that, another neighbor who was probably, I think it was in early eighties, he stopped by one day, and that was kind of unusual. And he told us that his family had rented the house in the summertime. And one summer, his brother, who was 30, early thirties, had a heart condition and was told he had 10 years, or he could drop dead tomorrow, and he died in that living room. 

Jim (00:57:04):

Oh my. 

Margaret (00:57:05):

So I told him, I said, I think your brother’s visiting us, but I’m not sure he was. It was. But anyway, it was, I think there’s a lot of stuff up in the northeast where there’s water. People say ghost spirit seem to be around water. And so that’s my ghost story for now. I have others. Just some of them are just silly little things, but unexplainable. 

Jim (00:57:45):

Well, we’d love to hear ’em in the future, and I thank you for sharing this one, but it sure seems like this has not extinguished your interest in the subject, has it? 

Margaret (00:57:55):

Oh, well, someone said to me, oh, you believe in ghosts? And I said, well, I don’t believe in them. That they’re the house I’m in now. There’s a man with white hair that’s been seen twice by two different people. But I tell him regularly, I don’t want to see you. I don’t want to hear you. And just we’ll leave it at that. 

Jim (00:58:21):

Sounds like a good plan. Margaret, thank you so much for being a part of the Campfire today. 

Margaret (00:58:26):

Thank you. I love your show. 

Jim (00:58:28):

Well, next up on the line, we have a family affair. Jeanette is joining us from Georgia, but I got to say first I’ve got to give big shout outs to her family. Her daughters, Mia and Izzy are big fans of the show. So thank you for listening, Mia and Izzy. And a special super spooky shout out to Virginia. Her birthday’s coming up, I understand. And she’s from San Juan, Puerto Rico. She is a super fan. Jeanette says. So Virginia, thank you so much and Stay Spooky. And Jeanette, you have a story for us, and you just share the love of Campfire with everybody. I know you said the place you used to work, you used to play it in the place, and now you’ve got your whole family involved, Virginia, Mia and Izzy, thank you again for spreading the word and you’re bringing the goods. You’re bringing a story from New Orleans in a haunted hotel experience. So thank you for joining us and tell us what happened. 

Jeanette (00:59:23):

Yes, thank you, Jim, for having me. So yes, we are super fans. We listen to you on every road trip. And so just a little quick background. This happened back in about my daughter’s, about four years old. This is when that really famous Disney movie, the “Princess and the Frog” came out. I don’t know if you’ve seen that one. So it’s like New Orleans, and we were like, okay, we want to have beignets. We want to have the whole experience. We’re a military family. So I’m originally from Puerto Rico. My husband, he’s Latino, as well, so we come from a very superstitious type of family. However, I grew up kind of like with that, oh, you just leave it alone and you’re fine. He’s definitely not. So he’s definitely the one who will get spooked out really fast. Me, not so much. So we’re a military family. 

Jeanette (01:00:13):

So long story short, what happened is we were moving from Fort Hood in Texas all the way to Savannah, Georgia. So along the way I said, well, we need to stop. And I have three kids. And so I was like, we need to stop along the way. How fun would it be to stop in New Orleans? And the French Quarter, that was on my bucket list. So I’m like, okay. So I wanted the whole experience at this point. I wanted the French Quarter Boutique Hotel. I want it to be the whole experience. So we went and we stayed at this hotel in the French Quarter, and my husband was just like, he’s the type of person, anytime you see the old house, an old hotel, anything, he’s like, that’s probably haunted. That’s probably haunted. I’m like, you let your imagination run wild. It’s fine. I’m sure it’s fine. 

Jeanette (01:01:00):

And I never get scared, I’ll tell you that right now. I’m not a big person to get spooked out or scared or anything like that. So I looked up the hotel on the way and on our way, our drive, we had a long drive. So I looked it up and I seen that it got five stars on one of the websites that you can see all the information. So I was just like, okay, well we’ll book that one. That looks pretty, the pictures are nice, it looks clean. It has my whole experience. So we finally get to the hotel and my husband’s like, oh, that’s probably haunted. I’m like, it’s not haunted, it’s just an old hotel. It’s fine. We get to the hotel. It was kind of late. It was about nine or 10 o’clock at night, but we had been on the road,naps and all that stuff, so my kids were super charged. 

Jeanette (01:01:47):

My daughters were probably about four or five at the time, and my son was about 11, so they had a lot of energy. So we were like, still the famous place in New Orleans that sell the beignets is open 24 hours. So we were like, okay, we’ll just go there, have some coffee, beignets do the whole thing. So he’s like, fine. I was like, I need to refreshen up because I need a shower. He’s like, that’s fine. We’ll wait for you. We’ll make ourselves busy. I’m like, okay, cool. I started taking a shower and at that time when I went to take a shower, so the hotel, just to let you know, it’s like those old boutique style hotels and the rooms are facing the courtyards where you can go out and see a pretty garden, a pond, and explore. So you come from the outside in and I was taking a shower, and all of a sudden while I was showering, I got soap in my eye. 

Jeanette (01:02:38):

I don’t know if you ever got soap in your eye when you’re showering… 

Jim (01:02:39)

Oh yeah, sure. Not fun.

Jeannette (01:02:39)

I felt like I was blind. Yes. I went blind. My eyes were burning and I’m like, oh no, and I opened up, it was pitch black in the bathroom. I’m like, I’m blind, I’m blind. And it was pitch black. So I was like, and then once my eyes started, I washed my eye. I realized it was dark in the bathroom, so someone had turned off the light, and I have kids, so I’m like, stop playing with the lights. Really? I was yelling in my crazy Spanish voice, and so I said, stop playing in the lights, and I go throw on my towel to flip the switch back on, and I go to look out and no one’s in the room, and my husband is in the courtyard with the kids and he’s showing them outside. 

Jeanette (01:03:19):

He opens the door and he’s like, who are you screaming at? I said, I looked at him. It was just the light was no way. It was no time or no nothing. I’m like, and the switch was down. So I was just like, how did that happen? And then I was just like, okay, well, I kind of rubbed it off. I shook it off. I’m like, no, I wasn’t screaming at anybody. I was just asking you guys if you’re ready to go. I played it off. I didn’t want to spook them out. And then I started getting dressed, and I thought by then he had came in, they were coming in and out of the room and the closet door is moved, so the closet doors were closed essentially, and they open. So I’m telling my daughter, stop playing. We’re tired. And they weren’t even near the closet. 

Jeanette (01:04:03):

There was no kids in the closet, no nothing. And I’m like, how does this even happen? So I kind of just, okay, maybe my imagination, we’re tired, no big deal. We go, we have our beignets. We come back to the room, and at that point, while my husband was showering, once we got back to the room, I was like, you know what? Maybe I should look up this hotel. I really just seen it on the website and I seen it had five stars, and I was like, maybe I should look this up. That was a bad situation. I didn’t read the reviews. All I did was read how well the hotel rated. So I looked at the reviews and I started reading them one by one. Then I’m like, what the heck did I get myself into? It was the number top 10 haunted places in New Orleans, and it had, I guess it was a school before and it had burned down, so a lot of kids had perished, and I guess you see a soldier in the courtyard or a little girl playing in the room, kids playing tricks on you all the time. 

Jeanette (01:05:09):

And I was like, maybe I shouldn’t have looked this up. And I was like, at that point I got scared. I was a little nervous a little bit because of all the things that happened. I didn’t tell my husband, and he comes out the shower. He is like, everything okay? He sees a look on my face. I’m like, no, everything’s fine. If I get scared, they’re going to get scared. So I was like, everything’s fine. Let’s just go to bed. I’m ready to go to sleep, make the most of it. We’re here, whatever. So we go to sleep and I’m laying down. I have my daughters with me and my son sleeping. It’s a twin double bedroom. He’s sleeping in the bed with my son. I’m sleeping with my girls. 

Jeanette (01:05:46):

You ever feel like when someone’s staring at you, you just feel like that eerie, feeling someone’s staring at you? Well, it was my husband staring at me, and I look over to him and I’m like, why are you not sleeping? And he’s in a very gentle voice and his eyes are open big. He’s like, I’m trying to, but every time I’m watching tv, the channel keeps changing. And I’m just like, what do you mean the channel keeps changing? He’s like, yes, it keeps changing. And I’m just like, then just turn it off. And he’s like, I did. And I’m like, well, then what happened? He’s like, it turned back on. And I was just like, well, maybe the cable out dating myself a little. But we used to plug in the cable. They still had those older TVs, the older flat screens, not so much so, so old, but the older flat screens with the A U X where it would connect the cable. 

Jeanette (01:06:38):

And then he said, okay, well just leave it on. I guess, I don’t know what to tell you. I’m ready to go to bed. And so he’s, he’s just sitting there and I’m waiting to see, and every time the channel would change and it would make a white noise type of situation. And I was like, well, maybe it’s the cable. So I get up and I like, if everything’s tight, everything’s in place, nothing’s loose, everything’s fine. And then eventually the tv it did, it changed to another channel again, and I was just like, okay, I’m done. I unplugged it and it didn’t turn back on. Thank God. I think I would’ve been out of there. I unplugged it and I’m like, I think maybe you should take some melatonin and we’ll be fine. But those were really unexplainable things. And even when I took a picture, I wish I had the picture with me, but even when I took a picture of my daughters playing in the room, and it could be debunked, I’m a debunker, I debunk everything. 

Jeanette (01:07:38):

So I was like, there was these orbs around them, so I was just like, ah. I’m like, maybe it was the reflection or the light. And my husband was like, really? He’s like, you want to debunk everything? So yeah. Then once we left the hotel, we went to go check out. And when we checked out, my husband was like, that’s it. We were supposed to stay there for three days. My husband was like, we’re not staying here for three days. We’re leaving tomorrow. And I’m like, but I mean, it’s not that bad. It wasn’t like a presence that you felt like it was malicious. It didn’t feel scary in that sense. Yeah, I got scared because spooked, because I’m like, well, all these coincidences. And then all of a sudden I looked it up and I was just like, maybe my head was running with me. 

Jeanette (01:08:25):

I know there was kids there, but we ended up checking out and the lady was like, you guys are checking out awfully early. And I’m like, yeah, I guess we didn’t want to sound dumb. So we were like, oh, well we had to meet some friends on the road. I dunno, we made something up. She was like, was everything okay? And she gave us that look like we were like, yeah, everything was fine. They were like, are you sure? And we were like, yeah, everything was fine. And I guess maybe that happens to a lot of people. The way she looked at us was like, this has happened before, and they’re running out. They got scared. 

Jim (01:09:01):

Definitely Interesting. She kind of knew what was going on. 

Jeannette (01:09:03):

Oh, she definitely knew. She knew. 

Jim (01:09:06):

Well, I have a simple explanation. That hotel was haunted. That’s just all there was to it. 

Jeannette (01:09:11):

Yes. And I don’t know if you can say the name of the hotel, that’s why I should have asked. But I mean, I can say it if you like, but it doesn’t really matter. But it was pretty haunted though. 

Jim (01:09:20):

Well, Jeanette, thank you so much for joining us today. I really appreciate it. Thank you to you, your family, Mia, Izzy, and Virginia for being such great fans of the show. Thank you. And please call us back if you have any more spooky stories. 

Jeannette (01:09:35):

Well, it was a blessing. And keep on sharing those spooky stories. Have a great day. 

Jim (01:09:40):

Stay Spooky. 

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Announcer 2 (01:12:38):

You are listening to Jim Harold’s Campfire. 

Jim (01:12:40):

Well, we have a return caller today. We have Amy on the Campfire and she has a story. She says she hasn’t heard a lot of stories like this on the Campfire, but for her in many ways it’s been very life-changing and we’re so glad to have her back on the show. Amy, welcome back to the show. Thanks for rejoining us and tell us what happened. 

Amy (01:13:03):

Okay, so this was about April in 2020. And so everything was starting to open up and a little bit. And my best friend and I, we’ve been friends since 14. So we decided to go on a bike ride to Antelope Island State Park, and that’s in the middle of the Great Salt Lake, and it has a lot of recreational areas and buffalo, herds of buffalo and wildlife. And so we just wanted to go for a bike ride, and there’s a causeway that goes out there. So we parked and rode across the causeway, and it was just so freeing. The whole day was so freeing, it felt like the winds going on you, and we’d been cooped up for so long. And so then we go to the visitor center and learn all about the island. And then we were starving by this point, and luckily there was a little burger hut, so we ate there that was near the beach. 

Amy  (01:13:53):

And so I’m like, let’s go to the water. And she’s like, I don’t want to get my feet wet. And I just remember being like, we’re almost boarding and we haven’t even put our feet in the Great Salt Lake. And we’ve lived here almost half, almost all of our lives we’re doing it. So she sat out and I went in and I took off my bike shoes and I walked out to the water, and I just remember the sand was rippled from the current or the waves, and the sand was such a beautiful color, and the lake was so warm, it’s such a shallow lake. And then I just felt the breeze on me. And I could hear children playing in the background. And when you look out around the Great Salt Lake, you don’t know where the horizon, there’s not a definitive line. So it’s like, could it be water? 

Amy (01:14:44):

Could it be clouds or sky or mountains? And so you just kind of look out and it goes for eternity. And I just looked out and then I closed my eyes and I was just feeling all these feelings, and I was so calm and so quiet, and all of a sudden in my head, this voice came and just said, this is where you leave this place. And I just felt this overcoming peaceful feeling and just feeling there’s nothing is here. And I took it to understand whether I die in a hospital bed or in a car accident, these are going to be the last sensations I feel when I leave this earth. And it was like I had the warmest, I just ate this great meal and the seagulls and everything. It was so beautiful. And I just started crying and I just stayed there in that silence for a minute and just closed my eyes. 

Amy (01:15:40):

And I remember just seeing magenta. Everything was just magenta when I would close my eyes. And I stayed there for a couple minutes and just soaked all of it in. And I just remember feeling like there’s nothing to fear. This is such a peaceful way to leave this life. And if these are the last bits that I get of this earth, then there’s nothing necessary and I’ll just be happy. And I remember turning around and I was about knee deep in the water, so I remember turning around and coming out of this spell and my friend, she couldn’t hear or see or whatever I was doing. My back had been turned to her, but she’s crying. She felt it. She felt like me crying. 

Amy (01:16:30):

And then I walked back and she’s like, what happened? I’m like, I don’t know, but I couldn’t talk for a minute. And then we talked about it, and then we went on our way. And I remember I kept shutting my eyes in different spots. I’d stopped my bike and shut my eyes to see if I could see that magenta glow, and I never could again. So I talked about it on the way home and it was a beautiful experience. And she’s kind of a skeptic, and she’s like, well, I know that you felt something. She’s like, and I know that you believe it’s real. So she was really cute. She gave me, actually a bracelet with the coordinates on it. 

Jim (01:17:08):

Oh, how neat. 

Amy (01:17:09):

From the birthday right here. 

Jim (01:17:10):


Amy (01:17:11):

Yeah. And so it was funny though, when we were on the car ride back, I’d had a channel reading the day before. 

Amy (01:17:17):

As I said, we were coming out of the pandemic and everything. Nobody knew anything. We were just up in the air. And it’s a trusted guy that my friend had gone to before. And I remember he pulled three cards that were kind of a talisman card from a Native American deck, and the first one on it was a prairie grouse. And I’m like a prairie grouse. And he is like, this just means spin life back into life. So when you’re just what they do when they do a mating dance and they just spin around for their mate, and he’s like, this just means spin life back into life. 

Amy (01:17:56):

And then the first card that he drew, and I didn’t remember this until afterwards, the first card that he drew it said, oh, this just means go to the water. And I was like, what? And I was thinking in my head at the time, I was like, the first vacation I take is not going to be to a beach. I don’t want to go to a beach. I just want to go mountain. I don’t know, somewhere, but not a beach, necessarily. And I was like, okay, I’ll think about that later. But then I didn’t even remember, I put two and two together, then I was going to the water that very next day. And so it kind of just threw everything together along with other things that he said. But I dunno, what I got from it was just, I don’t know what happens here. Like you say, it’s a strange, stranger than we think it is here. And so I just thought it was beautiful that nothing to fear, if those are the sensations, it’s so beautiful. It was a beautiful moment. 

Jim (01:18:52):

Those moments in the last couple of years because of the nature of where we live, I’ve been able to get into nature a little more. And there’s just, you connect and it makes you think rather than just constantly being in a big city all the time. Big cities are great, but I mean, the thing is get out to nature and you’re reminded of how it’s not just, I mean, I’m speaking for myself. It’s not just about you. You’re just a small part of something that’s much, much bigger, much, much bigger than you. And I don’t know, it’s so good for grounding and those kind of things. 

Amy (01:19:29):

And that’s what he said too. That’s what he mentioned. He was like, when you get out to water, and that’s exactly what he said, it’s so good for grounding and yeah, 

Jim (01:19:38):


Amy (01:19:40):

I think these kind of things happen in those quiet moments too, when you’re just quiet, be peaceful, and I think that’s when you get this kind of experience. But I was just curious if anybody else had an experience like this. I’m like, did I really just figure out in this big large world, those last sensations I’ll feel as I go to the next place? I don’t know. 

Jim (01:20:03):

Well, it’s fun to discuss. Amy, thank you so much for joining us on the Campfire. Thank you. 

Diana is on the line from Idaho, and she called in and I thought, oh, I bet Diana’s been listening a long time. And she said, I’ve been listening a month. Just found you. And we’re so glad that she did. So Diana is on the line right away. She wanted to share her own story, and we appreciate it and be like, Diana. Diana, welcome to the show. Thank you. And I know you have a very personal story about your mom. Tell us what happened. 

Diana (01:20:37):

Thank you, Jim. I appreciate the opportunity to be on with you. So basically how mine started is in the late June of 1977, I had gotten hit by a car on my bicycle while I was riding my bicycle, and it ended up breaking my hip and pelvis area. I was in the hospital for a couple of weeks, and then I was sent home when my parents could get my room ready for me. And I was bedridden for a couple of months. My mom had been my caretaker, and she’d always been thin, but we didn’t realize that something was wrong. While she was taking care of me, other things were going on within the family with my two brothers. And the stress of everything basically took its toll on my mom, excuse me. And one afternoon when she was taking care of me, the phone rang and I could hear from my bedroom. My mom answered the phone, and I assumed she was talking to my dad who was at work. And then I hear this loud thump and I realized that it was the phone hitting the ground because my mom had passed out. 

Jim (01:22:08):

Oh, my. 

Diana (01:22:09):

I know. And I can’t get up. My hip is broken. I’m laying in bed and there’s no one else there, but my myself and her. And then the next thing you know, I hear my dad rushing in the door and the EMTs are right behind him, and my dad comes in and tells me that mom is going to the hospital and they’re going to figure out what’s going on. And my sister was going to come over and stay with me until they figure everything out. Well, come to find out she had cancer on the brain and she had cancer in her lungs. And with the stress of everything that was going on with me and the rest of the family, the cancer in her brain basically exploded and spider webbed out. 

Diana (01:23:04):

Excuse me. Yeah, it was a tragic situation actually, and I was only 12 at the time, so it’s even more traumatic for me because I’m the baby of the family. Everybody, pretty much older than me. My sister is, oh my gosh, I think she’s 12 years older than me. My other brother was nine years older than me, and then the brother next to me is three years older than me. So she does the chemo, she does the radiation. And so like I said, this happened. It all started in late June of 1977. She came home once and my father literally put her in a lawn chair and put her in front of the television and told me that I need to listen for her. And I’m thinking, what can I do? I’m in bed. And it’s September by this time, and I’m just starting to learn to walk again because your muscles atrophied. And so I’m starting to learn to walk again so that I can go to the restroom and do things on my own. Come October, they had to admit her back into the hospital, and they did some x-rays on her, and they found that the cancer was not doing any better. If anything, the cancer in her lungs was spreading and getting worse. And they basically said she’s probably not going to be leaving the hospital again. By October 10th, she had passed away. 

Diana (01:25:05):

Yeah, it was rough. I only got to see her one time when she was in the hospital. My dad had to carry me in because I couldn’t walk still when she went into the hospital. And then when she passed away, my sister had already moved out. We had shared the bedroom. My two brothers shared their bedroom, and then my mom and dad’s bedroom was at the end of the hallway, and she had already moved out. My sister had already moved out. And then it was probably about two weeks, maybe three after my mom had passed away, and I’m laying in bed and I’m sound asleep. It’s the middle of the night. And I see, well, I hear someone calling my name, and you hear this very low, quiet, Diana, Diana. And I’m thinking, oh my gosh. And I wake up When you’re a kid, you have that groggy, that grogginess. And I see this light bluish white light outside my door, and it’s just outside my door frame. And there’s this lady standing there, and she’s kind of heavy set. She’s got kind of salty salt and pepper hair. It’s kind of wiry. And she has on these silver horn rim glasses, and she has this dress on that has a really wide white lace collar. 

Diana (01:26:55):

It’s kind of white with the bluish flowers on it. I mean, I can still remember way back then what she looked like. And she said, I’m looking right at her. I’m sitting up in bed and I’m looking right at her, and she says,” it’s going to be okay. You’re going to be okay”. And I’m thinking, oh my gosh, what am I seeing? Who is this? And I just laid back down in bed and I pulled the covers over my head. I was one of those kids that was always scared to death. My dad loved to go to the drive-in movies and watch scary movies. And I think that’s thing, that’s how I got into all the scary stuff that I liked. And I laid there until my dad got out of bed because he always got up early to go to work. And it was probably about 4:00, 3:30, 4 o’clock in the morning when I heard him out in the kitchen, finally getting his coffee ready and everything. 

Diana (01:27:56):

And I go out there and he says, what are you doing out of bed? And I told him, I said, there was someone in my room last night. And he says, what? And I told him the experience. I told him what happened, and he’s just sitting there listening to me. He gets up from the table and he walks into our living room, and we had the old secretary, the old wooden secretary, and he pulls out this picture and he puts it on the table, and it was a picture of his mom, and I’d seen that picture forever, but she didn’t have any glasses on. She had dark black hair, and she had on a black dress with a wide white lace collar. And he says, yeah, that’s her. And he said, now tell me again what she looks like. And I told him what she looked like and from the vision I saw, and he said, that is my mom. He said, that is the glasses that she wore before she passed away, and that was the dress that she was buried in. 

Jim (01:29:08):


Diana (01:29:10):

Now, the weird part about this is I never met her. She passed away when I was a baby. She’s the one that named me, but I’ve never, in my earliest memory, I don’t know her. I’ve never met her. 

Jim (01:29:31):

So you really wouldn’t have known what she looked like. 

Diana (01:29:34):

No. I would’ve never known she had salt and pepper hair. I would’ve never known the glasses that she wore. And how in the world would I have known what she was buried in? 

Jim (01:29:44):

No, you’re right. You’re right. Yeah. 

Diana (01:29:46):

And then two weeks later, after that,  around about, two weeks later, I suppose, the same darn thing happened again, but this time it was my mother and she was standing in my doorway and she woke me up calling my name, and she told me that I’m going to be okay, that I am going to be okay. She said, you will be just fine. And I never told my dad that. 

Jim (01:30:19):

Yeah, yeah. That would’ve been, I could see where that would be tough to share. That might be a tough thing to share. Well, Diana, I definitely believe that our loved ones can get signs to us, even ones we’ve never met. 

Diana (01:30:33):

Yeah, I do believe that. 

Jim (01:30:34):

Yeah. It sounds like that’s what happened to you. Diana, thank you so much for being a part of the Campfire. 

Diana (01:30:41):

Jim, thank you for the opportunity. You guys have a great day. And Stay Spooky. 

Jim (01:30:45):

Stay Spooky. 

Well, I hope you enjoyed this edition of Campfire as much as I did. So glad to have you with us today. Now we have some important business to attend to. Don’t leave yet. We have some big birthday shoutouts. First of all, Charmella says, I’d like to give my mother Kimberly a birthday shout out. Her birthday is on September 1st, and she’s the one who introduced me to your podcast. And Charmella says, one of my favorite memories with her is us listening to the Campfire while eating takeout, sitting on the floor of my new apartment. I didn’t have any furniture yet. It would mean a lot if you could somehow squeeze this shout out into next week’s episode, and no problem, Charmella. Thank you so much, Kimberly. Happy Birthday and a big Stay Spooky. Also, Katrina wanted us to give a big birthday shout out to her husband, Antonio. 

Jim (01:31:40):

His birthday is September 3rd. She says, he got me into listening to Spooky podcast a few years ago, and yours is on the top of the list. So thank you, Katrina and Antonio. Happy Birthday and Stay Spooky. And if you would like your own video birthday shout out, You can get yours by going to That’s, and it works out a little bit better for us if you do that via web browser. We earn a little more. It doesn’t cost you anymore, but it helps us out. And we’ve gotten some great reviews looking here. Five star average. A couple of things that folks said just recently this month, actually. “Wonderful. Absolutely brought my friend so much laughter and joy.” “Totally surprised Jim Harold did such a fun and fantastic cameo.” Another comment was, “Jim is always so creative and wonderful and personable. 

Jim (01:32:41):

Thank you, Jim”. Well, thank you. And then the last one I’ll read here, “Jim, your Cameo was given to me for my birthday. My family was so excited to give it to me, and the gift did not disappoint. Love listening to your shows every week. Thank you for the great birthday wish”, and I love doing those. I just started doing those a couple years ago, and I thought it’d be a fun little thing, but it’s been more fun. It’s a great way to connect. If you want me to give a special video, shout out to a family member for birthday anniversary, special occasion, things like that. And that’s at, c a m e And we thank you so much, and we thank you for joining us today on the show. Of course, thank you to all of our great storytellers. Thanks to our great sponsors. Please support them because they help make our shows possible. And thank you to you, a big hand of applause to you, because without you, there would be no show. So we thank you so much. We’ll talk to you next time. Stay safe and Stay Spooky. Bye-bye. 

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