Bob Jacobs

Our Hidden Alien Encounters Revealed – Paranormal Podcast 620

Dr. Bob Jacobs and Robert Hastings are two important people in the history of UFOs. Dr. Jacobs with his famous Big Sur experience in the 1960s and Robert Hastings with his work on UFOs and nuclear installations. They have teamed up to write a new book about UFO personal experiences they have not shared until…

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UFOs: Reframing The Debate – Paranormal Podcast 520

Maybe we’ve been looking at the UFO question in the wrong way. That is the premise behind our guest’s latest book. Robbie Graham says we need to reframe the debate. You’ll find Robbie’s book at Amazon: UFOs: Reframing the Debate In part two, we visit with author and UFO experiencer Dr. Robert Jacobs. A mentor…

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Season Of The Beast – Paranormal Podcast 294

There is a monster terrorizing a small university town in Wisconsin…that is the premise of Dr. Bob Jacobs’ book, “Season of the Beast”.  The late great Ray Bradbury said of the horror novel, “the characters are all well drawn…and the atmosphere works and chills one.”

Dr. Bob was my broadcasting mentor and one of the people most responsible for any success I have in this arena.  It was a blast to have him on the program.

You can find his book at

Season of the Beast

Season of the Beast – KINDLE

Thanks Dr. Bob for the interview and making a difference in my life!


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