Spirit Photography and The Original Photobombers

This morning as I was perusing paranormal news, this item caught my eye.  “Photobombing” is all of the rage these days, but in a way the original photobombers came from the early 20th Century and were spirits…well, sort of.  They were faked “spirits” that showed up in posed portraits.  These were the work of a particularly deceptive guy by the name of William Hope who traded on the emotions of many gullible people hoping to get a glimpse of a passed loved one.

Does this deception mean that we should reject any possibility of paranormal phenomena?  Of course not.

However, we must remember that unfortunately there are probably a lot of William Hope-like people out there waiting to take advantage.  As I always say, keep an open mind but not so open your brains fall out.

Regardless, the photos are great to look at from a historical viewpoint and just plain creepy.  DangerousMinds.net has a great story on them today with lots of examples.  Check the story out HERE.

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