Consciousness and The Afterlife – Paranormal Podcast 505

Dr. Eben Alexander & Karen Newell join us to talk about the nature of consciousness in part one of this week’s Paranormal Podcast. In part two, Annie Mattingley joins us to talk all about the afterlife. You can find the books we talk about today at Living in a Mindful Universe: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey…

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The Force Is With Us with Thomas Walker – Paranormal Podcast 116

“The Force Is With Us” is not just a Star Wars based cliche but a universal truth according to our guest on this episode, Thomas Walker. A chiropractic physician, martial artist, professor of natural science and a former Green Beret who has immersed himself in consciousness studies.  Tom believes that concrete studies and data show…

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Gods Genes and Consciousness – Paranormal Podcast 68

Could religious figures, aliens, ghosts and all matter of paranormal entities be, in actuality, not supernatural but simply “advanced beings” that are natural beings at a higher state of development than mankind? Author Paul Von Ward discusses this notion and his work on reincarnation in this episode of The Paranormal Podcast. We discuss two of…

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