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The Bothell House Poltergeist – Paranormal Podcast 535

Imagine living in a hotbed of paranormal activity. Keith Linder tells his story of living in a haunted house that became a poltergeist. You can find his recent book on the case at Amazon.com: The Bothell Hell House: Poltergeist of Washington State In part two, photographer Shannon Taggart talks to us about seances, spirit photography and…

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Spirit Photography and The Original Photobombers

This morning as I was perusing paranormal news, this item caught my eye.  “Photobombing” is all of the rage these days, but in a way the original photobombers came from the early 20th Century and were spirits…well, sort of.  They were faked “spirits” that showed up in posed portraits.  These were the work of a…

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Fake Paranormal Images Are Not A New Thing

“Spirit” pictures were extremely popular and extremely fake during the early history of photography.  If you think that paranormal fraudsters are a new thing, think again.  The linked article below from Slate does a nice job of profiling two charlatans who practiced the fraudulent fad that lasted for decades.  Does this mean all ghost photos…

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