Spooky and Sweet – A Valentine’s Campfire Special – Jim Harold’s Campfire 643

Where love and the paranormal intersect is the theme of this Campfire Valentine’s special. We feature some of our favorite Campfire stories that talk about the spooky and love, romantic and otherwise. Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone out there!


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Announcer (00:00:15):

Welcome to our gathering tonight. Here we share stories of ordinary people who have experienced extraordinary things. Sit back, relax, and warm yourself by Jim Harold’s Campfire.

Jim Harold (00:00:26):

Welcome to the Campfire. I am Jim Harold and love is in the air. And appropriately enough, we thought it would be a great idea to do kind of a love themed edition of the Campfire this week, a compilation of some of our favorite love themed stories on the Campfire over the last 19 years. And there’s some really great ones in here. I hope you enjoy it. Shout out to Maddy. She culled the archives and found some of the best stories, and also I threw in a couple that I love too. And we came up with what I think is a great show for this loving time of year. Speaking of which we’re all you spooky lovers out there, we have a great new T-shirt design that fits the spooky and the Valentine’s time of year. Now, it’s not specifically a Valentine shirt, so you could wear it any time of the year, but it is a very love themed, spooky stay spooky shirt over at Jimharold.com/merch.


You just go there, click on the Etsy option and you’ll see it. It’s really been a big hit. A lot of people have been buying it, and the nice thing is, is that this show will be released on February 8th. If you order it on February 8th, you might get it by Valentine’s. No guarantees. But even if you don’t, it is a great thing to wear year round. And we’ve gotten so many people saying, I love this. This is so cute. This is so neat because it merges two great things, love and the spooky. So check it out. It’s very cute. Dar did it. She did a fantastic job. And now let’s get to these lovely stories on the Campfire 

Cam is on the line from Texas. He’s going to share a story I thought that was very unique about a loved one, an experience, a loved one, shared with him, fantastic story, and also a little bit of a story that he had individually. And then at the end of our discussion, he’s going to tell you a little bit about his podcast. Cam, welcome to this program, and I can’t wait for you to tell our listeners a story. When you told me the other day, I was absolutely captivated by it. Thanks for coming on the show.

Cam (TX) (00:02:32):

Hey Jim, thanks for having me, man. It’s a real pleasure and an honor for being on here.

Jim Harold (00:02:36):

So tell us what happened.

Cam (TX) (00:02:37):

Well, what ended up was is I was always very, very close to my grandmother on my mother’s side of the family. And she only had the two grandchildren, me and my cousin. And like I said, I was real close to her and stayed with her quite often. And my grandfather, too, was very close to him. And she passed away in the summer of 1996. And what was really kind of unique about it was she was at home on hospice and I was there and I was the last person to speak to her. I was in a room with her and she’d had a massive stroke in her sleep and she’d been completely incoherent for over a day. And she came to when I was the only one in the room. I was kneeling down by the bed and all that. And she came to, looked right at me and was as clear as you and I are speaking right now, looked at me and told me she loved me.


And she seemed just overly happy, almost glowing. She was excited about something and then she kind slipped right back into what she was into before, in her little coma. And then I got up and we kind of moved and the nurses had came back and some things went down and she passed away about 15 minutes after that, but it never came to. And my grandfather and her were married for close to 60 years. So I mean, it was very, very hard on him at the time. And we worried about him and I worked just right past their house basically. I passed it every day, so I would stop and visit with him. Well, you fast forward till I believe it was the fall of 1999, and he had had some ups and downs, but he was doing okay. And my grandpa was the typical all American grandpa.


He was into baseball. We would sit around and watch baseball. He smoked cigars and worked out in the yard and fully retired. And he was a World War II vet. He had been stationed in Germany and all this, and he’d really seen some rough stuff that he never would talk about, but he told some pretty funny things. And he was a deacon in the church and was a director in the Masons. He was big into the masonic things. And so he was really kind of a straightforward, no-nonsense kind of grandpa. So I come by and I’m checking on him one afternoon and I walk in and I’m talking to him and I said, Papa, how’s everything going with? Is everything good? And he goes, yeah, everything’s doing really good. And he seemed really happy. I said, well, what is it? He said, well, I spoke to your grandmother last night.


I was like, okay, you had a good dream about her. Then he goes, no, son. I spoke to your grandmother last night. And yeah, I didn’t know how to react to that. I was like, oh, well, what did she say? I didn’t know where he was going with it. He said, well, I laid down to go to bed, and he was somewhat of a night owl. It was 11:30 or so, and said he had laid down to go to bed and now they had always slept as long as I can remember in separate bedrooms. So he laid down and was sleeping or was going to sleep, and he said he felt something at the foot of his bed, sit on the foot of the bed. Well, he always kept typical, like I said, grandpa and down here in Texas, he kept a pistol right beside his bed.


So he reached for his pistol and opened his eyes and he said, son, your grandmother sat down in the foot of my bed and I had cold chills run through my body. I was like, really? And he goes, well, it wasn’t like you see us now. He said, it was like I saw her the day I married her. He said she was beautiful. Just like the very moment that I told her I do. He said, I sat up in bed kind of scooted back where I could see her, and she stood up and I said, mama, I sure have missed you. Are you okay? And she says, I’m doing wonderful. And she said, I wanted to just stop and talk to you and make sure you were okay. And he said he talked to her for several minutes and she said, well, of course his name wasJW and she called him Joe, and she said, Joe, whenever you are ready, I’ve got everything taken care of. When you’re ready to come home, it’s ready for you. And he said, okay. 

Jim Harold (00:06:26):

That gave me goosebumps. And then this is the second time I’ve heard this story and it gave me goosebumps

Cam (TX) (00:06:30):

And be me. I’m standing in front of this man who was at the time was 80. Yeah, it was like 83, 84 at the time. And like I said, he was a jokester and had fun, but there was always a serious side to my granddad. He didn’t mess around with any of that kind of stuff at all. So I didn’t know I’m standing there in shock. I’m sure my mouth was open. I’m just like, okay. And he said she turned and walked down the hallway and took a riot to her bedroom. And he said he laid his head back on that pillow and he said, son, I slept the best. I’ve slept since your grandmother passed. And he said, it was amazing the sleep I got. And he was 100% a changed man. Now, like I said, he was very faithful, but he was 100% a changed man from that day forward.


It was almost like a skip in his step. And he was just really happy and jovial. And he lived, of course, until he was 88 before he passed away. Well, like I said, this was like the fall of 99 whenever he had told me about this. So this is three years after she had passed. And he passed away in 04. Well, you take a jump about a year from that. So say in the year 2000 or so, I was in a hurry one afternoon and I was fixing the head out the door and we had a mirror that had the big brass hooks that hung off of it where you’d hang your keys by our front door in my home. Well, I turned to go out the door and I reached to grab my keys and behind me is where every man has his chair.


So here was my chair kind of behind me across the living room. I looked in the mirror and there’s my grandmother, just how I remembered sitting with her at the kitchen table in their house. She would always drink her soft drinks or drink her coffee, and she had everything set around her. And she was notorious for always listening to the police scanner. She loved to be nosy with the police scanner. So I remember exactly what she looked like. She’s one of those grandmothers had the chain to her glasses so she could hang it down on her. She looked identical to that sitting in the chair behind me. Now, I never turned around. I looked directly into that mirror and I looked at her and what was strange was I never got nervous. I didn’t get, oh man, I didn’t get that shocked feeling. It was a warm feeling, like a very happy, almost like a Christmas morning feeling is what I could relate it to is like when you get up, it’s just the whole house, instantly,


I was the only one there, instantly felt loving. And I stood there and I think back on it now. And of course you put time, that much time in it now, and you start thinking, well, did I mentally talk to her? Did she do anything? But I don’t remember that. I just remember looking at her and her looking at me, and we made eye contact in the mirror and I felt extremely, I mean, it’s an emotional thing for me to tell now how I felt about her. I still miss her, but it was like she was letting me know, Hey, your grandfather’s gone. Everything or whatnot, not gone, but he’s okay. I want to make sure you’re okay. And so that’s what it was. And I took my keys and I didn’t turn around, walked out the door. And when I came back that evening, of course she wasn’t waiting for me. But that was pretty much it. I mean, that was my experience. And from that forward or that moment forward, I never had any doubts. And it’s something to this day that I never had any doubts about any of these things as far as paranormal or ghosts or anything like that. That’s not something I question because I’ve had an experience with a loved one that really made a connection with me and it really made me feel warm inside. And I know everything’s all right now. So I’m pretty good.

Jim Harold (00:10:06):

And that’s going to be reassuring on so many levels, specifically to your grandma and your grandpa that they’re doing okay, your granddad. And then also just in general that there’s something beyond and we live on. And it’s just such a great message and I thank you for sharing it tonight. And something else I’d like you to share, I know you have a podcast, you were kind enough to ask me to come on it, and we spent some fun time talking about the paranormal. Tell folks the name of your podcast and where they can find it, when they find it, what they’ll get.

Cam (TX) (00:10:36):

Alright. Yeah. Well, the name of the podcast is Expanded Perspectives and you can find us on iTunes. And I think now we’re on Stitcher and we’re on the tune in. And we pretty much every base that you can find a podcast on or you can come to the website, we have a website that’s called expanded perspectives.com and you can come and find us there. We have a Facebook page under Expanded Perspectives, and we also have a Twitter, so it’s real easy. And yeah, it was great having you on, Jim. We really enjoyed speaking with you. It was wonderful. And the show, basically what we cover is we cover things as far as ancient history. We cover cryptids, we cover a paranormal, we cover conspiracy theory things. We cover just all what we consider the fun stuff is what we like to set on. And we do interviews with people like yourself and different authors and things like that and just interesting people. And then Kyle and I like to get on and just chat sometimes with ourselves. So we’re just having a great time with it.

Jim Harold (00:11:25):

Well, you guys have great sound, great chemistry, great questions, and I know it’s going to be a big success. It’s expanded perspectives. Check it out. And Cam, thank you for inviting me on and thanks for sharing your story with all the folks out there on the Campfire tonight.

Cam (TX) (00:11:38):

Well, thank you for having me on, Jim, and I really do appreciate it and it was a great time coming on, so take care of yourself,

Jim Harold (00:11:44):

Another listener from the UK. We love to hear from our listeners from that part of the world. Ed is on the line, he’s been listening since way back 2009. His wife googled us, I guess, or googled ghost stories or something and came up with our stuff and knew Ed was a fan of that sort of thing. And he’s been listening ever since and we’re very appreciative to him and his bride. And he has a story that is, well, I guess part of it takes place on a yacht of all things. Ed, thank you for joining us and tell us what happened.

Ed (UK) (00:12:17):

Oh, thank you, Jim. Well, yeah, this happened 20 years ago when I was due to get married to my lovely wife. And now I now live in North Devon, that’s in England, but my mother’s French. So I spent many years living in France and I lived and worked in the south of France. And I had quite an interesting job that I landed, which was working on super yachts, motor yachts for the super rich. And so I was based in Antibes, which is in between Cannes and Nice on the French Riviera. And I was working on this large motor yacht. It was my first motor yacht job. And this story takes place just before I was due to get married. At the time we were broke, we had no money, and we had people coming over from in England and all over the place to come to our wedding in Antibes.


And we had very little money and someone said, well, why don’t you come and work on this super yacht for three weeks, see if you like it. It turned out I ended up working in the industry for quite a while, but this was my first ever journey and I was quite worried about it. It’s the first time I was leaving my wife to be, and I was leaving her on her own in France. She’s English, so she was pretty much on her own in France and I was leaving her to go off for three weeks. I was also quite nervous because I wasn’t sure if I’d be any good as a seaman. So I’m, the reason why I’m saying this is sets the scene for how I was feeling at the time. I didn’t really want to leave my wife to be, I needed the money and I wasn’t sure if I was going to be any good at this job.


But anyway, the first night we were due to set off, it’s a big 71 meter private yacht. It was huge. It’s a beautiful machine. But we were waiting to leave to do a trip around the Mediterranean and it was pretty stormy weather, which was unusual because I think it was June time in the south of France. Usually the weather’s very good. But that year, this was in 1995, it was pretty stormy weather. So our departure was delayed by a day. And at the time I didn’t have a mobile phone and I had to stay on duty on the boat. So my wife didn’t know that the voyage was delayed. She thought I’d set off on the first day that I left. In fact, we were in port for an extra day. We left port and we, for anyone who knows the Mediterranean, we sailed down towards the coast of Spain.


Our first stop was going to be Gibraltar. So we were traveling through the Gulf de Leon, which for any sailors that know the med, know that it can be quite turbulent there. And we set off at some unusual hour. It was something like 11 at night, or it might even have been midnight. And the weather was just getting worse and worse and worse. And my duty was at four in the morning. So I basically couldn’t sleep. I was nervous. I was on the deck and the weather got worse and worse and worse and worse. And I was scared, to tell you the truth, I’m not a natural seaman. And I found out in my first job that I actually suffer from seasickness, which good job they didn’t ask me that for the job interview.


So I was feeling terribly sick. And the boat, it’s a big 71 meter boat hefty thing, and it was getting tossed about. The waves were huge. I was terrified. I was really, really scared. I was the only inexperienced seaman on board. And I was on the aft deck, which is the back of the boat, and I got thrown against the side and I hit the railings on the side and cracked one of my ribs. I found out later I’d cracked a rib, but I was unable to lift my arm properly. The captain saw that I really wasn’t having a good time. And he said, just go down into your cabin and just go and lie down for half an hour. See if your rib gets better. Very understanding Captain. I’m not sure they all would’ve done that, but he said, go down, just have a rest for half an hour and I’ll see you back on deck in half an hour.


The boat was getting tossed about. I went to my deck, I was sharing with another guy and I was on the top bunk and while I was there I’d taken some painkillers and I managed to just fall asleep. I didn’t really fall asleep, I was just kind of in a slumber where you’re not quite awake, but not quite asleep either. And I had a really strange vivid dream. It was bizarre, it was real. It felt like I was taking part in this thing. It was real. I wasn’t just dreaming it. I was actually in this place and where I was, I was worried about my wife. I thought a bit dramatically that I was never going to see her again and I just wanted to be with her cause I was about to marry her and there’s no way I wanted to be separated from her.


So I just wanted to check. She was okay. So I remember very vividly just being in my bedroom at the foot of the bed, watching over my wife sleeping. And I spent, I dunno how long it was, I can’t tell how long I was dreaming this, but it felt like a long time. I was just watching over her, making sure she was all right. And in a dream in itself, it’s not very extraordinary except I really felt like I was there. Anyway, I don’t normally remember my dreams, but I remember this one because the air duct above my head, suddenly salt water came crashing through it and it woke me up just very violently. Which is I think the reason why I remember the dream, because water crashing on my face, I thought we were sinking, I really thought we were going to die anyway, it was just seawater that had traveled through the air duct and woken me up very suddenly.


And that was it. After that, I was away for three weeks. We traveled around the Mediterranean and for the first time ever, I’m not a very literary guy. I’m not someone who writes things down, but this dream was so unusual. I wrote it down in a little sketchbook that I had and I just thought, this is important. I’ll write it down. I don’t know why. I wrote down the day and I wrote down the time I described the dream and then I put this sketchbook away and I used it. We went to Malta and Sardinia and then Cyprus. It was a great trip, but I just couldn’t wait to get home back to my wife. Eventually when we did get home again, I’d totally forgotten about the dream. I’d totally forgotten I’d written it in this sketchbook. And I went home, knocked on the door. My wife was dying to see me, I was dying to see her. We had a lot to get ready for the wedding. And I opened the door. She let me in, really happy to see each other. And then the first thing she said to me was, Ed, well while you were away I had this, I was awoken at the foot of the bed by the shadow that was watching over me while I was sleeping. And she said, I was absolutely terrified until I realized that I recognized that the shape of the outline and it was you,


My jaw dropped. I thought, what on earth are you talking about? How could you know that I dreamt this? And it’s at that point because I’m the kind of guy that I’ve had experiences. But very often I look back afterwards and I go, nah, I didn’t really think that. I didn’t really do that. I, I’m quite easily, I can change my mind about things. So I was so happy that I was able to get the sketchbook out and look at the time and the day, which totally correlated with what wife, when my wife said she saw me. And that’s the story really. It was an awesome kind of revelation because I had it written down and somebody else was able to tell me that they had seen me at the exact time that I’d had that dream. And that’s that story really. 

Jim Harold (00:21:23):

That’s quite a story. It really is. We’ve never heard one like it on the Campfire. I don’t know that I’ve ever heard a story like that, period. So I think it’s fantastic. I’ve got to ask you. Yeah, I mean, do you have any theories, do you think that your connection to your soon to be wife was so great and you were worried about your safety, she was worried about your safety, that somehow you connected. I mean, what do you think about the me mechanism? Have you ever speculated it about it or thought about it? What was at play here?

Ed (UK) (00:21:54):

Well, funnily enough, not really until I decided, I thought, well, I’d try and contact, contact your show and see if you would like this story, this story of mine. And then, so I’ve had about a week to think about it because a lot of other things happened in the run up to our wedding and on reflection, this is only one story amongst some others. And on reflection, I think I was in a state of heightened emotion because getting married is a big thing. But on top of that, I honestly thought that I was in great danger on that when I was on the boat. And I think this heightened awareness and wanting to be with my wife, I mean, don’t know. I’m not an expert at all at these things. All I know is that I think I needed a connection with my wife and it manifested itself in the most unusual and bizarre way possible. And it’s not something I’ve been able to do ever again, certainly. So I think it needed a particular set of emotions for something like that to happen. And that’s the only thing I can think of, really.

Jim Harold (00:23:03):

Well Ed, fantastic story. One of our favorites this year. Really something very unique. Not scary per se, but something that makes you think about the nature of reality being much more complicated than maybe we think.

Ed (UK) (00:23:18):

Absolutely. Absolutely.

Jim Harold (00:23:19):

Thank you for joining us today, all the way from the UK.

Ed (UK) (00:23:23):

Hey, well, thank you for inviting me to come on your show. I much appreciate it. Thank you. Jim.

Jim Harold (00:23:27):

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Announcer (00:26:16):

If you love the Campfire, be sure to check out the Paranormal Podcast where every week Jim interviews experts and authors about strange mysteries. Find it for free wherever you listen to this podcast. Tune in to the Paranormal Podcast today. Now we return to Jim Harold’s Campfire.

Jim Harold (00:26:32):

Meg is on the line from Los Angeles. We’re so glad to have her here. And I got to tell you, she told me this story before we started and I love this story. Meg, thank you for joining us. I can’t wait for you to tell it. It’s a great one.

Meg (CA) (00:26:45):

Thank you. Thank you for having me. So when I was a year and a half, my grandmother passed away. She lived in a different state. We didn’t see her a lot or maybe ever, but anyway, when we went there, I kept going into her bedroom and I would jibber jabber. And my whole family kept asking me, who are you talking to? And I would point at the empty bed and I would say grandma. And so I think that that kind of creeped out my parents and I stayed in there the whole weekend talking to her for years after that, when I was 3, 4, 5, 6, she would come to me in my dreams. The very first time my mom can recollect, I woke up, I said, mom, I had a nightmare. But grandma came and picked me up and she had a little dog with her and she had a driver, and it was a really long car, so I’m assuming it was a limo.


And she helped me and my mom said, okay, if she comes to you again in a dream, you need to tell her grandma, this is just a dream. And I said, okay. The next day I wake up and I said, mom, grandma came to me again in a dream. And she said, and did you tell her that? I said, this is just a dream. And I said, yeah, I did. And she said, no, this is not a dream. So after that, she kept coming to me and she told me that I didn’t have to be afraid of the monsters and that I could control my dreams. She taught me a lot of the things kind of like in the book The Secret. She would say, you need to imagine what you want to see. And so she would work with me, I would imagine butterflies, I would imagine, whatever.


And she told me to talk to her. I didn’t have to move my mouth or use my lips. So she worked with me a lot. And she said, you can pray for your future. You can pray for your husband. You can even imagine how you want to look. And she showed me these dreams and I could see the back of a man’s head with really dark, curly hair, and I could see the back of his head and she’d keep sending me this dream. So since I was really little, I’d pray for my husband, pray that he didn’t fall in love with anyone, pray that he only met dorky girls he didn’t like.


And there was a lot of things going on here in LA. I needed a new job. I got a random job at a bar. I’d never worked in a bar, I’d never been a cocktail waitress that I really loved jazz music and the people knew me there. It’s a long story. But anyway, the owner of the bar said, I’d really like you to hear this jazz band play. Can you come on Wednesday night? He gave me some random date and I was like, yeah, I’ll be there. And he said, bring your friends, bring whoever all the food and drink is free. So I went there and I’m with my friend Carla, and I turn and I see the curly dark hair I see in the coat that I kept in my dreams that my grandma showed me. And I held my friend Carla’s hand, and I said, oh my God, Carla, don’t ask me any questions. I know I sound crazy, but that’s my future husband. That’s my husband. And I prayed to God, his face looks good.

So we were holding hands. We’re like, God, let his face look good. God let his face look good. And he turned around and his face was okay. And anyway, we got married five months later and we’re still together. And he said, all my prayers worked. So my grandma showed me my future husband, and we’ve been married 10 years. We got married after only five months.

Jim Harold (00:30:17):

That’s great. Congratulations. I’m going to be sure to tell him that you said his face was okay.

Meg (CA) (00:30:22):

His face is okay. No, he’s good looking. He’s good looking. I was joking. He’s a good looking guy. He is really good looking. But yeah, and I ended up not even getting that job. I actually went to try to work there and the girl said, oh, I don’t like you, go home.

Jim Harold (00:30:38):

But there was a bigger reason you were there. There was a bigger reason you were put there. And grandma probably had something to do with it, for sure.

Meg (CA) (00:30:44):

Well, my husband was taking, he’s a musician, he was taking a class and his professor told him to go to the same bar, to listen to the same jazz band play. So we were both told to go there at the same time to hear the same band. So it was divine intervention for sure.

Jim Harold (00:31:02):

I think for sure. Now, I know you have a lot of stories. It’s going to be hard to beat this one Meg, but I thank you so much for joining us today and telling it. What a great, great, great story. And again, I’ve said this before, but I always like to get across the point that when we talk about supernatural stuff, that it’s not just the scary ghost, but sometimes it could be the grandma who tells you how to find your soulmate. And I think that’s so cool. Meg, thank you for being a part of the Campfire now. I hope you’ll come back on and tell some of those other stories.

Meg (CA) (00:31:33):

Awesome. Thanks. Have a great day.

Jim Harold (00:31:35):

I’m not going to spoil this story, but these types of stories are some of my absolute favorites that we hear on the Campfire. Jane, welcome to the program. I know you’ve been listening for three or four years, so thank you for your support and please share your story.

Jane (00:31:48):

Well, when I met my husband, he was a widower and the father of three children who were four, eight and 12 at the time. And his late wife who had died, sadly quite young, had been Japanese and a Buddhist. And he kept some of her ashes in his home in a black lacquer shrine. And I’ll describe the shrine in a minute. And the children went to the shrine for birthdays. They lit incense and so on and so forth. It wasn’t really a religious thing, but it was more to honor her memory and to keep her in the family.

Jim Harold (00:32:29):

Sounds like a great idea.

Jane (00:32:30):

It was great. And so we met and we married, and eventually we decided to move to another state for job reasons, and we wanted to bring the children’s mother with us as best we could. So I had owned myself a black, lacquer Chinese cabinet, which we put in the corner of our dining room of the new home. And we put the blacker shrine with her ashes in it, with the doors always open. It had a closed doors, but we opened them with their mother’s ashes and a big picture of her in traditional Japanese garb above the shrine. And just to describe the shrine, it’s about 18 inches tall, maybe eight inches wide and six inches deep. The outside is a shiny black locker, and inside it’s painted just painted gold with a small gold Buddha on maybe eight inches tall. And her ashes are in a white silk container next to the Buddha.


And it sat in our dining room. And during special events, people would go in and light incense, and sometimes the children just went in and talked to her. And it was very important to us and they, we’re half Japanese and neither my husband nor I are, that part of their lives – sorry, we live in a neighborhood, but actually our house is set into the woods so that we’re surrounded by many, many trees. So this event happened in the middle of the night. One night my husband and I, and all of us were sleeping, the heard a big thud, a really loud noise, and my husband got up to investigate and couldn’t find anything. So we got back to bed, and when we woke up in the morning, the dining room window looks out on the driveway of the house, as I said, surrounded by many very big trees, hundreds and hundreds of big trees.


And my stepson looked out of the window and said, oh my gosh. And we went outside and we had our two cars in tandem in the driveway, one behind the other with about a foot between them. At most a foot, a huge tree had fallen in the driveway. And the reason he was going, oh my was because the tree had fallen in such a way, this huge tree that it literally was placed to clean the two cars. Oh my, did not touch, didn’t touch either of the two cars. It didn’t do any damage at all. If you had tried to place it that way, there would be no way a human being could do that. And the top of the tree had just brushed against the garage. You could see the flight brush marks. Had that tree been any closer to the house, it would’ve hit my youngest stepson’s window.


And it could have been fatal, it would’ve been terrible. But the way the tree felt in the most perfect way, all it did was produce firewood. And it did no damage to either of the cars or to my youngest stepson. So as we’re marveling about the miracle of this tree falling in such an amazing way, my middle stepchild, my stepdaughter, looked, turned around and in the corner on in the little black lacquer shrine, the inside, which was just a flat gold, was suddenly lit up. There’s no electricity in it, but oh, if it was filled with light, absolutely filled with light, the shrine was glowing, the Buddha was glowing everything, and it was just glowing as if it had been electrified. And we were just all looking at it, our mouths are open, and we were saying, what’s going on? And my husband, who’s an engineer, said, well, maybe it’s the sunlight, but it’s never done that before.


And he’s looking out there to see scientifically if this is happening, but he said it didn’t really make sense. And for several minutes, I don’t know how long it was glowing, and we all felt as if their mother had protected us all. And someone said, mom’s looking out for us as it’s glowing. And to this day, that has never happened before, since we’ve been in the house for almost 20 years, going on 20 years, and that shrine is still there. I’m looking at it now as I speak to you. It’s just a flat dull gold. And it has never lit up like that before. Oh, by the way, only the shrine was right. I mean nothing around it. We have other things on that area. Nothing was lit up. It was coming from the inside of the shrine.

Jim Harold (00:37:22):

Oh my. I got to tell you, that’s a great story. That’s a great story. And I love that because I think people think that the paranormal and the supernatural always has to be spooky, ooky and scary. And I think there are aspects of it that could be quite reassuring. And in this case, a lifesaving.

Jane (00:37:39):

It was a miracle, and we all saw it and we all knew it, and nothing, we’re all different religions. My husband’s Catholic and I’m Jewish, and she was Buddhist. But I feel like a miracle happened that day and we were all protected.

Jim Harold (00:37:54):

That’s fantastic. Thank you so much for joining us today on the Campfire.

Jane (00:37:58):

Thank you.

Jim Harold (00:37:59):

Although she has many stories tonight, she wants to share a family story, and I think these are some of the most powerful stories we hear on the show. Gina, welcome aboard. Thank you for joining us, and please tell us your story.

Gina (00:38:12):

Thank you so much, Jim. I’m so happy to be here. I just love your podcast. Thank you. I chose this very simple, very short story because to me, a lot of us have what we consider visitation dreams from relatives, and then we try to explain it away. We just say, oh, I miss them. Maybe it’s just a dream. I’m making it up. I’m just imagining it. But to me, this story proves that it actually is a visit from our loved ones and not just us dreaming. So let me give a little background. The actual story is maybe 60 seconds long. So I think it would help if I just gave a couple minutes background on it, though. This actually happened in the 1960s. This is my uncle on my father’s side, and my father was the youngest of nine. Their parents were immigrants from what was Austria-Hungary at the time, but then became Czechoslovakia, and they were salt of the earth, stoic, very conservative, Catholic, quiet, the least dramatic people you could imagine.


They were not fanciful, they were not superstitious. They would never have intentionally talked about something paranormal or ghosts or anything like that. So the fact that my grandmother, which is my dad’s mom, told this story to every one of her children the next morning, after the next day, after it happened, and that this story has come down. It’s never been changed. It’s never been altered. The fact that she said it really means a lot because everyone knows how she is and how sensible she is. So the story is, my uncle Joe. So this is my dad’s older brother, Joe. First of all, when he was alive, if you mentioned his name, they said Joe’s a saint. Joe was a saint. And they didn’t say euphemistically. They really meant Joe is the Saint. Joe fought in World War II, came back, opened a tavern, and never had a lot of money and would give the shirt off his back.


If a stranger came in and said, oh, I wish I had a bus ticket to go visit my relative, he would take the last money in his pocket and give them to buy a bus ticket. He was literally, everyone said a saint. He was passed before I was born, but I feel like I know him just from everyone keeping him alive. He was just an exceptional, exceptionally good man. So Joe died at age 37 from a brain aneurysm, or I’m sorry, I think it was brain cancer. He left a young wife and three small children, very small children. His wife was very close to Joe’s mother, her mother-in-Law. So not long after Joe passed, maybe a year, maybe a year and a half, she met another man. And as she should, she was very young and had three little young children in the 1960s. Of course, she wanted to remarry, but she was so close to her mother-in-Law, my grandmother, she wanted her permission.


So she said, mom, can I bring this man by for dinner? Can you have dinner with us? Can you meet him and get to know him? I really want your approval. If this is the next man I’m going to marry. So that’s unusual right there. Like what? Widow asked her dead husband’s mother for her approval on her next husband, but that’s what she wanted. She was so close to my grandmother. So my grandmother, of course said, yes, yes, I’d love, I’d love to have him for dinner. You guys can come tomorrow. Then my grandmother goes to bed that night and she says that she has a dream now. She never actually said dream. She said, Joe came to me last night. So we don’t know if this actually was a dream or if she was just in her bedroom, and this felt like it actually happened to her.


But she said that her dead son, Joe, walked into her bedroom, sat down next to her on her bed, put his hand on her hand, and they just sat together for a few minutes and said nothing. There was no telepathic communication. There was no verbal communication, but she just felt the love from him. She felt how okay he was and just wonderful being in his presence again. And that was it. Then he got up and left. The one unusual thing that really stuck with her after this brief experience with her dead son is that he was dressed like he would never dress in real life. Joe was as casual as you get. He owned a bar. He was in jeans, a casual shirt and a leather jacket. He only owned one suit for weddings and church or whatever. He just never dressed up. But the Joe that came into her bedroom had a really swanky, nice suit on a colorful patterns tie a hat with a colorful band on it and a handkerchief in the pocket of his jacket.


And she noticed this because she knows her son and he would never have dressed this way. So she woke up thinking, that’s odd. I am sure. She explained it away as, oh, I must have been dreaming. Oh, why would I have dreamt him wearing these clothes that I know he would never wear? So later that evening, Joe’s widow, her daughter-in-law comes in with this new man that she wants to marry, and he walks into her front room of her house and he’s wearing exactly the same outfit that Joe was wearing in the dream down to everything, the color of the tie, the type of suit, the hat, the band on the hat, everything. And it all became so clear to her. That was Joe obviously saying, yes, I approve this is going to be her next husband. And she immediately told my aunt and several other of my dad’s siblings that that very next night after this gentleman left, because she just couldn’t believe this.


She told them right away. And I got this story right from my Aunt Jane, who was told that very night. And then this story has never changed, even though this is back in the sixties. It’s a simple short story. There’s not much to get wrong. So it stayed the same, and it’s just so beautiful to me because to me that, I mean, she wasn’t a psychic woman, even that man probably didn’t know what he was going to wear. It had to be Joe visiting her. How would she possibly have known what that man was going to wear? And then if you have two more minutes, there’s another actual story about the same uncle. So Joe is already passed. It’s the same uncle, this Joe, and there’s a great aunt. She wasn’t that old though, I think early seventies. And she was in the hospital having a very routine procedure.


I think this was in the late sixties, early seventies, very routine procedure. She was in, she was going to spend one night and then go home the next day. So my dad was the one who was supposed to come pick her up the next day. He waited until after the procedure was over. He goes into the hospital to see how she is. She’s sitting up, she’s eating, she’s talking. He said, Hey, I’m glad it went so great. That’s wonderful. They say, they’re going to release you tomorrow. I’m going to come pick you up the next day. I’ll be bringing you back to mom and dad’s and stay with us for a little bit. And she very chipper, very healthy and everything, had an easy procedure. No problem. She said, oh, no, I’m going to be dead tomorrow.

Jim Harold (00:45:56):


Gina (00:45:57):

And he said, he of course said, oh, she must be on medication, or she’s being silly or dramatic. He said, no, no, of course you’re not. Everything went well. They tell me they’re releasing you tomorrow. I’ll be here to pick you up. And she said, no, Georgie, that was my dad’s name. She said, no, Georgie. And she touched his hand and she said, Joe came to me last night. He walked into my hospital room wearing a bright white suit, and he said, it’s my time and he’s going to come get me tomorrow. And my dad was touched and he was emotional, but he didn’t want to show it. He didn’t want to show her that he might have believed it. And he said, no, it was a dream. You’re fine. I’m going to come get you tomorrow. And my dad went home and she passed away that night.

Jim Harold (00:46:45):


Gina (00:46:46):

So that was his second appearance by Uncle Joe, who everyone considered to be a saint. So we just always feel in our family, he’s watching out for us.

Jim Harold (00:46:56):

I guess so, and the thing is, is that that thing about the suit, at first I thought, oh, well, that’s just showing. He’s dressing up fancy to go to a wedding. But then when you doubled back and said, oh, the would-be husband dressed in the same exact suit and all the accouterments, that was amazing to me.

Gina (00:47:19):

And you know what? I thought about it, and here’s what’s beautiful. If in that dream, he would’ve come in and sat on her bed and said, I approve of this, man, I think it’s great. I think she should marry him. That wouldn’t have meant as much because she could still explain that away. She could still say, oh, I just dreamed him saying that. I wanted him to say that, so I just dreamed it. But this was powerful. This was like, it had to be Joe. How could he have known? How could I have known that that man would be wearing that suit? So by not saying anything and just wearing the same clothes as that man, it was so much more powerful and convincing. Yeah.

Jim Harold (00:47:58):

It was like the ultimate validation

Gina (00:47:59):

And I think she’s the kind of woman that would’ve needed that convincing because she’s the type that would’ve explained away everything as just a dream.

Jim Harold (00:48:05):

It’s the ultimate validation. The ultimate validation.

Gina (00:48:08):

Yes. Yes. So that’s why I chose that story,

Jim Harold (00:48:12):

A good choice. I know you have more stories if there are anything like that. One, we do want to have you come back. Gina, thank you for being apart tonight of the Campfire.

Gina (00:48:20):

Thank you so much. It was my pleasure, Jim.

Jim Harold (00:48:22):

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Announcer (00:50:38):

Want the entire Campfire archive going back to 2009, plus much more? Get in on Jim’s Plus Club at jimharoldplus.com. Now, back to another great story.

Jim Harold (00:50:48):

Well, we go from Montana to another great state with an “M” name, Minnesota, and we have Michelle from Minnesota, so tonight is a big “M” night for us. How’s that for alliteration? And Michelle has a story for us that is very interesting on the subject of dreams. Michelle, thank you for joining us on the Campfire. Tell us about your dream.

Michelle (MN) (00:51:11):

Well, it happened about 15 years ago. I should say that I’m originally from England, and what happened was, my boyfriend at the time, we both fell asleep, and you know sometimes when you fall asleep, you wake up with a sudden jerk? Well, that’s what happened. We both woke up at the same time, and it was weird, because we both started to describe our dream, and it wasn’t like I described my dream and he was like, “yeah, that happened to me.” We both started saying the same thing. Well, basically, we were traveling in the same car on the opposite side of the road, which meant that we weren’t in England, we were in a different country, and it was raining really, really hard, and there was a child in the back seat. And when the child reached his hand through and offered a candy, that’s when my boyfriend turned around and the car crashed.  Well, about a year later, we took a holiday to Orlando, Florida, and me being a nice big sister, we took my little brother with us. He was about eleven years old at the time. And I should say that at the time my boyfriend and I were, like, so romantic, we were living in the future, we were in a foreign country, traveled, well… we’re in Florida with my little brother and it was raining really, really hard. Some cars were even pulling over to the side of the road because they didn’t want to be driving in the weather. And my little brother had a packet of skittles and he reached his hand through and offered my boyfriend a sweet, and when he turned around and says, “oh, have you got any purple ones?” and that’s when we both realized that no no no no, and then just kept our eyes on the road, we both remembered the dream we’d had about a year before, that was the kid in the back, that was the weather, the side of the road, all those details. It was really freaky.

Jim Harold (00:53:30):

So you actually didn’t have a car crash, though?

Michelle (MN) (00:53:33):

No, no, we didn’t because we both realized when he put his hand through the center with the packet of Skittles, and my boyfriend was like, “Oh, have you got any purple ones?”, we were like “oh my God” you know? That’s when it occurred to us.

Jim Harold (00:53:46):

Oh my. Oh, my… so the dream may have actually prevented a real accident, in getting your boyfriend not to avert his attention for too long from the road?

Michelle (MN) (00:53:57):

 I absolutely believe that. The boyfriend obviously didn’t last, so it wasn’t that romantic idea that I had about him, you know, and our future together, no, but it was definitely it. The details were all there.

Jim Harold (00:54:12):

That is one neat story, Michelle. That is a great, great story. Thank you so much for sharing it. You know, I’ve been doing this for a few months now, and I’ve heard quite a few stories, and this is certainly one of my favorites. And a happy ending, where a premonition from a dream, you know, maybe it helped to avert tragedy.

Michelle (MN) (00:54:35):

Yeah. Thank you for letting me share it with you. I really enjoy your podcasts.

Jim Harold (00:54:40):

Oh, thank you so much. And I do have to ask, have you emigrated to America permanently?

Michelle (MN) (00:54:46):

Married to a Minnesotan boy. That’s why I’m up here.

Jim Harold (00:54:50):

Well, we hope that you enjoy our country, and I hope that you’re having a great time up there in Minnesota. I know the weather gets cold up there, but it’s certainly a beautiful, beautiful area and we hope that you enjoy it. And thanks so much for sharing that story. That was really neat.

Michelle (MN) (00:55:10):

Cheers, Jim. Thanks.

Jim Harold (00:55:12):

We have Chris on the line for Montreal now. He’s been listening for about two and a half months, and we appreciate him sharing his story with us being so new to the program, and particularly a story like this that has some tragedy to it, but also some poignancy and reassurance. Chris, welcome to the program and tell us what happened.

Chris (CAN) (00:55:35):

Hi, thank you so much, Jim. Yes, my name’s Chris Mason, well, it’s been quite a few years now. I married the love of my life. She was a lovely Desi girl, her name was Susan. Together, we opened and operated an organic pear farm. We were living in Arizona at the time, this is almost a decade ago now. We ran this farm together for years. I mean, we expanded it to include livestock, horses, et cetera. And one day Susan, who always wanted to learn to ride horses and eventually did, she was implying it was the silliest thing. It was this new sort of adhesive to her horse, Philip, his hooves. And she’d never used it before. And it was a very hot day. And I dunno if it was a cheap adhesive or what it was, but it dried in the sun. And the horse’s hooves became too sticky in essence, and it affected the way the horse rode.


She wasn’t a very experienced rider and she fell off the horse. She was in a coma for many months and that ended up being a case where she was taken off of life support and she passed away. And fast forward now, two years later, I moved to Montreal, tried to sort of start fresh. I got really into the beat poetry scene here. It was a way to express myself. And lo and behold, one night after a performance, I go backstage and there is this platter. It’s the only way I can describe it, a big sort of basket, a gift basket in it are these huge organic pairs. And there’s a note, I’m like, okay, I assumed it was someone that knew either of us and it was maybe sending me, I don’t know, a late condolence gift or something. And so I read the note and the note is very simply written, looks as if it’s been written on a typewriter.


It says, eat an organic pair. So I’m thinking at this point, maybe it’s a joke even. And I checked with the backstage staff and I checked with the technician in charge and she told me no one had a key to my dressing room, but her and she even contacted security and we thought someone did this thinking, oh, I’ll play a joke as if there are no consequences to that, as if that’s not something that would trouble me. Anyway, I wrote it off as just that a year later I joined a local church choir, just still trying to find myself, trying to figure out things to do with my time, maybe meet new people and we’re wrapping up and the choir mistress Sue, she takes me aside and she says, Hey, there’s a basket for you in the coat room. And I asked, did she know who sent it?


And she said, no one saw, but it had my name on it. So I go back into the coat room and imagine my shock when once again, I see this beautiful, beautiful basket of these big juicy organic pears. And it’s staring back at me and I’m thinking once again, what is this? And there’s a card and I pull up the card and I read it and sure enough, the exact same thing, the exact same type font, eat an organic pair. And by the way, I’m leaving these things there at this point because I don’t know who’s doing this and I don’t want to assume this food…

Jim Harold (00:59:18):

You don’t want to poison yourself or something like that, yeah.

Chris (CAN) (00:59:22):

Right! I don’t know if this is someone who was in her life previous. I don’t know what the story is. We were pretty private people. I don’t know who would be doing this. I was completely freaked out. I leave the pairs there anyway, I go home that night and this is how I know there’s a connection here to something that is otherworldly. Okay, and just for the record, I am not a substance abuser. I was not inebriated in any way. I go home that night, I open up my fridge to get a cold can of coke, some snacks, a few nom nom noms. I sit down. All of a sudden my dog Boomer, who I bought with my late wife, is going absolutely nuts at the fridge door where I had been not moments before. So I’m trying to calm, calm him down. He was never my dog.


He was always hers. So I’ve always had trouble with him. I didn’t think too much of it. He would not step down from this fridge. Eventually I get up, I said, okay, you want to look in the fridge? Let’s see what’s in the fridge. I open the fridge, Jim to the brim, completely full of these organic pears. Now, no one had been in my apartment. I had been in that fridge, not moments before. I could see it from the living room where I was sitting and in the fridge, Jim, it was the same note eat an organic pear

Jim Harold (01:00:57):

And someone was trying to get a message to you and wasn’t going to stop until you ate an organic pair, it sounds like.

Chris (CAN) (01:01:03):

Yeah, in a big way. And that was Susan. She would always, that was her slogan. She’d always go around, eat an organic pair, don’t go to the supermarket and buy these dyed red strawberries. There’s consequences to that. Eat an organic pear. We have a farm. She was a business woman. She was a health nut. It all made sense in that moment. That was three years ago, Jim. I’ve never had anything quite like that repeat itself. There has been some mild activity. I’ve since remarried, a lovely woman named Kim. I told her about the experience. We don’t experience it to that extent, but one thing we’ve both observed is on the day of Susan and I’s anniversary, which is coming up October 8th, if you go into our living room specifically, and this is a new house, Jim, it will smell of the most, a big juicy, delicious, sweet as hell. There’s a smell of a pear, an organic pear in the air. I’ve m smelled it. She s smelled it. It’s not malicious. I know she was always looking. She said, if anything ever happened to her, you should go on meet new people. I said the same thing to her. I see it as a very positive thing, but it’s her tipping her hat to me. I know it, Jim.

Jim Harold (01:02:29):

And it sounds like you take a very, very tragic and sad situation. Horrible. But I feel in some ways it sounds like it’s helped you deal with it.

Chris (CAN) (01:02:41):

So much peace. Really, it became, initially it was something that was very off putting. And then when it became apparent to me what was going on, it brought me a lot of solace. Really.

Jim Harold (01:02:55):

That is a great story. Chris, thank you for one of the nicest Campfire stories we’ve ever had. That’s just great that she reached out. We appreciate and we thank you for listening.

Chris (CAN) (01:03:07):

My pleasure. Thank you, Jim. Goodnight.

Jim Harold (01:03:08):

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Announcer (01:06:39):

You are listening to Jim Harold’s Campfire.

Jim Harold (01:06:41):

Julie is on the line from New Mexico. She has a story about her husband who has passed and we’re very appreciative. She chose to tell her story on the Campfire. Julie, thank you for joining us and for sharing this most personal story.

Julie (NM) (01:06:55):

Well, thanks for having me, Jim. It was pretty amazing what had happened, and I thought that you might like to hear it.

Jim Harold (01:07:04):

I’m looking forward to it. Tell us what happened. 

Julie (NM) (01:07:06):

Okay, sorry. So this was in Oregon about nine years ago, and I was 31 years old. My husband of 10 years had just died in a motorcycle accident, so I was pretty upset. And about six months later, I went to New Mexico to visit my friend Ron, who just moved there, and I just kind of needed to get away. So it was about the last day that I was there in New Mexico, and I was having a really intense series of dreams leading up to this one, but sorry, I can get choked up when I think about it. But so I was in a totally black room. There was no top or bottom or sides, and it, it definitely had a huge impact on me, just the darkness of it. And then all of a sudden walked my husband of 10 years, sorry, I didn’t expect this, but it was so moving to see him, and I’m telling you the story now.


This is kind why I don’t tell it too often. I’m right there. He was really upset about some things that had happened in the course of our relationship because we were in our twenties and just could have done some things a little better. And he said to me that while he was there, he had seen some of the things that he could correct and that he was super excited and I didn’t know what he was talking about. And I just was brushing him off and he kept saying, no, no, no, I found him. He’s great. He’s going to help you and going to fix some of the things that I did wrong that I wish I could fix. And I was like, no, I don’t want to hear this. I don’t want to be having this dream. And he said, well, if you won’t do it for you, do it for me.


And so finally, I succeeded and I promised to him that I would meet this person and he put his hand behind him into the darkness and pulled out this guy who was about as tall as him and had brown hair and green eyes, and I could describe everything about this person. And he was wearing a pair of black corduroy overalls, and he had a short sleeved shirt on and he put out his forearm or his arm to shake my hand. And I flipped his arm and saw that he had a star mat tattooed on his forearm, which made me pull my hand back and say, oh my God, you have a star map on your forearm. And he pulled his hand back and said, oh my God, you know what it is? And that was kind of a side note when I was a little kid, two years old and shouldn’t know what a star map was, I used to tell my mom all the time, if I could read star maps, I could tell you where I’ve been and where I’m going.


And she just thought that was really odd, but brushed it off. So in the dream, I just thought about that and I was shocked to see this person had this star map on his forearm. So anyways, I wake up from this dream and it goes on for about 30 minutes, and I tell my friend that I’m visiting in complete detail about this. I was really upset about it. I didn’t want to have that dream. And about eight hours after that, my friend Ron took me to this jug band concert, and I was just waiting for the show to start, and my friend Ron said, Hey, there’s someone I want you to meet, hang on a second. And I was like, oh, okay, because I’m pretty shy. And he took off and he said, Hey, Julie, from behind. And I turned around and looked, and he had this guy from the dream in the black overalls.


I freaked out and I like to think that I kind of keep my cool in these circumstances, but my jaw must have hit the floor. I immediately looked away, looked back, and I just could hear Eric in my head just giggling. He thought this was great, and I was just like, oh my gosh. We talked a little bit and he went up. Turns out he was in the band and he was playing the washboard, and the show ended and the guy started to leave the room, and I heard Eric again, clear as day as if he was sitting right next to me screaming, you promised me. And I was like, oh. So I walked up to this guy and I said, hi, I know what this looks like and I’m just wondering if you’d like to go for a hike before I leave back for Oregon in a couple of days.


And you seem to know a lot about the forest we live in from the conversation we had had before the show. And he sat there and thought about it forever, and I was just like, I can’t believe I did this, Eric, I love you so much. I can’t believe I did this. And he says, okay. And he took my phone number. So then we go two days from that. It’s the day before I’m about to leave back for Oregon, and he gives me a call and he says that he’d like to take me hiking, that his folks are in town from Ohio and he’d like to take me hiking with him. And I was just totally shocked because in the 10 years that I had been with Eric, long story short, I spent a day and a half with his mom and sister combined, and in the 10 years, he had spent, honestly 15 minutes with my dad and an hour with my mom.


So for this guy who I don’t know, to immediately invite me to go hiking with his dad was just like, the dream is he was already fixing this thing because I realized, oh, that there are people who have good relationships with their folks. So it was like this eyeopening moment and I was willing to take it for that. We went on this lovely hike and I went home and I went home to Oregon and two and a half years later, the same friend Ron was like, have a terrible choice in guys, and you should really talk to Ian. He’s a really great guy, and you guys actually have a lot in common. And I was like, I am not calling some dude two and a half years later. And so he had Ian call me and it was immediate, the sparks, everything we had in common, just all the things that we wanted in life, it was just shocking. And so about nine months of talking back and forth between New Mexico and Oregon, I moved out to New Mexico and we started dating in the same state. And then about a few years later we got married and we’ve been married for a year in October’s. Great. And I clearly credit Eric for introducing me to my husband.

Jim Harold (01:14:15):

That is so great. I mean, you take something that’s very sad and turned it good came out of it and your previous husband from recognizing maybe things could have been better, took the step to reach out from the other side and contact you. That is a fantastic story. And it’s one of those stories where we always think of the supernatural as something scary and something frightening, but I believe it’s like many things in life. There’s bad and scary and there’s a lot of good too. And I think this kind of thing, this is a lot of the good. What does Ian say about this?

Julie (NM) (01:14:58):

Well, he always kind of giggles. And I waited a few months before I told him about the story, and before I did, I actually called my friend Ron and said, this is how I remember this. This is what happened, right? And he was like, that’s exactly what happened, and I can’t believe it either. And I was like, okay. And so then I told Ian, and he just thought that it was, I think the way he put it was that it was a real honor and that he was sure that if he could, he would thank him over and over again. But he’s a really awesome guy and he thinks that my connection to Eric isn’t a scary or a threat, and he appreciates that he actually in some way put us together. So it’s pretty awesome.

Jim Harold (01:15:49):

That’s great. Well, thank you so much, Julia. I appreciate it. And I wish you and Ian the best.

Julie (NM) (01:15:56):

Thank you so much, sir. Appreciate it.

Jim Harold (01:15:59):

Next up is Saundra from Kansas. Now she’s been listening for a couple of years Sanudra, welcome to the program. And please tell us what happened.

Saundra (KS) (01:16:07):

I’ll tell you about our experience at the Stanley this past Halloween. 

Jim Harold (01:16:11):

Oh, please do. Please do. Yes, yes. You were the person that put the pictures up.

Jane (01:16:16):


Jim Harold (01:16:17):

Yes, I saw those. Very cool. Tell us about it.

Jane (01:16:20):

We had a fantastic time. It’s a place that you must go to. We had gotten there on Friday afternoon on the 30th, the day before Halloween, and walked around and did all of the tourist things, and I had to go see everything. And I had come up to the top of the grand staircase, and at that time we were some of the very first people that were checking in. So there really wasn’t that many people up there. And I do not remember anybody in that hallway, but we were in room 213, which from what we now know, 213 and 215 used to be room 217, the infamous 217, but it was split into two different hotel rooms for purposes of more occupancy. So we did get to stay in the original 217, but you come up to the top of the grand staircase and you turn right to go to that wing.


And at the very far end of the wing is this gigantic mirror. It literally, I think it was probably eight feet wide by nine feet tall. And I wanted to get just a picture of the hallway itself, the long hallway. So I just stopped and snapped a picture, and our room was right next door to that mirror, and we had been traveling all day and got up there, and I wanted to get into the room rather quickly. So we just walked down the hallway and entered our room. And I didn’t think anything about the picture until later when somebody on the Facebook page said, well, who are the people in the mirror? And I couldn’t really tell until I got home, loaded everything up on the laptop and took a really good look at it. And there are two people that are in the mirror that are looking out of the mirror that should have been in my picture with their backs to me.


But we can’t know. We don’t know if the mirror was a little bit and was catching somebody off of an angle that we couldn’t see. It’s, we are just kind of leaving it as unexplainable right now. But I believe the picture is still on the Facebook page, so anybody that wants to take a look at it can go to the Facebook page and find it. And then Saturday evening, we went to the masquerade ball, and that was fantastic. We were getting pretty tired because we’re flatlanders in Kansas, we’re not used to that elevation. So were getting pretty tired and decided to go back to the room. And we had gotten everything packed up into the suitcases and just getting ready to leave out early Sunday morning, we were driving home and I had sat my clothing, everything was packed up, bathroom bags, clothes, everything. The only thing that I had left out, the very last thing before I went to bed was I had laid a stack of clothes on the chair. So I had my jeans on the bottom under clothing in the middle with my shirt on the top. So I got up Sunday morning and decided, okay, I’m just going to grab my clothes and get them on, go down and get some coffee. Well, I picked him up and my socks and my underwear were gone.


And believe me, my husband is not going to get up in the middle of the night and do laundry. He doesn’t do that in the daytime. And I searched around and my socks had been stuffed under one of the drapes in the very far corner of the room. And my underwear had been stuffed in a shoe that was already inside the suitcase. And I think I believe the ghost that is said to haunt that area, I believe her name is Elizabeth. And she used to be a chambermaid there.

Jim Harold (01:20:53):


Jane (01:20:56):

Saturday afternoon we had gone down the mountain and then back up and we had gotten back and wanted to just lay down and rest a little bit before we got ready for the masquerade ball. And I was laying on the right side of the bed closest to the window, and the room is very bright and sunny, and I was laying on my back and there was about six inches of mattress between my leg and the edge of mattress. And I had been laying down for probably about 30 minutes or so. And right between my knee and my hip, it felt like the edge of the mattress, just like somebody would put their hand on the mattress and lean over you to check on you. The mattress went down just a little bit and it was really light and really brief. But yeah, I felt that somebody leaned over me to check on me. And from what I understand, the story goes that she’ll check on couples that are staying in those rooms, and if she doesn’t think you’re married, she will start to play tricks on people. And my husband lost his wedding ring last year when he was cleaning snow off of the car. His hands were cold and his ring flew off, and we’ve just never really gotten him another one. So he did not have a wedding ring on. So I think she decided that we were not married and she was going to play some tricks on us.

Jim Harold (01:22:31):

So she was kind of being a chaperone if you will, just by saying, Hey guys, no funny business here.

Saundra (KS (01:22:40):


Jim Harold (01:22:42):

Well, those are a couple of great stories, Saundra. Thank you so much. And thank you for being involved on our Campfire page. Now folks, if you want to emulate Saundra, and I think you should go over to Facebook and join the virtual Campfire page, it’s Jim Harold’s virtual Campfire. It’s free of charge, don’t have to be a member of anything other than Facebook. It’s absolutely free. And the cool thing over there, you have great people like Sandra discussing the paranormal, sharing their own paranormal stories and sometimes their own paranormal pictures and videos. And I think it’s added a whole new component to the program. And we have thousands of people who’ve signed up, and it’s only been up for a couple of months and it’s really seemed to catch on. So I hope you’ll be able to join us over there. And so glad that Saundra did. Saundra, thank you so much for your stories, and please feel free to come back and discuss more if you have them.

Saundra (KS) (01:23:35):

Oh, thank you so much for having me on.

Jim Harold (01:23:37):

Courtney is on the line from Pennsylvania and absolutely love Thanksgiving, one of my favorite holidays. But for Courtney, at least this one Thanksgiving, well, it wasn’t exactly what I would say a good time from what I understand. And Courtney’s going to tell us all about it. Courtney, welcome to the show and tell us what happened around this most strange Thanksgiving time.

 Courtney (PA) (01:24:05):

Alright, thanks, Jim. So a little background was that this happened Thanksgiving week of 2012. The guy that I was dating at the time, he lived in eastern Pennsylvania in the coal region. I’m not sure if any of your listeners know where Centralia Pennsylvania is. So pretty close to that. And so the place that he was living in was an old apartment that was above a garage in the backyard of his mom’s house. The house itself was probably about a hundred years, so then that would make the apartment probably about 85 years old. So it was a pretty old place. And the weird thing about it was is that it was all very open on the inside. There’s only two bedrooms in the apartment, and it was on either side of a Jack and Jill bathroom. So the farthest bedroom where he used as a storage room was always completely freezing in there, regardless of how much we turned the heat up.


And whenever you went in the room, it always felt really creepy, and you weren’t welcome there. And then as you moved from that room to the bathroom, it was a little less creepier, but still creepy. And then when he finally got into his bedroom, it was creepy. So for the first day that things started happening, I was taking a shower, and as I was rinsing off my face, I felt someone just jab me in the side. And so I screamed and thinking it was my boyfriend, I said a few expletives and told him to stop bothering me. But then I heard him come running from the kitchen, which is on the opposite side of the apartment into the bathroom, and ask me what was wrong. And I said that he poked me and that wasn’t cool. And he said, no, I didn’t poke you. And it just really shook me because I distinctly remember someone touching me and poking me.


Obviously I wouldn’t have screamed. So then the next day what happened was we had gotten back from having dinner at his mom’s place, and he was in the mud room, and the mud room was the old porch of the apartment that they closed off. So I was sitting on the other side of that wall next to the pane glass windows that I’m assuming were the original windows. I would look over the porch, and then he was on the other side of the wall getting dog food for his dog. And while he was doing that, he kept on hearing someone say, I love you. And it was incessant enough where it kind of got louder and louder to the point where he was finally like, oh, yeah, I love you too, thinking it was me. And when I didn’t respond, he came around the side of the wall and asked me why I didn’t respond. Well, at the time, I was listening to some music and had headphones in and was sitting at the computer that was there. So I hadn’t said anything to him the entire time.


So that was weird. So then the next day what happened was my boyfriend was in his closet, and his closet is an L-shaped. So when you walk into the bedroom, the door opens up onto the closet, so you need to shut the bedroom door in order to get into the closet. And so he had shut the door, was in there doing something, and as he was in there, out of the corner of his eye, he saw what he thought was me standing in the doorway of the closet. And so he would turn to talk to me, and when he turned, no one was there. And so he did that about three or four times until finally he stopped and just kind of looked as much as he could with his peripheral. And what he described to me was he saw a woman in a long white dress with a highest collar on it, and then long black hair. And so he kind of got out of the closet as quick as he could. After that, he was pretty creeped out.


So then the next night, I guess I should say over this entire time that I dated him, I had really crazy dreams. Crazy in the sense that they were really demented. And I haven’t really had any insanely crazy dreams like that since I’ve broke up with him, and I haven’t been to that house anymore. But this one really stood out to me because it was a dream about my brother and my dad trying to kill me. And I never had a dream like that before. But I guess what was so offsetting about it was that in the dream, I knew that they weren’t my brother and my dad, and the look that they had in their eyes and on their face was just the only way I could describe it was just something pure evil. And even now, it just scares me thinking about it.


Yeah. So that was the one dream that really stood out to me out of all the dreams that I’ve had when I was staying there. So then the last night that I was there, this is the most kind of profound experience that happened. My boyfriend and I were in bed, and his bed was when he walked right into the room. It was against the wall immediately to the left. So the foot of the bed was right inside the doorframe, and we were sitting there talking with the lights off, just chitchatting. And while we were talking, I felt like a light tug of the blankets at the foot on the foot of bed on my side, and I didn’t think anything of it the first time. And we kept talking, and a few minutes later I felt another tug, but it was a little more forceful that time.


And so then it really got my attention. And while he continued talking, I stopped and listened to try to figure out where his dog was in the apartment. And as he was talking, I could hear her in the living room in her kennel. So nowhere near the side of the bed or the foot of the bed. And then just a few minutes later, then I felt this forceful pull on the blankets enough to make me think that someone was actually standing at the foot of the bed pulling on the blankets. So I stopped him, told him to get up out of bed, turn on the lights, and when he did, he said that at the foot of the bed on my side, only the blankets had been completely pulled down to the floor, but on his side, they were completely normal. And so that was the first time I’ve ever had a really profound paranal experience of any sort.


And it just really shook me to the core. I think for the rest of the night, I slept in the fetal position and I couldn’t even bear to go to sleep. I always felt like someone was standing at the foot of bed watching me. Yeah. So that’s pretty much it. Otherwise, the rest of the time, it was always, my boyfriend worked during the day, so I was always home alone with his dog. And I never really felt like I was alone. I always felt like someone was watching over me and that it was just a really intense, oppressive feeling, obviously wasn’t welcome. And a couple of times I did see shadows dart back and forth across the windows that looked out into the porch. So those windows also were, I guess, another thing that made me uncomfortable in the apartment. The whole experience was just very disheartening, to say the least.

Jim Harold (01:31:55):

Do you feel that the house was possessed or there were dark spirits there?

 Courtney (PA) (01:32:03):

I don’t think dark spirits. My ex, he claimed that he was a little sensitive and that he was at one with the house, I guess you could say. So what he explained to me after we had broken up was that he felt that it was just a woman’s spirit that resided in the house and that she was just very possessive of him because he’s there all the time. And I was just another woman figure in the way more or less.

Jim Harold (01:32:38):

Oh, interesting.

 Courtney (PA) (01:32:39):

And I think that kind of, to me, it supports it because of the instance with someone telling him I love you and things like that, and him thinking it was me. So yeah, I think it was more me just invading her space, if anything.

Jim Harold (01:32:57):

So I guess the moral of the story is don’t get in the way of a jealous ghost.

 Courtney (PA) (01:33:04):

Yeah, probably.

Jim Harold (01:33:06):

Well, obviously it didn’t scare you away from ghost stories. You’re a Campfire listener. We thank you so much. And Courtney, thank you for joining us tonight to tell your story.

 Courtney (PA) (01:33:17):

Thanks, Jim.

Jim Harold (01:33:18):

Next up on Campfire. Well, she’s a long time listener, and she’s called quite a few times. I’ve got to believe. She’s one of those people who just senses things at a deeper level than some of us. I always say I’m about as sensitive as a board, but Alana from Wisconsin, she really tunes into things and she always calls ’em in, and we appreciate it. She’s a great supporter. You have another story now. This one’s pretty sad, but certainly meaningful. Tell us what happened with that one.

Alana (WI) (01:33:50):

It is. Yes. Yes. So it’s a recent story. Actually, back in April, I found out one of my ex-boyfriends first love at 17, first real relationship. He had actually passed away quite suddenly, and he lives in a different state, so I wasn’t able to go to the funeral or anything. And so my way of coping with it this whole time has been I’ll type stuff out in the notes section of my phone, just whenever I’m thinking of him or a memory pops in my head or that type of thing, or I have a dream. I had a couple dreams shortly after he passed. And so I was literally whatever time in the morning, middle of the night, going on my phone, writing all this down, writing the details of the dreams down and all that. And so that’s been my kind of way of coping with things. And so the other day, I was at work and I listened to my iPod, and after I’m done listening to Campfire, then I usually, I’ll listen to my music. So I just shuffle all the songs. It’s a random mix of all these songs. And him and I had had a certain song that we deemed kind of our song all 17-year-old kids do.


So I was listening to my music and all of a sudden the memory of us dancing to this song, and we had danced to it a million times, but this one certain memory popped in my head. I thought, oh, okay. So I grabbed my phone and I put the date, and I was typing out what was happening. The song I was listening to faded kind of faded out, and our song started playing on the iPod. I had not touched a button, I had not done anything. So I knew, I just knew right then and there. I’m like, yep, this is you. This is your way of telling me you’re around me and you’re okay. And I almost started crying right there at my desk in the office. And it was funny because when that song ended, the previous song I had been listening to came back in exactly where it had faded back out.

Jim Harold (01:36:07):

Oh, my

Alana (WI) (01:36:10):

IPod has never done that. It’s like, and hasn’t done it since. 

Jim Harold (01:36:14):

Kind of like a DJ from the other side.

Alana (WI) (01:36:18):

Exactly, exactly. And it was our song. So it’s like I just knew, I just knew it was him and it couldn’t have been anybody else.

Jim Harold (01:36:26):

Wow. Wow. Did that provide you some comfort?

Alana (WI) (01:36:31):

It did. Yeah, it did. It was really hard on me, especially when I first heard about it, and it’s just like, really? I had no words. It was just like,

Jim Harold (01:36:46):

Yeah. And I don’t know your age, but the thing is –

Alana (WI) (01:36:51):

I’m etting through it. And like I said, typing out the things helps, so

Jim Harold (01:36:55):

The thing is that as we grow older and our contemporaries pass, it can be a very tough thing on many levels. One, you think about all the good times and the memories, and it does make you reflect on your own mortality too. It’s a very tough thing when the people we grow up with pass. It’s really tough, and it’s happened to me a few times, and every time it just hits you like a ton of bricks. It’s just like, I can’t believe that person has passed, and my goodness. Well, Alana, thank you for two great stories, and thank you for always having such great support for the shows and words of encouragement. We appreciate it. And please call again should you have any more stories.

Alana (WI) (01:37:41):

Oh, you bet. I will, Jim. Thank you.

Jim Harold (01:37:43):

Thank you. I love that episode. It was great. So many heartwarming stories, and it almost goes to show that the Campfire is not just about the spooky and the scary, but it’s also about the heartwarming and the love stories from beyond. And they do exist. I’ve heard many of them, and these were some of our favorites. So thank you so much for tuning in. 

A special shout out to Heather. Heather wrote me and said, Hey, Jim, I’m a big fan of the Campfire stories and look forward to them every week. My friend Ryan turned me onto the podcast in 2022, and I haven’t missed an episode since his birthday is coming up on February 2nd, and I was wondering if it’s not too late, can he get a quick birthday shout out? Well, Heather, you know, absolutely. Yes, of course he can. Ryan, happy birthday. Stay spooky, and thanks for telling Heather about the Campfire.


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Announcer (01:40:02):

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