Robert Hastings

Our Hidden Alien Encounters Revealed – Paranormal Podcast 620

Dr. Bob Jacobs and Robert Hastings are two important people in the history of UFOs. Dr. Jacobs with his famous Big Sur experience in the 1960s and Robert Hastings with his work on UFOs and nuclear installations. They have teamed up to write a new book about UFO personal experiences they have not shared until…

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UFO Press Conference Coverage Recap and Video

A fantastic recap of this week’s news as it relates to the September 27, 2010 National Press Club UFO Press Conference. Also, I have included the most complete video I can find of the event (Source: YouTube/CNN). I can’t take credit for the recap below, I was sent this by someone in the UFO community…

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UFO Press Conference at National Press Club

Today, a major press conference was held at the National Press Club regarding UFOs and members of the US military who have witnessed UFO phenomena. Below are some high quality clips from the event.

Two of the major participants in today’s event were past guests on the Paranormal Podcast. If you want to hear their stories in depth, we go into major detail in these two audio interviews. Here are links to both:

Jim Harold/Robert Salas Interview (Aug 2010)

Jim Harold/Robert Hastings Interview (March 2009)

As promised, below are clips from today’s event. As soon as I can find the full press conference, I will post it here as well.

Source: CNN

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Faded Giant and UFOs with Robert Salas – Paranormal Podcast 153

Retired Air Force Captain Robert Salas’ military career would be fascinating enough if he just told you about his time at a ICBM base where he was in command of troops who held the keys to mankind’s most destructive force.  It becomes even more fascinating tonight, when he tells is about the time in 1967…

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The UFO Nuke Connection – Paranormal Podcast 73

Scarier than any ghost story, author Robert Hastings describes his research that indicates aliens have not only been observing ICBM sites actively over the last several decades, but that they have also remotely tampered with missile operations.  He also provides his theory on why extraterrestrials are so interested in man’s flirtation with the nuclear genie….

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