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Brandon Alvis of Ghost Hunters – Paranormal Podcast 653

Brandon Alvis is the Paranormal Technician for the smash TV show Ghost Hunters. He is also an award winning filmmaker and a writer. We talk about his philosophy of investigation, how some supposed ghost tech doesn’t work, and his words of encouragement and caution for potential investigators out there. –THE BOX OF ODDITIES– Check out The…

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Dustin Pari – The Paranormal Podcast 419

Dustin Pari of Ghost Hunters fame joins us to discuss his work on paranormal TV, and his work as a motivation speaker. We talk about his new book which you can find at And The Devil Shivered Thanks Dustin! –PROGRAMS 90 DAYS OR OLDER ARE AVAILABLE AT JIM’S PARANORMAL PLUS CLUB–

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Amy Bruni and Michelle Belanger – Paranormal Podcast 405

Amy Bruni of Ghost Hunters and Michelle Belanger of Paranormal State fame join us on this star studded Halloween edition of The Paranormal Podcast. Check out Amy’s newest adventure at and Michelle’s new book at Conspiracy of Angels: Novels of the Shadowside 1 Thanks Amy and Michelle! –PROGRAMS 90 DAYS OR OLDER ARE AVAILABLE AT…

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Is a Haunted House Really Haunted If There’s No One To See the Haunting? – Marie D. Jones’ “The Outer Edge”

Having been involved in paranormal research for decades, the question has always haunted me: Is a haunted house haunted if there is no one there to observe the haunting? I first asked this question of myself after learning about quantum physics and the laws that govern the subatomic world. My father, a geophysicist, loved to…

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Ghost Hunters Beware – Campfire 203

A pair of ghost hunters encounter something that almost ruins both of their lives, a haunted attic and more ghost stories on this edition of the Campfire.


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Ghosthunting Texas with April Slaughter – Paranormal Podcast 109

We talk to ghosthunter April Slaughter about her work in the field, her philosophy on and techniques for ghosthunting plus her new book about Lone Star State haunts! You can check out her new book on the subject at Ghosthunting Texas (America’s Haunted Road Trip) Thanks April! –PROGRAMS 90 DAYS OR OLDER ARE AVAILABLE…

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